‘Bourne 5′ Set for Summer 2015 Release Date

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bourne 5 release date 2015 Bourne 5 Set for Summer 2015 Release Date

Do Hollywood studio executives know something that the rest of us don’t? Did they take George Lucas and Steven Spielberg’s comments from earlier this year – where the duo predicted imminent major changes to the structure of the blockbuster industry – as a a challenge?

You’d be forgiven for suspecting as much, given how many genre movies (action, sci-fi, superhero, horror and so on) and/or franchise sequels have been recently announced for a 2015 release date, including Insidious: Chapter 3, Mission: Impossible 5 and the 13th Friday the 13th movie. Additionally, Star Wars: Episode VII was confirmed for a December 2015 debut a while back, rather than the originally-planned Summer launch pad (where movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, Terminator 5 and Batman vs. Superman will be taking off).

We could go on, but, getting back to the subject at hand…

Universal has officially added Bourne 5 – referred to as Untitled Next Bourne Chapter for the time being – to the 2015 roster, with an August 14th, 2015 date scheduled (the same day that The Smurfs 3 is set to open). Furthermore, the studio confirmed that director Justin Lin (director of Fast and the Furious 3-6) will helm the project, with Jeremy Renner reprising as the renegade chemically-enhanced government operative Aaron Cross (who was introduced to the Bourne universe in The Bourne Legacy).

Here is the official breakdown for the fifth Bourne installment:

Blockbuster action director Justin Lin (Fast & Furious series) will direct the fifth installment of Universal Pictures’ BOURNE espionage franchise, inspired by the series created by Robert Ludlum. Jeremy Renner returns as Aaron Cross for this chapter and Frank Marshall once again produces, alongside Jeffrey Weiner and Ben Smith for Captivate. Lin will also produce for his Perfect Storm Entertainment.

Producer Frank Marshall previously said that he expects Rachel Weisz to reprise her Bourne Legacy role – government scientist-turned Cross’ fellow fugitive Dr. Marta Shearing – in future installments, but Universal has yet to confirm that the Oscar-winning actress will be involved with Bourne 5.

bourney 5 jeremy renner 570x294 Bourne 5 Set for Summer 2015 Release Date

The fifth Bourne movie is being written by Anthony Peckham, who co-wrote the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie (starring Robert Downey Jr.) and the Nelson Mandela memoir Invictus; in addition, he reportedly did uncredited script work on the upcoming Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Previous Bourne installments were either written or co-written by Tony Gilroy, but after his script work on Bourne Legacy – which suffered from some derivative elements – a fresh screenwriting approach would be more welcome.

What should be more interesting to see is how Lin approaches the Bourne franchise, with regard to whether or not he deviates from the brainier and more grounded action-moviemaking style of previous installments. After all, despite some faults, Bourne Legacy did a solid job of expanding the series’ universe and freeing up future chapters from having to adhere to the formula of the original Bourne trilogy, so that’s reason enough to be interested in seeing where things go story-wise in Bourne 5 (for me, anyway).

Now – who wants to make a bet about what the next film announced for a 2015 release date will be? Will Renner’s commitment to Bourne 5 affect his availability to reprise as Hawkeye in the Avengers sequel and/or as William Brandt from Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in the fifth Mission: Impossible installment?


Bourne 5 will open in U.S. theaters on August 14th, 2015.

Source: Universal

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  1. Wow, Summer 2015 too?

    I just hope this doesn’t mean Hawkeye will be absent in Avengers 2. Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon had said that Hawkeye will be an important part of the movie, and Renner can always shoot both movies back to back (both are essentially ‘similar’ roles after all), but yeah, I hope not of either movies would be sacrificed in any way. And looks like Renner will have two of his movies competing with each other once more in less than 3 months.

    • Renner actually had Avengers and Bourne Legacy back to back in 2012. I’m sure he can find the time again for the sequels.


    • Yeah, I think 2014 is definitely gonna be a start-saving-for-2015-boxoffice year :(

      And 2015 is gonna be the-year-I-watch-movies-weekly-like-TV-shows

  3. “Now – who wants to make a bet about what the next film announced for a 2015 release date will be?”

    Bad Boys 3 maybe? ;)

    • Oh man I wish!

  4. So, the three biggest action franchises ever (Bond, Bourne, and MI); three of the most groundbreaking sci-fi franchises in the history of film (Terminator, Star Wars, Jurassic Park); one of the most classic horror franchises (Friday the 13th), the longest story ever written and one of the greatest cartoons in history (Peanuts), the big one in the age of the superhero genre we are living in now (Avengers: Age of Ultron)….all that’s missing is a BIG comedy film – Dumb and Dumber To should move to 2015

    • Alright…I don’t know what Hollywood is thinking right now, but they are going to cannibalize every potential success. There are simply TOO MANY movies coming out that year!

  5. WTF !!! PLease stop this s*** !!!! The fourth bourne flopped , and they will do it again !!!?? A bourne movie with out Bourne !!! No No No , just stop universal, stop !!!

    • Overall I thought Bourne #4 was pretty poor, and in fact Bourne #1,2, & 3 were not very good either…and that is coming from someone who did not mind the original book (#2 & #3 were getting repeaticious) by Ludlum. I think it is tie to stop doing Bourne, and just get on with Man From U.N.C.L.E.!
      And Doc Savage.
      And a few others.

      • You thought bourne 1-3 were bad you have odd taste .

      • You thought the books were good? They were potboilers. Very pulp fiction. The movies had better story lines, not everything was related to David Webb’s family saga and the real Jason Bourne’s vengeance

    • I agree completely. “The Bourne Legacy” was not up to the standard of the first 3 Bourne films. Renner was just passable in the MI film he did, but he can not carry a film on his own. After watching “Legacy” I watched the three earlier films again. Bourne himself must be included and Matt Damon IS Bourne. Damon can act and he makes the character human and believable.

      These films are, sadly, going downhill right along with the Ludlum-wannabe novels.

  6. Like The Equalizer as well.

    • Excited for that one!

  7. I think I’m taking the year 2015 off from everything.. A whole year…just…watching movies….

  8. I heard some rumours that Bourne 5 could possibly include Matt Damon. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

  9. This is going to be a geniune bomb. Matt Damon leaving turned away viewers of the 1st 3. The ones who stayed for the fourth were mostly unimpressed.

  10. I didn’t care for the 4th Bourne movie and I honestly don’t blame that on the actors at all I love Jeremy Renner he’s one of my favorites (man crush tee hee :) ) I like Rachel Weisz and Ed Norton I don’t even blame Tony Gilroy for his directing job I don’t really blame anyone I guess, I just didn’t care for the overall story of the fourth Bourne movie, what I loved so much about the original three was that it made a rogue assasin relatable by making him go on a journey to find out who he really was, with Aaron Cross I felt like he already knew who he was from beginning to end and was just trying to get away (literally), it didn’t feel so much like an journey which is what I like in a story it seemed more like an escape and I never felt like I got to know Aaron Cross as a person. Don’t get me wrong this is a very difficult task to accomplish especially when they can’t use the amnesia story line again for a completely different character because that would really make it look like they were running out of ideas, maybe what they could have done is have Cross be an assasin and make him change his ways through the relationship(s) that he gets from others specifically Rachel Wesiz character, this of course has probably been done a bunch of times in other movies so it would have to been done in a very interesting way for Legacy in particular but hey it’s just me. I think its good that they got Justin Lin hopefully he can bring something special to it all but hopefully he can also help the new series find its feet by bringing what a lot of people loved about the originals maybe he can be the Abrams for Bourne.

  11. Looking forward to it! :)

  12. The Bourne Legacy was disappointing, but Ill still give this a shot. Im looking forward to see where Justin Lin takes the series.

  13. didn’t you guys hear already….Hawkeye gets amnesia

  14. I liked the last movie, clearly it wasnt as good as the Bourne movies and I’d have no problem with this if they made it a spinoff and not used the Bourne name. I know they use it cause the name of the franchise sells it but its not a Bourne movie without Bourne.

    Its like a Bond movie with some other guy in the title role but not Bond, it doesnt work.

    I really wish Damon would come back for one more movie and wrap it up and give us a proper ending.

  15. “Legacy” was just as good as the 2nd and 3rd Bourne movies in my opinion. The action was better at least.

    • Action was worse than the trilogy. The story went off the deep end. The only part of the story that worked with the trilogy was the smearing of Pam Landy. And what about the Blackbriar agents? They wiped out all the other “Beta programs”, but they left Blackbriar agents around? Big plothole, and they couldn’t even fill it, because the Congressional hearings would hear. And if they did get to those agents they’d find out the Beta protocols, so eliminating the other programs didn’t hold water.

  16. So…Are they saving anything for 2016?

    • Star Trek 3 is supposed to come out in 2016 for the 50th anniversary.

    • Independence Day 2

    • Warcraft got pushed to 2016.

  17. I didn’t care about Legacy, but now that Justin Lin is helming my interest went sky high!

  18. Complteley unneccessary addition. Legacy just paled in comparison to it’s predecessors.

    The Jason Bourne trilogy still ranks as one the best and the story was complete. Don’t need to know about Alex Cross who is far less interesting.

  19. Very good. I like him from reboot one and now the fifth movie. I am not watching any movies in the movie theater.. Too expensive and not worth to waste money. I wait for blurray video instead. Cheers!

  20. Seriously I get that studios want to be seen as competitive but if they can’t get the movie out by 2014 then they ought to just push it to late 2015 – like September/October or better still into 2016. They are going to put out so much they cannibalize each other. I liked all of the Bourne movies, but dangit. 2015 is just looking stupid full at this point.

  21. I can’t wait for this!
    I am also looking forward to:

    A Bond movie without James Bond
    An Indiana Jones movie without Indiana Jones
    A Harry Potter movie without Harry Potter
    A Bill and Ted movie without Bill and Ted
    A Batman movie without Batman
    An Avenger movie without any Avengers
    A Star Wars movie that has neither Stars nor Wars

    Sorry Hollywood, no Jason, no Bourne.