Box Office Showdown: ‘Scott Pilgrim’ vs. ‘Eat, Pray’ vs. ‘Expendables’

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scott pilgrim eat pray love expendables box office Box Office Showdown: Scott Pilgrim vs. Eat, Pray vs. Expendables

There is a room full of people in white lab coats. In their hands they hold clipboards and pens and through a large glass viewing screen they are watching you standing in line at your local multiplex,  ready for another weekend escape into movieland.

Who are these people in lab coats of whom I speak? No one knows their origin, only their purpose: they are present to bear witness to your choice of movie during the August 13th weekend – they want to know which movie you will be seeing: The Expendables, Eat, Pray, Love or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

One is the ‘roided-up godfather of ’80s action movie throwbacks; the other is a soul-enriching chick-flick about independence, empowerment and self-discovery; the third is a geek-chic love story filled with rainbow-haired girls and retro pop-culture references, set to an alt-rock soundtrack. I think it’s pretty safe to say that come this weekend, the crowds at movie theaters will be beyond eclectic. The only question is: Which crowd will push “their movie” to the top of the box office?

Will it be the testosterone-fueled action junkies, the femme-power flowers or the meek geeks who hath inherited the Earth?

scott pilgrim vs world review Box Office Showdown: Scott Pilgrim vs. Eat, Pray vs. Expendables

Sure, I’m making this situation out to be way more cut and dry than it actually is – true movie fans will be going to see more than one of these new flicks at the theater this weekend; the most hardcore movie fans might even take in all three. However, no matter how much room you think there is for all three of these movies, deep-down everyone has a hierarchical order of importance by which to rate them.

So fellas, you may get your girl to go with you to The Expendables on opening night – but only because that compromising gesture will force you into a viewing of Eat, Pray, Love the next day. Geeks, you may convince your jock friend to give Scott Pilgrim vs. the World a chance, but only if the second entry in your double-feature is Eat, Pray, Love.

Er…wait, I mean…

No matter which film you’re excited to see (or most excited to see) this upcoming weekend, it’s going to be an interesting box office race. Nothing of vital importance will be gained or lost at the end of this “race,” but who hasn’t been enjoying these viral campaigns which have been floating around the Interwebs the last few weeks? The ones informing us all that it is our solemn duty as men/women/geeks to go out and support that movie which represents our demographic best. So long as the almighty box office is fed dollars, and Inception fades away like a half-remembered dream…

If you’re wondering where you can catch your old pal Outlaw this weekend: I’ll be allowing Julia Roberts’ irrepressible charms enamor me in Eat, Pray, Love. Sure, I’ve been consuming bull hormones and blowing @#$% up since I was the tender age of six – however, the mystery of woman is still an enigma I need director Ryan Murphy and author Elizabeth Gilbert’s help unraveling. (Am I being serious? I don’t know, am I? :-P).

Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love Box Office Showdown: Scott Pilgrim vs. Eat, Pray vs. Expendables

The rest of the Screen Rant team is not as enlightened and progressive as I am – you need only track our week-long rollout of The Expendables to know which theater our guys (and gal?) will be in.

Now, if you would be so kind, for the sake of the research being conducted by those aforementioned mystery people in lab coats: which movie will YOU be catching this weekend? Will it be the action-packed Expendables? The soul-nourishing discoveries of Eat, Pray, Love? Or the comic book romantic hijinks of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? Are you the enlightened type of individual who will be supporting more than one of these films on opening weekend? And which film do you see ultimately winning the box office?

If you haven’t already figured it out (shame on you!), all three of these movies will be in theaters this Friday, August 13th.

P.S. – Be sure to check back for Screen Rant’s Weekend Movie News Wrap Up to find out who ultimately claimed the box office crown.

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  1. I have a feeling ‘The Expendables’ will be number 1, but I’m more interested in seeing ‘Scott Pilgrim’ first.

    • same here Matt, the expendables will probably take the number one spot, but i want to see Scott Pilgrim and that will probably be second place, with eat pray love coming in last.

      • im seeing them both this weekend

  2. I will be seeing both scott pilgrim and the expendables. In what order I havent decided yet.

  3. All of those movies look ridiculously stupid.

    If I were going to the movies this weekend, I’d probably go to Inception for the third time. However, if I were to be held at gunpoint and forced to see one of these three movies, I’d see Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.

  4. First of all cut out anyother movie except for the expendables or Scott Pilgrim vs the world Expendables have the names that will probably take it however if the power of teens strike for a good movie like scott pilgrim instead of horrible movies like twilight series movies then Scott Pilgrim could take it. Go Pilgrim!

  5. If Julia Roberts were showing some naked A/B cup, 45 year old boobage, maybe I’d sneak into it.

    The Expendables for me, hands down. MAYBE Pilgrim at some point (or not).

  6. A/B cup lol,,

    Watched the trailer for Expendables and it looks like a macho outfest. Did the Village People write any songs for this action figure party/video game cut scene.

    Seriously just looks like a bad Rambo flick with a bunch of other Rambo wannabees. The story seems as generic as possible, why didn’t Sly just make Rambo 5????

    I’m betting Vic gives it a 3 out of 5 maybe even a 2.5 ,,,

    Oh and the scene with Arnold was LAME!!!!!!

    • 790, youre killing me LOL

  7. I am going to Expendables this weekend and I believe it will be number one.

  8. I saw The Expendables this morning and will see Scott Pilgrim tonight.

    Both reviews going up on Friday (of course I have to write them, first). :)


    • So how was The Expandables?

      • The action, gun battle and hand to hand fight scenes were off the hook. Outside of that, not so great. But when those scenes hit – damn!


        • thats exactly why im going to see it vic!!!

        • And that’s why I’m not excited for that movie. I generally get bored in action films if its just a bunch of people fighting and it lacks an actual point, I fell asleep during 300 and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

  9. Already bought my tickets for the midnight showing of Expendables and I’ll probably do Scott Pilgrim the next night. Pumped for the Expendables though, can’t resist generic 1980′s action!

  10. When will Julia Roberts just go away?!

  11. Wow, some of you lost your “Man Cards” with your comments on “The Expendables”. I take it most of you were too young to watch the cheesy, over the top action movies of the 80s(which I grew up loving and still will re-watch them today if nothing else is on). Everyone I have talked to my age(27) to about 45 years old are all super pumped for this film. It’s “The Expendables” for me hands down and the only way I would see a Cera movie opening weekend, or in the theater at all, is if they ever make the “Arrested Development” movie.

    • Hey, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying about Cera for a while. The kid’s played one role his entire career, and Arrested Development was the only time that role was any good.

      I’ve always been kind of wary about that macho need to watch guys beat each other up and make things explode. I mean, I like some action myself, but I like it when it’s psychopaths going up against morally ambiguous heroes. I mean, come on, does it make a guy a wimp to ask for some philosophical undertones out of his action flicks?

      …Alright, you can have my man cards.

      • Haha, just something my buddies and I joke about all of the time.

    • I grew up watching them to, but I didn’t love them. Some people need more than empty pointless action and some of us like stories.

      • Thank you!

      • daniel, i like both too believe it or not, i just dont think Stallone made this to really be story driven, i think he made it as a type of homage, thats pretty much what im expectingthere are the smart action directors then there are the Stallones :)

      • I agree with you. I’m just saying that when I see a trailer I judge it by the genre rather then, “Oh, that movie looks like it will lack emotional depth and have a weak story line”. If I see a trailer where things are blowing up and people fighting I say, “Looks like it could be a cool action flick!”. So many people on message boards don’t seem to get that and I don’t understand the mentality of bashing movies that are geared to a specific genre. For instance, “Eat, Pray, Love”, I will not be seeing that and am not a huge fan of Roberts but I’m not going to get on here and say something like, “Looks like a typical menopausal chick flick”.

        So for me, Action Trailer= I judge it on action movie mentality. Slasher trailer= slasher trailer mentality. And so on. I don’t see a trailer like “The Expendables” and then compare it to “Inception”(my favorite film of the summer by the way) or “TDK” and then bash this film by then comparing them. That is just straight fanboyism. Anyway, I like the site. You guys seem like a pretty smart bunch compared to other sites.

  12. Scott Pilgrim is he only one I’m excited for. I’ll probably watch The Expendables when it hits the dollar theater though, I’m not a big fan of those kind of action films and I’m going to convince my brother to watch Inception afterwards.

  13. Eat, Pray, Love is out completely, sorry Julia. The Expendables looks to be just that, expendable. I remember hearing about this movie when it was in the early casting stages and was very excited but became less interested as opening weekend approached. Now, I couldn’t care less. My ten bucks is going to Scott Pilgrim.

  14. None of these interest me at all…maybe i’ll go camping.

  15. The Expendables easy. Scott Pilgrim looks terrible to me. Not to mention I legitimately consider Sylvester Stallone a superior actor to Michael Cera.

  16. It’s a tough call…

    I want to see Scott Pilgrim because I’m betting it will be chock full of laughs, but I also want to see someone have a fiery explosion chase them down a hallway! Lo, The Expendables!

    Decisions, decisions…

  17. None

  18. Scott Pilgrim. I’ll probably wait for the Dollar theater for Expendables. Eat Pray Love just looks stupid.

    • i hope your GF doesnt demand that you take her to see that daniel LOL

  19. Without question the Expendables. Scott pilgrim looks lame as hell and has teeny bopper appeal. I feel if I watch that I’ll grow a vagina. I rather gain a 3rd testicle watching Expendables. Lol how is this even a valid question? Testosterone explosions!

    • I take it you read AICN’s review? Hahaha!

  20. The scott pilgrim movie looks like its about as cool as aids.

  21. I agree that’s what he intends it to be but intent doesn’t suddenly make a movie better. What I mean by that is just because you intend to make a straight forward action film with out substance it doesn’t suddenly make the movie great. Yay you acieved your goal gold star for you but your film is still sub par. Kind of like when a movie is crappy because it’s cheesy and over the top it’s not suddenly a good film because that’s what it was suppose to be just makes me question the directors intellect for wanting to make crap.

    Of course that’s just my opinion and that’s why it’s dollar theater for me with expendables. That and based on what Vic said above leads me to believe it’s not my type of film. Vic can actually enjoy just plain action films he loved ATeam but that means If a plain old action film comes along and even he says it’s bad it’s bad.

    • True, I’ve received my share of straight to DVD action films where they’re so bad I can’t even get past the first 10 minutes. But sometimes these films work on the gut level they’re shooting for, and I can enjoy some action flicks that don’t have a lot of “meat” to them.


  22. Actually Anthony my GF and I made a deal we only go to the theater for films we both like. We made that deal after she dragged me to eclipse and I said no more.

    The only exception will be for the new Harry Potter as much as I hate HP I’m gonna surprise her and take her to see it and also to eat somewhere I hate.

  23. wtf can you people want to go see scott pilgrim ? i mean it has to be the worst looking PoS i have ever seen, not only do the special effects look cheesy and BS but the whole concept is messed up, its pretty much going to be like every other game to movie adaptation…

    i’m watching expendables tomorrow evening, thumbs up it wont be as bad as people are making it out to be. i mean i know its not going to be ‘the best’ but it will be better then garbage like predators and A team, no doubt.

  24. Here’s some of my (highlights) from the trailer… Yes I’m bored and listening to the radio at the moment,,,, so lucky you the reader!
    (Expendables Music playing, intense)
    “They are the worlds greatest mercenaroes, the only life they know is war.”
    (Got that much, kinda obvious,,)
    “The only loyalty they’ve had is to each other.” (Its not gay though)
    (Oo oh Statham’s telling Sly he’s not that fast anymore,,)
    “The only thing faster is light!
    (Ooh man Sly’s calling him out!!!!)
    (Guy screaming in the background,)
    “Put yuuur weapooons dooown, monnnn!!!!!!”
    (6 guys dead faster then you can edit 8 camera shots of 6 guys getting shot and stabbed, within 2 seconds….)
    “Bam.” (There all dead and its funny at the same time. I’m guessing its PG-13?)
    “We’ll I got three pieces of work. Two a walk in the park, 1 to hell and back!”.
    (That line just stands there and dares you to laugh at it! Come on laugh at me! I’m gonna slap you around, if you do,!)
    “Give this job here to my friend, he loves playing in the jungle. Right?”
    Willis nods, “what’s his problem,”
    (Oh the big stinky cheese T-800 governor upgrade model. Ahnald makes his “lame” trilateral appearance and completes the Planet Hollywood illuminatti death triangle.)
    “Sly,” wink smile,,,,,,,, “right”. (puke)
    (Music playing, its pretty good action music all say that),,,,
    Insert hot african woman (Statham’s babe)
    She’s been captured?!?!? No!!!
    (Oh my god what are they doing to her, rape?)
    “What’s wrong with this picture, everything!”
    (Pretty much says it all) ;-)
    “Without the man power and fire power will be dead in the water. They got a small army, what do we got. Four and a half men.
    (Insert Asian height joke, haha very funny white man, Li not happi!)
    “This August, they must make the ultimate sacrifice”
    “We will kill this American disease!”
    Ahaahaaaah LMAO,,,,,,!)
    “For chance”
    (Sounds so much like change but in a more kick ass kind of direct way?)
    (Ooh Statham’s got the girl,, kiss kiss)
    “To change history,”
    (Come on I’ve heard that a million times in these trailers.)
    “What happened to you? Got my ass kicked.”
    (Awe,,,Stallone so cute, so alive, and nacho. I mean macho,?
    “Are you crazy you could have killed me!?
    Your welcome.”
    (Sly passes the action hero torch! Yep that’s the scene where it happens, pretty overwhelming eh?,)
    “You got a problem with that.”
    (That’s the last line, I’m done)

    • hehehe the PG13 thing was funny hehehe have you watched the 1st featurette for the movie, the one with harry knowles ? you see some get get ripped in half by a grenade shot to the torso and that scene with the knife/gun showdown has some decent blood in it… just saying.

      i’ve pretty much lowered my standards for hollywood movies, to an extent where i don’t really care about a movies release, this happened shortly after predators came out, though my hate for hollywood has been growing for quite some time now.

    • hahaha 790 nailed it. but ONE thing…its “Chungle”, not Jungle :)

  25. I’ll be going to Scott Pilgrim this Friday. I enjoyed the comic series and am looking forward to Wright’s adaptation of it. I’d be quite surprised if it actually does very well in the theater though.

    Expendables looks like a good bit of mindless fun with great action sequences, but little story. I may catch it some other time. Maybe go see it with my dad since it seems the kind of thing we could enjoy together. I sort of expect this one to be number one in the box office.

    No real interest in Eat, Pray, Love honestly. Don’t think I’ve even seen a trailer for it.

  26. Jwalka what are you talking about?

    Scott Pilgrim isn’t at all based on a game it’s based on a comic.

  27. Exbandables: Fail
    Love,Eat,Pray: Fail
    Scott Pilgrim: Epic Win of the highest latitude.

    ORI, You must have two testicles to grow a third.
    Blue Silver, He’s Scott Pilgrim and he’s fictional yet has more money behind his name alone than you’ll ever make. Congrats you failed.
    Jwalka, Edgar Wright is one of the most imaginative directors working today. And the style is like no other comic book adaptation flick ever made so please pay attention a tiny bit more.
    Taemo17, Just because you think you’re cool and have aids doesnt make things that are Actually cool, like aids.

    To many other easy people to jab at so i’ll call a quits. Just wanted thoughs knobs mentioned.
    Love Maro Leon

    • Dude seriously you need to Chill out! I wonder why nobody deleted your comment.