Brad Pitt Interested in ‘Red Dead Redemption’ Movie

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red dead redemption movie Brad Pitt Interested in Red Dead Redemption Movie

Certainly the most publicized and arguably one of the best video games to debut in 2010 thus far is that of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. Instead of stealing cars and wreaking havoc downtown Grand Theft Auto style, Rockstar’s six years of development on Red Dead Redemption lets us jump into the old west to ride horses, hunt wildlife and track down your old gang members.

Gone are Uzis and Bazookas as we welcome six shooters and classic wooden rifles in the first game I’d label a real interactive cowboy simulator. Red Dead Redemption is possibly the most expensive video game ever made and you can see why while riding through the beautiful vast open world it takes us to. It features a story ripe for feature film adaptation and that’s precisely what Brad Pitt plans to do.

According to Showbiz Spy, Brad Pitt is looking to adapt the Game of the Year contender into a movie although absolutely no details are present and they don’t know much about the game what consoles it’s on. We also don’t know who has the rights to the project but their sources claim that Pitt is the favorite for the part and has been given first refusal rights. Take this is a big rumor.

The source continues:

“The idea is to make this in the style of an epic Western movie but with a few modern touches.”

While it’s no surprise at all that Red Dead Redemption will get a movie made from it, it’s interesting (and exciting) to see one of Hollywood’s biggest names associated with it. With Jon Favreau working away on Cowboys and Aliens and the Coen Brothers’ True Grit debuting this December, it looks like Westerns are making a bit of a comeback (Ignore Jonax Hex).

As we all know, video game movies always seem to end in an awful product but Red Dead Redemption *should* be different. It has strong characters, strong dialogue and a strong story already there – they just have to make a classic Western movie out of it. I say that as if it’s simple but we know how easily a studio and director can ruin this property like so many other video game franchises before.

The tale of Red Dead Redemption takes place in 1911 and follows protagonist John Marston, an ex-gang member whose family is held captive by government agents to force him to hunt down his old associates. Traveling from New Austin to Mexico and meeting some very memorable characters along the way, the game lets players experience the Old West like never before, with gameplay elements including authentic horseback riding, poker games, cattle herding to good ol’ gun fighting.

brad pitt john marston red dead redemption Brad Pitt Interested in Red Dead Redemption Movie

Brad Pitt as John Marston in Red Dead Redemption movie?

Brad Pitt played a cowboy as the title character in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford and I can certainly picture him as John Marston, the silent but deadly lead in Red Dead Redemption. Get a tan, longer hair, some grime and scars and bingo!

[Update: There's a lot of discussion about whether or not Pitt is the right guy and today I thought Sean Bean would be perfect for this part - he just has to disguise the accent. Thoughts?]

If you happen to own a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360, this is a must-own title. Read our Red Dead Redemption posts on Game Rant.

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Source: Showbiz Spy

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  1. FYI, the main character’s name is John Marston, and his son’s name is Jack Marston.

    • Got it. Nothing like a little Jesse James/John Marston crossover ;)

      • That’s exactly what I thought happened, actually. Too many J’s to keep up with!

  2. i hope this movie doesnt turn out like Jonah hex

  3. Hopfully it would turn out better than that Jessie James movie he did.I hated that movie.

  4. You forgot to mention the coen brothers true grit in upcoming westerns. But i’ll forgive ya. Btw i.could see pitt in this role for sure.

    • I threw it in for ya ;) Can’t wait for some video of it…

  5. the last great western made was Unforgiven, i dont think this video game adaptation will come close to that.

    • Meh Anthony I loved 3:10 to Yuma with Bale and Crowe and it’s honestly my fave Western and I also really liked Assination of Jesse James.

      • ehh to each his own :) the original 3:10 was better :)

  6. Sweet. Thanks rob! Can’t wait either. My most anticipated film personally this year.

    • I can’t really say until I see it, especially after Cowboys and Aliens footage at Comic-Con… that and Tron Legacy coming out a week earlier!

      • Can you post some of that footage of c&a? I forgot tron was coming out that month too! Jeff bridges will have a good december! And he was awsome in crazy heart.

        • Unfortunately we cannot. It was played exclusively for the Comic-Con attendees and has not been released online. Expect a full trailer this holiday season though… perhaps with one of the films we just spoke about :)

  7. Personally, I think I would like to see Red Dead Revolver made first with the follow to be Red Dead Redemption. Either way though it would be a great western movie because the stories itself in the games are very good. They actually made sense, although I can’t say that for Redemption because I haven’t played it yet.

    P.S. Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was a great western movie. Casey Affleck did a fantastic job as did Brad Pitt.

    • I agree otherwise they will mash up Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption and end up making Jonah hex 2

  8. While I did love Assassination of Jesse James I don’t see Brad Pitt in this. Honestly I’m not a fan of Brad and I really don’t see him pulling off the role very well. Plus if Brad does it I doubt the main character would have the facial hair and scares Brad can’t cover up that pretty face with scars he’d just die if he did that. ugh

    Honestly not a fan of the guy and he already made one bad western, but while playing the game I kept thinking of one guy for the film and that was Josh Brolin he looks just like the character. Either way I just don’t want a pretty boy average talent doing it I want a talented meh looking actor in the role.

    Also the game is overrated. Not saying it isn’t fun or even good, but not the game of the year. It will get game of the year, but people love GTA and hard to ignore the similarities. I don’t think it deserved the high ratings it got. 8.5/ is a little high, but more accurate than most score.

    • It averaged like 95% on metacritic but we at Game Rant were a little more realistic with our review and gave it a 4/5 due to repetitive gameplay, massive glitch issues and there being some very boring parts.

      Great start to a franchise though. Hopefully they can bring some more story and variety to missions (and more of them) with a sequel.

    • i hate brad to, he’s all eye candy, nothing more and probably less ;)
      the game was pretty good, i mean missions where repetitive, but that’s what usually happens with open world sandbox games (like gta, crackdown, hulk ultimate destruction etc) i didn’t see alot of glitches and when i did see them they where to little for me to pick on (i have a 360, it is proven that the ps3 version is alot worse not to mention the resolution/pixel ratio has been cut down for god knows what reason).

      if they do go ahead with this movie i sure hope they get the script right, i have seen way to many game to movie adaptation go horribly wrong (but none worse then those fighting game movies)

      • Brad Pitt is “all eye candy”. You guys are hilarious and ignorance is oozing out of your posts.

        Take a look at Pitt’s body of work. The characters he played in Snatch, Fight Club, Burn After Reading, Twelve Monkeys, etc. He man can act, period.

        Now whether you like him or not, that’s up to you. Your opinion. But don’t state that he’s a bad actor as if it’s a fact.

    • totally in accord with you on that, we dont want a pretty meh actor, we want a meh looking great actor…so yeah, Josh Brolin will be perfect, but for red dead not being the game of the year??? dont tell me you vote for recuring and boring same stuff every year Call of Duty lol!!! Red dead is the best game of this year…graphically, story telling, etc…. sorry to not share your statement on that one mate…

    • James Remar. He sounds exactly like the voice actor who played John Marston. He also looks a little like the video game character too. With the proper make-up artists he would really fit. I think Josh Brolin is too much of a knee-jerk reaction. Look, we were all hoping Jonah Hex would be good. I mean, I keep getting flashbacks of that silly gritted teeth voice thing he kept doing. RDR is too serious a story for corny cowboy stereotype acting (except for supporting characters of course).

    • While I am not a Brad Pitt fan either he has made a couple of movies that did very well in the same period as “Red Dead” IE: legends of the fall and a river runs thru it I feel that he would do great as John or Jack

  9. I guess we would just have to deal with the grimy part.

  10. yeah why not start adapting the first game instead of jumping on with the sequel?
    anyone remember read dead revolver?anyone :0

    • by the way not a lot of peoples remember red dead revolver, cause it was just a shooter…no real story, so yeah, do red dead redemption…maybe after they will be able to do a prequel…if they dont mess up redemption lol!

  11. Personally, I had a hard time almost every minute playing red Dead Redemption not thinking of how cinematic nearly every aspect of it was trying to be. The performances and writing were some of the best I’ve seen, and certainly the best out of a Rock Star game.

    I think the characters that they shaped are just plain interesting, and totally unique. For an actor to come on board and have to attempt to capture the personality and turmoil of the Marshall, a videogame character who appears for likely less than 10 minutes, is in itself an accomplishment for videogame storytelling.

    I also dug 3:10 to Yuma, and that is the western that Red Dead most reminded me of, and personally feel that Brad Pitt is proably a better actor than most of the parts he has played (think Kalifornia, True Romance). Even Inglourious Basterds, in which I initially took his performance as basically a character, but upon repeat viewings, there is a lot of subtlety there. I’m up for more westerns, and Red Dead’s storyline is a great one, and would only be better after trimming it down to a film’s length.

  12. I really hope that this movie doesn’t turn into another Halo movie. Development hell for eternity.

    And a question for a fan of the game, wasn’t there Red Dead game before this one, called Red Dead Revolver or something?

    • yes. redemption is a sequel of sorts

  13. I think old Brad would do alright in this if it does get made, and I do hope it does

  14. I’d never vote Call of duty. This year though we had Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake upcoming we have New Vegas and Fable 3 and more titles that look better than Red Dead. Red Dead is just a solid 8.3/10 for me not game of the year material but good.

  15. tim olyphant could d it, he was great in deadwood.

  16. Who is going to play Seth Briars? Jack Black?


  17. Nah I would much prefer Vigo to play John, Check out Hidalgo for his cowboy loo, Would be much more suited than pretty boy Pitt!

    • Viggo is great in westerns and would do awesome in a movie like this. Loved him Appaloosa

  18. Ogb I never said he is Abadan actor I just said that he’s ok just average and is more pretty looks than anything else. Burn After reading sucked and 12 monkeys isn’t that great in my opinion. Snatch was a decent film but Pitt didn’t do much acting in it he certainly didn’t put on anything impressive. Fight Club however is one of his best performances but he has out classed and out shined by Ed Norton.

    • Fair enough.

      I didn’t mean all those movies were amazing (I think so, but I can see how ppl wouldn’t like them), but his acting in all those movies is memorable. The guy has range and true “presence” on screen. How many actors could’ve pulled off those characters and made them so memorable?

      Sure, he’s a good looking guy but it shouldn’t overshadow his acting and that’s exactly what I see happening.

  19. Burn after reading was awsome. Love a dark comedy. 12 monkeys was a good mind twist too. Just my opinion though :)

  20. Ogb to me a trruly great actor is someone that does a role and is so great that when they finish you think “Wow no one could of done it better”

    Brad has never been in a movie and had me think that. A great actor makes you think no one could do it better an amzing actor is so good you can’t even picture anyone else in that role. Brad has never done either. He’s been in some good films but has never blown me away with a performance and I always walk away thinking someone could of done it better. He’s not a bad actor he just isn’t great to me. In almost every film he has been in thati liked his co star out shines him. Assassination of Jese James which I loved the best performance was Casey Affleck and Brad would come in at about number four in that film for me three guys out shined him. Fight Club he paled in comparison to Ed Norton. It’s just the way it is for me when it comes to brad he never steals the show.

    • You’re absolutely right about what it takes to be a good actor.

      So tell me, who could’ve pulled off a pikey better than Pitt? Name one American actor who could’ve done that. Same thing for fight club.

      And tread carefully because being a “good actor” is very subjective. A role is a role but each actor brings something different to it and you can’t judge it as if it’s on some objective/measurable playing field. Take characters that have been portrayed by different actors throughout the years. Batman for example. Better yet, Joker. Same character, different directions, different actors and COMPLETELY different outcomes.

      But I still stand by the fact that no one could’ve made the Pikey character as memorable as Pitt. Same thing for Fight Club. Same thing for Burn After Reading. Etc.

      • Read above how I answered to Sully. I could give you a list of who would be better if the film was made today, but I can’t remember who was famous enough for the role back then. Also since I’m not the biggest fan of Brad Pitt I need movie titles right off the top of my head I can’t remember what film Piky was in not sure who it is.

        I can’t even answer on Burn after reading because I thought that film was just awful and honestly believed any actor other than Keeanu or Paul Walker could of done just as good as Pitt in it. Nothing about that film was redeemable to me. I love Dark Comedy’s , but that film was a tragedy to watch.

        • You don’t what movie Brad Pitt played a pikey in? C’mon you’re baggin on all of Pitt’s bad movies but you don’t know about his good movies (A River Runs Through it, Assassination of Jesse James, Snatch, etc)?

    • aww come on daniel, you know you love mr. and mrs. smith!!!

      • Lol Anthony I’m hoping that’s a joke. Mr and Mrs Smith was probably Brads top 5 worst movies ever. I hated that film so much it would of sucked if they had someone else other than Angelina, but with her it was worse than just sucked it was awful horrible.

  21. So then daniel f who would you have caster in place of pitt in let’s say, fight club, se7en, or any other one of his movies. I personally (note that that is just my opinion and don’t expect it to be shared by all) think he is great in every role i’ve watched him in.

    • It’s hard to say Sully because it’s 2010 now and that was nearly a decade ago and I have a hard time remembering who was famous back then at the time. It’s hard for me to remember and if I was to pick someone I’d probably accidentally name someone who’s carer didn’t take off until after it. I could give you a list of People I might cast in it if it were made today, but back then I don’t know who I would cast. I could give you a list of guys that were very talented, but I think in Fight Club they wanted someone who could equal the same fame level as Ed Norton or higher and I honestly can’t remember who was so famous then.

      I remember in Fight Club Ed Norton out shined him and nothing was unique or impressive about Pitt in it. I think anyone could of done just as good if not better than him. Just think of someone else with talent who happened to be famous in like what was it 98 or 99 and thats your answer.

      • Well, I respect your opinion but we’re on opposite ends on this one for sure.

        Brad Pitt was definitely the most memorable thing about Fight Club apart from the twist. His performance was spot on as the badass, confident and cool character that Norton wanted to become. Norton is AMAZING in everything but Pitt matched him in that movie and he wasn’t even the main character. He killed that role and people still talk about that movie and his performance today.

  22. I don’t see how people keep mentioning jonha hex. First of all I don’t recall a horse with gatling guns on it in eithere revolver or redemption.

  23. Mass Effect 2 is definitely going to be game of the year no doubt about it. But Red Dead Redemption is a very good game which would make a very good movie as long as they remove the Mexico part. Also nearing the end the game it kind of felt like a movie when one is riding along to a song(Compass by Jamie Lidell).

    • I *love* both games but both had MAJOR issues for me. It could still go to StarCraft II, CoD: Black Ops, Medal of Honor, Halo: Reach, etc.

      • Uncharted? That would make a dope a$$ film.

  24. I just updated the post with a random thought I had today – How about Sean Bean as John Marston? Perfect, right?

  25. sean bean is a good idea.

  26. If they stay true to the games’ story line, this would be one hell of a kick ass movie. As long as the acting is as good as the characters in the game that is lol. Man it was fun!

  27. Brad Pitt in “The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford” was brilliant………… So if he’s got first dibs on the “Red Dead Redemption” he should definitely think about casting himself as the lead.

  28. Id say Matt Dillon

  29. I think Hugh Jackman would be a better John Marston but that’s my opinion .. still .. Brad Pitt would play the part well. :D