Brad Pitt Interested in ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Movie

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red dead redemption movie Brad Pitt Interested in Red Dead Redemption Movie

Certainly the most publicized and arguably one of the best video games to debut in 2010 thus far is that of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. Instead of stealing cars and wreaking havoc downtown Grand Theft Auto style, Rockstar’s six years of development on Red Dead Redemption lets us jump into the old west to ride horses, hunt wildlife and track down your old gang members.

Gone are Uzis and Bazookas as we welcome six shooters and classic wooden rifles in the first game I’d label a real interactive cowboy simulator. Red Dead Redemption is possibly the most expensive video game ever made and you can see why while riding through the beautiful vast open world it takes us to. It features a story ripe for feature film adaptation and that’s precisely what Brad Pitt plans to do.

According to Showbiz Spy, Brad Pitt is looking to adapt the Game of the Year contender into a movie although absolutely no details are present and they don’t know much about the game what consoles it’s on. We also don’t know who has the rights to the project but their sources claim that Pitt is the favorite for the part and has been given first refusal rights. Take this is a big rumor.

The source continues:

“The idea is to make this in the style of an epic Western movie but with a few modern touches.”

While it’s no surprise at all that Red Dead Redemption will get a movie made from it, it’s interesting (and exciting) to see one of Hollywood’s biggest names associated with it. With Jon Favreau working away on Cowboys and Aliens and the Coen Brothers’ True Grit debuting this December, it looks like Westerns are making a bit of a comeback (Ignore Jonax Hex).

As we all know, video game movies always seem to end in an awful product but Red Dead Redemption *should* be different. It has strong characters, strong dialogue and a strong story already there – they just have to make a classic Western movie out of it. I say that as if it’s simple but we know how easily a studio and director can ruin this property like so many other video game franchises before.

The tale of Red Dead Redemption takes place in 1911 and follows protagonist John Marston, an ex-gang member whose family is held captive by government agents to force him to hunt down his old associates. Traveling from New Austin to Mexico and meeting some very memorable characters along the way, the game lets players experience the Old West like never before, with gameplay elements including authentic horseback riding, poker games, cattle herding to good ol’ gun fighting.

brad pitt john marston red dead redemption Brad Pitt Interested in Red Dead Redemption Movie

Brad Pitt as John Marston in Red Dead Redemption movie?

Brad Pitt played a cowboy as the title character in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and I can certainly picture him as John Marston, the silent but deadly lead in Red Dead Redemption. Get a tan, longer hair, some grime and scars and bingo!

[Update: There’s a lot of discussion about whether or not Pitt is the right guy and today I thought Sean Bean would be perfect for this part – he just has to disguise the accent. Thoughts?]

If you happen to own a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360, this is a must-own title. Read our Red Dead Redemption posts on Game Rant.

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Source: Showbiz Spy

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  1. Christian bale would be so much better for John.
    Brad pitt needs to work on his role in World War Z!!!!!!

  2. I think Brad Pitt should The lead role of John Marston. He is a talented actor, and he would fit the role perfectly. If you put a wig and a some special effects make up, and a fake beard, he would fit perfectly in a role as John Marston. If you think about the idea and think it is good, write back and tell me what you think! If you don’t do what I tell you, I will get the real John marston to visit your home. Just messin with you. Hit me up, peace!

  3. Josh Brolin looks just like Marston. Whether or not ppl think he has what they need for this character is debatable.

  4. I think this would make an awsome movie the story line is already writen for you that saves time and money it all ready has a wide fan range for the game so theres already a ton of people that will go see it in theaters.
    Brad Pit as John Marston

  5. I think red dead redemption would make an amazing movie the story line is already writen as a game already has a wide fan range, so theres a bunch of people who will go see it in theaters.

    Brad Pit as John Marston is a good idea he’s def a top acter who no doubt could pull this roll off. But I think Timothy Olyphant (from the girl next door, and tv show justified) has more of a John Marston face and voice.

  6. seth green as macdougal.

  7. Please No Pitt. He would be horrible as marsten. Pitt doesn’t have that rugged old fashioned taste to him like Marsten does. I think Hugh Jackman would be good.

  8. Anyone who would cast Pitt as John Marston needs a new job. Here is how the cast should line up…

    Christian Bale as John Marston, Sam Elliot as the Marshal, Paul Teutel Sr. as Mr. McFarlane, Steve Buscemi as Seth, Colin Farrell as Irish, Ed Harris as Agent Ross (with a mustache), Clint Eastwood as Landon Ricketts, Michael Caine as Nigel Wes Dickens, Danny Trejo as Abraham Reyes.

    • no i think Bruce Campbell would be better as the marshal

  9. Red dead redemption is the best game ever, I don’t care who plays JM but I want them to make a movie sooo bad.

  10. I think brad pitt would make a good John marston, but what about the other characters i know Sam Eliot would be perfect for Landon ricketts, but what about Seth, Irish, west dickens, the Marshall and Edgar Ross

  11. Bradd Pitt,I also heard Christian Bale! Do You guy’s play this game or even watch Movies! C”Monn Your killing me! Javier Badem “Hands Down!”

  12. Personally I loved the Red Dead Redemption story, and think it could become a classic western if it’s done right. I can easily see Brad nailing this role, I loved him in Legends of the Fall along with Assassination of Jesse James, and think he could play a dangerous family man gunfighter.

    But another HIGHLY important question, WHO’S GONNA BE JACK AND EDGAR?

    Although all the characters will need good actors to fulfill their personalities, Jack and Edgar are very primary, since Edgar is a stong willed man bent on bringing John’s old gang to justice.

    And then the man who plays Jack when he gets his revenge on Edgar will need a young actor who can fulfill the emotion that is neccesary in the final stand off.

    Also, I really think this movie would be best in three parts.

    I know almost every movie that has three parts ends up sucking, but this one may work.

    The first part will obviously be the beginning of the game in Blackwater until after the assault on Fort Mercer when John has to head towards mexico and it can end when irish gets him there or right after it’s decided he has to go to mexico from Fort Mercer, that way the second part starts in action, of with John fighting his way into mexico.

    Then of course the second part follows John through his Mexican adventures until after the Mexican Government overthrow and John kills Williamson, i don;t know what would work best, either ending it after he hands over Williamson or cut it when he arrives back at Blackwater to meet back with Edgar Ross.

    (Spoiler Alert!)

    The third part then could finish the story when John pursues Dutch to his death through when he reunites with his family and follows him through some of the missions that involve his family all the way until he is betrayed and killed.

    Now whether the producers/writers/director choose to follow the game to when Jack takes revenge on Edgar, I think there are two ways,

    1. after cinematic emotion takes place well, then show Jack in his search for his father’s killer and revenge.

    or 2. and I like this much better, the movie ends after the burial of John, then at the end of the credits, it has a short cutscene of Jack searching for Ross and eventually the confrontation in which he kills him.

    • I like those ideas. They need to make it into three parts because the game expands into three different areas. Its best to do into three parts instead in one movie. It would suck if it was just one movie.

  13. WHY does a video game need a film retelling? How come the game itself cannot sufficiently tell the story for society?

    • Because video game fans aren’t nearly as numerous as film aficionados

  14. well this game is so rich that it doesn’t need to be put on film, but if it was i’d say that viggo mortenson from lord of the rings would be best for the role.

    • what do you think about hugh jackman? hmm?

    • I thought it wuz an actual trailer until i saw the high plains drifter

  15. dont get me wrong, brad is a good actor…but i just got done playing red dead redemption for the third time today…and i have been thinking about who could play him, and i might get hate from this and i might not, but i think that hugh jackman could play john. he definitely looks the part if you give him some scars. just saying.

  16. I don’t like the idea of Brad Pitt playing as John Marston,he’s a city slicker. How about Josh Brolin or the actual voice of John Marston, Rob Wiethoff. Someone that actually has TRUE GRIT.

    Who is going to play Bonnie McFarlane?

  17. I’m hoping that there isn’t a movie in the making yet. I have some really good ideas for a red dead redemption script and have started jotting my ideas down. I’m hoping to get someone to read it and do a movie out of it with the permission of RockStar.

  18. personally I think Hugh Jackman would be awesome at playing the kinda tough guy marston is.

  19. I’m glad that I am not the only one who thinks that Hugh Jackman would do a magnificent job if this were to be made into a movie. Actually, my brother told me that he heard that Hugh Jackman would love to do a western…so yea. if they make this movie and decide to get famous people in it, they better NOT pick brad pitt. hes a good actor and all, but lets face it, john marston could kick brad pitts @$$

  20. I think Brad Pitt is good he is a really good actor, but I do know who needs to play Dutch and only this man can do it and that’s Daniel-Day-Lewis! That is the only actor that can play Dutch to a T!

  21. I hope that there is a movie based on this game but it needs i repeat needs to be done like the game because that will draw fans in that do not play video games and draw gamers in as well. there is a significant amount of money to be made if you study the game and have the same plot with that origanal hollywood twist. if done right and i see in the preview that it has the same classic red dead melody that is in the main menu of the game and has the same basic story line then you have my money

  22. i think the guy from true grit would be a better character for john marston because he is a badass character and very tough in the game. brad pitt could be johns son jack, because in the game jack is a pusssy just like brad pitt

  23. One great actors name comes to mind to me when I think who should take on the role as John Marston and that is… Johnny Depp. He’d fit in perfectly, I agree that Eastwood should be Ricketts.

  24. Clint Eastwood in his younger days would be the perfect John Marston.

  25. I think viggo mortenson,with a strong western accent. brad pitt? too pansy josh brolin? wel u saw him in jonah hex?? enuff said..that movie blows!

  26. I might be one of the few people disputing this, but Brad Pitt as John Marston just doesn’t sit right with me. Don’t get me wrong, I think Pitt is a very talented actor. However, this role shouldn’t be cast by who’s popular but rather by who’s appropriate.
    John Marston is today’s version of the quintessential spaghetti western cowboy. Originally, this character was introduced in live action reality by legendary western actor Clint Eastwood. Developers at Rockstar games won’t deny that films such as Hang ‘Em High, A Fist Full of Dollars, and The Outlaw Josie Whales served their own inspirations for the development of the John Marston character.
    Unfortunately, Clint Eastwood is currently in his mid-70’s. He would serve better as the film’s director(“Unforgiven”). Under his guidance I think it would be very easy to bring the character to life. As for the actor to play the lead, you need someone who not only looks the part but has also shown that they have already played a similar role.
    For my picks I would either cast Josh Brolin(“No Country For Old Men”), or Timothy Olyphant(TV’s “Justified”). Respectively, the roles they’ve each played bear uncanny resemblances to the John Marston character. Brolin is probably closest to the character’s age, and Olyphant has the edgy appeal of Marston’s personality.
    I think the biggest question that still needs to be addressed is: “Who else should be cast for the other roles?”. Marston is a great character but he didn’t exactly steal the show. For the rest of the main cast I think Dutch, Bonnie, Abigail, Landon, and Marshall Johnson all need to be well cast.

    Here’s MY fantasy Cast:
    John Marston – Josh Brolin
    Dutch Van Der Linde – Ian Mcshane
    Bonnie MacFarlane – Renee Zellweger
    Abigail Marston – Lena Headey
    Landon Ricketts – Sam Elliot
    Marshall Leigh Johnson – Peter Fonda
    Edgar Ross – Gene Hackman
    Bill Williamson – Stephen Lang
    Javier Escuela – Antonio Banderas

    Director – Clint Eastwood

    Naturally, all other supporting roles could be easily filled. I just hope that if they DO make a live-action film of RDR, Hollywood considers the importance of casting more than the lead role with the right actors.

    • I think that would be a great cast, but if I could make a few suggestions maby Hugh Jackman as John Marston, Bruce Campbell as the Marshall, and Ed Harris as Edgar Ross. I hope that u consider these suggestions.

  27. Just make Karl Urban look a bit aged and let him do it