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Jeremy Renner Cross Bourne Legacy The Bourne Legacy Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Bourne Legacy review, this is the place where you can discuss Bourne Legacy spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out The Bourne Legacy episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Bourne Legacy for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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The Bourne Legacy is Rated PG-13 for violence and action sequences. Now playing in theaters.

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  1. rather watch dkr for the 6th time. anyone with me?

    • OF CAWRSE!

  2. can someone please tell me everything to do with Joan Allen as Pamela landy in this movie!!!!!! i am such a huge fan of hers please spill the beans on everything about her character in this movie!!!!!

    • She was discredited for acts that are considered unpatriotic, don’t know what the cases were, but it was clearly an attempt to render the evidence she had useless. No confirmation on what the verdict about her in the movie since it ended in a sorta cliffhanger way.

      • Plus, she only appeared in person in the last minutes of the film where she got out of the court house and reporters were swarming her as she gets to her car, and that’s it.

    • “Everything to do with”?

      Go rent the previous movies and learn for yourself. Her character is introduced in The Bourne Supremacy and returns in Bourne Ultimatum.
      I wouldn’t reccommend watching this until you’ve seen those anyway – especially if you’re a fan of her work.

  3. Is there any romantic interest between Jeremy Renner’s and Rachel Weitz’s characters?

    • Nothing concrete.

    • Not much

    • You can tell there is some chemistry but they didn’t do anything romantic (unless you consider killing specially trained assassins to save her romantic :-D ).

    • What was the cliffhanger at the end of the movie? It was just them on a boat. By the way, for a super agent, the LARX agent died very unimpressively.

    • I understood the science talk pretty well, but I’m a biology student.

        • the virus wasn’t supposed to make him non-addicted it was to give him permanent drugs in his system so that he didn’t need them ay more and the reason they needed a “map” was because the particular virus they were using spread through a certain amount of area of the body and they needed to have the “map” to know where to inject the virus laced with the chemicals to make him have permanent bourne abilities given to him through the pills before so that the virus and drugs would reach the right area of the body and this is important to know because if they had injected it in the wrong place then it could have made him very sick and then the C.I.A. would kill him or he would die a couple of hours after the injection

        • stupidity runs rampant! what they are saying is, you use a specific virus, and map how and where the viral load is received by your bodys blood, cells, immune system, tissues, etc… When genetic change occurs at a single point of origin, like a cancer, it takes a specific path through the body, infecting the body in a highly specific way,(i.e – mapping)… – “virusing out”, is the process of using the highly infectious nature of a virus to spread a “viral load” (medication, or “altered genetic material” in this case.) The “new” genetic material is inserted into “payload” of a specific virus that, when probably combined with specific immunosupressive therapies, would replace the old DNA with new altered DNA sequences, therefore retaining the new changes permanently. Alas, no need for a daily medication to maintain a medication at “level X” w/i the blood.

    • Those were my thoughts exactly, concerning the Alaskan training ground. If they filmed it totally in Alaska, this film would have easily gotten a 4/5 or more. During that scene, I kept wondering if John Matrix (Arny in Commando) was trained by Treadstone. :-P The way Renner’s character handled that drone and wolves were first-rate.

      • Yet another SUMMER 2012 blockbuster thats more bust then buster. I had previously said that the BOURNE film is at the end of the 2012 SUMMER lineup but I forgot about THE EXPENDABLES 2 which hist this Friday. Man o man I prey its is not a let-down.

        SUMMER 2012 RECAP:

        With the exception of THE AVENGERS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, was there any major tentpole release that did not either fail to meet expectations or do even worse?

        DARK SHADOWS: Wow! did this one ever dissapoint.

        THE DICTATOR: Typical Sash toilkte-like humour that easily offends but thats all there is with this release.

        BATTLESHIP: DO i even need to mention that this one failed?

        WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOUR EXPECTING: How about “What To Realize When YOur Expecting Too Much”?

        CHERNOBYL DIARIES: How did this one manage to avoid direct-to-DV release I’ll never know

        MEN IN BLACK 3: Better the MIB 2? Absolutely! But is that alone enough to keep it from failing to meet expectations? I personally enjoyed MIB3 but it still fell short of what I had hoped.

        SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMEN: ANother decent film but still, failed to meet expecttaions. By this point I’m asking myself, what the Hell happened to Hollywood. How bad did GI JOE have to be to get post poned while thes rest of the SUMMER 2012 pack still get released?

        MADAGASCAR 3: Finally, something that delivered. Too bad its a for kids movie. AT least my kids are having a great time at the cineam thi Summer.

        PROMETHEUS: Not bad but left far too many questions in viewers minds and made a good number of movie goers unhappy with a less then satisfying ALIENS film. SUmmer is half way thru and so far its been miss after miss after miss…

        ROCK OF AGES & THATS MY BOY: Sorry but I absolutely refused to waste any time on either of these. If they were good films then my apolagies.

        ABRAHAM LINCOLN – Vampire Hunter: Darn you Timur! Whatever has afflicted the rest of Hollywood this Summer has also gotten a hodl of you. How does someone like you with a super cool angle like this produce something so drawn out and non-delivering?

        BRAVE: WTF? Not PIXAR too? OMG what is going on? Tis must be a bad dream. Did I fall asleep watching some crappy staright-to -dvd flick and now my subconsious is punishing me for it? How does PIXAR mange to put out something so bad?

        SEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD: I’m seeking for a svaing grace release at this point. Is there no movie that save the SUMMER of 2012? AT least THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is only a month away.

        MAGIC MIKE: Not gonna happen in a million years. My wife can go and have fun.

        TED: THank the heavens for the sucess of FAMILY GUY and the Talent of its creator Seth McFarlan because the AVENGERS is no longer the only good film from the Summer of 2012.

        AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Heavy sigh. Looks like SUPERMAN RETURNS will now have someone to hang out with.

        ICE AGE 4: IT may be repetative but at least its safe and guaranteed to deliver; for my kids that is.

        THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: FINALLY! Finally. finally? OK, what just happened? This is the Nolen Btman film right? Its good and its definately a repeat viewing but I’m not so sure I believe this is that Christopher Noan directed Batman film I’ve been hearing about. I’ve seen BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT and I know what a Nolan Batman film is like.

        THE WATCH: Hmmmmmm. Go stand in the corner with AMAZING SPIDERMAN and SUPERMAN RETRUNS and don’t come out until you know how to deliver quality entertainment!

        TOTAL RECALL: The Summer is almost over and still we can’t seem to catch a break with the movies. Clearly Hollywood is conspiring to screw us all.

        THE BOURNE LEGACY: Its time like this when we take an account of our lives and what we’ve done and what we;ve failed to do and right now Hollywood has failed to deliver a summer at the cinema and even if THE EXPENDABLES 2 absolutely rocks it will be too little to late as the damage is done.

        Am I the only one who feels like the Summer of 2012 has with a few exceptions been the absolute worst summer at the movies in a very long time?

    • dead on! My wife said “enough already” after about the 15th close wreck situation which all looked virtually the same.

  4. Posted a small review on the other thread… Anyhow, Bourne seemed to go on & on and found myself bored way too much… Jeremy Renner is not main star material. He was much better in Avengers in a smaller role. Wait for BR or DVD…

    As for the starting post that stated they’d rather have seen DKR for the 6th time I have to agree. Although I’m not up to 6 with DKR I did think about hopping theaters halfway through Bourne Legacy. When I was driving home I was asking myself why didn’t I just go see DKR for what would have been my 3rd time.

    • Renner is main star material. It’s just the director, writer and/or screenplay people didn’t make his character interesting enough. Go watch THE HURT LOCKER, he’s awesome in it(and got an Oscar nomination for it BTW).

      • I’d have to agree (except I didn’t think The Hurt Locker was all that good). I felt Renner was very good in this role, he just didn’t have much to work with because of the production.

  5. They sure left the door wide open for a sequel. Didn’t they?

    • Yup hope they left it open so that damon could come back

      • As long as it’s a lot more action (without all the shaky-cam), I’m all for it.

    • I believe that is Gilroys plan…because the exit of Greengrass and Damon, he wrote Legacy and it opens up a 5th episode with the return of Damon as Bourne teaming with Renner’s character. Can’t you see the Viewer interest and revitalized box-office with Matt Damons (Bourne) character returning and together they bring down there pursuers…

    • Bourne is the franchise that just keeps on giving. Every time they need to do something, they just bring in a killer from the next level of the program to burn the previous one to the ground.

      I liked how they did away with the amnesia thing, and the science was not an issue for me at all. For a movie, the science actually made sense here. I am not saying it was believable, it just made sense.

      I did think that the final action sequences were a bit anticlimactic. The good doctor should not have been able to interfere in the fight as effectively as she did.

      It would be interesting if in part 6 or 7, when they bring in the next lead, they focus on what the person did within the program. Or have the person go rogue in a bad way, turning into an assassin for hire. Maybe they have to reach out to Bourne or Cross to kill the rogue.

  6. I was disappointed. I’m a huge fan of Jeremy Renner and not going to lie, he was pretty impressive in the movie…. but the movie sucked. The storytelling in the beginning/its buildup was way too slow and boring.

    The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon also had some story to tell but didn’t bore me at all. I feel like this movie focused on the stupid “Chems” more than it did on the character Cross.

    Its action scenes were very Bourne-like which I loved but the movie as a whole needed more. The bike-chase scene was original too. I guess all I’m trying to say is that this movie does contain the right Bourne elements but could have had more action scenes. Bourne movies never bore the audience. I should’ve been holding onto my seat with my heart racing. It just didn’t give me the same reaction.

    I really hope they come with a stronger sequel. Jeremy Renner was fantastic though.

  7. Pacing was off and the ending caught me off guard lol. I was like whoa that’s it. Then I guess with the authorities losing track of them they were safe, was wondering about that.

  8. The Chem stuff didnt bother me .
    She made it clear That the final procedure, which he recieived would make his physical changes permanent .
    He wont need the drugs next time .
    But , when you consider that ALL of this took place during the same period as The Bourne Ultimatum ,
    Someday there is going to be The Mother of All Congressional Hearings, LOL!

  9. I think they may have spent too much time with the “Bourne Mythology” and interweaving the two story lines. Was this just paving the way for additional movies in the franchise?

    I’m intrigued by the Cross character, and the “Outcome” program in general (physical and intellectual modification) but they didn’t provide the psychological modification of “Tredstone”. Some of the flashbacks suggest that Bryer’s interest in “Outcome” and Cross in general may be more personal than just patriotic.

    Cross’s motivation is not wanting to return to being dumb as dirt, and he’s fulfilled that, so is there any where left to go, unless we return to the same story beats as the previous Bourne films of the CIA just not knowing when to cut their losses and let it drop.

    • Actually, I was okay with that; that’s why they can keep the title without having ‘Bourne’ in the film. His Legacy has a cause and effect. Bourne exposes Treadstone and Briarbear; the Overlook project is then being covered up as a result in fear that someone might dig deeper. I totally got that- but without some of that timeline (although I did despise the ‘cameo footage’) the film would be in need of another narrative.

  10. I think Cross was facing some serious brain damage .
    It was going to be the ultimate withdrawl .

  11. This Bourne spinoff was…not what I was hoping it to be. First of all, we are all disappointed at the fact that Matt Damon didn’t make another appearance as Jason Bourne. After witnessing the last three prequels, it’s hard to imagine anyone could fill the shoes of Jason Bourne, and Aaron Cross just didn’t do it for me.

    Even though the entire movie was one big yawn for me, except for a couple parts, there was one thing that REALLY bothered me… and that was the fact that we didn’t get to see what Aaron Cross could really do or what his physical limits were.

    In the Bourne Identity, Supremacy, and the Bourne Ultimatum, Bourne’s skills were strained as he fought with Treadstone and Black-Briar agents in hand-to-hand combat. I was hoping to see more of the same kind of spectacular fight sequences we witnessed in those three prequels IN Bourne Legacy between Aaron Cross and Varx [was that his name?], but instead we were left to witness a mediocre chase-sequence that ended in Varx’s untimely death by pole.

    That topped it off for me. Despite all the mumbo-jumbo in the beginning and the slow parts in the middle I at least thought they were going to deliver a good action finale between Varx and Cross… I was wrong. Bourne Legacy is the worst Bourne ever. I wonder why? Oh yeah, Jason Bourne’s not in the movie and there’s a different director.

    • The movie didn’t sucked cuz of the actor. Renner was fine. It was the story/plot that ruin the movie. the blame goes to the director/writer.

    • What bothered me was that what ‘program’ that assassin was in. All this cleanup over one super-soldier project… wait…there was another? Stacey Keach;’s character…his reaction is priceless!

  12. Only complaint was:
    1. I wanted more bad ass fighting/tactical scenes
    2. The ending for me was “That’s It”

    • “that’s it!”

      That ending ticked me off too. I expected at least another five or ten minutes. Pretty bad when the last fifteen to twenty minutes is nothing but a chase scene that keeps going and going.

  13. Jeremy Renner was great though. I’m certain a second movie is a sure thing.
    Hope Damon & Renner team up.

  14. The movie fell into the hole of trying to live up to the standards of the previous Bourne films while being an open door for another trilogy. The highlight for most of the people in the theaters where I watched was when Weisz character mentioned “Manila, in the Philippines” (I watched it in the Philippines). While the movie left us wanting in terms of plot and direction, I think one good thing we got out of it is the possibility of a Mother Of All suped-up agents movie in the near future. Bourne versus Cross versus LARX agents (for some reason I can’t believe that the LARX agent would just die like that…)

  15. I didn’t think the movie was an asset to the franchise. It was just ok. Here are the problems:

    1. Renner is not as good an actor as Damon. JR is not a terrible actor, but he’s at a lower level than MD. At this time I don’t think he’s good enough to carry a movie as the lead.

    2. The pacing was off. It dragged a bit at certain places.

    3. I didn’t care about the Aaron Cross character. They needed to establish some strong sympathy for him from the audience early on, but the movie failed in that regard.

    4. More romance between Aaron Cross and Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) would have better served the movie.

    5. The Ending. I would have given the Aaron Cross character a more serious gunshot injury for the finale of the big climactic motorcycle chase. Have him completely unconscious at the end of it so the audience would not be sure if he was alive or dead. Then show the agency/government policy scenes…… THEN cut back to the boat where we see Shearing and Cross (who is injured but survives) sailing away together. More tension and release this way.

    • The only thing I disagree is Damon being a better actor. IMO, Renner and Damon are both great actors and I can’t choose who is better than the other. The other points I do agree. The writers need to make the characters more interesting and make a better plot in the sequel.

      • Yep. And there IS going to be a sequel. The ending left no doubt about that. Aaron Cross alive. Jason Bourne alive and still very much a part of the plot of this last movie. A lot of loose ends, including the Rachel Weisz character. Additionally they’re ratcheting up the pressure from the secret government agencies to address the issues at hand. Squelching dissent, trotting out Pam Landy, taking out Bourne and Cross. The whole bucket of worms got reopened by the end.

        I do hope the sequel will be better than the Bourne Legacy.

        I’m a fan of the franchise. I hope it goes on and on like the Bond films. Just more grounded.

        • The nice thing about this vs bond is that they can keep the previous mythology in place when they bring in a new character. With every new Bond, they kind of start all over again. Here, it is now actor, new character, new program.

    • your so smart why didn’t you write and direct the damn movie

  16. I found the movie basically satisfying, but one element of the ending that bothered me that I haven’t seen mentioned is that, in addition to not resolving anything, it actually unresolved things that were resolved by Bourne Ultimatum. It seems almost like they are trying to solve the problem that Greengrass and Damon mentioned with a fourth Jason Bourne movie: there was no good reason to bring Bourne himself back. He had solved all his problems. But now, everything he did at the end of Ultimatum has been undone (Landy’s exposure turns out to have not succeeded).

    • I’m betting Matt Damon will come back for the next Bourne sequel.
      That Pamela Landy’s efforts to expose Treadstone went for naught, that
      alone will force Bourne to come out of hiding and go after Vosen again.

    • Is it possible this movie happened at the same time as Ultimatum? I haven’t seen Ultimatum, so not sure what happened.

      • Yes, for those who have seen Ultimatum, it is clear that the first half of Legacy is happening at the same time as the last half of Ultimatum. But it’s clear by the end of Legacy that all resolution provided at the end of Ultimatum has been lost. (Well, excepting Bourne’s personal resolution, in that he finally gets his memory back and “meets his maker”, Albert Hirsch.)

  17. The Movie “Legacy” is a prositution of the Book; a money grab at best. The actors should not be condemeded for a bad script. Jeremy Renner made his character very believable. The scrpit caused confusion as a sequel.
    The chase scene consumed to much of the movie as a substitute for good
    story development. Money seems to be the driving force after 3 successful episodes of the Bourne story. Please if the Bourne story is used to make another movie, write a script thst lives up to the prevoius writings. mjm

  18. If there’s no romance in Bourne Legacy, there’s no point in watching. Also, I thought one loose end from Ultimatum left open was Bourne’s relationship with Nikki Parsons. I got the impression there was a relationship there . . . . Nikki states in the diner “It was difficult for me . . . with you.” Bourne looks at her blankly. “You really don’t remember anything do you?” And the shot of Nikki at the end smiling as the narrator indicates Bourne’s body was never found. Very mysterious.

  19. What was Cross doing in the scene where he had the Kodak camera “wired” to the passports – he kept taking pictures and the flash on the camera was going off – what for?…

    • I think he was burning out the RFID chip in the passport. The information is also embedded in a chip, so maybe when he forged it, the chip info was not going to match the photo, so he had to burn it out. He was clearly using the flash just as a power source, since the camera was not aimed at the passport.

      • Yeah, I thought so, using the flash capacitor’s current, right?

  20. I will say, overall I really loved the movie. In fact I have seen several times (5 at the time of writing this) and the movie was better the second time. I agree with many who say it didn’t quite live up to the previous movies. Especially Ultimatum. But as the beginning of a journey with Aaron Cross – over all, I think the movie was great!

    I dont love all the choices the Tony Gilroy made. There were several parts that were just long and drawn out… the alaska scenes for example. And not enough of others… the original trailer eluded to seeing more of the “program” process. Also the ending was a total bummer. I get the Bourne leave them hanging for more, but this felt too undone.

    I loved all the action. I think the fact that Renner did all his own stunts totally rocked. He is a convincing action star with an everyman vulnerability to him. He looked hot in the film and overall really played the part well. Unlike the previous review I actually liked Norton in this film. I agree – his scenes were a little lack luster – but over all he makes a good Govt. Grey morality leader. Rachel was a mixed bag. Some of her scenes were really engaging.

    I am very interested in seeing what comes next. I just hope that they follow the lead of the previous films and just get better and better. Would LOVE to see Renner really stretch on this one.

  21. How did Aaron Cross figure out where to find Dr. Marta Shearing at her house? I did not see that anywhere in the storyline

  22. Who else gets in the car with Pam at the end?

  23. I like the idea of Damon and Renner teaming up but Damon has aged to much for the timeline to be correct. Probably not gonna happen.

  24. I personally was pleasantly surprised by the Bourne Legacy. It didn’t try to make Jeremy Renner (JR) play Matt Damon’s (MD)role. The pacing didn’t bother me, but there were some elements that seemed curious.

    First, when he burned out the chip in the passport, it would have raised a flag going through customs.

    Secondly, the badge he made wouldn’t have been that easy, that he could do it on the plane and it clearly wouldn’t have had the correct serial bar on it for entry into the plant in the Philippines. It would have made more sense for her to go into the plant and retrieve the samples and viral him out in the hotel.

    Thirdly, the directing was fine until the roof chase in the Philippines. That scene was almost the same as in “The Bourne Ultimatum.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but it would be nice to see something new. The motorcycle chase, while being entertaining did nothing to inspire excellence from LARXS.

    Lastly, MD already escaped by boat on several occasions, so making JR do the same thing seemed very unoriginal. The lack of creativity seemed to be lost after they left Alaska or burned down the house.

    However, even with all this being said, I believe they did enough to continue the series successfully. My trust of our government is still in question after this film. And I wouldn’t doubt that programs such as these exist today. Even our president and high up politicians really don’t know what is happening behind closed doors. I only hope that they can bring MD and JR together at some point, and resolve Pamela Landy’s storyline. The addition of Ed Norton has brought another interesting character into the equation.

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  26. treadstone blackbriar and outcome have not been completely burned to the ground. So long as Bourne and Cross remain alive, the decision makers at CIA, Langley etc will pursue them.

    My guess on the next movie is one of two scenarios: Damon returns with Renner, or Renner goes it alone again.
    If Damon returns, I believe it will have Bourne saving Cross at some point, but only after he is able to figure out how to outsmart Cross quickly enough so that Cross doesnt believe he is being targeted by Bourne.

    If Renner is without Bourne for the next movie, He and Marta will no doubt show up on the grid (get lazy)

    One way i can think of for them to team up is if Bourne witnesses the murder of Marta, and sympathizes with Cross in losing a loved one, Landy has a vested interest in keeping Bourne and Cross informed and alive at this point, with much of the Agency highly suspicious of her activities.

    It would be my guess that a high up decision maker in the agency would send a tidal wave of LARX agents to all attack at once. Up until this point, they only send one asset at a time.

    Regardless of how much either Bourne or Cross want to remain off the grid, It is said that “there is no where it wont follow you…”