Matt Damon Open to Reprising Jason Bourne Role

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Matt Damon as Jason Bourne Matt Damon Open to Reprising Jason Bourne Role

A couple of decades ago, the idea of Matt Damon as an action hero would have been laughable to many. In fact, when Damon – then primarily known for films like Good Will Hunting and Dogma – was cast as novelist Robert Ludlum’s super spy Jason Bourne back in 2001, speculation ran wild as to whether he had the physical presence and stunt skills to tackle the role. Tackle it he did, though, with the 2002 film The Bourne Identity – and its sequels, Supremacy and Ultimatum – earning both widespread critical acclaim and general audience appreciation.

Unfortunately for fans, Greengrass and Damon saw Ultimatum as a good place to cap the now Bourne trilogy, with both deciding not to return for a potential fourth film. Never one to let a popular franchise rest in the vault for too long, Universal hired Oscar-nominated Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner to take over the Bourne franchise in a new role. And while The Bourne Legacy made money (mostly overseas), it failed to live up to the high quality standards of its predecessors, garnering mostly mixed reviews. Despite that, a sequel to Legacy is in production.

That brings us to a recent interview Matt Damon gave to cable news network CNBC. Damon’s outlook on Bourne seems to have changed in the last seven years, with the actor saying that he is “open” to reprising the Jason Bourne role in a future film.

Matt Damon Talks Bourne 4 5 Matt Damon Open to Reprising Jason Bourne Role

Unsurprisingly, Damon is only willing to come back if his friend Greengrass also returns. In addition to the Bourne sequels, Damon collaborated with Greengrass on 2010 war thriller Green Zone.

According to Damon, the biggest stumbling block preventing his return to the Bourne franchise is a good script idea:

“We’ve just never been able to come up with a story. So, if any of your viewers have a story, please call Universal and submit it.”

That said, Damon still holds much affection for the character, and would love to know his current whereabouts:

“It felt like such a good way to end it the last time, but having said that I love that character…and I’d love to see what happened to him. Because technically, the movie that came out in 2007 dovetailed with the one that came out in 2004, so technically the last time Jason Bourne was seen was 2004.”

It also turns out that Damon was just as wary of his ability to carry an action film as the general public:

“I had just as many concerns as anybody about doing an action move. In fact, I never signed up for three ‘Bourne’ movies. I signed up for one because I didn’t even know if I’d like to make an action movie…but it turned out that I loved it.”

Whether Damon and Greengrass ever do make a triumphant return to the Bourne series, they (and original director Doug Liman) have nothing to be ashamed of. Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum are widely regarded as one of the rare trilogies without a bad film, and that’s a great legacy to have.

Still, if they do come back, Bourne fans will no doubt embrace Jason Bourne with open arms, welcoming America’s foremost super spy back like an old friend. An old friend that just happens to be able to kill a man with his bare hands.

Do you want to see Matt Damon return as Bourne, possibly to team up with Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross character? Let us know in the comments.


The currently untitled fifth Bourne film (starring Jeremy Renner) is expected to hit theaters on August 14, 2015.

Source: CNBC

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  1. The Bourne Trilogy remains to this day 3 of my favorite movies, and probably my favorite trilogy of all time.
    I actually liked Legacy, and would love to see Damon & Renner team up.

    • ‘Meh

    • I feel exactly the same way!

    • Yea id be fore Renner finding Damon and the two of them teaming up to take down some big head boss that is trying to start treadstone back up.

  2. I for one would very much welcome a Damon/Renner team-up.

  3. It’s too bad legacy sucked, but it’s not Renner’s fault. I’d love to see the two go against each other then work together. If anyone has any script ideas, please do send them to Greengrass lel.

  4. Someone finally has a change of heart….

    • or the studio made Matt an offer he can’t refuse. add another zero on his paycheck

  5. I would love to see the REAL Bourne back on the big screen.

    Whether Renner was there too or not doesn’t matter to me.

    • “Bourne again?” A resurrection show!

      • Funny :)

  6. A new story is needed? Hmm…any ideas, anyone? Think McFly, think. Been awhile since I last watched the trilogy. Great movies.

    • There are plenty of ideas. Cross could hunt down Bourne for treadstone or bourne could challenge Hawkeye for an archery contest or hawkeye can hustle bourne out of Elusyum… Sorry my imagination is out of control.

      • No worries, it isn’t like any ideas here will ever be used. But it isn’t as big a waste of time as writing an entire fan fic script or going to a bad film school and majoring in screenwriting.

        • Sorry Batmite. I was not making fun of u. Your ideas are interesting. I really like them.

          • My bad, thanks.

      • Do you think Batman/Affleck should be in it also?

    • What is Bourne/Webb doing in retirement? What is his status with the CIA, is he underground or just in hiding? Why would he get involved in something? The books have several options, but the advantage to Bourne is that he is now like Bond.

      One way to go would be for Bourne to be freelancing and come across a larger conspiracy that he does not approve of. It could be simple or complex. But, it would need to be evil without being soppy or preachy to show it. Bourne would need work to survive, he has skills. No rescue mission, Taken is doing that thing.

      Another would be for him to be recruited by the CIA to track down a rogue treadstone like operation which is being done by an international corporation, not a US government agency. Has a WMD story element to it, bit of corporate espionage, near peer level opponents for Bourne to face and some cathartic taking down the bankers feel to it. It could also have the clean slate trope for completing the mission.

      Any thoughts on my ramble?

      • I wonder if they are serious about taking scripts. I just got an even better idea.

        • Of course they don’t accept unsolicited materials. Just call Universal Pictures and have a try ;-)

  7. Yes, really wish he would come back and finish off the series with a final film.

    Would rather see him come back to a great franchise than do something else that nobody cares about.

    How about all the super spies come together, Salt, Gina Carano’s character from that movie, Bourne, Bond etc.

    • Your idea sounds a bit fan-fic, imo. Anyways, there is no way the Bond franchise is doing a crossover with Bourne. Bourne and Bond are actually in an arms race of sorts. Bourne changed Bond movies in a good way.

      • You do know I kidding right? Obviously this would never happen.

    • And don’t forget Napoleon Solo and Illyia Kureyakin! Why, it would kind of be like The Avengers for the spy genre!
      Actually, the movies for Bourne did not quite do it for me. Not even sure why, exactly. I liked the books, but while Robert Ludlum was a great writer, after awhile he gets a bit formula-matic, and a little too repiticious and confusing. Sort of “you’ve read one, you’ve read ‘em all” (and I have, actually). Again, enjoy Ludlum, but there are times when you are ready to be done reading one of his books. I know alot of people would like to see another Jason Bourne movie, but it seems to me that at least in my opinion, they have done all they can with the character, good though the character initially was.

      • The Bourne Series is a classic airport book. Good books, quick reads, you know what you are getting.

      • Matt Damon made Jason Bourne interesting. The action scenes changed fight choreography in movies for the better. The car chase in the first movie, if you didn’t like that scene then you are lying.

        • *if you say you didn’t

        • True, and I did like parts of the movies and books. Just somehow it was not “the ultimate” film for me, in the sense that some people are huge James Bond fans, and that is their favorite “rave about it” movies (an occaisional Bond is alright also, but I am not a fanatic about them, so to speak. A fanatic fan in my case is what I am for the old Dark Shadows TV series, for instance, plus the two movies House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows, plus I did not mind the mini-series. I hate the Seth Rogan version, however). Getting a bit off subject, but I once met Jonathan Frid, who played Barnabas Collins in DS, and he was a very nice, polite, well-mannered and soft-spoken gentleman, very gracious and alot like the polished urbane fellow he could sometimes play in DS.

          • I could never get into DS, I think I was too young she it aired and by the time it came back around for repeats I was all about Sci-fi and comics. What were your thoughts on the Depp version?

            • I cannot say enough bad things about the Depp version..I abhored it! I think any remake, spin-off, etc. should stay true to the serious tone of the original series. The original one was great…I bought the entire series on DVD, plus the two movies House of Dark Shadows Night of Dark Shadows, as well as the Ben Cross revival mini-series. The show with Jonathan Frid, David Selby, lara Parker, Katherine Leigh Scott, nancy Barreett, etc. was a milestone in my growing up. I used to run home after school every dy to get to the TV set before the show started, not wanting to miss even one note of the theme song. (I even bought the music CDs!). I am one who likes the oldr gothic overtones of classic horror, such as the universal Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, Wolfman type things. Dark Shadows was at least slightly reminiscent of that (I refer to the 60s/70s series). They tried to give at least a little class to something that had never before been the territory of TV, and it worked, very wel indeed despite some big flubs due to rushed production schedule,etc. It was more like a dramatic stage-play than anything. I remember when it was on from about 1966 or 67 until about 1973, and I was a kid in say, 6th thru about sophmore year of HS perhaps? I used to have a kiddie-crush on the actresses who played Maggie, Carolyn, and Angelique, three of the main characters, and used to write them really dumb fan-letters inviting them to come vacation with our family at our Wisconsin summer-cottage, and sending them some real El Retardo jokes and stuff. I was like an adolescent version of the girls who threw their panties at the Beatles or something, only I was a fan of Dark Shadows. I would like to see this show revived as a TV series, or another DS movie made, BUT (!): it must be respectful of the canon, it’s traditions and origins! Of course many of the actors and actresses from the original show are dead or too old to play parts in it, but a careful and well-thought-out vetting of new actors and actresses might be acceptable. The show could not be sexed up, filed with humor, or modernized, because that was not what the original Victorian/Gothic-spirited show (no pun intended) was about. But it did reflect the atmosphere and dignity of some of the classic horror novels, and crated it’s own little world that a viewer could easily immerse themselves in and feel a part of. A bit of trivia: after House of DS (vampires) and Night of DS (witches, ghosts), there had been floated the idea of a third movie, involving either werewolves or ghosts, but it was never made for whatever reason.

      • Ludlum only wrote the first 3 or 4 books. The rest were written by Erik van lustbader who is considerably less talented.

        • The first three in the Bourne series were Ludlum, the rest were Lustbader after Ludlum’s death, I believe. When I referred earlier to Ludlum’s books kind of following a formula that was easily recognizable and sometimes a bit repiticious, I meant generally all his books, not just the Bourne ones. However, I did enjoy Mr. Ludlum’s writings, and when I managed a couple bookstores many years ago, I always made sure many of the great thriller-writers (including Ludlum) were prominently featured in a special section for the better thriller-writers. We sold quite a few of his books, and introduced him to alot of readers who had never read him before and became avid fans.

      • No. How about a spy avengers that features Damon, Renner, and then Denzel Washington, Christian Bale, RDJ, JGL, and Michael B. Jordan? They all come together against a villain played by Sean Bean, Anthony Hopkins, or Gary Oldman.

  8. I guess this could be good but I have to admit, I’ve never seen a single Bourne movie (saw trailers and clips, never really appealed) and whenever they’re on TV, I happen across them midway through anyway.

    I’m guessing Damon wants something to do to stop the ridiculous “OMG, Matt Damon should TOTALLY be in the Justice League” comments that keep popping up online.

  9. More Matt Damon needs the work since Zero Theorum wasn’t hot – Not pointing any fingers though.

    • more like**

  10. Nothing about Aquaman?


    • Yeah, and where’s Cyclops?! And Goliath and Wasp?! And…..!!!!

  11. I have to confess I thought that this was a done deal.

    With Legacy running fairly concurrently with Ultimatum (it uses Kings Cross as a timeline reference) both films finish within months if not weeks of each other and Renner going through all the Damon stuff on the boat, I assumed that Renner tracks down Damon and in Bourne 5 they go and smash this little super solider/assassin subsection of the CIA once and for all.

    Guess not :(

  12. you say in the article that both greengrass and damon can be proud of their trilogy your kinda forgetting that doug liman directed the first bourne film..tut tut

    • It wasn’t my intention to overlook Liman’s contributions. I updated the article to include a shout-out to him.

  13. More development of the Renner and Weisz character’s is my priority, then a director who keeps the intelligence of the original but brings something new in terms of action and then finally it would be quite nice if they could bring Damon back in the sixth film. I am starting to find Damon’s constant remarks on the subject a bit irritating though and I wouldn’t be surprised if Universal feels the same way.

    • This is because he is constantly nagged about the subject. The Bourne trilogy should’ve been left alone! Anyway, I’d be fine with a film with both him and Renner if it wasn’t nearly as forced as The Bourne Legacy was. Listen, Damon and Renner are terrific actors. End of subject.

  14. I thought the trilogy ended on a great point with The Bourne Ultimatum but The Bourne Legacy has made this series into a cash cow, although I am a Jeremy Renner fan. I’d love to see a Matt Damon-Renner team up but only as long as it’s a good film that deserves their talents (not The Bourne Legacy).

  15. well we all know that renner and justin lin are teaming up for the new bourne movie, i feel like Renner should have one more Bourne by himself, with easter eggs showing that Bourne is still on the run, but still let Renner be the main story, then the next movie close the franchise out with a Renner/Bourne teamup once and for all

    • Let me ask you @Riggins02, just outta curiousity. Do you not think Bourne has finished running? Wasn’t The Bourne Ultimatum a closure to his story arc? Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see Damon and Renner unite. All the same, the Bourne series has become a cash cow.

      • well Jeff Stone, iknow they they talked about Bourne in Legacy, and corrct me if im wrong but im assuming they think Bourne is dead? iguess me saying that Bourne is still on the run is the wrong words to use but i guess what i was trying to say was have some kind of hint that Bourne is still alive and maybe in the next movie have a scene where Renner sees a news article or on tv that the hunt for Jason Bourne is still in full affect…you knwo something along those lines…Renners and Lins movie is coming up next so if they decide they want to put Bourne in the one following this then they have to show some signs that Bourne is still out there somewhere so renner can find him

        • You make great points, Riggins02. However I think they could have left it off where The Bourne Ultimatum ended. They are milking this franchise for all it’s worth when it should’ve been left alone. That being said, I’d love to see a team up between Damon and Renner because they are great actors. Just needs to be the right script and director, as Damon previously mentioned.

          • id almost make him show up at the end of the next film or somehwere in the film, you know how much of a surprise that woudl be for everyone, but it seems somehow everyhting gets leaked now a days and movies can never surpirse you anymore

            • True. People need to learn to not go crazy and spoil everything for everyone else. Everyone is so nosy. Let’s go back to the days of Alfred Hitchcock-Psycho type of conspiracy. He would’ve ripped everyone today. Christopher Nolan and JJ Abrams, and I’m sure Steven Spielberg, David O. Russell, Ben Affleck, and Martin Scorsese are recent examples of great directors devoted to secrecy for the protection of the content of their films. Many filmmakers today are simply profiteers, not artists, and that must change.

            • Hell, Riggins02, you and I should literally be the ones writing this script. Let’s collaborate. I’m not even kidding. We have it figured out that these bozo cash cows in Hollywood don’t. You up for the offer?

              • im in brother.

                • Ok. Where do we start? Let’s start brainstorming, starting with your idea of how the hunt for Bourne is still in full affect. How do they find out he’s still alive? And are the trials for Blackbriar, Treadstone, etc. still going on? Where will Aaron Cross be? Who will be the villain?

                  • More importantly, where will Bourne be?

                    • yea im in, i sent you my personal email…its

                    • jeff stone….i put my email on here for you like 4 times but none of my messages are showing on the comments

                  • well we all know what treadstone and blackbriar is, but just to recap Treadstone was a secret black ops program for the CIA to basically turn these soldiers into suoer human assassins, Blackbriar is basically the termination of treadstone, which leaves cross and bourne the only 2 survivors of the termination, so we now see cross and Dr shearing on a boat heading somewhere at the end of legacy, which ill have to put more thought into that, but the most important part is where is bourne during legacy?? we see at the end of ultimatum the arrests of Hirsh and Vosen for the blackbriar files given to pam landy by bourne…obviously theres more to the story than Hirsh and Vosen becuase there arrested but then you have Turso and Byer whos the main villians from legacy…id have to realyl sit down and go over all the important info and people from the previous installments to actually figure out whats goiong on

                    • After exposing treadstone Bourne is probably hiding during legacy. However at the end of legacy we see that bourne’s and landy’s actions prove futile as the govt lets the members of treadstone go free. Now this presents some interesting options
                      1. Bourne can come out of hiding to punish the members of treadstone himself.
                      2. Aron cross could be used by byers to hunt bourne in exchange for freedom.
                      3. Treadstone and blackbriar could go to conflict with each other with each side using cross and bourne respectively to distroy the other.

                    • That’s a nice start. And ya, we have to lay everything out and see what we have, as well as incorporating new characters to the scene.

                    • Riggins02, you still in? Have any ideas of how we are going to do this?

                  • Universal Pictures will never accept unsolicited material. Just make a call +1 818 777 1000
                    It was Matt Damon’s joke)))

                    • Riggins02, I was referring to you on the last comment.
                      Jan, thanks but there’s always that chance. So ya
                      bad@english Those are some interesting ideas.
                      Bat-Mite You had some good stuff up there. Let me know what you think.
                      Michael Kennedy, what’s your take on all this?

  16. Please do. Renner seriously sucks.

    • Renner is a pretty good actor (The Hurt Locker, The Town, American Hustle, etc.). It’s just that this film was forced. They should’ve left off with The Bourne Ultimatum. If there’s the right script and director, I’m all up for a team up between him and Matt Damon (who, imo, is probably the best actor today that’s not named Denzel Washington).

      • jeff stone…i thought about this last night, Cross believes that Bourne is the key to this s***** situation there in, he belives if he can get to Bourne, Bourne would know exactly whats going, although DR Shealing doesnt know who Bourne is become she didnt work on Treadstone or Blackbriar, she worked on the Outcome patients…theres no way he can locate Bourne while on the run with no sources so he shows up andf makes a deal with US Defense Department that he would go and kill Bourne if they granted him his freedom and that of the DR.,there persuaded being hes better than any of the assassins they hired previously…they locate the whereabouts of Bourne and Cross goes to kill him, i can imagine it being somewhere in Brazil in the favelas, kind of like on Fast Five, not much is said when Cross meets Bourne except that Cross was sent to kill him, they have a bad ass little fight scene but Bourne manages to slip away, during the fight you can tell either one is really trying to kill each other…in the meantime cross isnt just hunting Bourne but hes being hunted too, the department wants to kill 2 birdas with one stone so there usng cross as bait to catch bourne..once they both realize that they start to help each other eithout giving anything away

        • The one thing that seemed clear to me was that Dr Shearing would become Aaron Cross’ new mission. He joined the army and Outcome because it offered him a home, not out of patriotic duty. I think looking out for her will be his driving force. I also think she will get mad and be the one looking to take down Byer. Finding Bourne could easily be part of that, but I don’t see either of them wanting to take him out; they are certainly too clever to trust any deals offered.

        • Sounds awesome. Let’s start it up.
          I’m thinking of adding in other characters as well.
          Set up a Google Doc and let’s get going on this.

          • on it

            • Idk if it should be open to everyone else. Idk how to private message here either.

              • So how are we gonna do this?

            • If not, just set up a Google doc and post the link here.

              • jeff stone…i dont know how to do a google doc, ive never used it before

                • It’s not letting me put up the link here, for some reason.
                  Go over to cinemablend and go to the story about Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck with LeBron James. Look in the comments section

                  • Ok, it’s not really getting approved there. I gotta think of something.

                    • jeff stone…we need a way where i can give you my email or vice versa

                    • jeff stone…ok my 1st name is brandon and last name is riggins…email me at my last name.first name at gmail

                • Check your email, Riggins02

  17. I think that having Jason and Aaron together would be AWESOME!! It would be cool if Jason became like a mentor and taught Aaron some new tricks:)

    • Not like we haven’t seen that before *rolls eyes*
      But seriously I’d be up for that if it wasn’t forced, as The Bourne Legacy and this sequel seem to be

  18. I’m on the fense regarding if ‘Legacy’ worked.


    A derka derka.

  20. Yes, I would like to see Matt Damon return as Jason Bourne. My friend and I were just talking about this yesterday, so seeing that this is an acceptable idea to Matt Damon is exciting. I hope that this comes to be. I’d go to see it as soon as it came out.

  21. It’s all about the script. Legacy would have been a fine movie with the cast and budget it had if it wasn’t for the fact is was stitched from scenes ripped right out of the three previous movies. It was like watching a re-run of the trilogy after Freddy Kruger had it’s way with the footage – familiar yet without the sense of cohesiveness and purpose the previous installments had.

  22. doug liman directd the bourne identity didn’t even get a mention in the article..tut tut

  23. I don’t know if audiences just don’t see Renner as the lead in a Bourne film or not, but apparently Legacy didn’t sell that much more than it’s budget + marketing costs. The best move for the series is to not make it look like they are passing the torch. Hopefully Damon honors the series.

    • I know a lot of people who were waiting for reviews before going to see it and they weren’t great. I think the cast was the best thing about the film and it is a shame when Renner gets blamed for its its mediocre performance. It seems that Universal agrees because it was the director and writer that was let go, not Renner.




  25. Matt Damon has NOT made a decent movie since his last foray as Jason Bourne.

  26. The Bourne Triology is by far my favourite three movies for spy action bar none. I for one would pay anything to watch Matt Damon come back as Jason Bourne. I still watch all three about twice a month or more. Maybe they should write a script that sees him come back to save Pam Landy from being silenced for outing Treadstone and Black Briar and have him clean house once and for all then disappear again into the ether to return when……..

  27. there needs to be one more jason bourne movie with jason and nikki riding “off into the sunset” at the end!