Bradley Cooper Officially Signs With Marvel For ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

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Rocket Raccoon Bradley Cooper Guardians of the Galaxy Bradley Cooper Officially Signs With Marvel For Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel Studios took the world by storm yesterday – by social media standards anyway – by announcing the casting of James Spader in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the in-development sequel to the third highest grossing film of all-time. That official confirmation came via Marvel’s own website and today Marvel Studios has more news to share.

While Spader’s casting in The Avengers 2 came out of the blue, today’s official Guardians of the Galaxy casting confirmation that Bradley Cooper is also joining the superhero franchise comes as no surprise.

Latino-Review first broke the news that the recent Oscar nominee (for Silver Linings Playbook) was in talks with Marvel Studios to play the voice of Rocket Raccoon in the James Gunn written and directed Guardians of the Galaxy and the trades were quick to confirm the news. Today Marvel makes it official, meaning Cooper has signed with the studio for what we expect is a multi-picture contract.

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Production Art 570x370 Bradley Cooper Officially Signs With Marvel For Guardians of the Galaxy

Cooper’s heavy weapons expert Rocket, joins the heroic team of outlaws (see above) which also stars Chris Pratt as (the only human) Peter Quill, Zoe Saldana as the deadly Gamora and Dave Bautista as the killing machine Drax the Destroyer. The only roster spot still to be filled is the voice of Groot, the alien tree that Vin Diesel is in talks to play. With the way Marvel is rolling out announcements and the excitement shared by Diesel to join Marvel, an official confirmation on that front should come soon.

Cooper joins the project without voice acting experience in high profile films, but is known for putting on accent. In the later seasons of Alias which helped the actor rise to fame, he put on a fake British accent in a returning guest appearance (Rocket is depicted with a Cockney accent in recent incarnations) and in real life is fluent in French. Gunn was very particular in casting the right voice for Rocket, the character he describes as the “heart” of the film. Whether or not Rocket Raccoon sounds just like normal Bradley Cooper remains to be seen… or heard.

Guardians of the Galaxy is directed by James Gunn off of his script co-written by Nicole Perlman. Cooper joins a cast led by Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker Karen Gillan, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio del Toro, John C. Reilly and Glenn Close.


Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015, and unannounced films for May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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  1. Cool.

  2. Bah, I was hoping for someone good.

    Oh well. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what he sounds like and judge on that.

    • I was really hoping for jason statham. I find this choice by bradley cooper to be very odd. He got his first oscar nod after a string of failures. Instead of sticking with high profile oscar like films he chooses a talking racoon. Its odd but whatever

      • I was pulling for Danny Devito. He’s good at playing short, furry, angry, and loud things.

        • Devito would have been awesome!

        • That would be cool lol

      • He has some Oscar type films in the line actually,like American Hustle and American Sniper (if the latter actually finds a director) so I think it’s cool that he doesn’t have a problem playing a gun-toting raccoon.

        But still,I think it’s kind of a waste,he would be great as a more normal superhero,begin that anyone with a more distinct voice could play Rocket Raccoon.

        • It’s not a waste, he can always come back and play another “live” character… like Daredevil perhaps?

    • Well, you already judged since you wrote that you were hoping for someone good.

  3. I’m neutral on Bradley Cooper but I can totally see him voicing Rocket Raccoon. Interesting choice for sure.

  4. Nice, really like Bradley Cooper. Hopefully the Olson rumor is also true. And Latino Review is right this time?!

  5. cool, glad coopers on board. even though he already is one characters voice, maybe marvel could also get him to play the live action role of matt murdock/daredevil. cooper would be awesome in that role.

    • No.

      As odd as this sounds, I have a hard time seeing anyone other than Ben Affleck. Because he was the best part of the Fox film.

      So I certainly don’t see Bradley Cooper doing Daredevil. I don’t think I could take him seriously as a lawyer, let alone a blind one. And that’s just Matt Murdock, I don’t even want to think about him as DD.

      In all honesty, DD doesn’t need another origin, that has been perfectly covered already. His “powers”, his origin, his costume, it’s all been near perfect (NOT THE MOVIE YOU AFFLECK HATERS, THE ORIGIN). It all makes sense so keep it.

      I honestly don’t want a DD reboot, the Fox film is starting to grow on me to a point where I’m watching it every other day. Not saying it’s perfect, but good enough to not need a reboot.

      There. I said it. I’m starting to like DD. Have fun ranting about that, it’s not going to change my mind.

      • Bradly Cooper is a better actor than Ben Affleck. I believe he’d do quite well if they gave him Daredevil.

        “That” Fox movie, like almost every Fox movie, sucks. Thanks goodness that property is in Marvel studio’s hands, even if it’s just to keep Fox from ruining it once again.

        • Once again, it’s your opinion.

          When I see Bradley Cooper, I don’t see Daredevil. I don’t even see an ounce of DD in him.

          If you’re going to get a new DD, get someone better. Cooper is not all that great IMO

          • They could probably get someone better, but I wouldn’t mind Cooper too much.

            I WOULD like to see what Marvel’s version of DD would look like, although that will probably never happen.

            • So you agree that if Marvel Studios held all their IP that most characters wouldn’t be in films, with Marvel only making two a year with most being sequels or setting up future Avengers movies. But you still don’t want other companies making Marvel movies cause you don’t like them. Sounds like a kid who doesn’t need all his toys, but still doesn’t want other kids playing with the ones he doesn’t play with.

              Lots of people like the comic book movies that aren’t produced by Marvel Studios. And For better or worse, Marvel Studios is doing its own thing now. Properties like X-Men wouldn’t fit in the MCU. Unless they go with mutants are just starting to emerge in the world, which would severely limit and change the cannon from the comics.

              I thinks it’s time people accept that the only X-Men films we are going to have are the Fox ones. Definitely not the most financially successful comic book movies, but still successful. They aren’t going nowhere. And saying you wish they didn’t exist because they’re not your cup of tea, seems petty to me.

              • Oh well, I guess I’m “petty”. Whatever.

          • I disagree only on the fact that Bradley Cooper couldn’t play DD. I was with the few that really liked the DD movie, yes, I liked it, still like it to this day, and no, it was not perfect. But now that Ben Affleck is the new Batman, he won’t ever be back as DD. I agree we don’t need another origins for DD, but we need another actor. It could be Bradley, he is a great actor, but I think there are others that would fit the role better than him.

            • You don’t get it:

              They WILL do another origin if the reboot happens. Which is stupid, as is Marc Webb’s jarring turn away from everything I knew about Spider-Man (well, for the origin at least).

              I actually don’t mind another DD, but I don’t think Bradley Cooper could do it at all. Get someone who can essentially be the Marvel Batman, but at the same time can sell blind lawyer Matt Murdock.

              I don’t see Bradley Cooper doing that. At all

          • I always thought Josh Hartnett would be a decent Daredevil. But thats just me

        • Okay, forget Bradley Cooper, DD, all that jazz…every fox movie sucks FILTHpig? okay let’s analyze this here, so don’t give me that “They were lucky with a good director, or script” b*******, Fox makes decisions just like every other studio, they just have a problem cranking out good sequels. But your statement means every movie they distributed sucks. For instance;

          Night at the Museum
          Star Wars
          The Simpsons Movie
          Grapes of Wrath
          Miracle on 34th Street (original and remake)
          The King and I
          The Diary of Anne Frank
          The Longest Day
          The Sound of Music
          Planet of the Apes
          The French Connection
          The Poseidon Adventure
          Young Frankenstein
          Rocky Horror Picture Show
          The Princess Bride
          Revenge of the Nerds
          In Time
          Johnny Dangerously
          Raising Arizona
          Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
          Big Trouble in Little China
          Die Hard
          Say Anything…
          Mr. and Mrs. Smith
          Weekend at Bernie’s
          Home Alone
          Point Break
          Edward Scissorhands
          The Sandlot
          Mrs. Doubtfire
          True Lies
          Independence Day
          There’s Something About Mary
          The Thin Red Line
          Office Space
          Fight Club
          Cast Away
          Moulin Rouge!
          Minority Report
          Master and Commander
          The Fountain
          Wall Street 1+2
          Life of Pi
          The Wolverine

          You hated those too? well you’re just a negative person. All Fox’s movie are bad? I think not.

          • Let me clarify… I meant most Fox COMIC BOOK MOVIES. Although, I did like X2. Too bad I didnt make that clear before so you wouldn’t have had to waste your Friday night writing that list, LOL.

            • Your a real party animal, Cole! How many beers did you have to drink before you wrote a list of every decent movie Fox made in the last 40 years?? Hilarious.

          • Loved “Big Trouble in Little China” when I was a kid. Then later on it was the very first dvd I ever purchased, along with “Tango and Cash.” Man the 80s.

          • Gee, some of those didn’t suck. If all those sucked, I’d have a pucker on my sucker a lemon couldn’t produce, super-sized! They’d have to suck so hard my forehead would collapse, for all of them to Hoover it that much. I actually see some movies there I really liked, like Alien, for instance. Monsters in space and Sigorney Weaver in her younger days in her laceies? Naw, no suckification at least there!

      • Actually, I did not really mind it either. I am hoping they do the once-proposed DD versus Kingpin and Mr. Fear flick..that would be pretty good, I think.

      • Why are u talking about him being Daredevil? He was cast as Rocket Racoon. How about discussing that.

      • I think the Director’s Cut of Daredevil is fairly good actually. I’d rank it higher than Blade, Spider-Man or X-Men any day. I also really enjoyed the Thomas Jane Punisher film; it wasn’t perfect, but it certainly didn’t suck: pity I can’t say the same for the that sequel/reboot Punisher: War Zone.

        Marvel NEED to reboot Punisher. Please Marvel! He is one of my favorite characters

  6. I am sure he will do a fine job voice wise, but he is also another draw for audiences to come and see this film that could potentially be a hard sell. I would personally have liked Statham, but no worries. Good job Marvel :)

  7. Guy has an awesome voice for a cocky smartass. I really like this choice. This is one great cast for this movie top to bottom

  8. Marvel is on top of their game for Guardians. The more that keeps coming out the more excited I am to see it. August next year can’t get here soon enough.

    • I agree. Total opposite of everything Superman/Batman related.

  9. Interesting that they place the bankable stars behind CG characters and put a relative unknown in front of the camera.

    • @Goomba Trip

      It’s probably a lot cheaper to get the more bankable actors just voicing the characters rather than playing the leads.

      Also despite the proven track record of the Marvel brand , Guardians is still a very risky project of which more established names would be hesitant to attach themselves to it.

    • It works out cheaper and they still get to put the “big names” on the posters.

    • That’s the brilliance of it. To play and sign the main (long-term) roles they need to craft their own stars. Hence, Hemsworth, Evans and Downey none of whom were A-List prior.

      They help sell those actors with big-name supporting casts (Bridges & Paltrow for IM, Portman & Hopkins for Thor, Jones for Cap, etc.).

    • It’s all cool to me. When I said “interesting” I meant it in a good way. As a fan of Parks and Rec, I’m actually looking forward to seeing Pratt in a leading role.

  10. I have no idea at all if Cooper will be good voicing RR or not. But, since Gunn has confidence in him, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  11. I’ll have to look up some of those Alias scenes. I must say that I’m disappointed that the David Tennant rumor didn’t pan out. The MCU can always use more Doctors

    • Actually, the entire Universe could do with less crap like Doctors floating around in it.

  12. Anyone kind of wishing that Jim Carrey rumor was true?

    If you want to talk about voices, he’s the guy for the job. Also would be a nice in joke nod to the beginning of Ace Ventura 2 ;)

    • I’m kinda sick of Jim Carrey. Let’s see what Cooper can do.

      • I liked Carrey in Kick Ass 2, even though it was limited screentime.

  13. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel are doing a Marvel movie!….but they’re playing a raccoon and a tree. WHAT?

    Guardians of the Galaxy is officially the weirdest movie ever and I like it.

    • Ha! Put a +1 on that!

  14. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out, I have faith that Marvel and Gunn know what they’re doing.

    • Yet can’t quite deal with optimistic opinions about Batfleck.

      Hypocrite much? A not too much, a much too much!

      • I think I deal with them just fine. Marvel has built up a lot of goodwill in my mind. DC and Affleck not so much. I didn’t understand your last sentence.

        • I’m with FILTHpig on this one. BTW, FILTHpig, did Jesus build your hot rod?

          • I knew you were cool Cave-ish… good knowledge.

            “Jesus built my car
            It’s a love affair
            Mainly Jesus and my hot rod”

  15. Why not just let the raccoon they hired to play rocket use his voice?

    • Seriously.

    • I think they WERE going to let the raccoon actor speak but his voice was deeper than Deisel’s and made Groot sound bad.

  16. this s*** is gonna suck i don’t know why people are hyping up this movie so much i guarantee its going to be ass i just don’t find the characters very relatable or interesting and that’s the most important thing in a superhero movie

    • Right, and you relate to Batman because you’re so much like him?

      Believe me, good or bad, this will be one of the most “interesting” superhero movies any of us have seen yet.

    • when everyone is interested and/or excited about something, and you’re the one person who doesn’t get it, that’s usually a general indicator that you’re the problem, not the thing you don’t get.

      • ^This is correct.

      • I agree with your disagreement, however…

        Dont make it more than it is. Not EVERYONE is excited or interested in this film. I for one am a solid meh on the whole thing.

        • Meh.

      • Tell that to the Germans.

    • Should the be hyping Batfleck?

      go troll a dc article!!! OH YEAH THERE ARE NONE! sorry my bad

      • Well in all honest what dc has done lately is make more relatable character. Bruce is an extremely torchered man he has women problems and nolan did humanize him very well. Clark has issues about where he is from, everyone once in their life has been in a situation where they feel alone and without a purpose. As for marvel they have failed in that regards but is also not what they are going for

        • A primary reason for “realism” in movies is just to expand the audience into “non” comics fans and make more money. Granted, many comic fans are now in the 40-50′s and have no problem with mature themes, gritty realism, etc., but they are still ‘fanboys’ and most probably enjoy the age-old traditional comics’ themes just as much (I know I do and I am 46…).

          I WELL WRITTEN script, good direction and acting is what I enjoy, realism included or not. Personally, I don’t need to relate to any of the characters in a superhero movie.

  17. No idea what to think about this. This is such an odd pick for Rocket. Let’s see what happens. If they feel he’s good then okay, I guess.

    I can picture Cooper’s voice over as Rocket, if he’s gonna be wearing the white collar shirt and tie, pushing a mail cart around in an extraterrestrial office, battling killer wooden clowns from Halfworld in the mail room.

    Referencing: “Annihilators: Issue #1″

    I wonder what type of voice Cooper will do for Rocket; he’s normal or something different.

    • I doubt he’ll speak in his normal voice, but I also have no idea what it’s going to be like either. I guess we shall see.

      • Bcuz the Guardians episode of Avengers is on Netflix, I’m tempted to play all the Rocket parts on mute with Cooper’s voice from “Limitless” running in the background. Just to get a tease.

        • You’re obsessed! ;)

        • haha good idea!

          • Hopefully someone more obsessed on Youtubes has done this already.

        • find a clip of him yelling and shooting from a-team and edit onto the leaked footage.

    • Annhilators was a great series
      . dam wooden clowns

      • Lol I’m not putting money on it but I hope they have a homage scene to that.

  18. Is it just me or weren’t Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana dating and broke up this will be interesting when they’re on set

    • I doubt cooper will be on set much.

      • Press for sure.

  19. I`m on it, gets better and better everyday …cant wait

  20. GREAT! Can’t wait to see/hear Rocket Raccooper hahaha

    • That’s awesome!

  21. The more news that comes out for this movie, the more I get excited. Now, just put the icing on the cake with Vin Diesel playing Thanos and he would have trolled everyone excellently.

    • I think he’s playing Groot… and possibly Vision. I personally hope he’s not Thanos.

  22. it makes sense hes banging zoe saldana so it works out for his dick ad his wallet. is he doing mo cap?

    • HEY OH!!!!

      • Batfleck Rises, the name made me laugh.

  23. Cooper? I’m down.

  24. Bradley “Coon-per”?!

  25. I like Bradley cooper, it will be interesting to see how this plays out

  26. Dissapointed. How on earth is his voice going to fit a RR, unless it’s pitched up? Someone like Simon Pegg would have been perfect.

    • Pegg will be Ant-Man, they just haven’t announced yet.

      • Pegg will be the a tree of a tree for Groot

  27. Would have liked this role to go to Sharlto Copley. Activate Kruger Marvel.

  28. Why couldn’t Bradley Cooper be Batman.

  29. Bradley Cooper as Rocket
    I’m in – think he could do really well with this
    I’m wondering now what kind of voice he’ll be using