‘Boy Meets World’ Sequel Cast: 9 People We Want Back

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'Boy Meets World' Sequel Cast: 10 People We Want Back

Boy Meets World Sequel - Cory & Topanga As information continues surface about Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs developing a sequel series, Girl Meets World, fans of the iconic '90s series continue to wonder who from the original cast all be returning. With Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel currently in talks to return as Cory and Topanga, respectively, we put together a list of 10 additional Boy Meets World characters we'd like to see be a part of the show. And because everyone seems to be doing it, we also included what the actors look like, then and now. Who would you like to see return?

Eric Matthews (Will Friedle)

Boy Meets World Sequel - Eric Matthews Last Known Location: New York It's hard to imagine Boy Meets World returning without at least some appearance of Eric (Will Friedle). Even if the story is supposed to revolve around Cory and Topanga's daughter, Riley, the fact that the audience knows a wonderfully hilarious "Uncle" Eric exists somewhere out there will make it difficult to not include him in some way.

Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong)

Boy Meets World Sequel - Shawn Hunter Last Known Location: New York Like Eric, Shawn (Rider Strong) followed Cory and Topanga to New York. While that doesn't exactly mean they're still as close as they once were (it happens), including Shawn in Girl Meets World would allow the series to explore Cory and Topanga's storylines even further, helping to provide for a more entertaining (or compelling) watch. Even though Shawn has been known to talk to his dead father's ghost, Cory (or Topanga) would still do what anyone our age would do when faced with problems - ask their best friend for advice.

George Feeny (William Daniels)

Boy Meets World Sequel - Feeny Last Known Location: Philadelphia Even though the title of the show was Boy Meets World, it was George Feeny (William Daniels) who made sure that "Meets" happened. After following Cory and Topanga throughout their educational career, Feeny returned to his house next to the Cory's parents. Now that we know Cory is a 7th grade science teacher, we're still waiting on where he'll be a science teacher. You know, some people return to their hometown to raise their children. And some teachers return to their former school to teach. Feeny could easily fit in there.

Amy & Alan Matthews (Betsy Randle & William Russ)

Boy Meets World Sequel - Cory's Parents Last Known Location: Philadelphia You can't forget the (now) grandparents, Amy (Betsy Randle) and Alan (William Russ)! Even though Cory and Eric moved on, their parents still played a big part in their lives. Now that everyone has grown up and settled in, guess what happens? Grandpa and Grandma come for a visit! If Amy and Alan were that important in their children's lives before, there's no doubt that they still will be. Just show it!

Angela Moore (Trina McGee)

Boy Meets World Sequel - Angela Moore Last Known Location: Europe (for a year) You know, that year was over quite a while ago. As if the storyline doesn't already write itself, Shawn and Angela's (Trina McGee) relationship never really received a proper conclusion. She went to Europe with her father, while Shawn moved to New York with Cory and Topanga (and Eric). What happened next? Fans would like to know!

Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence)

Boy Meets World Sequel - Jack Hunter Last Known Location: Philadelphia (joining Peace Corps) It's not easy joining a series mid-way through, but the financially secure older brother of Shawn Hunter, Jack (Matthew Lawrence), did so with ease. After proving just how awesome roommates could be (sometimes – when a girl isn't involved), Jack officially became a part of the cast, and someone fans would like to see return (even if it is only a couple of times).

Stuart Minkus (Lee Norris)

Boy Meets World Sequel - Minkus Last Known Location: On the "other side" of the school (before Graduating) Nobody knows what happened to Minkus (Lee Norris) after graduating high school. And even though he only appeared in 23 (out of 158) episodes, he is still as memorable as the rest of the cast. Who knows how he could fit in the new series - but it's not anyone would complain if the name Minkus was said on television again (and not just in reruns).

Jonathan Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn)

Boy Meets World Sequel - Jonathan Turner Last Known Location: Hospital Whatever happened to Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn)? By now it's probably become legend at John Adams High: "The teacher who disappeared." And while Cory and Topanga's graduation made a reference to Mr. Turner being on the "other side of the school" (with Minkus), fans never accepted that answer/non-answer. Now is the time to reveal all! Even if it is just a throwaway line, people would still be interested to know.


Boy Meets World Sequel - Cory & Topanga Let's all just tell Disney the truth: The entire '90s generation will make sure Girl Meets World receives high ratings and makes everyone a lot of money – just give the original series fans what they want. That's a financial fact Mickey Mouse should remember! (And that they have more money than children.)
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  1. Really glad this is getting off the ground. Looking foward to the continued series. Said the other day I would love to see ABC bring back T.G.I.F. and add Girl Meets World with Last Man Standing, Malibu Country, and one more comedy series. Friday nights would be great for comedy again.

    • Like bring back Whose Line is it anyways

  2. ‘Amy and Alan Moore’? I think that must have been switched with Matthews.

  3. Grand parents and Feeny make cameos, but they probably wont be in the majority of the series. Shawn and Eric will probably have a recurring guest spot whenever they want, not main cast, but still a major part of the show. While it would be nice to have had Shawn and Angela eventually get together and have the kids of the two couples be friends, that may bog down the new show too much in the past one. This show has to be its own creation, for better or for worse. I expect Angela to be completely written out and only be references, along with Jack. Minkus will probably have a really nice cameo or guest spot in one episode, just as a throw back but will not be a major part of the show. Dunno about Turner, maybe he’s the principal now.

    The one character you forgot, that will for sure show up in the new series, Morgan. Cory and Eric’s little sister. Featured early on and then disappears for 2 seasons (she was in her room). She and Joshua, the baby from the final season, will also show up somewhere in the series.

    Other guy i would love to see somewhere in the show: Ethan Suplee

    I think this show is gonna try to stand more on its own, than try to recreate the former cast. It will have a bunch of references and characters for the first season, but then go off and do its own thing.

    • I was just about to say were is Morgan on this list if you can’t forget about an Uncle why could they forget about the aunt?

      • the original morgan was great, the replacement was lame

        • I liked the original Morgan too. The replacement never really grew on me. Although I found her funny at times. But I think that’s just because of the good writing.

    • I also want to point out that the feeling of the show will depend alot on what channel its on. I may have missed it if that has been announced already, but i assume it will be on the Disney Channel.

      The last show was on ABC and was part of a brand of sitcoms that pandered to a family demographic and competed with primetime sitcoms. Its in the same field of shows as “Full House” or “The Cosby Show”. A type of sitcom that doesnt really exist any more (“Modern Family” and “The Middle” are single camera shows and dont count in my statement).

      However, since it will probably be on Disneychannel, it will be strictly a kids show and not a family show. It’ll be more like “Zach and Cody” or “Hannah Montana” style. Its only competition will be “iCarly”. The writing will be a lot simpler and the scenes a lot more exaggerated. This will cause a lot of fans of the older series to give up early on the new show.

      For this to succeed, Disney needs to make this a multi-camera show on Primetime ABC. give it the writing and style of the show a much more mature feeling. And since there are no shows like it left in Primetime, it’ll have a completely different demographic to corner.

      For a long time i thought i was in a minority of people who give the show its cult status but it’s nice to see so many people come out and support.

      • I agree I want it on ABC…but Good Luck Charlie is on Disney Channel and it caters to the family so they could pair this with that and I could be okay

        • Also having it on ABC Family wouldn’t be all that bad of a place for it either

          • ABC family would be the greatest place for this show. I actually happen to be watching the old boy meets world right now and searched Ben Savage and found this amazing piece of news

  4. *IT* not I. lol

    • oops meant to make this a reply to my previous post lol and the “I” I am talking about is the final I not the first two

  5. I hope and pray this show is clean like boy meets world was TV show are not like that use to be keep it clean.

  6. i really loved Angela. She brought depth and strength to the show she is by far my favorite character. i never watched until she was on. please bring her back!!!!

    • she brought depth and character to Shawn. As far as the over all story arch of the show, she wasnt that important. Yeah she wasnt just a cookie cutter type character and had real personality, but i think you can do without her in the future. Much like that red head whose name i can’t remember. Hot and entertaining, but not essential to the shows universe

    • Cuz ur black

      • Re: Really
        So you have to be black to like or appreciate a black character?

  7. What? No love for Rachel McGuire? And yes, we need Morgan too. Have you guys seen her lately? Very nice.

    • ya man, both the girls that played morgan turned out very nice

      • I actually never notice the difference in actress. All i noticed was that in the early seasons, she was a typical little girl, and her character was used to contrast Cory trying to grow up past childish boy things. Cory was at that age when he wanted more responsibility and to be take seriously, but he’d have to deal with his little sister, which he finds emasculation.

        Later in the show, when Morgan came back, she turned into the wise cracking character. She would point out the stupid flaws of the characters and be more observant and smarter than everyone. It made her much more relate-able to the audience and more fun to watch

  8. ok so everyone loves boy meets world, ive watched every single episode in order over the last month and a half, but i pray to god this doesnt turn into another disney channel show. back in the old days there were shows like even stevens and such (boy meets world as well) but now theres stuff like shake it up and ant farm, i cant stand it, all these shows just arent like 90′s early 2000′s tv.
    im kinda excited to see how it turns out. like everyone else has been saying, it should be a more mature audience oriented show than one that a bunch of little kids who dont undersand the classic value of it.
    last thing i need to make sure of is that they include the family and feeney, and SHAWN. SHAWN SHAWN SHAWN. he has to be included, it wouldnt be the same, same with eric, i cant tell you how many times i had to pause the show because i was laughing so hard at something eric had done, weather it was pull his shirt out of his fly or sneeze out the winning lottery numbers, even plotting revenge on topanga, he was probalbly my favorite character.
    so good luck Michael Jacobs, you probably wont read this but if you do, i hope you know that you gotta big job and a ton of boy meets world fans from the 90′s thatll be heartbroken if this show is another disney channel failure.

    • Shawn and Eric (as well as others) should have recurring roles on the show. But it needs to focus on the new characters. This is a sequel of the show, not fantasy reunion for the fans. Expect the main focus to be on the daughter and her friends. It’ll be all about how they handle middle school and how it has changed since Cory was in school.

      but what you said about comparing it to other Disney shows. This goes back to what i said earlier. If its on Disney Channel, dont get your hopes up. But if its on ABC (or ABC family) like the original show, the writing quality would be much better.

  9. no, this needs to be boy meets world again, but it needs to be joshua. it needs to be his world, his problems, his best friend like shawn, and a crazy chick he falls in love with and later becomes a hotty hot hot. it needs to be josh in feeneys class for every grade ever, this needs to happen. cory said all this stuff to josh in the 2nd to last scene in 7×23, its gotta happen, forget the daughter, put her in there but it would be so much better if it was joshua.

  10. You have to try and get everyone because they were all iconic to the show and were there when Corey and topanga were initially together they all need to come back please *begging on hands and knees here*

  11. I have so much to say. First, I just have to say, I love,Love,love Boy Meets World and I am looking forward to the sequel series. I would love to see if not all, then the majority of the original cast back. Since it has been made clear that Cory is a teacher, I have my predictions on what professions everyone else got into. Like, Topanga-Lawyer,Shawn-Photographer or Writer,Angela-Writer,Jack-psychiatrist or psychologist,Rachel-Party Planner(though sorry to say I don’t think people are really expecting to see much of Rachel), and Eric-screen writer, or cartoon voice overs.There are also other characters, like Morgan, and the Youngest Matthews,Joshua. So what I picture is to see a lot of appearances of Shawn,Eric,Jack,Angela and Feeny. Depending if Cory and Topanga move back to Philly, and Cory teaches at John Adams. I would picture Feeny retired with his wife, moved, but visits, and since Eric was obsessed with Feeny,he buys Feeny’s old house, and right next door to his parents and hopeful with a girlfriend/fiance. Morgan Probably off on her own, if John Adams is still a middle/HS combined then Riley would not only be in the same school as her father would be working at but also in the same school as her uncle.I would love to see more of Turner, I could see him as the Principal of John Adams.As I mentioned before, since this show is ‘Girl Meets World’, it would contain mostly of Cory,Topanga, and most of all their daughter, who would probably have a best friend, in which their friendship would mirror Cory and Shawns. I would love to see Shawn and Angela together and making many appearances,especially Shawn, from time to time Jack,and Feeny. Eric has to be apart of the cast,he is definitely a fan favorite, can’t imagine the show without the fun,wacky,uncle Eric. Of course Cory’s parents, and Joshua, and Morgan.As we all know there were two actresses who played Morgan Matthews. I thought the first Morgan was pretty funny and was upset when they changed her. The 2nd Morgan wasn’t bad.It would be cool to see Minkus make some cameos. But that is if Cory and Topanga move back home.

  12. I have so much to say about this great come back. First I just want to say how much I love Boy Meets World,and I hope that ‘Girl Meets World’ is just as good.I’m sure throughout the show we’ll get to see cameos from the original cast. We do have to remember that this is ‘Girl Meets World’, which it will revolve on Cory and Topangas daughter, and her growing up, as we saw Cory,but we know we’ll get to see our favorite characters along the way. Though those I hope to see a lot of are of course Shawn and Eric. If it is Cory,Topanga,and their daughter Riley living in New York or someplace else we probably won’t see recurring appearances from the original cast or maybe some more than others. I don’t think anyone really cares to see much of Rachel,You never know.If Cory and Topanga end up moving back To Philly, then I would guess that Cory would teach at John Adams, which Riley would attend(she won’t like going to school in which her father works at but,it’s life)if John Adams is still MS/HS combined, then Riley would be attending school with her uncle,Joshua(which means Riley would get to see her grandparents more often).Morgan would probably be off on her own just graduated from college?I’m wondering who they will hget for Morgan.Will they pick from the two actresses who played her or get someone new? I personally liked the first Morgan(Lily Nicksay), she was pretty funny, the chemistry between her and her brothers was great. I would really like to see Mr.Turner(I figure he could be Riley’s ‘Feeny’ in a way.How cool would it be when Cory goes into his first day on the job to find the new principal to be Mr.Turner. Riley will have a best friend, their friendship will probably mirror Cory and Shawns. My guess is that Feeny retires and moves with his wife of course,since Eric idolizes Feeny, he ends up buying Feeny’s house, which will have him living next door to his parents, hopefully he had a girlfriend/fiance.I see Eric working in television in some way.I hope to see appearances from Jack,who I can see as a psychiatrist or psychologist. I would love to see that Shawn and Angela are together,they were the writers of the group though Shawn was good at photography. I think it would be cool to see Minkus make some appearances.
    I look forward to seeing how Cory and Topanga raise their daughter, and how their lives are.I wonder who will she look like more?,Who will she be like more? It would be cool if the show were to air on ABC, I too, like many others miss the Friday Night line up known as TGIF, this show would make a great addition, and bring back TGIF(of course).

  13. Morgan is the only somewhat major character not on the list, everyone else made up the entire show

  14. Morgan is the only somewhat major character not on the list, everyone else made up the entire show.

  15. I would love to see a conclusion with Shawn and Angelea. I really liked their relationship but it never got a proper ending.

  16. Defiently Tapanga, Cory, you need the crazy uncle Eric, the best friend Shawn, and obviously FEENY!!

  17. Rider Strong as Shawn
    Will Fridel as Eric.

  18. I would love to see all of them Morgan and the new baby boy too

  19. PLEASE bring back, Eric, & let Shawn & Angela reunited married with a family if their own.

  20. Please bring back Eric, funny & crazy. & please bring back Shawn & Angela, married with a family of their own.

  21. Please bring back Eric, still funny & crazy. & please bring back Shawn & Angela, married & with a family of their own.

  22. I would like to see Angela Shawn Eric come back I’m curious to know what happen with Shawn and Angela when they see eachotheragain and Eric was funny I wonder how he turns out

  23. Lily Nicksay as Morgan
    Blake Foster as Danny (someone for shawn to argue with if in philly)
    Rider Strong as Shawn
    Will Friedle as Eric
    Lee Noris as Mencus (a scientest who creeps out Riley and Maya)
    Johnny Young Bosch as Ron (new charecter and shawns cousin)
    Jason David Frank as mr.Turner (replacement actor and principle)

    • This is Boy Meets World, not Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

      • what, jason david frank grew up to look alot like mr. turner.

  24. guests ive thought of
    Alex Hartmen as Johnny King (actor who Riley falls in love with but is sad when Topanga explains he is to old for her)
    Britney Ann Pirtle as Maya’s older sister (she shows up back from her three year trip around the world and tries to bond with Maya but runs away when Maya rejects her and isn’t found until the final episode)
    Jerry Trainer as lawyer (later in the seiries Maya ends up in court for speeding and Riley testifies but finds out that Maya’s lawyer is planing to betray Maya and get her arested)

  25. Eric Mathews is so funny he has to come back Also Sean and mr feeney are a must have.

  26. Bring back Shawn and Eric and Angela and the original Morgan

  27. I’m super excited for this but, let’s not forget about the fact that Disney is creating it. Which means that (I don’t know the networks name) unlike the network BMW was on, GMW will be filled with a bunch of Disney crap and happy endings with those cheesy life lessons. Unlike the network BMW was shown on that wasn’t a children network. BMW had the freedom to address real life issues and talk about more adultish topics. Since its on a child’s network, it’ll be filled with childish topics and it just won’t be the same. I personally, am excited to see how it turns out, I’m just not so sure about the turnout considering it’ll be a Disney channel show. I mean, come on, have you seen the shows Disney channel has now? Jessie, ant farm, Austin and ally, those are all very cheesy shows that don’t have very strong plots, which therefore make them very childish. Basically, what I’m saying is that there are going to be a lot of limits and boundaries as to what the show will be about and what it’s going to showcase.

  28. Feeney and Shawn (Rider Strong) should come back and he should have a daughter to either be cory’s daughter’ (Riley) best friend or a son to be Riley’s best friend/boyfriend/husband or Cory’s son, Elliot’s best friend

  29. Yes they deffinitly need to use the origanal cast i love this show n still watch it every morning from 7-9 on abc family