‘Bourne 5′ Rumor Update: Producer Says Matt Damon Will Not Return

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Matt Damon as Jason Bourne Bourne 5 Rumor Update: Producer Says Matt Damon Will Not Return

Earlier today, we reported on a Latino Review floated rumor claiming that the secret reason Bourne 5 was delayed from summer 2015 to summer 2016 was to accommodate the triumphant return of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne to the franchise. While this would contradict Damon’s previous assertions that he would only return to the series if his friend Paul Greengrass came back to the director’s chair, it certainly wouldn’t be the first instance of backpedaling in Hollywood history.

Unfortunately for fans, longtime Bourne producer Frank Marshall has seen fit to shoot down the prospect of Damon returning, having told THR “It’s simply not true,” while once again emphasizing that the film will focus on Jeremy Renner’s character Aaron Cross, who was introduced in the 2012 installment The Bourne Legacy. Those with good memories might recall that Marshall also previously indicated that Renner’s Legacy costar Rachel Weisz, would also be back in Bourne 5, though it’s not clear if that still remains the plan.

Marshall described the status quo for Bourne 5 as follows:

“[Director] Justin Lin is working with Andrew Baldwin on an Aaron Cross script/story that they pitched us a few months ago. I talk to Justin all the time and the script is not ready. It’s a summer movie, and if we don’t start preproduction now, we can’t make next summer. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to move to 2016.”

That seems like a pretty unequivocal denial, and considering Latino Review‘s spotty track record with accuracy in the past, it’s really not a huge surprise. Still, many Bourne devotees were hoping this rumor would turn out to be true, as Matt Damon’s return to the series has been on top of fan wishlists since almost the moment he left. Despite Jeremy Renner’s best efforts, a large portion of the Bourne fandom simply refuses to accept anyone but Damon in the lead role, especially since Bourne Legacy saw fit to use the Bourne title while not actually containing a character with that name.

Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy1 Bourne 5 Rumor Update: Producer Says Matt Damon Will Not Return

On the other hand, there is a considerable possibility that Marshall’s statement is simply a public denial meant to provide a smokescreen for what would surely be a blockbuster Jason Bourne/Aaron Cross team-up. One can imagine the ecstatic reaction when the first trailer for Bourne 5 debuts, and Matt Damon appears on-screen as Jason Bourne for the first time in almost a decade. That buzz would likely be multiplied tenfold if the fans had no expectation that Damon would be involved with the film.

Another possibility is that Damon returning may be the plan, but it’s not set in stone yet. Studios and producers never take kindly to publicly confirming possibilities, and always prefer to hold off on making any announcements until after all the I’s have been dotted and T’s crossed. Considering Damon’s previously noncommittal stance on playing Jason Bourne again, he could very well be in talks, but unsure as to whether he wants to proceed yet.

As with every juicy rumor, we can all speculate about this until we’re collectively blue in the face. For now though, the only official word on the subject is from Marshall, and he says Damon is out of the picture. Was the rumor just another case of wishful thinking? Are you interested in checking out Bourne 5, even without Matt Damon?


Bourne 5 hits theaters on July 15, 2016.

Source: THR

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  1. Jeremy renner is an excellent actor and my son’s favorite avenger, but he already
    has one big franchise and has been part of mi4 and bournes series. since those
    fans wont let go of cruise and damon someone needs to help him build a new one
    Of his own, he would make an excellent ken o connell the starbrand or a pilot in
    a voltron movie, etc.

  2. So Damon will show up in “surprising cameo” form to try and keep the spotlight firmly on Renner throughout until the film’s release?

    I don’t know what to think of Renner, I’ve only ever seen him in the Marvel films and Ghost Protocol and all three times, he was just “there” if you know what I mean, like he’s just a slightly higher paid extra rather than a potential leading man in the making (I also felt that about Gerard Butler too and look how he turned out, becoming Scotland’s “Mr Shouty” in one dimensional performances).

    If I have time, I might try and find the Bourne films online because I still haven’t seen them yet.

    • Watch Afflecks movie “The Town” if you want to see what Renner can do. (And just an excellent movie)
      He also turned in a good performance in “Hurt Locker.”
      But you are right, he was non-existent in Thor, Avengers, and MI.

      And the Bourne movies with Damon are quite good. Definitely worth a viewing.

  3. Noooooooooooo no no no Nooooooooooo’!!!!!!!’ No…… Matt Damon is the reason I love these movies.

  4. Anything from Latino Review is completely irrelevant to me and the rest of the SR community

  5. So is there a law that states that after a certain amount of times a rumor circulates it HAS to come true? Latino Review must really want Matt Damon to come back.

    Latino Review is a joke.

  6. Yeah, as soon as I saw LR’s name on the first article I stopped reading.

  7. This is so sad to me. I didnt like the last one too much. It was like watching a movie with scenes taken from the 1st 3 movies. All the action scenes were right out of the Bourne movies. Im a real Bourne movie fan. But it was not an original action spot in the movie. So, if this one is not original from the start. I will just leave the rest alone. The first were pretty good, and you never felt you were watching the same movie again.

  8. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Damon was not impressed with Renner or the plot for the Renner film, so to get him back it would have to be an awful bang-up four-star danger-high-voltage flick, and Renner probably would have to take a bit of a backseat to Damon if they did end up together. I just don’t think Damon is that interested (I am not criticizing either actor, as frankly the movies are not all that great, any of them).

    • Damon has gone out of his way to say Renner is a great actor and would like to work with him. His issue is with the scripts he has seen and the way they have taken the story, which I assume means the genetic enhancements. As a scientist I find it fascinating and have no doubt that governments will use every resource available. If athletes have been chemically enhanced for years, do we really think the same hasn’t been applied to soldiers? Also if Damon does come back I seriously doubt he will be able to perform stunts at anywhere near the level that Renner can, so in that respect he will have to take a back seat or hire an outstanding lookalike stand-in.

  9. Well, if you can get a message back to that producer, tell him he can count me out.
    Out of a theater visit, a Blu-Ray purchase, even a watch on cable. Just like with Bourne legacy, which I probably won’t ever see.
    If they just want to do Treadstone (or Blackbriar or whatever) movie without him, cool, take the name “Bourne” out of the title. Then I might consider it based on the strength of the trailers. Even the best trailers won’t get me to see a Bourneless Bourne movie.

    A Bourne movie with no Jason Bourne is like:
    A Bond movie with no James Bond.
    A Terminator movie with no Terminator.
    A Rambo movie with no John Rambo.
    A Mad Max movie with no Mad Max.

  10. The problem is not Renner…the script simply sucked in the last one. If they can improve it they’ll have a shot.

    The last one felt so different than the original Bourne movies

  11. so Matts so fat and lazy he can’t take the job, right?

  12. So Latino Review is wrong ? Big whoop. News at 9:30

  13. Good, Legacy wasn’t a very good movie and Aaron Cross is a joke compared to Bourne! Without his pills he doesn’t even have an IQ high enough to join the program! And a Bourne movie directed by Justin Lin, no thanks! Stay away Matt!

  14. The rumor was confirmed bunk as soon as Lin was named as the director for the fifth installment. Damon simply won’t come back to the series without Greengrass, he said so multiple times.

  15. They came up with the story for Bourne Legacy to ensure the continuation of the franchise, and be free to change the leading role as many times as they have to.
    Cross was one of a number of other Bournes. They basically turned ‘Bourne’ from a real person’s name into the description of a type of secret agent.
    (But also, let’s not forget, Damon’s character’s real name wasn’t Bourne… Or was it?)
    And of course, the movies will do much better with Bourne in the title.

    In other words, they screwed up the franchise.

    Legacy was a reboot, so there’s not a way to write in Damon’s character anymore.

  16. Rumor Update: Hulk Hogan is 99% positive Matt will return.

  17. I think its hilarious all the people screaming about how Legacy ruined what Bourne was. Yet they never read the books to know what it was ACTUALLY all about. The changes to the story were actually very interesting I thought, especially after conversations with several SOCOM warriors have talked about how they’ve used tech and meds to be physically the best they can be. Like Olympic level athletes. They study how olympians train. Seriously. So the idea of taking that next step to genetic manipulation? Totally dug it.

    I like Jeremy Renner in pretty much everything he’s ever done. He’s been under used in Avengers so far (hoping Avengers 2 changes that) but I really liked him in Hurt Locker, The Town. He was great in American Hustle. And I’ve got a serious soft spot for Hansel & Gretel.

    I get that most people weren’t ready for a Bourne movie without Damon, but honestly if you watch Legacy with an open mind, its a good movie and certainly curious to see where it goes from here. I’d really like to see an expansion of Ed Norton’s villain. That was solid. To say nothing of the tertiary story about the media/congress from The Bourne Ultimatum, was very well done.

    • Is this website called Book Rant?

  18. What’s the point of continuing the Bourne series without Borne hhimself? Jeremy is a great actor, but Matt Damon should definitely be in the next installment

  19. Bourne Legacy was AWESOME ! Best of the four. All were XLNT ! Damon & Renner in #5 would be Awesome. Gilroy Guys are Awesome writers ! I want More !!

  20. Look the bottom line is Jeremy Renner did a really good job on 4 but the problem is Matt just @:&@ killed it in the series no one would want to follow him after the performance he gave but if I had a choice between more Bourne movies and Arron cross or no more Bourne movies …. I would happily take Arron cross.