‘Bourne 5′ Gets a Screenwriter; Will Focus on Jeremy Renner’s Character

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jeremy renner bourne 5 Bourne 5 Gets a Screenwriter; Will Focus on Jeremy Renners Character

The Bourne Legacy – the fourth installment in the Bourne movie franchise – did not receive the same high marks from critics as its predecessors got (example: read our review). Nonetheless, the film was successful in two important regards: It set the stage for more conflict involving the government – after Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) helped to expose the illicit Treadstone and Black Briar programs in Bourne Ultimatum – and thus, left the door open for additional installments, revolving around the fugitive ex-black ops agent Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) and Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz).

During the months that preceded Bourne Legacy‘s theatrical premiere, the series’ producer Frank Marshall teased the possibility that Damon and Renner’s characters would share the screen together in Bourne 5. However, time and time again over the past year, Damon has politely suggested that it wouldn’t make sense to bring Jason Bourne back at this juncture; likewise, the newest update on situation gels with the general sentiment in recent months – that Renner (and Weisz) will be leading the Bourne franchise hereon out.

Last we heard, Universal Chairman Adam Fogelson said his studio is “actively working” on Bourne 5; sure enough, a new scoop from Deadline confirms that a writer has been hired to put together a script for the project. The screenwriter in question is Anthony Peckham, who also penned the Clint Eastwood-directed Nelson Mandela flick Invictus and the first Sherlock Holmes movie starring Robert Downey Jr. (Peckham also has experience working in the globe-trotting agent thriller genre, as he wrote an early script draft for the upcoming Jack Ryan franchise reboot.)

bourne legacy rachel weisz jeremy renner Bourne 5 Gets a Screenwriter; Will Focus on Jeremy Renners Character

There’s no word yet on whether Tony Gilroy – who wrote/directed Bourne Legacy and co-wrote the previous three Bourne movies – will be involved with Bourne 5, as Deadline is cautioning that “this is all early days” (read: the project is still in the early stages of development). Truth be told, there were derivative parts of Bourne Legacy that suggested it might be time for Gilroy to hand the series’ reins over to someone else – in all fairness, though, nothing so weak that it was on par with, say, the lackluster Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (i.e. another fourth installment/spinoff in a popular franchise).

Still, Bourne 5 might be improved if Universal follows Disney’s example with Pirates of the Caribbean 5 – bring in both a new writer and directorial talent – in order to give the franchise a boost and keep it fresh, entertaining and relevant.


Bourne 5 currently does not have an official release date, nor an estimated production start date. We here at Screen Rant will continue to keep you posted on the project’s status in the future.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Didn’t see the last one and Won’t see this one either.

    • Exactly. These new gilms just arent “bourne” films.

  2. I really wanted Paul Greengrass to be the screenwriter because the 4th installment wasn’t worth watching. Also, are they going to change the franchise’s name to Aaron Cross? Since Jason Bourne doesn’t look like he is coming back?

  3. Its nice to hear that they’re bringing in some new talent for the next one I hope it’s better than the last I hope they also get a different director maybe it is time for some new faces

  4. I am hoping they get a new director and am really happy they got new writing talent. The original Bourne Trilogy is one of my favorites and, although Legacy, let’s face it… kinda friggin sucked, I hated it on plot (the pill stupidity) alone and am actually really curious what they can do with Renner’s character. The series can bounce back, the pill storyline is over and they can move on to actual plot that doesn’t involve acting great Edward Norton in a command center for the entire movie and promising action star Jeremy Renner trying not to become stupid again. I’ll go see it and I’m hoping it’ll be better than the last.

    • I love the Bourne films. I even thought the last one was okay. I like the character Jeremy Renner plays and the expansion of the whole Bourne universe. The story was a little uneven. I will see this one, can’t wait.

      • Am I the only one who felt like the last film ended right in the middle of the story??

        • Exactly.

  5. i prefered paul walker for the role of aaron cross

  6. These movies are watchable, but nothing spectacular at all. Netflix fare.

    • The fourth one? yes, we are in agreement. The original trilogy was amazing and critics and viewers alike agree with me.

  7. Jeremy renner really a good actor, the movie was pretty decent. It just got bashed alot because matt damon was not in it. But 125 million to produce movie with damon was no smart move to make. This next installment should be kept at 65 million at the most.

  8. Bring on Hawkeye Origins 2!

    • I’ve got a big, fat smile on my face now because of this comment!

      • :D

    • Well this completes my Internet cruising for the day.

  9. Loved the original Bourne trilogy but wasn’t much of a fan of Legacy. Jeremy Renner was great in it but the story was kind of plain and boring (the pill would of been a cool plot point but not the basis of the story I don’t think). I hope Bourne 5 is done a bit differently and better.

    • exactly!

    • I feel the exact same way.

  10. Still lots of potential in this franchise, I think Legacy was more of a transition, it wasn’t all that bad, remember not every Bond film is a masterpiece, so they can still bounce back with a quality Bourne 5..

  11. The Bourne Legacy was terrible. Just constant scenes of dialogue trying reminding you this is supposed to be Bourne movie, confusing / little plot, minimal action, and how it ridiculously ended. It was a total borefest and felt like something that could have been cut down to “made for TV” material, infact it just felt like a horribly made pilot. It tried so hard to bring back the essence of what Bourne was but failed too. What the hell also Renner only got screentime with Norton in one quick flashback scene when it was majorly teased in all the trailers!? I just hope the script gets a bigger improvement for the sequel. I wanted to be interested in the character of Cross but the film did nothing at all to do that.

  12. The Bourne Legacy never should’ve been made. Now that it is, for the fifth, they should bring together Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner and have Paul Greengrass direct and have it be the final film, as the Bourne Ultimatum should’ve been and it was an excellent finish and one of the finest action films ever made

  13. Remember this based off of books i havent read them but theres like 8 or something and bourne has to comeback or the series wont end

    • Do not based the movies off the books. The Bourne Legacy has David Webb as a professor and revolves around Jason Bourne.

  14. Legacy had no plot, they should just wrap it all up if you ask me. But if they can get a god writer (because, lets be honest, the Bourne films need good SCRIPTS) then I might jut be convinced to see this one.

  15. Another Bourne movie without Jason Bourne! They really should change the name! Or better yet stop making them! The first trilogy was great and Ultimatum was the perfect end for Bourne that’s why as much as I would love to see Damon play Bourne again I don’t think that would be a good idea! Legacy was really bad!

  16. lol can’t believe that they make a sequel to that abomination. And again, they won’t bring matt damon back…and plus the movie didn’t do well on the box office

  17. without Matt Damon! Bourne movies are nothing to me

  18. No Damon, no Bourne then its not a Bourne movie.

    I didnt think the last movie was awful like some people but it wasnt nearly as good as the first 3. I really wish Damon would come back and they finish off the Bourne story once and for all. Then if they want to go in another direction with Cross in that same world I’m fine with that.

    To me the one thing that kept the last movie from being awful was the other Bourne characters who have been in the other movies.

    Why not make a CIA Avenger type movie with Bourne, Cross, Salt, Gina carano’s character from that Haywire movie, maybe get Bond in there, bring them all together in a team up movie, lol.

    I dont know about anyone else but I’d rather they do a Salt 2 than another one of these Bourne movies.

    • To me, Salt was kinda terrible. Bourne Legacy was worse though. I still refuse to give up hope for the franchise just yet. Bourne Legacy was written and directed by Tony Gilroy, a man who was only used to writing scripts. With this new writing talent, I have hope the franchise can bounce back. Sherlock Holmes was a very well-done film, mainly because of the plot, so Bourne 5 should hopefully be good. Like Chase mentioned, not every 007 movie is good, remember the Brosnan era? But now, with Daniel Craig, 007 is back! Same can be done with Bourne.

  19. Never did finish the movie but the nagging question i have is he still going to be hawkeye?

  20. Legacy was pretty good, bring on Renner

  21. I haven’t yet seen the Bourne Legacy movie, but I just loved the original three films with Matt Damon. I really hope they can make the fifth one amazing with new writers in there so we wouldn’t lose this amazing action movie franchise.

    I know Matt Damon probably won’t come back, but I think you can make a great franchise around Renner’s character.

    Judging by the comments I’m in no hurry to watch this movie.

    • The Bourne Legacy isn’t completely terrible. I know that’s not high praise, but give it a chance. The plot of the film is a continuation of the other three films – basically, after the whole process to ‘create’ Jason Bourne as a supersoldier got leaked, that program got shut down… and a newer, more refined one popped up under a different name. This is mentioned in The Bourne Ultimatum. That sort of thing is expanded upon in The Bourne Legacy. This film isn’t just Pamela Landy going through the mountains of paperwork after Treadstone and Blackbriar became public knowledge, though.

      It’s one bit of the government trying to find out what another bit of the government was doing as the other bit of the government tries to close down what it was doing whilst, in the foreground, Jeremy Renner shoots people and Rachel Weisz looks pretty.

      You might not like the fact that Jeremy Renner’s character, Aaron Cross, doesn’t quite have to go through the same ‘training from hell’ that Jason Bourne did to get his near-superhuman abilities. That sounds weird, but it’ll make sense after you watch it. Aaron Cross’ abilities only really peak right as the movie ends, which is why some feel that it ended about two-thirds of the way through. The action-y bits are as you’d expect from a Bourne film – awesome.

      Also, it has Rachel Weisz in it. That’s a plus, right?

  22. To me the one thing that kept the last movie from being awful was the other Bourne characters who have been in the other movies.

  23. At first I thought the pills thing was a neat twist (especially with today’s PED scandals), but that’s not the essence of Bourne (if you read the books).

    They should just retcon the 5th one, keep the government black projects stuff intact but stop with this Super Soldier Serum junk (Bourne is supposed to be like the American version of Bond, not Captain America 2.0).

    A cameo from Damon would be nice for continuity sake, but you have to tie Aaron Cross back to the Bourne Identity better… or else call it the Cross Identity. :)

  24. i wish that matt damon back because without matt bourne series is not a bourne siries

  25. We want Jason Bourne

  26. I enjoyed the Legacy. I think some people tend to be to critical. Is it better in life to just enjoy things as they are, or nitpick everything and not fine joy in things as you could? My only issue was just that it was confusing. At about 1/4 through the movie I stopped to google the movie to read about the plot.