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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode fifty-two of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, Kofi Outlaw as we review The Bourne Legacy as well as deconstruct rumors of Ben Affleck directing Justice League and address which Marvel characters Joss Whedon might bring to ABC TV.

Screen Rant Underground is available in the iTunes Music Store (where you can subscribe as well as download individual episodes) but if you’re not near your home computer, check out our fifty-second episode in the player below.

Also, Screen Rant Underground is an EXPLICIT podcast. We don’t go out of our way to say controversial things or use explicit language but it does happen – so use discretion when playing the podcast at work and around young, or sensitive, ears.


Screen Rant Underground: Episode 52 – The Bourne Legacy

In episode 52 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we review The Bourne Legacy as well as deconstruct rumors of Ben Affleck directing Justice League and address which Marvel characters Joss Whedon might bring to ABC TV.

[0:00] News: Ben Affleck possibly directing Justice League, the Red Dawn remake trailer, and possibilities for the Marvel TV series on ABC.

[45:48] Rants and Raves: Romeo + Juliet, The Lorax, Chuck, Roseanne Roast, The Campaign, American Pimp, Dark Knight Binges, Midnight in Paris.

[1:10:34] Pre-Review Box Office Battle

[1:15:55] Review: The Bourne Legacy (read our full review)

[1:35:59] The Bourne Legacy SPOILERS conversation (join in the discussion)

[2:05:22] Mailbag, Twitter Handles, and Contact Information

[2:10:35] Game Rant News Brief: Battlefield 4 sticking to modern setting, Epic Games purchases People Can Fly, first look details of next Xbox console and Kinect device, Wii U may launch on Black Friday weekend, and more.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



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  1. Gilroy is first rate story teller and the cast impeccable. Audiences demand intelligence, and Tony Gilroy delivers. Those with attention deficit will get a fix but not before they are bombarded with information they may only take in here and there…good enough. At the end of the film they will get the story and may want to go back the second time because the detailed explanation of why? is that crucial to the plot going forward. In other words, this movie gives appetite even for those “shoot em up” only viewers. Once you see it the second time, and pay attention, it won’t seem so tame. Bourne Identity was great. Anything after that was a step back from what made Bourne interesting in the first place. Bourne Legacy brought that back and some. I hope they will begin filming to what I hope will have a life as long as the Brits James Bond. It is packed w/ smart writing, enough action to get the pulse at a high rate and humor that was missing in all of the previous three Bourne films. Kudos to Tony Gilroy, cast and crew…

    • Natris –

      While I admit that Gilroy can be a good storyteller. I just disagree when it comes to Bourne Legacy. I’ve seen the film twice myself (prior to recording) and stand by a lot of the reactions we shared on the podcast.

      You mentioned have a film-life like Bond but all of those films are entirely self-contained – which is one reason there’s so much excitement for the next one. Each one, on its own, is good (with a few exceptions). For a lot of people, Legacy doesn’t “feel” like a complete story arc – based on where the movie focuses scene by scene. While leaving some things open for the next one is a tantalizing tease – Legacy (even on a second viewing) leaves a lot up in the air (which, for some viewers, is going to leave a bad taste in their mouths).

      I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as you did – and we did recommend it. But I do think we disagree on how satisfying the film is going to be for some audience members.

  2. I have to admit and this is from a HUGE marvel fan if theymake a JL movie at the same time as Avengers 2 Jl would win any movie with batman AND Superman plus the other will be too much.

    • It’s definitely going to be interesting to see. I still think they’ll be different years. Rivalries are good and help build anticipation for the films but… Justice League needs to be really strong to help launch the other single characters (assuming they lead with the big one and then spin-off) and I’m not sure that, no matter how cool the concept could be, that they’d want to face-off with Avengers 2 in the same summer. What if the film came out and Avengers 2 stole the summer again? It wouldn’t break the budding franchise but it could slow the momentum a bit.

    • I seriously doubt Avengers 2 and TJL will be released in the same year (I don’t think either one would want to go up against each other – why share the money…), but yeah, in a parallel universe where those movies would come out on the same day (or even just the same month) I have no doubt that Batman and Superman alone would beat the Avengers in terms of $$, not to mention the inclusion of GL, Flash and WW to boot…

      I honestly just hope both movies get made properly and get made SOON!

  3. When they were talking about TBL, all I heard was profanity. I couldn’t take that guy’s review seriously. :-/

    • Does profanity make things less serious? I had a guy once mug me and he used some pretty profane words and it sounded plenty serious.

    • I’ve mentioned it from time to time but the conversations are intended to be candid. Usually any profanity doesn’t hammer listeners over the head (I hope). However, once in awhile, someone will get fired up and it can, admittedly, be excessive.

      In general, I prefer to not put restrictions on anyone that we have on (guests either) – since I’d rather have panelists be comfortable and candid rather than feeling stiff and over-thinking their contributions.

      That all said, it’s good to know when we cross that line. We don’t want to alienate our readers or listeners either.

      • That’s alright. I’m not saying he should stop swearing. it just seemed to me that he was joking or exaggerating so much that I kinda got lost of what’s his real opinion on the movie. Dont worry, everything’s cool now.

        • Sounds like Anthony

    • How did you get out of the basement mom….

  4. :D LOL

  5. Anthony’s love for Ben Affleck continues & i’m surprised he didn’t make you guys talk about the Alf movie…

    JLA movie done right would make a boat load of money but Avengers money IDK about that, 200 plus million is so much money but Nolan’s Batman made 150 million twice, so a JLA movie with Batman & Superman done right(no easy task) would be pretty hard to beat…

    I feel like Joss Whedon would do a S.H.I.E.L.D show or Runaways I’d personally think a Runaways show could be compelling but it could turn out to be like No Ordinary Family or (seasons 2 to 4) and a S.H.I.E.L.D show would be hard to do because Nick Fury, Black Widow, Hawkeye, & Captain America would never appear so you just lost the potential big name a parts of a show…

    • I can’t talk about the possibility of an Alf movie without getting sick to my stomach – unless it’s an R-Rated comedy akin to Ted. But if they Smurf it up… I’ll be bummed.

  6. Things seemed to get tense early on in this episode. I agree Ben, I am a decent Chris Hemsworth fan too. Still a little skeptical on the whole Ben Affleck Justice League thing but can’t wait to see how Joss Whedon brings Marvel to the small screen.
    Box Office Battle:
    1.The Expendables 2
    2.Bourne Legacy
    4.The Campaign
    5.The Dark Knight Rises
    10.Ice Age: Continental Drift

    • Yah, Ant had some really strong (and controversial) opinions this round. I just wasn’t ready to let him get away with railroading Chris Hemsworth.

  7. Ben cursed……..is that what life has come to? Why’d you guys have to push him to that point???? WHY!?!? LEAVE HEMSWORTH ALONE! LEAVE TOTAL RECALL (2012) ALONE!

    ‘No that movie did NOT F***ing suck!’

    Jesus, Ben…JESUS

    • In fairness, I was quoting/directly replying to Rob! But yah, I lost my cool… defending Total Recall and Thor of all things/people.

      • Shhhhhh..it’s not your fault man. Its not your fault…

      • Anthony really got hot over Hemsworth. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” His voice got really high and I could actually hear him sweat during his CH rant…… hmmmm.

        In other words AO has a secret man-crush for Chris Hemsworth……. otherwise why get so worked up over him? It’s not like he been given an Oscar, or praised to the skys by critics.

        Everybody has their trigger. I personally really, really, dislike Leonardo DiCaprio. i can’t stand his acting. Any movie he is in is ruined for me. The only actor that bugs me more than him is Ashton Kutcher. i just want to punch him in the mouth.

    • No kidding, who said it doesn’t *CUSS* suck when it’s got 30% on RT and was a box office FAIL.

      Eat that, Ben, defender of crappy remakes.

      • No but Rob….Ben cursed. That’s like…never happened. I’m just worried now about the state of the world (Global warming & such) phew i gotta go for a bike ride or something

  8. I agree with you BK on your Bourne Legacy review, and I suspect with KO too…… from what little he said. I’m less in line with AO and RK on this one. Especially RK….. You really seemed to like this movie. It didn’t totally suck, but it was the weakest of the four. IMO

    And Anthony? You lucked out on the stinger chosen for you. Or should I say the stinger you chose for yourself. True Blood? It’s not even that bad. I was hoping you’d have to watch something like “Pink Flamingos” and eyeball the joyous panorama of a fat transvestite that eats dog poop. I’d be able to hear the shrill, weeping and sobbing all the way from Michigan!

    Maybe next time.

    • Oh, I didn’t love this one at all.

      The film was incomplete and I felt it didn’t portray how Aaron Cross handles situations properly, like the other films did successfully with Jason Bourne.

      I loved Aaron Cross and they had smart ideas. None of them went anywhere though and it was a waste.

      • I stand corrected. The enthusiasm I was hearing was for the Renner/Aaron Cross character. Got it.

  9. 1.Expendables 2
    2.Bourne Legacy
    3.The Campaign
    4. Dark knight rises
    10.Ice Age

  10. I think this was the most intense Screen Rant Underground podcast I’ve ever listened to – Anthony went pretty crazy there :P

    Box Office Battle:
    1. The Expendables 2
    2. The Bourne Legacy
    3. ParaNorman
    4.The Campaign
    5.The Dark Knight Rises
    10. Ted

  11. I thought the daredevil movie at the time was pretty good, course I like evanescence…but it was one of the very first hero films so lets go easy on it.

  12. Also Im iffy on paranorman. Im already gonna pass on frankenweenie because it looks predictable to me(and I hate burton) and I skipped coraline.
    One, ive had it with zombies and two, Im not sure how I feel about overly stylized characters especially in something like stop motion.

    • Cody – I have yet to see Paranorman myself but… I’ve heard REALLY good things. Frankenweenie is a pass for me as well.

  13. Box office battle
    1.Expendables 2
    3.The Bourne Legacy
    5.The Campaign
    10.Total Recall

  14. Another great podcast gentlemen! I love the candid nature of the show, regardless as to whether or not I agree with the content. As Anthony pointed out, it gives the readers an opportunity to better understand who the editors are as people, not just as writers.

    Unfortunately, I just started listening to the podcasts and I would love to go back to some of the older ones, however, I can’t seem to find them. Is there a back link to the older episodes?

    1. The Expendables 2
    2. Paranorman
    3. Bourne Legacy
    4. The Dark Knight Rises
    5. The Campaign

    10. Ted

    • Should be able to find them all here:

      • Thanks but this link only goes back to episode 26 or so. I can’t seem to find a way to navigate to the older ones.

  15. 1. Expendables 2
    2. The Bourne Legacy
    3. ParaNorman
    4. The Campaign
    5. The Odd Life of Timmothy Green

    10. Total Recall

  16. Just saying, The Campaign is rated R, not PG-13. They say “f***” alot, and a PG-13 movie can only say it once.


  18. How come no one talks about an aquaman movie.
    Its a cliche to say hes a joke now and proves nobodys read anything about him and know him from the superfriends days.
    I think if executed well it could be a great film, if done poorly yes it could be just another green lantern but hopefully theyve learned their lesson now that you cant half-a## this s##t by throwing around facts, having a big boss villain with no character or hiring ryan reynolds(reynolds is movie cancer) and expect it to go well.
    Plus yknow black manta.

    • I think we did touch on it at one point – and basically said it’d be a challenge. That said, if there’s one (fictional) thing we learned from Entourage – it’s that an Aquaman movie could be epic (and make a lot of money) if the right director/screenwriter figured out how to work around the logistics.

  19. I sure hope you guys were joking about this being one of your last episodes. Not sure I could live without your podcast.

    • Yah, I was definitely kidding. Glad you’re enjoying the show!

  20. Your podcast is great! congrats on the 1 year anniversary. Its been an honor to take this trip with you guys. I can’t believe its been a whole year
    PS I have lost track on all of anthony’s man crushes. Its gotta be over 15 LOL

    • Thanks Frank!

      We can put you in charge of the SRUnderground “bible” – where you track all of the totally insane stats for the show.