‘Girl Meets World’ to Premiere in 2014; New Plot Details Revealed

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girl meets world premiere Girl Meets World to Premiere in 2014; New Plot Details Revealed

After shooting a pilot earlier this year for the highly-anticipated Boy Meets World follow-up, Girl Meets World, Disney Channel has officially announced that they will move forward with the show, which is now set to premiere sometime in 2014.

In addition to the announcement that they’re taking the pilot to series, Disney also released a new plot description as well as a new photo from the pilot (above), revealing a bit more about the series, which includes an “interesting” profession for one of John Adams High’s best and brightest, Topanga.

You can read the series description below:

Set in New York City, the new comedy series will tell the wonderfully funny, heartfelt stories that Boy Meets World is renowned for — only this time from a tween girl’s perspective — as the curious and bright 7th grader Riley and her quick-witted friend Maya (played by Sabrina Carpenter) embark on an unforgettable middle school experience.  But their plans for a carefree year will be adjusted slightly under the watchful eyes of Riley’s dad who’s also a faculty member — and their new History teacher — and Riley’s mom who owns a trendy after-school hangout that specializes in pudding.

Though it has been known for quite some time that the Boy Meets World follow-up will center on Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley and her adventures with her Shawn-like friend Maya, the “tween girl’s perspective” line from the series description might be a bit off-putting for those still hoping for somewhat of a direct sequel to the original ABC series. However, the most interesting – and perhaps confusing – thing to come from Girl Meets World’s logline is Topanga’s profession, which puts her as the owner of a “trendy after-school hangout that specializes in pudding”, while Cory is stepping as the new Feeny for his daughter’s middle school.

boy meets world sequel casting Girl Meets World to Premiere in 2014; New Plot Details Revealed

Throughout the original series, Topanga was always positioned as the intellectual superior in Cory’s group of friends, so it’s a bit disconcerting to hear that she will essentially be playing the part of Ernie from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who owned the “Gym and Juice Bar” that provided an additional setting for all the characters to (somewhat) logically congregate. Given that Girl Meets World is a children series, the need for an additional setting outside of home and school is somewhat of a necessity. But still, even Power Rangers dumped the “Gym and Juice Bar” hook from the series long ago – and that made much more sense than a tween pudding hangout in NYC.

Of course, things can change with time, and it’s almost likely that Topanga’s profession will get “punched-up” along the way. After all, Feeny went from school teacher to principal to college professor during the course of Boy Meets World. And since Feeny will, in fact, appear in the premiere, there’s still more than enough reasons to be excited about the upcoming series. Even if you’re not a tween girl, or fan of special pudding shops, the story of Corey and Topanga is continuing and that, itself, is something that Boy Meets World fans shouldn’t miss.


Girl Meets World premieres in 2014 on the Disney Channel

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  1. Topanga looks as good as ever.

    • +1

    • The whole reason to watch the show is Topanga

  2. In all honesty, the biggest concern is that its being produced and distributed for the Disney Channel, when the original was a family sitcom on ABC’s TGIF 90s lineup. The content and presentation are already a concern in my opinion, because the Disney channel likes to ham it up with the acting plots of their shows.

    WHy ABC wouldn’t just continue the show on ABC or ABC family, I will never know. The original is a fond memory of my adolescence, so I can only watch this and hope it keeps the same spirit

    • Disney owns ABC, so either way, the show would end up ridiculous.

      • Oh I know that. But theres a difference in quality depending on what banner its being produced for. ABC’s desperate housewives would be an entirely different show if it were made for Disney. lol.

        The banner makes a huge difference, and it being distributed through ABC would make it less likely to be presented like a show say, Good Luck Charlie.

    • just keep in mind abc has always been owned by disney

    • Except it isn’t targeted to you. It is targeted to the adolescent of today. Seriously, based on your protestation….I’m betting you’d find the show not to be as great as you remember.

      • We seem to forgeting OLD BMW. When Cory was in Middle School. It was kid friendly, and family friend. They grew as we grew, and so did their problems, middle school, family, graduating, driving, sex, alcohol, new friends, cheating, ect ect.

    • I totally agree with you. These Disney sitcoms tend have mediocre scripts that are over-acted. I hope they keep it in the same light as Boy Meets World.

  3. I thought this was an April Fool’s prank, wow.

  4. Topanga was the brightest, but she was also into things like eating healthy and yoga, and was kind of a hippy when her character debuted. Maybe she got her degree in business and is using it to promote healthy eating by owning the pudding shop. You can’t exactly have her be a doctor or lawyer, because then they would have to shoehorn ways for her to be in the series and I doubt tween girls would hang out in ERs and courtrooms on a weekly basis. This way they can have Cory at school and Topanga after school, then both at home.

  5. Disney channel eh… I am beginning to fear the singing spin-offs and marketing that came with every new disney channel show.

  6. I didn’t know anybody watched that trash the first time around.

    • Wellllllllllll averaging 9 million viewers a year for 7 years im gonna say safely that a few watched it

    • What??! do you not have a soul? I mean, opinions are opinions… but I didn’t know anybody felt this way about Boy Meets World :/

  7. Dude! I hate to say this but I loved this show when I was younger. I’m pretty excited for this one too!

    • Why would you hate to say it? The show was amazing. Matter of fact… I’m going to go ahead and start watching them all again tomorrow.

  8. Too excited!!!!

  9. Pudding Shop…wow. Mr. Feeny would be proud. I just hope Corey didn’t become a Yankees fan.

    • People, people, people, please calm down about the pudding shop. GMW has already taught us a great lesson before it even airs.

      For everyone who is disappointed in the career that Topanga has in the upcoming Girl Meets World, this is the lesson they are teaching us- and the show hasn’t even begun yet! Actually this lesson was first taught in Season 1 when Cory almost ditches his dream of one day becoming a professional baseball player (which, as we saw throughout the series, is a dream he grew out of.) Topanga was about 19 when she got that internship at the end of the series, when she wanted to work at a law firm. But she is now a wife and a mother and the years between BMW and GMW were years where she grew and changed her plans. Boy Meets World was always a show that reflected real life situations with lessons such as this one and already, Girl Meets World is becoming that kind of show as well- let’s hope it will be! They’ve already got a great start with this message!

  10. If you all remember topanga loved to bake -.-.. Maybe this is part of that. Chill and give it a shot.. I agree it’s stupid for her to do such a senseless job after talking Cory into moving to NYC at the end of the original season for a fancy job but hey it might be fun :). Besides who wouldn’t wanna see her covered in pudding and with Eric around anything like that can happen :p

  11. I hope that this show wont be like the new lame 90210 & by that I mean putting in the old ppl from BMW & then taking them out of the show later on. I hope to see many of the BMW ppl in the show as well as Cory’s Daughter & her friend. Plz make the show for both the us older fans & also the newer fans alike & by that I mean all the BMW ppl & the newer ppl in this together if u do that then this show will be a hit for all the older fans like me & also the newer fans

  12. What the hell?! I thought the whole reason Topanga and Corey left for NYC was so she could work at that law firm!? They better not dumb her down. I was kinda looking forward to seeing her being the breadwinner of the family. This is the 21st century after all.

    • You forget that lawyers LOVE pudding. ;-)

      Hopefully they’ll write something in for it all to make sense. I mean, from the photo of the pilot you can see that Cory and Topanga are living pretty well in NYC.

    • Will you people stop crying, Just cause the old series stop does not mean she ever got the job. Or maybe something happen? Or maybe she felt that she needed to be closer to her kids

      • I’ll still give the series a chance, but I’m just bummed they aren’t going the clearly more interesting route of her being in a serious corporate job. It would at least be different for Disney which relegates so many of the parental units to owning “cool hang-out places” for the kiddies to run around in.

      • True they even mentioned during the last episode about the possibility of failure so she could’ve failed everybody needs to calm down atleast we get a lil if our childhood back!

  13. I think it would make more since to make eric the goofy fun loving guy he is as the owner of the pudding hang out or shawn and cory with them spying and doing goofy stuff to riley and her friends. That way Topanga should be the stern teacher she reperents the old feeny much better. But hello hollywood lets not make since.

  14. I think it would make more since to make eric the goofy fun loving guy he is as the owner of the pudding hang out or shawn and cory with them spying and doing goofy stuff to riley and her friends.

  15. Topanga should be the stern new mister feeny. I believe from my last comment this makes since giving the roles from boy meets world. But i guess hollywood thinks we will forget. If the characters from the old show flip and change to much most people will not be interested in watching it.

  16. Topanga should be the stern new mister feeny. I believe from my last comment this makes since giving the roles from boy meets world. But i guess hollywood thinks we will forget.

  17. Topanga should be the stern new mister feeny. I believe from my last comment this makes since giving the roles from boy meets world. But i guess holly wood thinks we will forget.

  18. Topanga should be the stern new mister feeny. I believe from my last comment this makes since giving the roles from boy meets world.

  19. LMAO PUDDING! Obviously this is Cory’s doing…I mean if you ever seen Boy Meets World you would know that Cory loves his pudding lol and the best way lovely Topanga could make her husband happy was to give him unlimited amounts of pudding! Lol still doesn’t make sense it should be vice-versa with Topanga as the teacher and Cory being the pudding guy (Considering he is the Pudding king lol) anyways Cory’s the main character from BMW so he has to be more of the influence in GMW I suppose…lol pudding I should have known that would be making it through GMW…lol

  20. When in 2014 will the seares air

  21. Cory’s nose got huge hahaha but aye it’s awesome we get some even a lil bit of our childhood as long as its not horrible I’m fine with it it’s meant to appeal to the kids today and they aren’t 90s kids…..

  22. Too many people are concerned about the integrity of the show and this pudding shop.. Michael Jacobs is still the producer and I doubt he would agree to ruining the integrity of the show no matter what station it was aired on. Cory playing the ‘feeny’ roll actually makes sense since he taught and helped with so many life lessons over the years. Its basically him following in his mentors foot steps. And the pudding place is just taking the place of the original hangout from BMW. Topanga spent her whole life being the ‘nerd’ maybe she decided it was time to stop being so serious and enjoy life alittle.. regardless, I’m sure all of our questions will be answered when the show finally airs. Which I am highly anticipating. My oldest daughter is 4 and we still watch the reruns of BMW, Full House and Family Matters. So its going to be great watching the new show with her and watching her soak up the life lessons these shows provide since most of the newer shows coming out are more drama and gossip based. GMW should be a hit

  23. Can’t wait loved boy meets world I’m hopping Girl meets world will bring back Shawn

  24. Everyone seems to be forgetting that the producer of BMW will be producing GMW, as well. He wants it to be in the same spirit as the original. Of course it’s odd that Topanga owns a pudding hang out place, but I’m still really excited about this show.
    BMW was made in the 90s, it’s 2013 now. Times have changed, so of course it’s not going to be EXACTLY like BMW. All shows on all channels are different, it’s inevitable. And keep in mind that we’re all adults now, it’s not going to feel the same no matter how it’s made who distributes it.
    If you’re a true fan of Boy Meets World, the least you can do is give it a shot. I don’t know about you, but I have faith in Michael Jacobs.

    • I grew up on BMW, but I’m barely in my 20s so I’m closer to the kids now a days. And trust me it hasn’t changed that much since the 90s. Everyone thinks it has but it truly hasn’t, we still go through hard times and the basic life lessons, just like the generations before us had too. I know many teens and young people, who miss shows that have meaning. Everything now is either a comedy or over dramatic and unrealistic. I hope this show is good, because kids now more than ever need something they can look up to.

  25. The original show was a hit so I’ve no doubt this show will b also.