As information continues surface about Boy Meets World creator Michael Jacobs developing a sequel series, Girl Meets World, fans of the iconic ’90s series continue to wonder who from the original cast all be returning.

With Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel currently in talks to return as Cory and Topanga, respectively, we put together a list of 10 additional Boy Meets World characters we’d like to see be a part of the show.

And because everyone seems to be doing it, we also included what the actors look like, then and now.

Who would you like to see return?

Last Known Location: New York

It’s hard to imagine Boy Meets World returning without at least some appearance of Eric (Will Friedle).

Even if the story is supposed to revolve around Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley, the fact that the audience knows a wonderfully hilarious “Uncle” Eric exists somewhere out there will make it difficult to not include him in some way.

Last Known Location: New York

Like Eric, Shawn (Rider Strong) followed Cory and Topanga to New York. While that doesn’t exactly mean they’re still as close as they once were (it happens), including Shawn in Girl Meets World would allow the series to explore Cory and Topanga’s storylines even further, helping to provide for a more entertaining (or compelling) watch.

Even though Shawn has been known to talk to his dead father’s ghost, Cory (or Topanga) would still do what anyone our age would do when faced with problems – ask their best friend for advice.

Last Known Location: Philadelphia

Even though the title of the show was Boy Meets World, it was George Feeny (William Daniels) who made sure that “Meets” happened. After following Cory and Topanga throughout their educational career, Feeny returned to his house next to the Cory’s parents.

Now that we know Cory is a 7th grade science teacher, we’re still waiting on where he’ll be a science teacher. You know, some people return to their hometown to raise their children. And some teachers return to their former school to teach. Feeny could easily fit in there.

Last Known Location: Philadelphia

You can’t forget the (now) grandparents, Amy (Betsy Randle) and Alan (William Russ)! Even though Cory and Eric moved on, their parents still played a big part in their lives. Now that everyone has grown up and settled in, guess what happens? Grandpa and Grandma come for a visit!

If Amy and Alan were that important in their children’s lives before, there’s no doubt that they still will be. Just show it!

Last Known Location: Europe (for a year)

You know, that year was over quite a while ago. As if the storyline doesn’t already write itself, Shawn and Angela’s (Trina McGee) relationship never really received a proper conclusion. She went to Europe with her father, while Shawn moved to New York with Cory and Topanga (and Eric). What happened next? Fans would like to know!

Last Known Location: Philadelphia (joining Peace Corps)

It’s not easy joining a series mid-way through, but the financially secure older brother of Shawn Hunter, Jack (Matthew Lawrence), did so with ease. After proving just how awesome roommates could be (sometimes – when a girl isn’t involved), Jack officially became a part of the cast, and someone fans would like to see return (even if it is only a couple of times).

Last Known Location: On the “other side” of the school (before Graduating)

Nobody knows what happened to Minkus (Lee Norris) after graduating high school. And even though he only appeared in 23 (out of 158) episodes, he is still as memorable as the rest of the cast. Who knows how he could fit in the new series – but it’s not anyone would complain if the name Minkus was said on television again (and not just in reruns).

Last Known Location: Hospital

Whatever happened to Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn)? By now it’s probably become legend at John Adams High: “The teacher who disappeared.” And while Cory and Topanga’s graduation made a reference to Mr. Turner being on the “other side of the school” (with Minkus), fans never accepted that answer/non-answer. Now is the time to reveal all! Even if it is just a throwaway line, people would still be interested to know.

Let’s all just tell Disney the truth: The entire ’90s generation will make sure Girl Meets World receives high ratings and makes everyone a lot of money – just give the original series fans what they want. That’s a financial fact Mickey Mouse should remember! (And that they have more money than children.)