Rumor Patrol: Bradley Cooper in Talks for ‘The Crow’ Remake?

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Fans of Brandon Lee (and Mark Dacascos) may need to prepare for a new Crow to be crowned in the coming weeks – with Limitless star Bradley Cooper in talks for the title role.

Cooper would star as the anti-hero The Crow in director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s remake of the cult-classic film for Relativity Media.

According to Heat Vision the star, who will be seen next in the The Hangover II this May, is in early talks to take over the role of musician/undead spirit of vengeance Eric Draven in the remake. The report claims that Cooper is very interested in the project and recently met Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) in Spain – where both the director and star discovered they have a “shared vision” for the overarching film and character.

The Draven name should sound familiar to fans of Lee’s original film (as well as the Canadian TV series The Crow: Stairway to Heaven) but not so familiar if you were a fan of the disconnected sequel Crow: City of Angels from director Tim Pope – which, in an attempt to avoid any connections to the prior film (as a result of Lee’s death) featured a new protagonist, Ashe Corven (played by Swiss actor Vincent Pérez).

In both the source-comic by James O’Barr, as well as Lee’s 1993 film, Draven is killed while attempting to save his fiancee Shelley from a group of thugs (though the scene of the attack differs from comic to film) and is resurrected one year later by a supernatural crow that links the character between the living world and the dead. As a result, Draven receives supernatural abilities including invulnerability as well as psychic visions, among other gifts. While their have been numerous Crows throughout the various incarnations of the comic series – Draven is not just the original protagonist, he remains the most well-known.

the crow reboot Rumor Patrol: Bradley Cooper in Talks for The Crow Remake?

Story details aside, it’s hard to picture Bradley, who has made a name for himself as the go-to-guy for troubled but charming protagonists, stepping into the dark and violent world of The Crow. Despite appearing in several dark films such as Midnight Meat Train, Cooper was definitely not on our list of potential leading men for the remake (of course, neither was Mark Wahlberg). Obviously, the actor is trying to step outside of the box Hollywood has put him, challenging audiences to give him a chance in a darker role but it’s hard to ignore that actually playing the Crow in a film might be too far of a jump for the actor – as, once resurrected, the character is mostly no-nonsense, speaking very little, while killing a lot of guilty thugs.

Cooper’s interest is especially interesting since he could be up for other superhero opportunities in the not-too-distant future – as Ryan Reynolds recently name-dropped Cooper as a good choice for the Flash in a Justice League film (which seems like a much more likely fit). The actor has denied ever hearing of the Flash (which was, of course, tongue-in-cheek) but the fact his name has been thrown around this much certainly indicates that studio-heads are interested in putting the actor in a bankable superhero role. It’ll be interesting to hear if they’re as sold on Cooper in The Crow as Fresnadillo.

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The Crow does not have a set release date at this point but is expected to start production in the fall.

Source: Heat Vision

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  1. I can see it but that’s my opinion

  2. I heard it was being considered for the new daredevil as well, which im down with. But I absolutely cannot see him as the crow.

    • So many reboots. So little time.

  3. I don’t know if Cooper is the right choice for this role. he’s a good actor though. You never know. He is very good for the Flash though.

  4. Did not see this coming. I will not say he can not do it. He is an actor, that is his job. Still, I would go with someone else.

  5. Kind of a flippant way to start off a story about The Crow, especially given that Brandon Lee can’t exactly “move over.”

    But, anyway, Bradley Cooper is all wrong for this. Maybe he can pull it off, who knows? But why not choose an actor who most likely can do it, and has shown acting ability for such a role?

    Typical Hollywood, too often placing more importance on the name rather than whether the actor’s right for the role.

    Also, Cooper should beware what I call The Crow curse. It seems to happen too often that people who wear Crow, or Crow-like makeup, have bad things happen to them. (Ask Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger).

    • @ Michael

      Fair point about the intro. I’ve updated it.

    • Michael, how was the make up for Joker “crow-like” exactly???

  6. I can’t see it. I like Cooper but, it just doesn’t seem up his alley. Why can’t they get someone who looks kinda of like Brandon lee? Are they afraid to put asain actors in lead roles in hollyweird?

  7. Yet ANOTHER remake? ***sigh***

  8. I can see him pulling off the (granted weirdly stretched) look of the character, with longer, tousled hair. I like him, but I have to think about whether or not he can call up that PARTICULAR type of intensity.

    I’m curious to see what happens…

  9. I can’t really see him as The Crow.. Although if you’ve seen The Rocker, he can definitely sport the long hair haha.

    But, don’t forget people couldn’t see Heath Ledger as The Joker at first.. And how’d that turn out.. Lol

    • Very good point.

    • I love how everyone now justifies weird casting choices with the ‘Heath Ledger’ defence.

      • LOL. It rarely works huh Sam, Cooper is a hack, can’t stand the dude. Plus, they shouldn’t be rebooting/remaking this film at ALL. It was Lee’s finest role.

      • DSM,

        OK, how about the “Michael Keaton as Batman” defense? 8)


  10. First off there is no need to remake the original Crow or any of the other Crow movies since O’Barr did more then one story using the theme. One story actually had a woman as the person who comes back to get revenge. But we can’t have people in Hollywood read anything they are actually making movies outside of.

    As for Cooper, no. These people just are hot at the moment and the studios will throw their name in anything.

  11. I just heard about the remake, I’m not one who cares when people re-make a movie but there are two movies that I feel should not be redone. The Crow and Enter the Dragon. True Brandon Lee and Bruce Lee Fan. Very disappointed by the news.

    • I hear ya….
      As a Bruce/ Brandon Lee fan I think some respect should be shown.
      But then again, in this say and age everything’s for sale…even respect.

      Sad to hear this is being remade, IMO The Crow still holds up as does the awesome soundtrack.


      • How exactly is this disrespectful? A movie role lives beyond one actor, just like The Joker will live on beyond Heath Ledger.

        • Right. The character still lives on.

  12. Brandon Lee is rolling in his grave.

  13. Is this the worst potential casting of all time? Yes.
    Nothing against Cooper, he’s cool, thought he was great in The A Team. Sequel to that would be nice.

    Why does The Crow need to be remade?

    • It doesn’t Sam!! :D

  14. why not GORDON LEVIT HEWITT? I think he could pull off a great crow. not sure it needs to be remade tho. If the crow has many incarnations, why not just make another one?

  15. He wouldnt be my first pick for the role, but it’s interesting. I guess if he wants to break out of type cast this character would be a good start (although when I think quality, The Crow sequels dont come to mind).

  16. no no no , just dont make it, jeez stop this nonsense, there should be a remake rule if the movie isnt over 30 years old it cant be remade.

  17. While I do like Bradley Cooper and he would probably be up to the role, I think everyone is missing the one big factor, Hollywood likes to remake movies and then change an “R” rated movie into “PG”. That is where the heart of the Crow will die.

    • Agreed.

  18. I’ve always thought Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be perfect for this. The thin, intense, slinky rock star vibe. This is an odd choice

  19. the flash yes, the crow…not so much. If they MUST make The Crow over how about Ben Foster???

  20. I don’t think the Draven “Crow” needs to be remade, but if they’re looking around for new Crow actors, a great possibility (at least, from years ago) would be Stuart Whatshisname, who played Lestat in “The Queen of the Damned”. He had the appearance and the creepy smile (and, I think, the intensity) to be a great Crow, appropriately made-up. I haven’t seen him recently, however.

    • …just remembered his last name: Townsend.

      Stuart Townsend.

      • Townsend tends to bail out of pictures for the flimsiest of reasons.

        • And he is a bad actor

    • It’s funny you should mention that. Vincent Perez played Marius in Queen Of The Damned.

  21. hmmmm interstin


    (Cooper sidenote: he is a big Stern fan and was recently on the show – he stated he was NOT up for the Flash and did clearly state that he read for Green Lantern but was not picked obviously)

  23. The Draven story DOES NOT need to be remade…there were other Crow stories…DO ONE OF THEM!

    • Mate I am in total agreeance with you. Brandon Lee is the only Eric Draven there will ever be in my eyes (even more so since he was ‘murdered’ playing the role). Check the comic book boys, there are so many different versions of the crow…are studios that narrow minded and uncreative that the only way they can make money is reboot or remake. C’mon we pay good money to see originality and creativity not a reboot (even if it is in 3D)

  24. if they are gonna remake the crow i think they should use an unknown actor. noone can be as good as brandon lee. i am the biggest fan of the crow i saw it exactly 50 time at the movies (i counted) then i bought it right away and saw it who knows how many times i still watch it every once in a while till this day it has to be my favorite movie. i dont think any known actor can do justice to the role and since this movie has so many fans it wont do it any justice if a know acter plays the role. i believe if u get a good unknown actor it may be more believable and as we all know the best movies are the ones u can get into and i dont believe that if u have a well know actor u can do that.

  25. c’mon the crow doesnt need re-make

  26. To whoever wrote this, he’s not called the crow. His name is Eric Draven. The crow is that bird, you know, that carries his soul.

  27. oke this is just simply a slap in the face for Brandon Lee. The Crow will always be Brandon Lee and that movie just cant be replaced by a new reboot for it witch will probs contain 90% out of CGI. Even f this movie will come out in a few years, not gonna watch it. Simple out of respect for Brandon Lee and the fact The Crow was and still is a cult-classic movie!