Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 12, 2012

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Bourne Legacy tops the box office Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 12, 2012

The Bourne Legacy will rule the box office chart, grossing an estimated $40 million over the weekend. The film finds itself in an odd position – having lost its main character (and star Matt Damon), pitching itself as more of a side-quel, than a sequel.

Damon has a proven box office track record, while The Bourne Legacy’s Jeremy Renner doesn’t, despite having starred in hits like Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and The Avengers. Do average moviegoers even know his name? Having said that, The Bourne Legacy’s opening gross is above that of franchise starter, The Bourne Identity. That film opened to $27 million in 2002, topping out at $121 million. Its sequel, The Bourne Supremacy debuted to $52 million, reaching a final tally of $176 million, while 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum opened to a massive $69 million, attaining a final box office take of more than $227 million.

At this point it’s difficult to see how The Bourne Legacy (read our review) will play out at the box office, it carries a $125 million price tag, so it will need to gross more than $100 million domestic, and make good money at the foreign box office if they want the series to continue with Renner. Then again, they can always bring back Matt Damon…

The Campaign opens in second place Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 12, 2012

The runner-up spot this week will go to political comedy The Campaign (read our review). The Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis team-up (formally called Rivals) should gross $27.4 million over the weekend, a number which puts it at the lower-end of Ferrell’s comedy efforts. Political comedies are always difficult to gauge, especially in an election year, but it’s safe to assume that the film won’t be a massive hit on the international circuit.

Mega-hit The Dark Knight Rises dropped to third place, grossing an estimated $19.5 million, raising its cume to just over $390 million. It’s a fantastic number, but its final figure will fall below The Dark Knight’s $533 million gross. Globally, the film is on course to bank more than $1 billion.

Meryl Streep’s latest summer counter programmer, Hope Springs should bank over $15.6 million – raising its gross to over $20 million following a mid-week debut. It could potentially come near $100 million by the end of its run.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days looks like it might secure $8.2 million over the weekend, a number which brings its total to $30 million. It’s on course to be the lowest grossing film in the franchise – it would appear that the Dog Days have indeed ended for the Wimpy Kid.

Total Recall looks set to gross just $8.1 million on its second weekend. That would give the Colin Farrell starrer a $44 million total – it looks like this remake is going to be recalled from theaters soon.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift should raise its cume to over $144 million, after scoring another $6.7 million.

Ted is still going strong, raising its cume to just under $210 million – after grossing $3.2 million.

Step Up Revolution should dance away with $2.8 million, bringing its total to $30 million – about $3 million less than its production budget.

Comedy bomb The Watch continues to go un-watched, grossing $2.2 million for a $31 million total, a number which (considering its stars) it should have scored on its opening weekend.

The Amazing Spider-Man also grossed $2.2 million and upped its gross to $255 million.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. So despite costing more to make , it looks like Total Recall remake will actually make LESS money that 1990 original. It almost as big an embarrassment as the recent Conan reboot . That’ll teach hollywood for endless pointless remakes.

    Slightly surprised with Bourne’s opening – was kinda hoping the film would flop , but it looks like it may become a moderate success.

    Not completely convinced yet that TDKR will get to a billion.I think $900 or so sounds about right.

  2. I figured TDKR would last longer on the top. I guess too many people didn’t like it.

    • if Nolan had crafted a better story more people would have liked it

      • The Colorado shooting (my deepest condolences to all families involved in that horrible act) definitely effected 20-30% of possible sales. My neighbor,friend of mines mother and few random others I have run accross have not seen TDKR because of the shooting and all the copycatters who have emerged.

        I wouldnt be suprised if WB re-released TDKR exclusively for IMAX in the winter.

        • Yeah the shooting DEFINTELY affected the numbers. Still, I don’t think The Dark Knight Rises SHOULD even gross a billion. Maybe 900 million, but quiet honestly, even though it was a solid film, I don’t really think that, unlike The Avengers or The Dark Knight, it deserves to get a billion. But that’s just me.

        • DKR definitely was in for a better run had the shooting not occurred. The Hollywood analysts state about 20%-30% but not sure how they arrived at that number. Regardless, I’ve spoke with many people that stated they wanted to see DKR but didn’t because of the shooting. Sounds stupid but sheep are sheep and the media really didn’t let go of this story so they could get every sensationalized rating out of it possible. Had the shooting not occurred I think DKR would be at least 425 – 450 million in the US right now.

          Also, combined DKR will make well over 1 billion. It has not even opened in some major overseas markets (some due to postponement).

          I hope the shooter receives the death penalty for costing DRK so much money!

          • C’mon playa. What about the families?

            Life of someone i dont know >>> my most anticpated movie

        • I think, yes, TDKR suffered a bit from the shooting BUT the thing I felt about it where it failed was that it wasn’t a very fun re-watchable movie. Replay value is one of the most valuable things a movie can have for hitting box office gold. I did like TKDR when I watched it, but had NO desire to go back and sit through it again. Whereas I definitely wanted to see the Avengers and even the Amazing Spider-Man again.

          Dark Knight did have that replay value thanks to Heath Ledger’s Joker.

      • Yeah. 830 million on it’s fourth weekend, obviously this film is massively unpopular!

      • Nolan, et all, DID craft an excellent story.

  3. it looks like some people intentionally hated TDKR from the beginning just to prove supremacy of Avengers even after that if it reaches 1 billion its very big achievement

    • Whats comicbook movies w/o fanboy war? lol

      • “One step closer to peace on earth…” – The Avenger, a naive child ;)

  4. It’s not that people hate it or are trying to prove a point.From what I’ve heard people are staying away because of the shooting,and waiting for the DVD,which is sad.I hate it when people become sheeple.

    • I don’t think the shootings had all that big an effect. I don’t know anyone who skipped it due to the shootings. I do, however, know several people that are waiting for blu-ray because they’ve heard it’s not that good.

  5. As The Watch shows, we pay less attention to stars than story. The Watch has stars in a stupid story.

  6. It doesn’t matter that Jeremy Renner has less ‘star power’ than Matt Damon. I just saw the new Bourne movie last night and Renner was terrific. Frankly, I’m not surprised. I remember back a good 10 years ago when he guested on an episode of the tv series Angel; he was a stand-out even then. You can tell he’s talented. And anyone who has seen him in The Hurt Locker can say the same. He’s fantastic. At any rate, the new Bourne film was slightly predictable at times, but it didn’t matter because Renner made it riveting to watch.

    I don’t think there needs to be a comparison. Matt was great in the Bourne series, and Renner holds his own as well. And I don’t think this gives anything away to say that the new film has some excellent set-up story threads that could easily be woven so that both Matt and Jeremy work together in a future Bourne film. They would be amazing together. I would watch that film in a heartbeat.

    • yeah, same here. The Bourne/Cross team up would be AWESOME!! But it all depends if Damon is willing to come back if the movie is to be made without Greengrass.

    • Damon peaked with his fantastic performance in Team America. I doubt he will ever do that well again.

    • I saw Bourne and enjoyed it. I appreciated the continuity with the earlier shows. Without giving anything away, I definitely wanted to travel to Jeremy Renner’s locations. Fantastic.

  7. Wouldn’t be suprised if TDKR comes back on top next week.

    “Why do we fall Bruce?”

  8. How do you intentionally hate something? I hate it because it’s too long, pretentious, predictable and boring.

    • I LOVE IT! Superb film. A triumph. Exhilarating. Spellbinding.

      • I don’t know about “spellbinding”, but I can definitely agree on “superb”, “triumph” and “exhilarating” – awesome movie :D

        • Lol, i couldn’t take my eyes away if my life depended on it. Beautiful cinematography, spellbinding indeed to me.

          • Agreed…brilliant story; brilliant visual presentation; brilliant acting.

    • I agree. The ending was solid but the first two hours could have been condensed for better pacing and a more gripping story. TDKR just didn’t maintain the energy of TDK because the timeline of the latter was significantly longer. Granted, having a whole city under siege is a new level for comic movies and it had an impressive parallel to the French Revolution and the dangers of anarchy, but if Nolen could have portrayed that in 2hours as opposed to nearly 3, I think TDKR would have had a stronger impact on the audience.

      • Agreed completely ^^

    • The word pretentious is raped these days.

      Oh noo, it takes itself seriously, what a snob piece of s***!

      • In this case, and everybody knows it, Nolan was trying to preach a bit with this movie. It just showed, and that’s why the word pretentious is a bit appropriate in this case IMO.

        I agree that the word is raped these days but in this case, I think TDKR does deserve to be called that a little bit. I still liked it though, but it would have had a stronger impact if it had been a bit more condensed.

  9. nialle browne,”Globally, the film is on course to bank more than $1 billion.” meaning the film has made almost that much? next time i`d specify how as close to exact as you can get how much the films have made globally. wow, i guess films like TDKR, TAS, and bourne legacy aren`t climbing very rapidly are they? that`s good because less people are watching them to save the money of more people from being wasted. Because let`s face it, those films were weak, weren`t they? Both TAS and bourne legacy have set up for a sequel, but bourne has more of a story to show than spidey, it looks. The government is on to shoot the Aoron cross and Rachel Weisz`s character, and there`s a content story to understand in that film to see if it`s believable in an impressive way. Looks like the only reason to watch TAS is for a little fun and thrill and to see that after credits scene. All 3 of those films were weak in a sense in which by watching it again it`d be a weak experience, people might think. But the characters were very weakly and rarely developed and didn`t show much realism so it comes to show, not all films can be exceptionally thrilling. The shooting in aurora, really? no it`s because the film wasn`t good enough. But wait, TDKR does set up for a spinoff for John Blake`s “Nightwing” or something as I`ve heard, but like the bourne legacy, would they like to see a character originate from the franchise of a different one? I`d hate to see a new masked vigilante take up the mantle of an old one that has become such a legend, so this should`ve done a ton more to be the greatest film of all time or 5 stars. Man in my lifetime I`ve never seen one film that was so thrilling it doesn`t suck atleast quite a bit the next time you see it. Atleast the better it is, the more money it`ll make and more people will see it in theaters before waiting for it to be free on amazon or netflix or youtube, then as it climbs you can set up for a greater sequel. If it`s good to see once then it should be recommended to others to be see just once, there`s plenty of people to entertain in this world to very well outdo the cost of making the film to make a better one. Then more people will see the sequel and it`s a good way to make life easier and more fun. Maybe it`s because it`s expensive to see a film, or a recognizable percentage of this world are new-born babies and elderly or middle aged women. But it comes to show, the stronger and funner a ride and engaging a story is, the more popularity it will have. I think people are lazy to make such a film, and that`s why I`ve never seen one.

    • TL;DR

      • Too Long; Didnt Read.

        Im estatic that i got that. Dont judge me!

  10. sorry if i read my comment again I`d know what language@grammar mistakes i made, i was kind of rushing.

  11. Maybe it’s not making as much money be size the word of mouth isn’t that good. Just sayin. Oh and I Lold at the above commentator who said the Aurora shooter should get the death penalty just “for costing TDKR so much money”…WOW. Fanboy, much?

    • It’s actually doing great.

    • Oh, and yeah, i LOLd too, at the guy saying the film doesn’t deserve a billion, like the Avengers did. Like REALLY? Fanboy much?

      • Yeah, dont get me wrong, it’s doing really well, but weren’t we expecting more ? Wasn’t this movie supposed to “crush Avatar”? (That’s an actual comment I read here a long time ago haha)

        • That was actually a comment by one of the ridiculously overzealous fans that ALL such hyped films must encounter and survive. There were people who said that “The Avengers” was the BEST film ever made in cinematic history and those who claimed the Nolan trilogy is a badly-made, easily forgotten trilogy (as well as vice-versa, in the extreme, for both)…Surely, you didn’t take THOSE comments seriously either?

  12. I actually liked the movie, despite the reviews.
    I watched The Campaign here

    It’s hilarious. Don’t listen to the hype

  13. I did NOT expect the Wimpy Kid to make more than Total Recall… that was quite a shock.

  14. LOL. Totally!

  15. Go Spiderman!

  16. I enjoyed Total Recall, even if it was different from Arnie’s version. The theatre had a grand total of 6 people, sadly.