New ‘Bourne Legacy’ Images; Director Tony Gilroy Talks Shaky-Cam

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With all the recent talk of Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye in The Avengers, it’s easy to forget that he’ll be playing Jason Bourne’s replacement just three months later in The Bourne Legacy. Including Mission Impossible 4, that’s three secret agent roles for the actor in the last ten months alone.

Recently, new Bourne Legacy images hit the Internet – giving us our first look at the villain of the film, played by Edward Norton – as did an interview with the film’s director and writer, Tony Gillroy (Michael Clayton).

Courtesy of MTV and Kinopoisk, the images don’t reveal much, but they do give off a vaguely understated Bourne-esque vibe. Probably the most revealing image (and really, revealing is a bit of a stretch in this case) is the one showcasing Renner and Norton, face-to-face, looking all intense. One wonders what they’re so intense about!

Besides that, there’s a picture of a bearded Renner looking down the scope of a sniper rifle and a much larger version of the first official image released.

Check them out below (and click to enlarge):


Tony Gilroy Interview

The writer/director of the film, Tony Gilroy – who was also responsible for writing the screenplays for the previous Bourne films – talked to MTV about whether or not Legacy is a different film experience from that of Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum:

“Very much. Oh my God, yeah, for a whole bunch of reasons.”

But what does that mean of the other films? How does Legacy tie in?

“Everything that happened before was not a dream. Everything that happened was completely real, but you thought you knew what was going on. You thought you were seeing the world, and this movie is telling you that there’s a much larger world, a much larger conspiracy beyond this. The events of the other three films are incredibly present, but they’re not really in this very much. What happens in ‘Ultimatum’ is really the spark that’s blowing open the door to this movie because the Jason Bourne story is exploding out into the public. Being impossible to conceal it any further is causing problems for this much larger conspiracy. ‘Ultimatum’ plays in the background of the very beginning of this film.”

As to whether or not The Bourne Legacy will be employing the patented shaky-cam action style of the last two Bourne films, Gilroy said:

“Everybody in the world ripped us off. [The shaky-cam has] been done to death at this point. It’s on TV three nights a week, much less Bond and everything else. The worst thing that could have been done would be to just slavishly follow some cookie-cutter pattern of visual style and storytelling style. It’s a bigger movie in the terms of the journey of it and the scale of it and the amount of stories in it and where it’s going. The great thing about Jason Bourne was that he was claustrophobically stuck down and trying to figure out this moral question. The whole second film is about an apology. It’s really about this guy trying to morally come to grips with the conflict between who he thinks he is and what he’s done. This character in ['The Bourne Legacy'] has no moral conflict whatsoever. Jeremy Renner’s character has the reverse of amnesia. He knows exactly where he’s come from. He knows exactly what the stakes are if he doesn’t achieve his journey. It’s a very different tone, yet it will be very rewarding to people. You should be able to see the movie and not see any of them before. It’s been kind of ironic. The people that were having the most trouble getting their heads around the fact that we were doing this are actually the people who I think will ultimately be the most happy about what we’re doing. It has a lot of payback for the true fans.”

As a filmgoer who much preferred Michael Clayton to the first and last Bourne films – although they were pretty good, too – I’m firmly in the camp that’ll be giving The Bourne Legacy a fair shake.

How about yourselves, Screen Ranters? Will you be seeing this one in theaters, or is the lack of Matt Damon and Jason Bourne enough to keep you away?

The Bourne Legacy, which will co-star Rachel Weisz, Joan Allen, Oscar Isaac, Corey Stoll, David Strathairn, Albert Finney, Scott Glenn, and Stacy Keach, hits theaters August 3rd, 2012.


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Sources: MTV, Kinopoisk [via The Wrap & Slash Film]

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  1. I’m in.

  2. This is the most ridiculous resequel of all time, the complete and total lack of Hollywood’s imagination on show for all to see.

    You want to make another Bourne movie? Fine, there are plenty more books and places to take the character. You want to put Jeremy Renner in the lead? Absolutely, he’s a solid actor and a star on the rise.
    But why, oh why, couldn’t they have just cast him as Bourne, take the franchise down the Bond route (much as Bond has taken the Bourne route) and get a new actor for the lead part?

    Because maybe at some time in the unforseen future, Matt Damon might want to return to the role, and he will only do so if his special friend Paul Greengrass returns as well. Sorry but no, the franchise doesn’t need Greengrass, he turned into an unwatchable mess, Identity remains the only great Bourne, Supremacy has its moments but it began the death of holding a camera still and helped usher in an era of super fast cuts that make your eyes bleed.

    • I disagree 100%.

      I much prefer the exploration of new characters and expanding the world of the story, in favor of just recasting the character and making it a James Bond scenario. That would have felt a lot less genuine to me.

      And referencing the books is pointless, because none of the movies were adaptations of the books.

    • True, but the director still didn’t say that he’ll be using the stupid shaky camera or not. Still i’m not going to watch this, the trailer clearly tells you that this movie won’t promise anything but fighting.

  3. It’s the equivalent of making a new James Bond movie and not having James Bond in it. Pointless to the extreme.

    • It’s called The Bourne LEGACY for a reason. Jason Bourne doesn’t have to be in the movie. And besides, JR is playing a different character. Be open-minded.

      • It’s called Bourne LEGACY because that’s what the fourth book is titled.

  4. I’ll definitely go see this movie and decide for myself whether it’s a worthy sequel or simply rehashing what Matt Damon did in the previous Bourne movies.

  5. I don’t see why people are against this. Renner is awesome, the story is a direct consequence to the original trilogy, the character is the complete opposite of Bourne; why not let this character be established in the same universe? Either they go down seperate roads, or eventually pit the two leads against each other, making it hard to root for one or the other. Either way, I’m in!

  6. I like all of the other Bourne movies. I like the idea of seeing more of the Bourne universe. Dont care that Matt Damon isnt back. Dont care that the character Jason Bourne isnt back. Jeremy Renner is a must see for me right now. Im in.

  7. lol Hawkeye and Banner

    • LOL maybe its a prequel to The Avengers.

  8. i like how they didnt just recast renner as bourne, because now matt can hopefully reprise the role in the future. and i wasnt to happy about it when i first heard about it, but after seeing the cast and the teaser i am in!!!

  9. I’d just love to see some director film a fight scene one time as a long take or with a fixed camera or a slowly moving camera just to stick to the shaky-cam lovers. That way, you emphasize the choreography of the fight to tell the story as opposed to excessive camera movement and editing to make the fight or sequence more exciting than it really is. Or even, someone should just do it as a test. Grab a couple of stuntmen or pro fighters, and film a quick 5 minute one-camera fight with no cuts and little movement.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

    • Check out “The Protector” with Tony Jaa. There’s a brilliant fight scene that’s filmed in one shot, and it lasts over 5 minutes. Western directors need to take some clues from Thai action films.

      • Agreed. I’m not sure how recasting the character and artificially extending the franchise/story would automatically give this “sequel” a better chance at being good than just telling a story about a new character within that same world. What, pray tell, is so inherently bad about the latter scenario?

      • yeah i cant recall ever seeing shaky cam in a jackie chan film. they are usually nice wide shots that let see whats actually going on!

    • Have a look at that:

      And as for the question of wether or not Bourne Legacy uses shaky-cam or not: what is it now? All I see up there is just some verbal slithering to avoid actually answering the question. I assume the suits up top wanted shaky-cam but the director didn’t want to admit that it’s in there, because he knows people actually hate it.

  10. I’m so Avengers obsessed right now that when I see that picture of Norton & Renner I imagine the conversation their having is something like this.
    Norton- “Hey, how was it on the set of The Avengers?”
    Renner- “It was sick. How did you mess that up?”
    Norton- “I am an actor, and I felt I could tap into the inner rage of The Hulk. But they though I was difficult.”
    Renner- ” It’s The Hulk bro. Hulk Smash. It’s that easy. Ruffalo nailed it.”
    Norton- “Don’t you dear mention his name around me!! Wahahahaha!!”
    Norton runs off set.
    Yup I’m bored :)

    • it shows how bored i am by reading that pointless comment.

    • haahhahaahahhah I completely forgot for a moment that Renner and Norton would have been in that movie together, now this is really funny. btw, Norton is personal friends with Mark Ruffalo, so he has no problem letting him play the role. not to kill the buzz, but yeah. its still hilarious bro, great work!

    • LOL
      Ha ha, I also immediately thought of Hawkeye when I looked at the photo of Renner.
      Totally with your anticipation for Avengers.

  11. I’m damn well seeing this one. Renner kicks Ass! From the little bit that I’ve seen from the Trailer I already like Cross more than Bourne. The part I like about how this all fits in, is that when I re-watch the Bourne films after watching this one I’ll know what’s going on behind the scenes. In my opinion it makes the older films that much more enjoyable.

  12. LOL The Avengers comes out before my bro’s B-Day and The Bourne Legacy comes out before my B-Day. If the world really ends, at least I’ll die happy. :D

  13. I will possibly watch this on Netflix. Probably not good enough to buy the DVD for, and I rarely go to theaters, and not for this one. Probably worth a peek, though.

  14. Death to the shaky-cam. I despise it. Worst gimmick ever.

  15. It will be awesome when they in a sequel bring Damon and Renner together, it will truly become a clash of the titans

  16. I’m soo in for this film. I am a big fan of the Bourne movies and expansion of the Bourne universe is great.

  17. He knows exactly where he comes from… sooo he’s cool with being a cold blooded killer? Gna be hard to sympathise with a murderer on the run from other murderers…

  18. I am going to take a chance to see this movie. I am hoping that he doesn’t use that ridiculous stupid asinine shaky camera crap.
    directors who do not know how to shoot action will you shaky camera to make it seem like there’s more action going on what really is. will see if this guy’s learn how to shoot a action yet or not. where he still is using shakey cam, if so I may I leave in the first 30 minutes in ask for my money back we’ll see hopefully these idiot directors in hollywood will learn theres a thing called a steadicam we can actually see the action going on.