‘Journey 2′ Director to Write & Direct DC Comics’ ‘Lobo’ Movie

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brad peyton lobo comic book movie Journey 2 Director to Write & Direct DC Comics Lobo Movie

A big screen vehicle for DC Comics’ (in)famous alien bounty hunter Lobo was close to becoming a reality for the majority of 2009. However, thanks to would-be director Guy Ritchie’s decision to instead move ahead with a Sherlock Holmes sequel - and the under-performance of such DC comic adaptations as The Losers and Jonah Hex – Warner Bros. elected to put the project (essentially) on indefinite hold.

The studio is (at last) extracting its delayed Lobo movie from the depths of development limbo. However, the project now has a very different filmmaker in place to oversee its production.

Deadline is reporting that Journey 2: The Mysterious Island helmer Brad Peyton has been tapped to both rewrite and direct the Lobo movie adaptation. Peyton will presumably be working from the script draft penned by Don Payne (who’s now co-writing Thor 2); similarly, previously-attached producers Akiva Goldsman and Joel Silver remain set to back the comic book flick.

Payne’s Lobo script draft reportedly followed the titular interstellar bounty hunter/thug as he tracked four dangerous alien fugitives to Earth, eventually gaining assistance in the form of a young woman. The project was then supposedly being fashioned as a PG-13 affair – a controversial idea, given the often darkly violent and “adult” nature of the Lobo property – and that probably is still going to be the case, now that Peyton is calling the shots.

To clarify our meaning: the family-friendly Journey 2 and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore are Peyton’s only feature-length directing efforts to date. That’s not to say Peyton cannot break out of his shell and try his hand at making a hard-edged comic book flick – like what potential Captain America 2 directors Anthony and Joseph Russo want to do – but… well, judging solely by Peyton’s resume, that’s not what Warner Bros. expects him to deliver.

lobo movie brad peyton Journey 2 Director to Write & Direct DC Comics Lobo Movie

Of course, Peyton has (most likely) just barely begun to shape his vision for the Lobo movie; so, even he probably doesn’t have anywhere near a set plan for how he’ll be bringing the character to life on the big screen. It’s best we all keep that in mind before just assuming that we’re going to get a “softer” – and thus, less compelling – treatment of the “Main Man” – which has happened with other dark comic book characters before (Ghost Rider, looking at you).

Peyton is also attached to direct Journey 3 sometime in the near future, so it may be a while before he starts making some serious progress on the Lobo movie. In the meantime, feel free to share your early thoughts about the project – including, who should headline the flick (self-proclaimed candidate Jeffrey Dean Morgan?) – in the comments section.


Source: Deadline

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  1. hear that? thats the sound of countless fans jumping off the bandwagon

  2. You know, I’m starting to get the idea that Warner Brothers and DC Comics have no idea what they’re doing.

    • After Green Lantern, I tend to agree…

    • Screenrant needs a “Like” button for these comments. :D

      • Agreed, I would’ve liked every comment above…

    • :: Like ::

    • Why would you say that, a PG-13 Lobo movie directed by a guy who does kids movies sounds totally logical……In the alternate dimension that is Hollywood.

      It seems like Warner doesn’t really feel too strongly about the majority of the DC properties and right now they are just riding out the comic book movie fad. DC comics has been under the ownership of Warner for a long time now and they have yet to find any consistent quality or theme to their movies, which is odd since they have total control over everything. If it’s not Batman or Superman they are not going to give it too much thought.

      • “It seems like Warner doesn’t really feel too strongly about the majority of the DC properties and right now they are just riding out the comic book movie fad.”

        Bingo. Yep.

    • @ Vincent

      I been thinkin that for a goo while now. That & i think that’s why they keep Chris Nolan around.

  3. Wonder if him and our present Supes (Cavill) would cross paths eventually?

    But judging from his resume he would’ve been better suited to doing Flash or Shazam. Im intrigued. Maybe we will finally get a confirmation of a Flash movie next at comic con, a guy can hope can’t he?

    • When you say Shazam, do you mean Captain Marvel (he says “Shazam to become captain marvel)? Or the guy who gave him the ability to become Captain Marvel (I believe his name is Shazam, not sure)? Or the shaq movie (LOL)?

      • Yea capt. marvel though his name is now Shazam in the new 52. They had plans for bringing him to the screen as well sometime in 2008 but they abandoned it for now.

      • Yes, the Wizard name was Shazam.

      • Shazam is the wizard that gave Captain Marvel his powers, but Captain Marvel is also called Shazam nowadays. This is because Marvel Comics created their own “Marvel” family (Captain Marvel, Captain Mar-Vell, Ms. Marvel) and trademarked the name since it’s also their company name. So now, to avoid legal issues, DC just calls Captain Marvel “Shazam.”

        • After DC sued Fawcett for similarities of Captain Marvel and Superman (the real reason being Marvel was outselling Superman at the time, though, I believe). Fawcett shelved Marvel and DC forgot about him. Marvel comics grabbed the name when it became free and DC eventually bought the character but then couldn’t print the hero’s comic with the original name. I used to love the power hour with Shazam and Isis on tv :P.

  4. Lobo is nothing more than a parody of Wolverine. Not worth wasting time
    and money on IMO.

    • its like saying deadpool is parody of deathstroke. the Dc and marverl alwaays copies each other

      • Only difference is that Lobo was created as a parody of Wolverine.

        • Deadpool is actually a parody of Deathstroke, or was originally. As someone else said, this is because of their names: DEATH and DEAD are very similar words, and you do a STROKE in a POOL. Also, Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson, while Deadpool’s real name is Wade Wilson. Even though their personalities and abilities are different, Deadpool is obviously a parody.

          • Both have become characters in their own right though. Lobo may have Wolverine-like qualities, but he definitely has his own personality and follows an entirely different set of rules.

            Deadpool may have been meant as a parody of Deathstrike, but the two couldn’t be more different.

          • thats funny because i like Deadpool better than Deathstroke

      • Well yeah! Look at the names Deadpool (Wade Wilson) and Deathstroke (Slade Wilson).

  5. Sounds cool to me!

  6. The dude that played the Comedian in the Watchmen would be pretty good for the role of Lobo.

    • Like

    • He probably would have made a good Wolverine too :P

    • True, he would.

    • *Click (I just liked you comment)

  7. As the article states too, this movie might not happen for another 2-3 years so we could have other DC heroes coming onscreen in that time.

    A Lobo movie could be entertaining if done right so Im reserving judgment till it’s out.

  8. Why does everything have to take place on earth…I live here, it’s a nice place and all, but I want to see some new planets and worlds. This movie sounds absolutely awful. DC get you stuff together!

    • Putting movies like this on Earth is usually a budgeted “cop-out,” rather like He-Man and Beastmaster 2, among others.

  9. Does anyone care about this character if he is not going up against a feature character like Superman?

    WB and DC should just make an animated feature starting LOBO.

  10. How about the Dwayne Johnson as the Main Man? He’s gigantic and he has the comedic chops.

    • He dosen’t have the right look. He’s more of a Capt. Marvel or a Black Adam.

      • I could totally see him playing Black Adam; a strong personality for a strong personality.

        • Agree

  11. I just want to say that it’s painfully clear that DC has not learned their lesson from past film mistakes. I liked Hal Jordan so I wasn’t that pissed when I saw GL. Lobo however…I Love the main man. Taking a character like Lobo and making him PG is a slap to the fans and Keith Giffens face…

    I only wish 2 things. 1] That this doesn’t get made. If it does. 2] That it does Sooooooooooooooooo Bad Critically and financially that they’ll be hurting for the next ten years…

  12. I consider Lobo to be a PATHETIC imitation of Wolverine, and this will probably be my last comment on Lobo news

    • Lobo is a great character but i have no hope for this movie at all cause of this news

    • Chris Nolan would be the wrong person to do aLobo movie.

      • I didn’t say do the movie but Godfather it like he started on Man of Steel. Work with the director to keep it gritty and real world, and not make a kiddy movie.

  13. Why can’t they just get on with a flash movie. I wanna see patrick wilson as barry allen!

    • Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Steel.

  14. Though there are many “wolverine-type” characters, and Lobo is one of them… I think Cinematically, a Lobo movie could work. A Galactic bounty hunter with a streak of violence, a potty mouth and overheated libido? Hey that’s movie gold.

    But it needs an edgy director, an r rating and the movie CANNOT be set entirely on Earth. This COULD be the green lantern space-type movie we’ve been waiting for.

    • Not sure if a PG-13 version will be that much of a potty mouth (darn it all). Plus, if they highlight him dying, the deaths can’t even be bloody. Anything less than an R will likely end up being a commedy more than anything.

  15. 2-3 years out, a lot can happen, and I don’t see it ever happening to the end. Maybe an animated movie but not live action.

  16. okay as cool as Lobo is, DC and WB really need to focus on the core DC properties before branching out into lesser known stuff like Lobo. Where are my Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and (good) Green Lantern movies?… then again if theyre going to keep making green lantern tier stuff they might as well quite all together.

    • Doesn’t mean we aren’t getting them, they just haven’t been announced yet. Which ever character is up next we prolly won’t hear any big screen news about them until comic-con to the end of the year. I remember at the end of last year there was a report WB/DC wanted to focus more on their core solo movies before JL so let’s see them live up to that.

      • WB/DC have been announcing for years and nothing yet. WB/DC WAKE UP!!!

        • yes I know, still hoping for something at comic con.

          • Me too, I’m with ya on that.

  17. This is starting to remind me of when John Chu was hired for GI JOE 2. People were running for the hills, then when the first trailer hit those were all silenced. I say wait and see what this director has for his vision of a Lobo movie.

    • no the same cause Akiva Goldsman is involved in Lobo movie

      • So is Joel Silver, he usually does solid work so Im still hopeful. In fact idk why he hasn’t been put to work on DC’s bigger superhero movies. GL could have benefited from him. Ah well.

        • Joel Silver aint any better when it comes to comic book. this movie have fail all over it remember the last comic book moviethey produce together was The Losers and look what happen.

    • I was never into Lobo back in the 90′s, but judging by what happened when they tried to do the Punisher(repeatedly), Ghost Rider, Daredevil and Elektra, the edgier comic book characters do not fare well under the pressure the studios put on them to be PG-13 cash cows and really aren’t suited for it. Hell I am not 100 percent satisfied with how they have done Wolverine in some aspects, so I don’t know what crazy idea they have for this character but odds are against it being anything die-hard fans will like and casual fans will even bother with.

      • @ Slayer

        I think i agree with your comment statment there. Long story short Batman/Superman being amongst the most popular comic book to film characters & some CBM are easier than others to make edgier than others as you made a valid point imo. Studios think if works for one or two great known characters, then maybe all other characters in CBM would bring in same success or close to it. But Studios havn’t gottin it yet, still pushing that envelope.

        I like Lobo, but not sure what to think what they’ll do with it after Jonah Hex & sadly Green Lantern which they rushed into.

        • so what about Blade that character started out the whole edgy gritty cbm craze plus its R-Rated and that was successful.

          • Blade almost never gets mentioned when people talk about Marvel film properties, and it was made a few years before the studios started seeing comic based movies as potential cash cows. Blade was such an obscure character that few people had any preconceived notions about it, and they were able to define the character on their own terms. They also clearly were just interested in making the movie they wanted to, and were not concerned with demographics and cross promotion.

            Warner with DC and Marvel and the various studios who still have their properties need to realize not every character is going to draw huge money, and not all comic books need to be cartoons aimed at kids and teens. Comic book movies need to figure out how to just be movies that can entertain the people who go see them and still make a profit of course.

            • I think they need to understand that the fanboys have grown up. Comic books have evolved, why haven’t the comic movie?

          • actually Spawn did….

    • In the DC vs. Marvel showdown issue #3 Wolverine beat Lobo in battle, despite Lobo having a deal with heaven to make him immortal.

      Under special skills, wolverine has mastered many forms of unarmed combat, lobo on the other hand is a mean biker and good with a chain. according to the stats on each in the comic.

  18. The problem with the DC movies is that Warner Bros. always asks how do they make this character and his personality. What they should focus on is the universe they all have to live in and take that comic character and make him right for that world. Batman has a dark tone, so does Superman so they say. Green Lantern is in a lighter world. So they have two universes that they are trying to make. One way or another one of the dc movies will be rebooted and we all know its going to be Batman since it is the end for Nolan. That can still make it perfect though, i have hope.

  19. I think the Rock should at least be considered,or the Guy that played Lobo in the Christmas Special.I know the Rock is loked at for Black Adam,but I kind of see the guy that played the Egytian in Spartacus vengeance.

  20. The Lobo Christmas Special is online.

  21. Brad Garrett did a funny version of Lobo for the Justice League Unlimited series. One of the more memorable guest roles, I think. Some people doubted that Brad Bird could direct an interesting Mission: Impossible movie, but, he pulled that off well. Perhaps Mr. Peyton can do the same. As for the casting, nobody comes to mind. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a good actor but I think he’s done his share of comic book films and would prefer another actor be given a shot.

  22. I’ve always had this idea for a cool Robin movie in my head… and ever since Kick Ass came out I feel it could actually be done.

  23. I wouldent mind seeing Gerard Butler as Lobo…hes hilarious( Rock n Rolla) and he can obviously get ripped (300)…Im sure there are some more A listers who could helm this movie but he was the first one that came to mind.

  24. I like the idea of Jeffery Dean Morgan as this Lobo guy…and I TOTALLY just bought a ticket for the 6:30 “Screenrant’s-getting-a-like-button-for-the-comments” train to Makes-senseville.

  25. I hate to break it to you guys but i’m not really the biggest DC comics fan I love the Nolan Batman Movies to death and am looking foward to seeing Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel and all and i love Christopher Reeve as Superman (probably hard to find someone who doesn’t right lol). So i’m not the brightest bulb in the world when it comes to the DC universe but maybe this will be interesting, i mean i just read some stuff on Lobo’s Origin and no offense to anyone because this is just my opinion, but it really is just crap to me, it looks like something that a 6 year old kid would write for a comic. Everything is so black and white in this character everything is just him going “I’m Bad to the Bone and i’m gonna kill everyone i see.” If this movie needs anything and i hope it does because i’m always interested in superhero movies regardless of the company, but it needs to give a deeper insight on why Lobo is the way he is the writers and Directors need to make sure that this guy isn’t just like Sly Stallone in the Expendables where he is entertianing but not just because he fights like a maniac. Lobo is obviously an anti hero and its sad to say but i haven’t seen that many good anti-hero stuff, however there was a tv show called the Shield one of my favorite shows i’m on season 3 and it is a fantastic incredible show (in my opinion if not equal than better than Dark Knight) and its all about a Dirty Cop in Los Angeles but the audience roots for him because he gets so many bad guys in jail and every character especially the lead role (played by michael chikilis) is extremely intersting and Chiklis is just born to play him. So if theyre gonna make a movie about an anti hero then try to shoot for something like Shileld not the Expendables, or Rambo, or Conan give him something a little more real that no comics have given him before.