Brad Pitt Interested in ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Movie

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red dead redemption movie Brad Pitt Interested in Red Dead Redemption Movie

Certainly the most publicized and arguably one of the best video games to debut in 2010 thus far is that of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. Instead of stealing cars and wreaking havoc downtown Grand Theft Auto style, Rockstar’s six years of development on Red Dead Redemption lets us jump into the old west to ride horses, hunt wildlife and track down your old gang members.

Gone are Uzis and Bazookas as we welcome six shooters and classic wooden rifles in the first game I’d label a real interactive cowboy simulator. Red Dead Redemption is possibly the most expensive video game ever made and you can see why while riding through the beautiful vast open world it takes us to. It features a story ripe for feature film adaptation and that’s precisely what Brad Pitt plans to do.

According to Showbiz Spy, Brad Pitt is looking to adapt the Game of the Year contender into a movie although absolutely no details are present and they don’t know much about the game what consoles it’s on. We also don’t know who has the rights to the project but their sources claim that Pitt is the favorite for the part and has been given first refusal rights. Take this is a big rumor.

The source continues:

“The idea is to make this in the style of an epic Western movie but with a few modern touches.”

While it’s no surprise at all that Red Dead Redemption will get a movie made from it, it’s interesting (and exciting) to see one of Hollywood’s biggest names associated with it. With Jon Favreau working away on Cowboys and Aliens and the Coen Brothers’ True Grit debuting this December, it looks like Westerns are making a bit of a comeback (Ignore Jonax Hex).

As we all know, video game movies always seem to end in an awful product but Red Dead Redemption *should* be different. It has strong characters, strong dialogue and a strong story already there – they just have to make a classic Western movie out of it. I say that as if it’s simple but we know how easily a studio and director can ruin this property like so many other video game franchises before.

The tale of Red Dead Redemption takes place in 1911 and follows protagonist John Marston, an ex-gang member whose family is held captive by government agents to force him to hunt down his old associates. Traveling from New Austin to Mexico and meeting some very memorable characters along the way, the game lets players experience the Old West like never before, with gameplay elements including authentic horseback riding, poker games, cattle herding to good ol’ gun fighting.

brad pitt john marston red dead redemption Brad Pitt Interested in Red Dead Redemption Movie

Brad Pitt as John Marston in Red Dead Redemption movie?

Brad Pitt played a cowboy as the title character in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and I can certainly picture him as John Marston, the silent but deadly lead in Red Dead Redemption. Get a tan, longer hair, some grime and scars and bingo!

[Update: There’s a lot of discussion about whether or not Pitt is the right guy and today I thought Sean Bean would be perfect for this part – he just has to disguise the accent. Thoughts?]

If you happen to own a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360, this is a must-own title. Read our Red Dead Redemption posts on Game Rant.

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Source: Showbiz Spy

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  1. What about Russell Crowe? a first rate actor with a rugged appearance. I think he would be a great John Marston.

    Ed Harris would be an excellent Edgar Ross i think as well.

    Sam Elliot as Landon no doubt.

    I don’t know about Professor Macdougal. A good actor but crazy looking.
    I guess someone like Steve Buscemi. But he might be too old.

    I think perhaps Shia LeBouf could be older Jack Marston.

    However i do think that nearly all the characters should have good actors since the game contains such vivid and realistic personalities.

    • and johnny depp for older jack marston for the ending when you kill the agents!

    • Seth green would make a great professor Mcdougal!!!!

  2. Edit: So here would be my favorite cast based on all these other great opinions.

    John Marston:Russell Crowe
    Edgar Ross: Ed Harris
    Marshall: Peter Fonda
    Landon: Sam Elliot
    Jack: Shia LeBouf
    Abigail:Marisa Tomei/Sandra Bullock
    Bonnie:Olivia Wilde/Gwyneth Paltrow
    Luisa:Penelope Cruz
    Macdougal:Seth Green
    Williamson:Jeff Bridges
    Escuella: Orlando Bloom
    Dutch:Age Robert Downey Jr. and i think would look the part
    Nigel West Dickens:Michael Caine
    Seth: Steve Buscemi
    Abraham Reyes: Antonio Banderas
    Colonel Allende: Danny Trejo
    De Santa:Cheech Martin
    Deputy Eli:Jonah Hill
    Deputy Jonah: Paul Dano
    Irish: Bradley Cooper maybe?

    These are just my opinions, some of them im not fully sure would work, but i figured at least give these characters known actors. I’d hate to see the budget for this movie though.

    • Orlando Bloom as Escuella, no that is terrible. Bradley Cooper as Irish, definitely not, Penelope Cruz as Luisa, no way, not good. Michael Caine isn’t a bad choice, but I think we can do better. At least you gave it some thought though. The budget would be ridiculous, a lot of key characters that you can’t leave out and I can’t see it all being done in just one movie. There is way too much info to not leave out. Maybe a trilogy would have to be done since kinda worked in big 3 parts. I’m not sure if they would use all the characters.

  3. This is our favourite cast :)

    John Marston: Hugh Jackman
    Nigel West Dickens: Michael Caine
    Seth: Mackenzie Crook / Steve Buscemi / Jackie Earle Haley
    Dutch: Daniel Day-Lewis
    Landon: Clint Eastwood
    Abigail: Rachel Weisz / Selma Blair
    Bonnie: Gwyneth Paltrow / Charlize Theron
    Bonnie’s Father: Sam Neil
    Jack: Shia LeBouf / Orlando Bloom
    Abraham Reyes: Gael Garcia Bernal / Jared Leto
    Luisa: Gemma Arterton

    • I agree with you, i would have Eastwood as Landon, but he already said Gran Torino was his last acting role. But he be an awesome guy to get if they could.

    • wait johnny depp would be a good jack though too.

  4. John Marston: Christian Bale
    Landon: Sam Elliot
    Marshall Johnson: Peter Fonda
    Abigail: Sandra Bullock
    Bonnie: Chrisma Carpenter
    Dutch: Beau Bridges
    Older Jack: Shia LeBouf (And I say with with pain because I don’t like him but I think he would be good)
    Ross: Ed Harris
    Dru McFarlan: Jeff Bridges
    Escuella: Orlando Bloom

    • I want to add my pick here now for Nigel West Dickens:
      Rene Auberjonois

  5. The other day I was watching road house and was like, wow sam elliot would make a perfect Landon Rickets! So then I searched Red Dead movie and found this awesome little article. Hope this movie happens. Who is the guy that does the actual voice of John Marston? maybe he should be him? All’s I know is who ever he is he better be a badass. LR – sam elliot fo sho!!!

  6. John: Christian Bale with the 3:10 to Yuma look just adding the scars.
    Abigail: Sandra Bullock
    Rickets: Sam Elliot
    Drew McFarlane: Liam Neeson
    Older Jack: Jake Gyllenhall
    Marshal Johnson: Clint Eastwood (also have him direct it)
    Nigel: Michael Caine
    Seth: Age the guy that played Gollum in Lord of the Rings

    Seriously hire Donna and I to do the casting LOL!

  7. i think dirty harry would be the best landon rickets

  8. Brad Pitt? Yuck. Karl Urban gets my vote as John. Jack’s a tough one, but I think Shia is a terrible choice.

  9. Surely I’m not the only one thinking Josh Brolin would be blooming MARVELLOUS as John Marston?!

  10. I think that D.J Qualls would make a great Seth

  11. All I know is red dead redemption could go down as an incredible movie if they use a lot of similar facts from the movie

  12. I think Anson Mount who plays Cullen Bohannon in the AMC series Hell on Wheels would be best. He reminds me so much of John Marston. If you haven’t seen the series. You should. :)

  13. roughed up christian bale for john. landon ricketts- sam elliot. and de santa-javier bardem

  14. What about Jeff Bridges? He got the vibe, and the rough voice.

  15. John Marston: Josh Brolin
    Abigail Marston: Saundra Bullock
    older Jack Marston: Leonardo Dicaprio
    uncle: M.C. Gainey
    Bonnie Macfarlane: Gwyneth Paltrow
    Drew Macfarlane: Tommy lee Jones
    Nigel West Dickens: Michael Caine
    Bill Williamson: Daniel Day Lewis
    Dutch: Liam Neeson
    Seth: Steve Buscemi
    Marshall Leigh Johnson: Val Kilmer
    Landon Ricketts: Jeff Bridges
    Captain De Santa: Javier Bardem
    Abraham Reyes: Antonio Banderas

    Directed by: Clint Eastwood or Joel and Ethan Coen or Ron Howard

    • dude all those would be great actor for this movie lol..but now that i think bout it there would be a lot of guys to as john marston thats a tough decision lol..i mostly think sean bean and hugh jackman..those would be the best to me lol..but all the others you said would be great lol..liam neesons my most favirite actor but he would make a great bad guy (dutch) lol..hes old enough and hes got that wise voice and vibe with him ya know lol..but still all those actors would be great for the parts but john marston..marston just has a specfic personaitly that will be kinda hard to find from some actors lol

  16. Marston just hasto be played by Hugh Jackman!!! No other possibilities!!!

  17. Anson Mount who plays the lead role in the TV series ‘Hell on Wheels’ would make a great John Marston.

  18. I think Anson Mount already is John Marston, and the plot of Hell on Wheels would make a fantastic Red Dead 2 or 3.

  19. shame c. eastwood is too old. maybe liam nieson or christian bale

  20. shame c. eastwood is too old. maybe liam nieson or christian bale.

    • what about cg cameo’s from all the greats john wayne eastwood etc?

  21. maybe make it interactive like let the audience have choices like waepons to use directions to got etc it would be epic

  22. you guys are casting this like teenage girls!

    john marston: hugh jackman
    abigail marston: jennifer connelly
    bonnie mcfarlene: jewel (awesome in ride with the devil)
    as for drew, its a bit part that would make someones career.
    bill williamson: josh brolin
    dutch: dan day lewis
    the rest would be bit parts for up and comers/im lazy.

  23. I love this idea, if AC can get a film then this has a great chance!!
    Ideas for (big budget) casting:
    John – Viggo Mortensen
    Dutch – Daniel Day Lewis
    Irish – Rhys Ifans (Accent permitting)
    Bill – Gary Sinise
    West Dickens – Anthony Hopkins (not so sure)
    Bonny – Miranda Otto
    Abigail – Michelle Monaghan
    Marshall – Clint Eastwood
    Landon – Sam Elliot (has to be!!)
    Macdougal – Andy Serkis
    Luisa – Monique Gabriella Curnen

    Haven’t played the game in a while so if any characters are stupid, apologies!

  24. If they actually do this movie then I think Anson Mount should play the lead, although Brad Pitt could definitely do it if he wanted to. He’s a pretty good actor after all.

  25. Marshall Johnson is Eastwood
    Jack martson is Pitt

  26. it should be the guy from john carter if anybody. search him up

  27. dude i thing that sean bean would be absoultly fricken perfect for the role of john marston..hes got the look the way he can act on some movies and all he would just be beyond perect for the role of john marston..i dont know if hes still got a beard or not today but if he does all they will need to do is make it look like marstons with scars and bam!! john marston!

  28. je pense que faire une trilogie serait une bonne idée. il faudrait séparer selon les étapas du jeu. la première partie serait le début de l’histoire a new austin, la seconde au méxique et la dernière à west elisabeth avec la chute, puis la vengeance

  29. I would hate to see this movie ruined by the main stream actors all these people are choosing simply because they are popular and their age matches the character unless they can REALLY ACT. Iv’e been a fan of all the classic westerns yet nothing overcomes the story line of RED DEAD REDEMPTION which is amazing to say because it is a video game. You have to think about who will act the hell out of each part to the best potential. This isn’t perfect but after 5 years Iv’e came up with this:

    JOHN: Tom Hardy (Lawless-outlaw badass / Warrior-complex and dark)a protagonist who is rugged, menaced, even considerably an anti-hero.
    DUTCH: Tie between Burt Reynolds & George Clooney
    IRISH: To me this one was simple BEN FOSTER!
    JACK: 1.Leonardo Decaprio
    BILL: Ryan Hurst or Daniel Day Lewis
    EDGAR ROSS: 1.Bryan Cranston
    MARSHAL JOHNSON: 1.Don Johnson 2.3.Jeff Bridges or

    • CORRECTION: 3 years not five.