Universal Reveals Plans for More ‘Bourne’ Sequels and ‘Ted 2′

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bourne ted sequels Universal Reveals Plans for More Bourne Sequels and Ted 2

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s Ted was a surprise strong success at the box office, taking in some $395 million worldwide while racking up solid reviews from critics and casual moviegoers alike. The Jeremy Renner-headlined Bourne spinoff, The Bourne Legacy, has proven to be somewhat of a disappointment by comparison – with a series-low $182 million global take on a $125 million budget, as well as a more lukewarm reception than its predecessors.

Universal, however, knows there’s still life in the Bourne name – especially if Matt Damon returns for a future installment – so the studio still plans to make Bourne 5 and beyond. A Ted sequel (we’ll call it Ted 2 for now) looks to become a reality for $imilar reasons.

NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke has announced (via THR) that Universal Pictures is focused on increasing its animated feature output, following the success of such films as Despicable Me and The Lorax – that is, in addition to putting an increased emphasis on developing and maintaining live-action franchises from hereon out. Hence, Burke says the Bourne franchise will live on; meanwhile, he and his fellow studio executives plan to jump-start development on Ted 2 “as soon as we can.”

Before Bourne Legacy hit theaters, series producer Frank Marshall announced that future Bourne installments will follow Renner and costar Rachel Weisz’ characters – while teasing that the door remains open for Damon to reprise his role as Jason Bourne in Bourne 5. Chances are good that Universal will make a very strong push for that (re: offer Damon a sizable paycheck), as his return would help ensure that Bourne Legacy‘s trend of diminishing returns doesn’t continue.

Matt Damon Bourne 4 Universal Reveals Plans for More Bourne Sequels and Ted 2

Will Matt Damon appear in ‘Bourne 5′?

Here is an excerpt from our interview with Damon, where he addressed the idea of him teaming up with Renner’s ex-government assassin in Bourne 5:

“You know, if they had a script, I mean I’d love it… If there is a great movie to be made, then we can figure it out beforehand and then go make it, the way you always do. You know what I mean? But nobody’s ever come forward with that script, so we’ll see. I mean I want to do it, but we’ll see. We’ll see what happens…”

Damon’s commitment to Bourne 5 would help ensure the project gets greenlit sooner, rather than later; similarly, there’s one man who needs to sign a deal in order to get Ted 2 going as soon as possible – and that’s MacFarlane. Of course, the latter is known for milking his television cartoon creations (Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show) for all they are worth – and then some – but that does not guarantee he’s interested in doing likewise with his first feature.

Mark Wahlberg Mila Kunis Ted Universal Reveals Plans for More Bourne Sequels and Ted 2

Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis in ‘Ted’

Ted works as a standalone comedy about letting go of your childhood (literally), but the high-concept of a foul-mouthed living teddy bear could arguably sustain itself for at least one more movie. Similarly, while Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis could feasibly return for a sequel, it’s not necessary – given that their respective characters would, once again, play second fiddle to the titular star of the show (voiced by MacFarlane).

Moreover, not bringing Wahlberg and Kunis back could open up Ted 2 to feature even more crass antics, raunchy humor, and Family Guy-style pop culture jokes from MacFarlane’s furry onscreen alter ego; on the other hand, though, that could also result in the sequel lacking any semblance of an emotional core.

How about it, readers – are you interested in Bourne 5 with or without Damon? Does Ted 2 sound like a good idea, with or without the human stars of the first film? Do one, both, or neither of these sequels sound interesting?


Source: THR

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  1. I may be in the minority here, but I didn’t think Ted was very funny. Too predictable and just not that good. I’d rather watch a rerun of American Dad than Ted 2.

    • Agreed.

      • agreed!

    • Agreed

  2. I hope that Damon returns for Bourne 5 i would make Bourne 5 the conclusion to the Borune trilogy i’d make Aaron Cross team up with Jason Bourne (or David Webb) and they would work together to bring down the corrupt CIA agencies that are run by Vossen and Byer. Loved the Bourne Legacy great action packed movie it was the best fourquel ever… OF ALL TIME :)

    • I agree. Legacy got a bad rap, but I loved it. Looking forward to number 5 with both Damon and Renner!

  3. Hope they bring Jason Bourne and some better writing back this time around, Legacy was like a rehash of the Bourne films without the memory loss, intelligent commentary, smart characters, or compelling worldview that made the series worth watching and different from every other action movie.

    • I totally agree with you. Matt Damon made the Bourne series what it was. He will be the determining factor to the true Legacy of the Bourne franchise.

  4. Bourne was disappointing, but I do kinda’ want to see another one.

    • I agree, the biggest problem with Bourne was that it was building up towards a huge showdown that didn’t happen. Instead it was setting up another sequel. We have to see that showdown.

      And if Matt Damon is included, then yay

  5. I have 2 opinions about Bourne.

    I walked out of Legacy wanting a sequel; not because it was fantastic, but because the movie just stopped…it did not end. They built on the events of the original trilogy and then never answered the questions they brought up. So no sequel to Legacy = Legacy is a waste.

    However, the only way in my opinion, for a Legacy sequel to be as good as the original trilogy is for Damon to come back. So…

    As for Ted, it was hilarious and I am sure Macfarlene can write a sequel or prequel that is just as good.

  6. Borne Legacy shmegacy…if Matt’s not in it…it’s not a Borne film. However I did like Renner’s performance tho.

  7. The Bourne Betrayal then.

  8. This is crazy… yesterday I was thinking to myself: “with the success of Ted, I wonder if they’re gonna do a sequel” and then they confirm a sequel a few hours later :o

    As for Bourne, I’m really looking forward to seeing Legacy next week. I don’t think anybody’s surprised about the sequel announcement (even though the movie didn’t make much $ in the US, it did pretty well in the foreign markets, and still hasn’t opened in a lot of countries), but I do hope Damon will reprise his role – that would be awesome to see.

  9. Bourne sequels… I’m losing interest after seeing Legacy, if the game is upped it may work otherwise I’ll be avoiding any more mediocre additions of a story that has run its course.

  10. I enjoyed Legacy just as much as I enjoyed Identity and Supremacy (still havent’ seen Ultimatum).

    As for Ted getting a sequel…I truly hate it. That’s all.

  11. Ted was probably the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t even imagine what the story line will be for a sequel. A movie that will easily be avoided.

  12. Surely the obvious thing for Ted 2 is… Teds. More magical stuffed animals, especially as a villain threatening the world seems right up Macfarlane’s twisted street.

    As for Bourne, Legacy was a decent action film and Renner was very good in it, much more convincing than Damon ever was as Bourne. But it ended far too abrubtly, you always know when a Bourne film is coming to a close when the first twang of Extreme Ways pipes up.
    Sure the thought of Bourne and Cross together is an enticing plot, especially if they use the Bourne Betrayal as the title which they likely will as it is the next in the series, have the two pitted against each other, only to unite and face the common foe.

  13. Let’s make sure Ted gets a tattoo in Ted 2, okay?

  14. I am all for more Jeremy Renner in Bourne sequels.

    Ted 2 makes me want to puke.

  15. Bourne legacy shmourne shmegacy. Ted 2 would be 2 kool 4 skool!

  16. Have u people fell and bumped ur head? Bourne legacy was a good movie and I would love to see a sequel. Of course the Damon version was better, but renner was great. And a sequel that could potentially have both, that would be amazing!!! And Ted was f’n hilarious! Please make Ted 2!

  17. Along with Damon they need Paul Greengrass back in the Director’s Chair, then we’ll have a hit!!!

  18. The new Bourne movie wasn’t bad. The first half of the movie was good. Jeremy Renner was great, and the whole exploration of the other agents was intriguing. It started to get a little wonky in the third quarter of the film. The last half hour or so, with the “Super Agent” and the ridiculous chase was AWFUL! But not awful enough to ruin the film or the franchise…
    Ted was the ONLY movie I saw twice this summer! I want to qualify this by saying that I took my girlfriend to see Ted opening weekend with no interest and enthusiasm, and was pleasantly surprised.
    My girlfriend took me to see it a second time, which I was adamantly against (I will be happy to watch it again when it is on bluray, with deleted scenes…) Again, I laughed, and enjoyed watching it a second time.
    I’m not going to be pushing for a sequel for either movie. I will probably watch a sequel for both. As far as the really adamant Ted haters go, what were you expecting?! Did you think you were going to Max Paine 2? ;>

  19. If you need Matt Damon in a film with Jeremy Renner to ensure the film is a hit, then why in the world do you need Jeremy Renner? And quite frankly, if I was Matt Damon and knew I was only wanted for a film in order to make my replacement more interesting, I’d have a serious WTF moment, and then say NO.

  20. they should not remove mark wahlberg and mila kunis from ted 2. It just wouldnt be the same

  21. I think Ted 2 would be awesome!!! I love the first one, seen it about 7 times, own it, and it still makes me laugh. Those of you who didn’t like Ted…..obviously YOU don’t have any kind of sense of humor at all!!!! Definitely need to keep the same stars as the first one though!!! Just wouldn’t be the same without them!!

  22. it would be cool if matt damon came back in bourne 5 but JUST AS LONG AS THEY DON’T GET RID OF JERMEMY RENNER AND RACHEL WEISZ, because honesty this most recent one (legacy) is my favorite… it might be because when i watched the bourne trilogy i got confused but i am gunna watch them again soon. but overall, as long as jeremy and rachel are in the next few bourne movies (cuz the book aaron cross has his own trilogy after bourne) i will be content, but if bourne reappers that would just make it even better!

    and as some people said i do think that with the ending that occurred in legacy it is pretty much saying there is a sequel, otherwise i would be really sad…. but there are ten books so im sure they are not going to stop.

    i watched legacy on a long plane ride and was so into it i loved it and i was enjoying it so much i didnt realize that it was already at the end and i was so like “what?! its over?!” type of thing cuz i was enjoying it so much!

    im expecting more bourne movies with jeremy, rachel, and matt which would be awesome

  23. I love the Bourne movies(the first three with M. Damon), the last one with Renner was a bit under the bar for me. It just didn’t have the punch as the Damon films. I wish they bring back Matt! Love Jeremy Renner as an actor, but this role was just not it. Bummer they knocked off Franka Potente (Damon’s girl), she and him were cool. Julia Stiles was alright, hopefully they can bring Matt back with a great pair up.

    Regarding Ted, some of the jokes a bit too crude, the whole 80′s superhero guy part(flash) a bit lame. But TED is the bear! He is sooo cute and just just can’t help but love him. I love Wahlberg and Kunis, wish they could reunite for TED2, maybe part 2 picks up with TED in rehab working out his demons, and cleaning his act up a bit. I think that the first movie was weak in some points, but if done right, it could be a great return. I think Seth M. needs to tone down some of the over raunchy, I don’t mean the Sexy fozzy thing but some of the crude jokes. Other than that, TED is the Bear!

  24. Mark Wahlberg and mila kunis along with the voice of Seth McFarland needs to return with ted 2.

  25. I hope Jeremy Renner comes back as Arron Cross

  26. Bourne Legacy: was and is by far the most intriguing exciting unpredictable and fascinating movie lately movie that has lately caught my attention. I love it. I’ve watched it multiple times and I still can’t get enough of it. It’s real. fantasy.idealistic and relevant to many issues encountered at different levels in our lives. I love all the Bourne Movies. Legacy is tops. Damon is extraordinary. Renner is awesome.

  27. Niceer

  28. Hope they make Bourne with Matt and Jeremy forever live those mivies

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