‘Bourne Legacy’ TV Trailer: Edward Norton Wants Jeremy Renner Dead

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The Bourne Legacy takes place in the same universe as the Jason Bourne trilogy, but revolves around a different, highly-lethal government assassin named Aaron Cross (The Avengers‘ Jeremy Renner). Bourne’s exposure of Treadstone’s illicit deeds motivates one of the program’s co-heads (Edward Norton) to initiate a kill order, so as to remove every shred of “evidence” that could be used against his government peers in court – including, Noah Vosen and Dr. Albert Hirsch (David Strathairn and Albert Finney, reprising their Bourne Ultimatum roles).

Such “evidence” includes Agent Cross and the scientist (Rachel Weisz) responsible for altering his genetic structure, making Cross (quite literally) a super-human killing machine. The two team up in order to stay alive and seek refuge overseas. But with a multitude of government spooks on their tail, how long can the pair hope to stay alive?

Bourne Legacy co-writer/director Tony Gilroy (who co-penned the Bourne trilogy) has been keen to emphasize that this fourth installment is about expanding the breadth of the Bourne movie universe (BMU?). It’s for that reason that the film’s trailers and TV spots have recycled the same self-aware piece of dialogue ad nauseum (“You think Jason Bourne was the whole story?”). The idea, basically, is that whoever’s watching could still be under the mistaken assumption that Bourne Legacy is a franchise reboot – and needs to be assured the film isn’t a do-over, with Renner replacing Matt Damon as the eponymous character (a la Amazing Spider-Man).

jeremy renner bourne legacy trailer Bourne Legacy TV Trailer: Edward Norton Wants Jeremy Renner Dead

Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz in 'The Bourne Legacy'

It becomes tedious, having to listen to the same key bits of exposition throughout the Bourne Legacy marketing campaign. However, when you take those out of the equation, it’s easier to see how an uninformed person could watch a Bourne Legacy promo and assume the film’s just a direct remake. That’s partly due to Hollywood’s trend of rebooting (seemingly) every other recent franchise in existence, but also because much of the Bourne Legacy action is partially recycled from previous installments (rooftop foot-chases, motorbike chases set in crowded areas, etc.).

Moving past the marketing: Bourne Legacy does boast a great cast, and Renner on a hot streak after his turns in Mission: Impossible 4 and Avengers. Moreover, the film’s story comes off as a logic extension of the previous Bourne movies, and sets the stage for what appear to be slick set pieces and action scenes – minus Paul Greengrass’ intentionally disarrayed camerawork/editing from the previous two Bourne films (a definite plus, for some people). So that’s all promising enough.

The Bourne Legacy opens in U.S. theaters on August 10th, 2012.

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  1. renner’s awesome

  2. I have to say that when I heard about this film without Damon I scoffed at it, however, this approach is appealing to me now and Renner has me on board with the recent trailers. Can’t wait to see this.

  3. Still not sold. Don’t like supersoldier genetic chromosone bs.
    No offense to Renner but I want Jason Bourne in a Bourne movie. Jason Bourne the regular guy that uses his instincts in a tough situation. The guy that brings a magazine, pen or a book to a knife/gun fight and comes out on top. This looks good enough I guess but I’m gonna miss the little things that makes the trilogy so special.

  4. Gonna see this movie for my birthday even though it has been delayed for one more week. I have no plans on seeing “Total Remake”.

    • “Total Remake”

      *crickets chirping*

  5. And about the genetic experiments, isn’t that the BLACK BRIER/BRYER program the reporter was talking about in The Bourne Ultimatum?

  6. i can’t wait for this,with this cast how could this not be great

  7. Oh god, Edward Norton is in this ?! Forget it…will wait for dvd. Hey Norton, u see what you get for being a prick ? You miss out in being in the 3rd biggest movie in history. HAAAAA HA AH !!!!

    • @al

      He’s a prick for something he didn’t do to you?

    • you’re not seeing this just because of one actor? -__-‘

  8. renner has proven himself to be a great actor,this is going to be really good

  9. i really have liked the trailers for this, i think this is going to be pretty good

  10. Renner looks Bad Ass !

  11. i dont doubt renner as an action star, but i do doubt is the dodgy camera work and poor editing in previous bourne movies that made them almost unbearable. if they can improve on said faults then this will be a decent action movie, if not then i shall wait for the ones directed and edited by people that can do their damn jobs properly and dont just suck the producers off any chance they get.

  12. Was onboard the minute I heard Renner was cast as the lead and I’m even more excited for it now. The trailer looks badass. I’m sick of the whining about Matt Damon not being in it. He’s not and that’s that, get over it already. Let’s see what the new character Alex Cross is all about.

    • Oops, Aaron Cross I meant.

    • I know. The Bourne Facebook page still has many people that say NO DAMON, NOT WATCHING and NOT THE SAME WITHOUT MATT DAMON over and over!! It’s like they’re saying it as a protest slogan. -_-‘

  13. isn’t it ironic how edward norton used to be hunted by the government/military and now hes’ the one hunting the super soilder himself!

    • maybe he’s trying to catch Hawkeye and have him convince SHIELD to have Ed as Hulk and replace Ruffalo. ^_^

  14. renners awesome,and it’s a major plus there is no shaky cam this time around

  15. how great would it be if they did a sequel to the bourne legacy and replaced norton with mark ruffalo

    • da hell!?? this aint avengers….

  16. Ummmmmmmmm…… not gonna lie this is a bit of a disappointment im pretty sure Matt Damon is a better Jason Bourne/ Aron cross than this guy…..also dont switch people in mid story.

    • Trololol. 😉

    • didn`t you see the part of the trailer or another one with Jason bourne`s identity picture on a cellphone or something???This guy`s Aoron Cross

      • oops i meant to reply to Trololol

  17. Where is Matt Damon?

  18. WHATTTTTTTT???????????? lol i wish jason bourne was back in a film based off his last name