Box Office Showdown: ‘Scott Pilgrim’ vs. ‘Eat, Pray’ vs. ‘Expendables’

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scott pilgrim eat pray love expendables box office Box Office Showdown: Scott Pilgrim vs. Eat, Pray vs. Expendables

There is a room full of people in white lab coats. In their hands they hold clipboards and pens and through a large glass viewing screen they are watching you standing in line at your local multiplex,  ready for another weekend escape into movieland.

Who are these people in lab coats of whom I speak? No one knows their origin, only their purpose: they are present to bear witness to your choice of movie during the August 13th weekend – they want to know which movie you will be seeing: The Expendables, Eat, Pray, Love or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

One is the ‘roided-up godfather of ’80s action movie throwbacks; the other is a soul-enriching chick-flick about independence, empowerment and self-discovery; the third is a geek-chic love story filled with rainbow-haired girls and retro pop-culture references, set to an alt-rock soundtrack. I think it’s pretty safe to say that come this weekend, the crowds at movie theaters will be beyond eclectic. The only question is: Which crowd will push “their movie” to the top of the box office?

Will it be the testosterone-fueled action junkies, the femme-power flowers or the meek geeks who hath inherited the Earth?

scott pilgrim vs world review Box Office Showdown: Scott Pilgrim vs. Eat, Pray vs. Expendables

Sure, I’m making this situation out to be way more cut and dry than it actually is – true movie fans will be going to see more than one of these new flicks at the theater this weekend; the most hardcore movie fans might even take in all three. However, no matter how much room you think there is for all three of these movies, deep-down everyone has a hierarchical order of importance by which to rate them.

So fellas, you may get your girl to go with you to The Expendables on opening night – but only because that compromising gesture will force you into a viewing of Eat, Pray, Love the next day. Geeks, you may convince your jock friend to give Scott Pilgrim vs. the World a chance, but only if the second entry in your double-feature is Eat, Pray, Love.

Er…wait, I mean…

No matter which film you’re excited to see (or most excited to see) this upcoming weekend, it’s going to be an interesting box office race. Nothing of vital importance will be gained or lost at the end of this “race,” but who hasn’t been enjoying these viral campaigns which have been floating around the Interwebs the last few weeks? The ones informing us all that it is our solemn duty as men/women/geeks to go out and support that movie which represents our demographic best. So long as the almighty box office is fed dollars, and Inception fades away like a half-remembered dream…

If you’re wondering where you can catch your old pal Outlaw this weekend: I’ll be allowing Julia Roberts’ irrepressible charms enamor me in Eat, Pray, Love. Sure, I’ve been consuming bull hormones and blowing @#$% up since I was the tender age of six – however, the mystery of woman is still an enigma I need director Ryan Murphy and author Elizabeth Gilbert’s help unraveling. (Am I being serious? I don’t know, am I? :-P).

Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love Box Office Showdown: Scott Pilgrim vs. Eat, Pray vs. Expendables

The rest of the Screen Rant team is not as enlightened and progressive as I am – you need only track our week-long rollout of The Expendables to know which theater our guys (and gal?) will be in.

Now, if you would be so kind, for the sake of the research being conducted by those aforementioned mystery people in lab coats: which movie will YOU be catching this weekend? Will it be the action-packed Expendables? The soul-nourishing discoveries of Eat, Pray, Love? Or the comic book romantic hijinks of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? Are you the enlightened type of individual who will be supporting more than one of these films on opening weekend? And which film do you see ultimately winning the box office?

If you haven’t already figured it out (shame on you!), all three of these movies will be in theaters this Friday, August 13th.

P.S. – Be sure to check back for Screen Rant’s Weekend Movie News Wrap Up to find out who ultimately claimed the box office crown.

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  1. hmm, someone didnt see the rules here lol

  2. Naw i did :)
    I spelt the movies that arent worth it wrong on purpose. Before i get nailed by trolls i thought i’d explain.

    Plus, isnt everyone sort of breaking the rule anyways ? I didnt use profanity and people are making the comments on all the movies personal in some way. So there ya go.

  3. Umm Maro the rule isn’t that you can’t insult movies that would be stupid the rule is to not insult each other. I can say Tim Burton is a douch or Steel was a POS film all day. However I can’t call Anthony a stupid F*cker…. No offense Anthony just an example first name that came to mind lol.

    I agree with alot of what you said but no need to insult your fellow posters when they didn’t do anything to you.

  4. I stay out of the Theaters on weekends. I have been known to go to early Friday morning showings though. If I have to go to the movies this weekend then I’d go to the Drive In. At $12.00 a car load that works out to about $2.00 each divided by 2 equals a dollar a movie. What’s playing? At that price who cares, pass the Bud…

  5. Daniel, I like ya man and you seem like an alright guy. I didn’t use profanity on any of my comments to the fellow users and I’m just defending Edgar and his work I guess. And ya I know commenting on the movies or directors is ok but I don’t see the difference if your being an ass about it. Most movie blog sites state “be civil and stay on topic”. If you don’t like the movie personally then you don’t have to tear it to total pieces. So sorry if I pushed your buttons man, honestly. (not being sarcastic) hate that I can’t convey tone.

    • Maro Leon,

      If people want to “tear a movie to shreds” here I don’t have a problem with it. As long as the discussion between the folks who want to defend it and those who hate remains civil. No reason to attack the individual.

      Good rule of thumb that I’ve brought up before: Behave as if you’re sitting in the same room with the person you’re replying to, and pretend he’s built like a linebacker. 8)

      As to Edgar Wright’s films, I’m a big fan of them (I gave “Hot Fuzz” 5/5 stars), but frankly they tend to be very “niche” and have a hard time finding an audience – and that is most definitely going to be the case with Scott Pilgrim (I saw it last night).


      • Say Vic did Wright use the same idea in the story that he did in “Hot Fuzz?” Namely, tricking you into believing the story is crap until a certain point when all of a sudden he shows you a hidden dimension that makes it way better? It seems like he might be shooting for that again in the Pilgrim previews…

        • the old man,

          LOL, did he do that in Hot Fuzz? Although I loved the movie I’ve only seen it once and I don’t recall the story being “crap” early on as a trick. In any case he didn’t do that with SP, no.


          • Well perhaps that was a little harsh but it was easy to see in the story where he just drops a bomb on you, and you realize he’s been sand bagging, holding back all along…

  6. Na you didn’t push my buttons I’m just trying to prevent you from getting singled out by a mod.

    I see a huge difference. I’m sorry but if a movie sucks I feel the need to rip it to shreds and if an actor sucks I do the same. What really makes them not the same is that the actors and or movie it’s self isn’t on this site reading what you write. If I insult the movie Steel it’s not gonna be hurt by my words but Anthony might if I started insulting him. Steel isn’t going to come back and insult me back which starts a big word war which will annoy every one. Anthony might though… Well not Anthony he strikes me as the type who would ignore it but others would. It’s about being polite to the people around you and not just the person your replying to but every person that would be flooded with a childish fight in their mail box.

    I know you didn’t use profanity but you did insult a few people. If you don’t think it’s ok to insult a movie you shouldn’t be ok breaking down a person.

    No hard feeling just trying to help you settle in.

  7. Michael cera’s career is taking a serious nose dive. His recent movies suck. Scott pilgrim vs the world should of been straigt to dvd.

  8. I hope The Expendables is number 1 at the boxoffice but I doubt it because it has the dreaded R-rating. I think it will be Eat, Pray Love with Julia Roberts.

  9. The expendables have this one in the bag – I hope scott pilgrim hold his own though It looks awesome
    personally I’m gonna see both I love living next to a cinema

  10. Author: acslaterson
    I take it you read AICN’s review? Hahaha!


    • who cares, with a tag like acslaterson, who takes him seriously lol

    • I was responding to ORI’s comment about growing a third testicle(which was in AICN’s review of “The Expendables”). And my tag has been the same for every site I join since I signed up for AOL like 12 years ago.

  11. Why is that Eat, Pray, Love movie even on this list? I want to see Expendables and Pilgrim but I think the edge goes to Expendables. And if my wife is reading this, no fraking way am I going to that Julia Roberts crap!

    Now, which one of you guys are going to let me crash at your place this weekend? :-) 8-)

    • LOL!

      Yeah, yeah, most of our readers would prefer I didn’t mention Eat, Pray – but I’m not risking getting labeled a sexist for leaving it out. It is a major release with a significant audience.

      Hope you like nights on the couch buddy! ;-)

      • ahahah

  12. The Expendables!

  13. I saw Scott Pilgrim. It did the worst in the box office. But it did the best (by a huge margin) with the critics. I think I made the best choice :D

  14. Scott Pilgrim was number 4??!! And Eat, Pray, whatever, was number 2??!! Darn women!! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t shoot ‘em with an AA-12 assault rifle with explosive shells!! 8-)