‘Bourne 5′ Gets Former ‘Logan’s Run’ Screenwriter

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Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy1 Bourne 5 Gets Former Logans Run Screenwriter
Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman began a new age of covert agent movies with 2002’s The Bourne Identity. In the wake of the increasingly-silly Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond films, Liman’s initial go at the character – created by novelist Robert Ludlum – starred Matt Damon as an amnesiac special operative, who exploree his unexpected skill-set while attempting to regain his life and identity. Damon went on to headline two blockbuster sequels – Supremacy and Ultimatum – both directed by Paul Greengrass (Captain Phillips), which eschewed Identity‘s sense of heightened reality for a “gritty” and “grounded” tone augmented by Greengrass’ patented shaky-cam.

All three installments were written by Michael Clayton writer-director Tony Gilroy, who stepped in to helm the Damon-less sequel/reboot/spinoff The Bourne Legacy, which starred Jeremy Renner as a genetically-enhanced renegade super spy named Aaron Cross. Legacy debuted to mixed reviews and while it made money overseas, it couldn’t break even here in the States. Still, Universal has officially set an August 2015 release date for Bourne 5 (a.k.a. Untitled Jason Bourne Sequel), with Fast & Furious 6‘s Justin Lin set to direct.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tony Gilroy is not returning to pen the screenplay, and now we have a report from THR naming Andrew Baldwin as the scribe who will take over the franchise storyline. An earlier draft of Bourne 5 was reportedly penned by Sherlock Holmes and Invictus screenwriter, Anthony Peckham.

Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy 620x370 Bourne 5 Gets Former Logans Run Screenwriter

Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner in ‘The Bourne Legacy’

While Baldwin has no produced credits, his spec script The West is Dead landed on the 2008 Black List and he’s been associated with several different projects since. He is probably best known as one of the many writers who have been hired to take a stab at the long-gestating Logan’s Run remake.

The Bourne 5 plot is still firmly under wraps at this point, and the big question is just how much – or how little – the next film will expand the universe-building of Legacy. For all its flaws, the introduction of Aaron Cross managed to move the overall story forward, with Renner proving himself a solid leading man even if his character was far less captivating than Jason Bourne.

Are domestic audiences really clamoring for more Aaron Cross? Matt Damon recently dropped broad hints that he’d be open to return if Greengrass did as well, but at the moment, Bourne 5 is strictly a Renner show, with Rachel Weisz’s potential return as Dr. Marta Shearing currently up in the air (although producer Frank Marshall expects her to be in involved in future installments).

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne Bourne 5 Gets Former Logans Run Screenwriter

With a new star and fresh talent behind the camera and keyboard, the promise of a whole new direction (staring with Bourne 5) could overall mean a bright future for the franchise, as long as the fans can be coaxed back.

One major positive aspect of of Bourne 5 is the forward momentum the series can now have, rather than having to fit somewhere into the storyline of past films, as Legacy did. Expect plot details to surface soon, since the new film will release in just over fifteen months – not so long after Renner reprises his other 2012 action hero persona, as Hawkeye in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Bourne 5 is set for release on August 14th, 2015.

Source: THR

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  1. then Aaron Cross was recruited by SHIELD and for his security changed his identity to Clint Barton “BOURNE HAWKEYE”

  2. Jumping TWO sharks! Excellent.

  3. I’m a huge Bourne Fan! Huge! I saw the first 3 moves which thrusted me into reading the books. I did not see The Bourne Legacy in the movie theater on purpose. There is no way I can jump onto something that changes so drastically. Something that had a perfect chemistry. Filming, and locations were perfect. I’ve traveled extensively and the locations were amazing and conveyed perfected. I felt like I was there, not many movies can do that for me. The acting was genuine, Matt Damon was amazing as Jason Bourne. I came across The Bourne Legacy while channel surfing. I watched it and was not impressed. The Bourne Legacy took something special and turned it into a “let’s make as much money as we can franchise”. Casting big names and trying to capitalize on special effects. Renner did a fine job given what he was handed. Rachel Weisz was a bit disappointing which is sad because I really like her on the screen. This could’ve been the next 007 franchise, although I do not like comparing – they a very different animals. What I mean is, The Bourne Fanchise could’ve lasted quite a long time. However, with the dumping the Director Greengrass, which cause Matt Damon to leave Bourne has changed forever. Keeping Greengrass, Damon, and adding other agents (Bourne’s) would’ve been a much better direction. For those who haven’t read the books – there is more than one Bourne. OK, I’ve spent too much time on this. I’ll leave you with I will not be going to the movie theater to see Bourne 5 or any other Bourne movie. The franchise, very , very sadly enough has been ruined. The only way to clean this up is to get Greengrass and Damon back immediately. Then this would become one of the hugest blockbusters to hit the theaters. People will be chomping at the bit for that return. I know a lot of fans of this movie and they all agree. We’ve discussed this in great detail.

  4. I’m game for anything Justin Lin handles. He killed it with the last 4 F&F films, imo. Tokyo Drift and Fast 4 were both sub-par but I found them enjoyable and Fast Five/Six were amazing popcorn movies. Tons of fun. The guy has a way with action.

    The issue with these Bourne movies isn’t the directors though. It’s this Cross character. Nobody has anything invested in him because we don’t know him. He might be a fine character in a new, original franchise but as the focus of an already established franchise? No, it doesn’t work.

    Also, aside from The Hurt Locker, Renner hasn’t had much success as the focus of a film. He was fine in Avengers, American Hustle, Ghost Protocol and he was FANTASTIC in The Town, but I feel like films like Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters and Bourne Legacy show that he’s much better suited for supporting characters rather than being a leading man.

  5. I was always a die hard Bourne fan I loved all three originals the third being my favorite surprisingly I was hoping Legacy would be a great new spinoff like story for the franchise and focus on a new character and a new background of events I’m also a big Jeremy Renner Fan and even though Legacy didn’t really do it for me I still thought he was great in the movie same with Rachel Weisz…. But overall the story I just didn’t find as engaging as the originals maybe I had an inappropriate set of expectations but Cross just wasn’t as interesting a character to me and after giving it some thought I think it’s because Cross knew almost everything that was going on in the movie and he understood the agency he was assigned to as opposed to Jason Bourne who literally had no idea who he was and who he was fighting I wouldn’t want them to give cross amnesia to that would just be recycling a genius idea for a spy movie but nice the agency starts attacking him to cover their tracks I think I would have liked it more if he was confused as to why and what they were attacking him for. I also didn’t like how Weisz and Renner met each other in the movie and decided to team up after having one conversation about the situation… It made the chemistry very unentertaining for me I think I would have liked it more if Cross was injured by an assasin and was searching for medical attention and suddenly stumbled into Weisz a nurse who treats him and tries to take him to the hospital but Cross is against the whole thing this could make their relationship a little different firm that of Bourne and Marie in the originals and maybe have a chance to include some numerous bickering between the two. The last thing that I didn’t like about legacy and possibly the biggest thing I didn’t like about it was surprisingly the physical backgrounds and the lighting of the movie and the costumes… Sorry I know it isn’t all that interesting but it was these things surprisingly that bothered me just as much as the characters and story of the movie… So let me see if I can break down what I mean with all of this stuff… So looking back at the originals they were gritty dark action films with locations that looked real and explosions and gun shots that looked real also however when I was sitting in the theater watching Legacy the movie didn’t look as interesting to me because it looked to me like they were just filming on a stage in a studio with a lot of scenes it felt too clean to me kinda like how the star wars prequels were really clean new and neat as opposed to the beat up rusty and gritty enviornment set up by the original trilogy… Not that legacy didn’t look realistic to me it just didn’t look realistic enough really… Another thing I didn’t like was the costumes for the characters particularly Cross I am sure this is just me being super picky about the whole thing but when I saw him wearing a leather jacket it just through me off a little don’t get me wrong I think it looks cool but it felt like they were trying to make him look so cool and I would have preferred it if his character was more conflicted than cool that’s what I loved so much about Jason Bourne he was so conflicted that what he dressed like looked so cool to me because he felt a lot more real to me… With Cross he just felt like one of those teenagers in the teenage action movies where the lead has a lack of depth to him and tries to make up for it with a cool look and stuff… If I wanted to talk about how the costume could have been different for the movie and probably different from the traditional Bourne look I think they could have just given him a simple grey t-shirt the one cross had in the movie but ditch the leather jacket I just thought it was unnecessary and had a message that the story didn’t need. I hope this new one is better Lin seems like a good choice very different from the ther directors they have had but maybe that’s what the franchise needs at this point.

  6. I loved Jeremy Renner as Arron Cross in The Bourne Legacy. I thought it was an exceptionally well done movie & bought it & have watched it more times than most movies I buy. I was impressed with the fact that there were no sex scenes, nudity & little swearing. For an action movie, that’s nigh unto unheard of. Proves that Hollywood can still make a movie that’s romantic without the sex. Rachel Weitz was wonderful as well. I truly hope another Bourne movie will be made with Jeremy Renner & Rachel Weitz. IN all truth, I even enjoyed the movie sequel more than the originals with Matt Damon.