‘Girl Meets World’ to Premiere in 2014; New Plot Details Revealed

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girl meets world premiere Girl Meets World to Premiere in 2014; New Plot Details Revealed

After shooting a pilot earlier this year for the highly-anticipated Boy Meets World follow-up, Girl Meets World, Disney Channel has officially announced that they will move forward with the show, which is now set to premiere sometime in 2014.

In addition to the announcement that they’re taking the pilot to series, Disney also released a new plot description as well as a new photo from the pilot (above), revealing a bit more about the series, which includes an “interesting” profession for one of John Adams High’s best and brightest, Topanga.

You can read the series description below:

Set in New York City, the new comedy series will tell the wonderfully funny, heartfelt stories that Boy Meets World is renowned for — only this time from a tween girl’s perspective — as the curious and bright 7th grader Riley and her quick-witted friend Maya (played by Sabrina Carpenter) embark on an unforgettable middle school experience.  But their plans for a carefree year will be adjusted slightly under the watchful eyes of Riley’s dad who’s also a faculty member — and their new History teacher — and Riley’s mom who owns a trendy after-school hangout that specializes in pudding.

Though it has been known for quite some time that the Boy Meets World follow-up will center on Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley and her adventures with her Shawn-like friend Maya, the “tween girl’s perspective” line from the series description might be a bit off-putting for those still hoping for somewhat of a direct sequel to the original ABC series. However, the most interesting – and perhaps confusing – thing to come from Girl Meets World’s logline is Topanga’s profession, which puts her as the owner of a “trendy after-school hangout that specializes in pudding”, while Cory is stepping as the new Feeny for his daughter’s middle school.

boy meets world sequel casting Girl Meets World to Premiere in 2014; New Plot Details Revealed

Throughout the original series, Topanga was always positioned as the intellectual superior in Cory’s group of friends, so it’s a bit disconcerting to hear that she will essentially be playing the part of Ernie from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who owned the “Gym and Juice Bar” that provided an additional setting for all the characters to (somewhat) logically congregate. Given that Girl Meets World is a children series, the need for an additional setting outside of home and school is somewhat of a necessity. But still, even Power Rangers dumped the “Gym and Juice Bar” hook from the series long ago – and that made much more sense than a tween pudding hangout in NYC.

Of course, things can change with time, and it’s almost likely that Topanga’s profession will get “punched-up” along the way. After all, Feeny went from school teacher to principal to college professor during the course of Boy Meets World. And since Feeny will, in fact, appear in the premiere, there’s still more than enough reasons to be excited about the upcoming series. Even if you’re not a tween girl, or fan of special pudding shops, the story of Corey and Topanga is continuing and that, itself, is something that Boy Meets World fans shouldn’t miss.


Girl Meets World premieres in 2014 on the Disney Channel

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  1. Hi can’t wait for girl meets world. But I agree doesn’t make sense that she owns a pudding shop. Have her working in an office or something. Cory as a teacher, feeny as a principal. Eric could own the pudding shop. Bring the old cast back please every fan would love the show and wouldn’t question missing a show if the old cast was on the show.

    • But this is a different show. This isn’t about Cory and topanga, this is about their daughter. It’s not even a sequel.

  2. Let’s think about this Topanga owning and running the pudding shop. Owning and running a business is HARD. It takes smart business savvy people to make a business successful. Then you throw in life in general, a husband, and 3 kids (especially a teenager). I can’t wait to share this show with my kids.

    • Absolutely right on.

  3. maybe Topanga’s shop is like the Cubbies of GWM???

  4. boy meets would was the best. i hope girl meets would is as good as boy meets would.

  5. I though Cory and Tapanga only had two kids. Riley, and her older brother who’s 14.. Who’s the 3rd child?

  6. Topanga owns a pudding shop. Odd I’ll admit but hey it might be as cool as chubbys. Also unrelated note Corey loves pudding

  7. Topanga will wrestle topless in pudding! Yes! Can’t wait!

  8. Loved boy meets world hope girl meets world is just as good

  9. They gonna f*** this up, don’t they?.. :( We’ll just see where it goes. Perspective of teenager girl will be interesting to watch, if they make it as right as they did in BMW.

  10. I don’t know if this show is going to be good … I am a huge fan of boy meets world and after I read the article it makes it seem as though Cory and Topanga are new characters and nothing like the once in boy meets world I am just hoping that the writes will consider something not just for the new generation but the old generation that fell in love with the who the characters originally where like.

  11. I’m so excited but kinda scared about it being on Disney. I don’t want it to be cheesy! Wish it was on ABC Family instead

    • The original BMW show was on Disney channel. It has always been on Disney channel, and was only later syndicated to other channels. The writers worked for Disney, and they obviously wrote a quality show if they’re getting a sequel 10+ years later. And it is being written by the original writer/creator. I don’t think cheesy is going to be an issue.
      Btw, ABC family is owned by Disney you putz.

      • It was on tgif

  12. I grew up watching Boy Meets World and look forward to seeing what they do on Girl Meets World. I truly think the show is going to center around Riley with Topanga and Cory being sort of in the background. Topanga owning a pudding shop seems weird on the surface but we don’t know how she got into that line of work. Maybe she worked in the legal field until she had Riley (since they dumped the older brother) and after Riley decided she wanted to spend more time with her family. It is possible to see her wanting to be there for her family instead of wanting to work in Legal. Mr. Feeney will always be the teacher of the show even if he is not an actual teacher. He will give advice to Corey and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gives advice to Riley as well. In the end I think those who watched and loved BMW needs to give GMW a chance but also remember that the show is going to be mostly about Riley and her friends and less about the parents and the original cast. I would love to see episodes though where the other cast comes back and interacts with the old.

  13. Lets just put it perspective its on Disney that means it will only be on 5 years at the most, as Disney does not keep anything on more than 5 years. Way to go for a spinoff for a great series to hold it for a maximum for 5 years. ABC family needs to pick this up or its doomed to fail.

    • Not necessarily, seeing as the original show ran for seven years in a time period where every show on Disney was contractually obligated to only run for 65 episodes. Boy Meets World had something like 150, and the 65 episode limit has since been done away with. It might actually have a chance as long as the ratings are good. The real issue is whether or not they’re going to be able to write a quality show that appeals to this generation with out making it into the next Real Life of American Teenager, or without the lack of drama found in reality tv nowdays.

  14. Putting a show like this on Disney Channel seriously undermines the shows credibility as a sequel to the original BMW and really just makes me think of how far removed Disney Channel is nowadays from the Disney Channel I knew growing up. Long Gone are the days of BMW, The Wonder Years, or The Adventures of Pete and Pete. At this point I’d settle for Even Stevens or Phil of the Future. Who knows, I’m probably just biased and cynical. Either way I’m still trying to keep hope alive for GMW. Maybe it’ll surprise me and be better than I think it will be.

  15. I am excited i loed boy meets world and can still watch the reruns and enjoy it, but i am nervous that because this will be on disney channel it will be made into a corny starotipcal disney show, andboy meets world was much more than that, there was a true connection with the characters and im nervous that will change to suit that new generation and i am hopeful they will stay true to the show , but im not sure it can be the same. Im rooting for you dont be the let down.

  16. I have mixed feelings about this but I guess I could give it a chance. BMW was a big part of my childhood. Oh and by the way I read somewhere that Corey and Topanga will only have two kids Riley and a younger brother, the older brother got axed. I think it might be because of the timeline, and how a 12/13 year old daughter havign an older brother wouldn’t have made sense with it.

    I actually remember that there was a future episode in the original BMW series where Corey and Topanga only mentioned having a baby daughter. I forgot which episode it was all i remember was Eric was calling himself “plays with squirrels” or something.

  17. Particularly in the finale, Topanga was shown to have certain insecurities about going out in the world. Remember, she gave up Yale to start a life with Cory. She almost turned down her internship to stay in Philly where she felt comfortable. This character is more complex than just being the smart and successful one.

    I would be disappointed by a simple, “happily ever after” scenario. I want to see these characters have some conflict in their lives: insecurity, hardship… room for plots and more character arches to develop. Remember how Topanga instantly got a better job than Cory in season 7, leaving him jealous and feeling like she always one-ups him? Well, how will Topanga feel with the tables somewhat turned? It’s an interesting choice in my opinion.

    In her heart, I believe Topanga will always choose family over her career and I believe Cory will always encourage Topanga and wind up amazed by her accomplishments. Seriously, what would make Cory prouder than having a Pudding Queen as his wife?

  18. But disney today is pathetic. It doesnt allow any real humor or romance and boy meets world DID. So if disney owns up to allowing it, yes… it has a chance of being good but if it doesnt.. Girl meets world should be moved to abc family later on.

    • What you are forgetting is ABC Family is owned by Disney. So either channel, it has the chance to be successful. it really depends on the direction they take with the show. the majority of BMW fans, myself included are in their mid to late 20s so the appeal for a show focusing on a 13 yr old girl would be the same as it was for us back in 1993 with the start of BMW, other 13-16 yr olds. of course we will reminisce seeing cory & topanga and other cast older but likely this will hit big with the younger age group. so Disney is the best place for it to start!

  19. the pudding shop thing enfuriates me. Topanga should be working as a lawyer. In the episode, “The Provider,” there was an issue with Topanga being more successful than Cory. I feel like her now owning a pudding shop is very out of character. topanga can be silly at times, but is overall very sober. Cory is the type of character to own a specialty store that sells something like pudding (let me remind you of “Cork World” from the “What a Drag!” episode).

  20. i guess the show could present the fact that spouses tend to become more like each other after a while. topanga grew to appreciate pudding as much as Cory and Cory became a bit more serious and business-minded

  21. Shawn, Corey, Tapanga, Eric, and Mr Feeney will all be in the show at some point look on the app IMBD. It is the same characters grown up and in the eyes of their kids. Its gonna rock

  22. Sorry folks but unfortunately this show will not even be half as good as bmw was. This will have the same Disney show feel as all the others currently on, cheesy dialog and storylines as well as overacting comedy that comes off as corny more than funny.

    I wish this was a true sequel and follow tge style of the old. Bmw was one of my favs and it would be great to see the old gang of people together as they were many years ago

    • So you can see the future can you?

  23. Well I hope it’s like boy meets world I really miss the old Disney shows so it would be cool if the show would be profound in the same generation style generation is plenty BMW

  24. C’mon guys,Topangas Tapioca sounds hilarious.

  25. This show is gonna be so corny if it’s on Disney channel. It’s going to be bad comedy and the life lessons are going to be severely dumbed down if they even have any. I suspect it’ll be like the beggining of BMW where they have a target audience (kids) and as the show goes on and the kids grow then so will the maturity of the content on the show. But this is on Disney channel. there is no room to grow on Disney channel and I can guarantee that GMW will stay a kid’s show. I realize Disney and ABC are run by the same people, but GMW would have a much better chance of not being rubbish if ABC was airing the show instead.

  26. I think this show will be great. Disney Channel has had some cheesy programming over the years, true, but they have also had some great stuff too… Like Good Luck Charlie, which really had the same sentiments and values and complexities and heart of the BMW’s of the 90′s. I wouldn’t count it out just yet. I can’t wait to see what they have come up with.

  27. I think there be more people in their 20′s and 30′s watching the show with their kids. They’ve been playing re-runs of Boy meets world on Spark so that has got me hyped up. I just wish my son was old enough to enjoy it with my husband and I.

  28. You can’t really complain about the time line. One tree hill had a major jump from one season to the other with like a 5 year difference and made them go from highschool to full grown adults. It still worked for them.