‘Bourne 5′ in Active Development; ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Sequel by 2015?

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bourne 5 snow white huntsman 2 Bourne 5 in Active Development; Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel by 2015?

Neither The Bourne Legacy nor Snow White and the Huntsman brought in in as much dough as Universal probably wanted; not to mention, each film was given an overall lukewarm critical reception. Nonetheless, each managed to gross more than double their $125 million and $170 million budget, respectively, worldwide in theaters, and so Bourne 5 and a Snow White sequel are both on the horizon.

Universal Chairman Adam Fogelson is present for the ongoing 2013 CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week, where he announced that Bourne 5 is more than just talk now, and has entered the active development stage; meanwhile, the Snow White followup is tentatively slated to arrive in theaters within two years’ time (i.e. by 2015).

Fogelson, according to the CinemaCon event report from Collider, described that (currently untitled) fifth Bourne installment as something that Universal is “actively working” on, but did not reveal whether that means Bourne franchise screenwriter Tony Gilroy – who both wrote and directed The Bourne Legacy – has begun to write the project, or is even involved at all right now.

bourne legacy rachel weisz jeremy renner Bourne 5 in Active Development; Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel by 2015?

Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner in ‘The Bourne Legacy’

Bourne Legacy set the stage for a fifth installment; specifically, one in which the chemically-enhanced ex-government operative Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) and laboratory researcher Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) continue to evade the personnel from covert programs that are connected to Treadstone. Series producer Frank Marshall previously confirmed that the next Bourne movie will follow Renner and Weisz on their ongoing survival run.

Both Fogelson and Marshall have avoided ruling out the proposal that Matt Damon could return as Jason Bourne in Bourne 5. However, bringing him back doesn’t make a ton of sense from a storytelling perspective – given how Bourne Ultimatum served as a conclusion to the character’s arc – and Damon has, likewise, been voicing his own doubts about the idea, having checked out Bourne Legacy for himself.

As Fogelson mentioned earlier this year“The point of ['Bourne Legacy'] was to create a universe, a world and characters that give us a lot of freedom and flexibility in how we go forward” – meaning, it’s best to not assume either way yet, as far as Damon’s possible return is concerned.

snow white hunstman sequel david koepp Bourne 5 in Active Development; Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel by 2015?

On the Snow White news front: Fogelson previously confirmed that both Kristen Stewart as Snow White and Chris Hemsworth playing the Huntsman will have central roles in the sequel, as opposed to back around the film’s theatrical debut, when the word from insiders was that Universal’s followup will shift the focus primarily onto the Huntsman.

The next Snow White installment needs both a new screenwriter and director, now that Rupert Sanders is taking a pass after the fallout due to his private affair with Stewart; in addition, scheduling may present an obstacle to the planned 2015 release date, seeing how Hemsworth is going to be preoccupied filming The Avengers 2 beginning in early 2014 (ie. around the time shooting would need to get underway on the Snow White followup).

Of course, given the (in general) mixed feelings about Snow White and the Huntsman, it’s all the more important that Universal attaches some buzz-worthy artistic talent to the sequel, in order to convince the opposition that the project is even worth making in the first place. We’ll just have to wait and see how all that plays out over the forthcoming months.


We’ll keep you posted on Bourne 5 and the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel as more information becomes available.

Source: Collider

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  1. Remember when the Bourne movies were about Jason Bourne? I really wish they’d just bring Greengrass and Damon back for a proper sequel.

    • I agree, i didnt mind this last movie but its not early as good as the first 3.

      You want to continue on in that world with another character then alteast give us some closure on Bourne.

      I was hoping they would do Legacy and then wake up and bring Damon back but I guess not.

    • YES!!!!!! PLEASE. I need more Jason Bourne BADASSNESS!!

    • I would much rather they did not. Jeremy Renner is so much easier to believe as a physical force. And Renners acting brings a more likeable protagonist. Not to mention that I simply never understood why Jason Bourne was trying to mess with the CIA. I understand that Aaron Cross needed to stay enhanced so that he didn’t become mentally retarded. I think most people can relate to the loss of intellect to the point of needing a caretaker as the ultimate depth of hell. So I can relate to his efforts. But Jason Bourne needing to find himself was totally forced.
      In fact after loving Bourne Legacy at the theater I rented Bourne Identity, and I can honestly say it was very disappointing. For one thing the idea that he couldn’t shoot a man that endangered the entire country because his kids were watching just put me off from the start. The guy actually WAS a traitor. Cross was not.

    • completely agree with your opinion

  2. Sweet bring it on! Loved legacy and the huntsman. Though I wish that huntsmen sequel was more huntsman focused. Hemsworth is a beast that guy is awesome haha and legacy was clearly set up for a trilogy though I’m sure where they’ll take him since he balanced out with his meds at the end of the first. Perhaps norton will kill weisz and he goes to get revenge.

    • LOL. I don’t think Cross stuck me as the revenge needing type. He seemed way to practical. He isn’t Jason Bourne who needs “closure”, and I mean that as a compliment in this case.

  3. I’ll watch both sequels when they come out on Netflix, my “go-to” for good flicks that are not quite good enough to go see in the theater or buy the DVDs for. Netflix rules!

  4. Cool liked both of these films so bring on the sequels

  5. The Bourne Legacy was underrated. I’m looking forward to the sequel.

  6. I’m not one to usually judge a movie too harshly, but the Bourne Legacy was just meh. The first 3 were great, but the latest one was kind of boring and predictable – and for the parts that weren’t, by the time that the interesting parts were revealed I had stopped caring.

    • Can someone tell me what they loved about the earlier Bourne films so much? i didn’t get it. I couldn’t understand why Bourne wanted to find out who he was so desperately. It seemed pretty clear that he was some sort of spy /killer right away, so why did he need to know more? Also the “oh boohoo the CIA was mean to me” got a little old. Mostly, though the way he always seemed so totally sure of himself that he was about as excited by having to fight off seven trained killers as I would be to do the laundry was just so annoying. We get that from James Bond, already. Yes, Yes..he is the Grrrreat Jason Bourne. But did he have to be so cocky with that constant one eyebrow raising? I don’t understand the love.

    • Wow I don’t know what movie you watched but bourne legacy was anything but boring! It had more action in the one movie then the first 3 combined! I liked the first 3 movies, but to me the party didn’t get started until arron cross came on screen!

  7. Just do an Avengers CIA type movie.

    Salt, Bourne, Cross, Mallory Kane, the cast of Homeland, Bond etc.

  8. Who else was mortally afraid Kristen Stewart was cast in Bourne 5 when they saw Jeremy Renner and her side by side?

    • Ditto….until I envisioned Stewart going out like the first “Bourne girl” with a bullet to the head at the beginning the film.

  9. Loved both movies, looking forward to the sequels :)

  10. The Bourne Legacy was decent but kind of said all it had to, I don’t really see where they can go from the ending of that one

  11. Pleae spare us the misery of another snow white movie.

  12. I really enjoyed Jeremy Renner in Legacy, thought he did a great job but i found the story a bit dull. I don’t know, it just didn’t give me the satisfaction the other three bourne films gave me, but it wasn’t bad by any means. I’m glad they’re doing a sequel nonetheless, Jeremy Renner’s character has a lot of potential, plus there’s talks of Matt Damon reprising his role, what else can you ask for?

  13. Forgive my ignorance but Snow White and the Huntsman was a good movie? I realized they capitalized of the Bella and Thor cachet the film carried, but a sequel? I guess if this movie is indeed more of Hemsworth and less of Stewart, then it might be a decent movie.

    • It had absolutely nothing to do with their previous films. Kristin Stewart has done many amazing roles, and Twilight is just one of them. They are capitalizing on their acting skills, not their fame.

  14. Call me an idiot but for some reason I really think Renner’s Bourne movie was better than Damon’s. It’s not because I hate Matt Damon, I actually like all his movies but for some reason I enjoyed ‘The Bourne Legacy’ story more than the previous three. Which is weird because Legacy wouldn’t exist without the first three.

    The part where he ambushes those “Federal Assassins” in her house was simply spectacular.

    • “The part where he ambushes those “Federal Assassins” in her house was simply spectacular”

      Agree!! One of my fave scenes too!!

    • And the absolute win when he slides down between those walls in Manilla!

  15. If you have a snow white sequel hopefully they include another villain who screams & rages incoherently like Charlize Theron. That movie was the best comedy of the year it kept me laughing at the theater.

  16. The perfect sequel would feature both Renner AND Damon and have them face off, then join forces.

    The intriguing idea would not just be Bourne Vs Cross but them maybe using the Virus on Bourne to create a super Bourne.


  17. The Bourne Legacy was awesome!! Jeremy Renner did a fantastic job (sorry Matt)The scene at the factory where he encounters 3 guards was pure awesomeness!! Can’t wait for the sequel. Aaron could find Bourne (he knows how he looks,he saw him on tv) to help him to get revenge.

    • So agree with you! =)

  18. Just because they completed the amnesia story arc doesn’t mean the story has to be complete. They basically nullified the ending of Ultimatum (where it seemed like the higher-ups were gonna go down for their sins) at the end of Legacy. One would think that would be worthwhile enough for Bourne to come back out of hiding. Plus I’d kinda like to see who he is with his memory back. Damon’s “story arc” excuse doesn’t really hold water. They need to throw some bigger numbers at him to make him forget his “artistic integrity” or whatever he wants to call it. Convince him to stop playing Liberace’s boyfriend (and the like) and come back to the franchise that put him on top.

  19. I loved the 4th bourne movie the best out of all of them! Jason Bourne good character, but Arron Cross GREAT character! I wouldn’t mind Jason back as long as Arron is with him! I kind of got bored after the 2nd Bourne movie, I never even saw the 3rd one, wasn’t that interested! But Bourne Identity came out with a GREAT new character, Arron Cross! Can’t wait for the sequel! Also for the sequel to Snow white, loved the 1st one! =)

  20. Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner are both fine actors. But, the script for The Bourne Legacy was shoddily written and far too long. This in addition to the extremely poor editing. Tony Gilroy also tried and failed miserably at mimicking Paul’s Greengrass’ directing style. It’s not encouraging that the new director attached to the project directed a Fast & Furious movie.

    In the trilogy, the audience cared about Jason Bourne. They were invested. It was a series of three films. The Bourne Legacy was a popcorn movie and not even a good one.