Matt Damon On ‘Bourne Legacy’ & the Future of the Bourne Franchise

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 Matt Damon On Bourne Legacy & the Future of the Bourne Franchise

Fans of the Bourne franchise are looking forward to seeing what Jeremy Renner brings to the gritty world of assassins, spies and government cover-ups in The Bourne Legacy this summer. With franchise scribe Tony Gilroy at the helm, most feel confident that the film will, at the very least, stay true to the tone that Bourne Identity director Doug Liman, Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass and Jason Bourne himself, Matt Damon, established in the first three films.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Damon at Comic-Con 2012 to talk about Elysium, his upcoming science fiction movie with Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9 (stay tuned for the full interview in the coming days). During the course of our discussion, we touched upon the Bourne franchise, his hopes for Bourne Legacy, and what his involvement may be in the future of the franchise.

There’s been talk about you joining Jeremy Renner in Bourne 5. Producer Frank Marshall said that was his dream, recently. Is that something that you’re interested in?

“You know, if they had a script, I mean I’d love it. Paul and I have talked about doing another one for years. We’ve been kind of dancing around it. We just never could find a story that we felt was good enough. And if we could, then we’d do it, and we’d do it in a second. We love the character, we love the world and I’d love to do it. But it’s always been…We don’t want to get into it like ‘Oh, you guys’ll figure it out,’ because then it just means years off of our lives. And the last movie was really, really tough. We had no script and we were making the movie for a release date on the fly. And at that budget it was really terrifying and stressful and there’s no reason to do that.

If there is a great movie to be made, then we can figure it out beforehand and then go make it, the way you always do. You know what I mean? But nobody’s ever come forward with that script, so we’ll see. I mean I want to do it, but we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. I bet this one’ll be a big hit, though.”

Do you mean The Bourne Legacy?

“This one this summer, with Jeremy(Renner), yeah. He’s awesome, and you know, he’s one of my favorite actors and I believe him in that world. You know, when Paul and I talked about maybe doing one, years ago, where we pass it off to somebody so the franchise can continue with someone else, Renner was the first guy that we talked about.”

It’s a nice coincidence that Damon and Greengrass apparently had faith in Renner before he was even considered for the role of Aaron Cross in Bourne Legacy. Ultimately, the film will provide the Bourne franchise with fresh faces, a new (albeit familiar enough) story, and hopefully some fresh creative spin on the action, as envisioned by Tony Gilroy. Not a bad proposition.

The Bourne Legacy opens in theaters on August 10th.

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  1. cant wait for Legacy! Damon and Renner in Bourne 5 would be awesome!!!

    • Will NOT even entertain the thought of supporting a Bourne movie (one of my all-time favorites without Matt Damon!!! Are you kidding me?

    • Please don’t bring Daqmon back, saw the movie today and Renner should of played Bourne in all the movies. He is a FAR,FAR better actor then Damon and now that they have the prememise established why ruin it, unless you bring Damon back and Renner kills him in the first 5 minutes don’t ruin the beginning of what i believe will be the first of many Bourne movies done by Renner.

      • While you are entitled to your wishful thinking that Matt Damon should not have been in the franchise but renner should be the star.
        The public decides otherwise. Renner is a great and convincing actor but it’s silly in my view to diminish Damon’s acting skills in his character as Bourne. I was not impressed with the Bourne Legacy. It takes entirely too long to tell a story and as much as they talked about Bourne I was expecting him to make an appearance. Cheers.

    • Would love to see Matt Damon with Jeremy Renner in Bourne 5. Just think of the plot possibilities. It’s a win win situation!

      • I can’t wait to see damon and renner in bourne 5… imagine what they will do in bourne 5

  2. Will watch it on Netflix when available.

  3. LOL Bourne Legacy looks good enough but I will miss Matt Damon.

  4. Judging by Damon’s comments about Gilroy’s first Bourne Ultimatum screenplay, I think he would like to see someone else come in with a fresh perspective on the Bourne world.

    • Matt’s comments in that interview were later noted by the interviewer. Matt called her after the interview and while not taking them back. He acknowledged it was between him and Gilroy. Matt should not have taken it public. Matt’s beef was Gilroy received a sizeable sum of money for turning in a basic script for Bourne 4 by a predetermined date. The script according to Matt was a joke. Matt felt Gilroy let everyone down by turnin in a hatchett job just to receive a check for turning in the script by a certain date. Gilroy is talented and Matt felt like it wasn’t professional of Gilroy. If Film is a hit likely water under the bridge between the two..

      • @Tim in Indy who wrote: “Matt’s beef was Gilroy received a sizeable sum of money for turning in a basic script for Bourne 4 by a predetermined date. The script according to Matt was a joke. Matt felt Gilroy let everyone down by turnin in a hatchett job just to receive a check for turning in the script by a certain date. Gilroy is talented and Matt felt like it wasn’t professional of Gilroy.”

        Actually, the script was for “The Bourne Ultimatum.” Gilroy turned in a script, took the money, and then refused to do any re-writes. As Matt Damon and others involved in the process have said, that script was literally re-written on set during the shoot, page by page. Universal had to bring in Scott Z. Burns, George Nolfi, and Tom Stoppard (who was uncredited). At first Tony Gilroy was so angered by the re-writes, he appealed to the WGA (Writers Guild of America) to have his name removed from the film, then when the film got good pre-release press, he appealed to the WGA to have only ‘his’ name listed in the credits. I think Damon was too kind in his interview.

        The 4th Bourne film Damon and Greengrass walked away from was a Jason Bourne story set in one of Robert Ludlum’s earlier novels. George Nolfi wrote that script. It was ‘not’ “The Bourne Legacy.”

  5. This looks better without Damon!! I’ll just see it and think about, hopefully it’ll be AWESOME!!

  6. He said we didn’t have a script, basically bashing it. And I agree, he didn’t have that many lines in ultimatum.

  7. Without the character Jason Bourne in a a movie titled ‘Bourne Legacy’… well that’s just not right. Seems like they are milking the franchise by now.

    • Yeah, that’s why its called Bourne LEGACY. Look it up.

    • Well, have you actually read the books? Bourne isn’t in all of them despite them belonging to one series.

    • The movie is called the Bournce Legacy because it’s all about the LEGACY that Bourne left behind…
      The title makes perfect sense if you actually think about it and read the movie’s synopsis.

    • Hav you seen the trailer? My understanding is the plot is in the same timeline as 2007 film. While Bourne is running around there is another agent (Renner) being chased.

    • @ George. Agree with your comment.

  8. somehow, someway Matt Damon has to come back as J.BOURNE there’s more sequels to come


  9. As long as the camera isn’t shaking retardedly during the action scenes, I’ll be going to see it.

    • tha director said they used steadycams for the movie, so there’s good news!! We should see the action very clearly now. ^_^

  10. “after his performance as Hawkeye in Avengers, a lot more people share that faith”

    Uhhhh I’m gonna have to say – No.

    Renner is a brilliant actor, and I believe he has a bright career ahead of him. But let’s be real, he barely had anything to do in the Avengers, and what we saw wasn’t exactly the most memorable part of the film. He was so unmemorable, and unimportant in that film that one could even make a case that Nick Fury was more of the sixth Avenger than Hawkeye was in the film.

    • You and me must’ve seen two very different movies, then.

    • He was great in The Avengers!! And more people know Renner now cuz of that movie. But I do wish he had more screen time.

  11. Everything I’ve seen of The Bourne Legacy looks great. If anyone can carry the franchise on, it’s Renner. Sorry to say but the franchise was pretty much played out with Damon, where else is there to go? The introduction of Aaron Cross breathes new life into it, and I’m there all the way.

  12. Matt must be wanted person for next sequels… We cant image BOURNE without Damon… He is the perfect Jason Bourne.

    • I am there all the way with u it wont be the same without damen and I don’t see how they could continue the story bc of the end of 3 without him Matt damen is one of my favorite actors and the series is one of my favorites as well I wanna see the new movie but I feel I will be disappointed with it bc of the changes

      • If he’s one of your favorite actors… Learn to spell his name. Dipshit

  13. i am really excited for legacy, but it would be cool to see renner and damon in the next one

  14. i think legacy looks pretty good, i can’t wait to see it

  15. Love these movies. Jeremy Renner is talented and I’m confident in his ability to carry on the franchise.

  16. Bourne without Bourne is laughable.

  17. I mother said she’s not watching the new Bourne movie if Matt Damon is not in it. Not even gonna glance at it.
    I agree with her 100%.

    • Agreed

  18. jeremy renner was great as hawkeye in the avengers he will be amazing in the bourne legacy i cant wait to see the movie and future movies he will make hes a very talented actor :)

  19. renner is a rising star i have faith in him

  20. Renner is a good actor but Matt Damon is the Bourne franchise and as good as this new film looks i can’t see it being the full ticket without him!! Love Jason Bourne and love Matt Damon :)

  21. I will not watch Bourne Legacy. Bourn is Matt Damon. Renner was great in the hurt locker, but added nothing to Tom Cruise’s latest movie. I read long ago why Matt refused to do this movie and agree with him 100%.

    • could not disagree more about renner

  22. I think it’ll be beyond awesome if Matt and Jeremy can be some ass-kicking duo in Bourne 5, if that’s possible. I HOPE IT HAPPENS

  23. Watched bourne legacy and it was awesome!! Just go buy a ticket watch and see for yourselves.. ;)) couple of dollars wont hurt your pocket unless u guys are just all talk ;D

  24. Matt was given success commercially through the Boourne franchise. he has not had a big hit since leaving. I understand the artistic value of acting but commercial value is nize and the Bourne franchise provided both. Matt’s political choices and movie choices have been poor since leaving Bourne. Come back Matt.

  25. I am a hugh fan of all the Jason Bourne movies EXCEPT this one. There was no plot or story. The movie was a big fraud! They used the Bourne name to sell tickets to a movie that Sucked. It tarnished the Bourne Brand.

  26. Spoiler!….Overall left a lot to be desired but not awful. Fight scenes were pretty unclear. Assassin after renner dies in really bad computer generated somersault. Norton and renner were pretty good though.

  27. Sorry, Legacy was horrible. Nothing made sense, the ending, oh god the ending, abrupt, they should have left this one alone. I like Renner well enough, loved the Hurt Locker, but this was something that was thrown together. It lacked substance, was poorly thought out, I never bought these actors in this world except Rachel Weise, even Edward Norton looked like he was reeling from that Hulk movie. They should have spent this time getting a tight, concise story together so they could have brought back Damon and Greengrass. Jesus now I cannot wait for Skyfall to come out to get a action fix.

  28. Matt
    damon is Jason bourne

  29. I have to say I was dissapointed. I wrote a few things that I disliked about the film here:

    Check it out and see if you agree!!