Rumor: Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass in Talks for ‘Bourne 5′ [Updated]

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bourne 5 paul greengrass matt damon Rumor: Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass in Talks for Bourne 5 [Updated]

Matt Damon’s mantra where it concerns the Jason Bourne franchise – since he and director Paul Greengrass completed the original Bourne movie trilogy with Bourne Ultimatum – has always been that he’ll do another movie if (and only if) the story makes sense. Not to mention, Damon’s always indicated that Greengrass must be part of the package, if Universal wants the actor to commit to reprising his role as the ultimate U.S. government assassin in the developing untitled fifth movie installment (Bourne 5, for brevity’s sake).

Earlier this month, reports emerged that Universal has begun the screenwriting process on Bourne 5, with Jeremy Renner lined up to return as the Aaron Cross character, who was introduced in the Damon-less Bourne Legacy (that’s assuming you don’t count Damon’s picture’s cameos in that film). However, it would appear as though the studio hasn’t abandoned all hope of getting Damon to make an appearance in Bourne 5 – which, if he does, would mean that he’ll undoubtedly wind up sharing the screen with Renner for part of the running time.

Twitch Film is claiming that Universal is negotiating with Damon and Greengrass at the same time, in the hope of better tempting the one by being able to offer the other’s potential commitment as a benefit. The site indicates that Universal still plans to continue with the Aaron Cross stream of Bourne films “regardless of what happens on the Damon front;” meaning, any cross-overs or mergers between the Cross and Bourne characters’ storylines will be sorted out once negotiations either result in – or fail to produce – a Damon/Greengrass deal.

[UPDATE: Variety has reached out to Universal, but the studio is denying that there is any truth to this rumor about Damon and Greengrass being in negotiations to return for another Bourne movie.]

Producer Frank Marshall began touting the idea of a Damon-Renner pairing in Bourne 5 before Bourne Legacy opened in theaters, even while Damon continued to suggest that he’s doubtful about returning to the Jason Bourne role. However, just because Damon’s involvement has been a possibility for some time, that doesn’t mean Bourne 5 writer Anthony Peckham (Sherlock Holmes) is banking on him being a part of the film; though, Peckham is also probably being careful to not rush together a complete script that features Renner’s character alone – only to face the prospect of having to wedge Damon as Bourne into the proceedings (when/if Universal strikes a deal with Damon).

damon renner bourne Rumor: Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass in Talks for Bourne 5 [Updated]

Greengrass’ return to the Bourne franchise would be more than welcome, all the more so after Tony Gilroy – who’s worked on the scripts for all the Bourne movies released to date – proved less adept as an action director on Bourne Legacy, when compared to Greengrass’ work on Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum. Even director Doug Liman’s first installment in the series, Bourne Identity, feels a bit out of step stylistically with the second and third movies, especially since Greengrass’ guerrilla filmmaking approach (hanheld camerawork, quick and rough edits) has come to define this series… in ways good and bad, admittedly.

Damon’s return as Jason Bourne, though, is more questionable. On the one hand, Bourne 5 could feel more like a proper Bourne film than Bourne Legacy does if… well, it actually features the title character (something that was discussed on a recent episode of the Screen Rant Underground podcast). More so, Damon’s involvement would signal that the script/story is up to scratch, given that the actor’s career is healthy enough so that he doesn’t need to do Bourne 5 even if the premise fails to interest him. On the other hand, it is Cross’ storyline and not Bourne’s that needs resolution – and while this isn’t true for everyone, I personally feel that Renner and his Bourne Legacy costar Rachel Weisz can get by fine without Damon in Bourne 5.

How about it – would you like to see Damon and Greengrass reunite for Bourne 5? Are you excited by the thought of Renner and Damon sharing the screen together?


Bourne 5 has neither an official title, release date, nor even a tentative production start date. As always, we shall keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Source: Twitch Film

Update Source: Variety

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  1. Well Matt Damon is not allergic to movie. So I definitely see him doing Bourne 5.

  2. People are so obsessed with Matt Damon playing Bourne again. It’s like being obsessed for only wanting Pierce Brosnan to play James Bond again.

    But what people forget is that obsession is a mental illness, a disorder. It’s not healthy and it’s wrong.

    Matt repeatedly said that he will only do another if Paul Greengrass is directing. In my mind that’s a very unprofessional and quite an idiotic move. As if Greengrass is the *only* director in the world that can pull it off. People forget the first film, which was great, wasn’t directed by him.

    It’s time to move on and give Renner a chance. The last movie was just the introduction of Renner. The real fun with him will start with the next one.

    • I agree with your last paragraph. That is all.

      • I also agree with his last paragraph. And Identity was great, not done by Greengrass.

    • Hi you, are you feeling ok? Seems that you have a sick feeling and blaming it on Matt Damon and his fans and I can assure you that there are a hell of a lot of them! Pleass see a doctor! Take your meds on time! No one would accept anyone else play Jack Bauer in 24 than Kiefer Sutherland and with Jason Bourne it is the same. What is Bourne without Matt Damon? 007 Can change his face but Bournes face is Matt Damon, so get real, stop telling other people that they have a mental illness, rather look into the mirror yourself and catch a wake up!
      8 Season of 24 with Kiefer Sutherland so what about 8 movies of Jason Bourne with Matt Damon?

      • Yup, Matt is young enough to do more Bournes. But that doesn’t mean he’s not expendable. If any other actor can do Bourne, why not ? I thought people finally grew up after Daniel Craig nailed Bond in spades in the face of vicious detractors. Plus, which one of you guys is gonna force Bourne down Matt’s throat ? He did a Bale and gave Jeremy a chance anyway remember ? And if he still doesn’t wanna be Bourne, he ain’t becoming Bourne!!

      • @Anakin sorry but I agree with annatjie there is something wrong with you, jeremey renner had his chance and blew it, the movie did not come even close to what matt damon and Paul G have achieved, and yes after working with director on all his bourne movies(minus the fist one) why would you change director as for the 24 comment that’s bang on the mark while you are at it u might as well change the rock I amsure nobody gonna notice dumbass

    • The way and the number or people reacting extremely negatively to the Batman casting makes the case for your second paragraph. Agree ? Hell yeah.

  3. Yes

  4. I agree with you. If Bourne comes back in a meaningful way then great, as long as it comes without the shake. However, first I want another film with just Marta and Cross.

  5. Bourne 5: Cross only, Bourne cameo in final scene
    Bourne 6: Team up and end franchise in style. If they really want to I guess they could make a 2 parter and have a connected plot in Bourne 6 and 7.

    • I like that idea. :)

  6. Great idea as long as they found a solution to why damon is back.

    • With Hollywood magic, anything can be made to happen. Not an issue at all.

  7. Noooo Bourne Trilogy is one of the most perfect action trilogies ever! His character was so perfectly set up and then resolved. Now to bring him back is just $$$, what’s his motivation going to be? Gna set up an asset emotional helpline?

    • He’s going to slap Renner’s character (what was his name anyway?) every time he says, ” Where’s my chems!” Audiences around the world give standing ovations :-)

  8. Either way I’ll watch it. I may be one of the few the liked where Legacy was going with Renner’s and Weisz’s characters and the whole genetic modification subplot.

    • Me too. I liked that aspect of it. The problems I have with the film were more about the writing and cohesiveness.

      • Marc, I agree with you completely and I thought Renner did a great job. If you consider that he is the same age as Damon and didn’t really start doing action work until he was 40ish, then it is even more impressive. I know he had a lot of experience with guns, but not much with full on stunts beyond the odd brawl, certainly no martial arts, runing/jumping or bikes/cars.

  9. Just do a Lazenby and forget Renner’s dumb drug addict ever happened. It was an insult to fans anyway.

    • Well at least he got rid of the addiction by the end of the movie I think.

    • Damon or Renner or whoever. Not important. What is, are : Good acting, Good story and Good action. Done.

  10. How is Matt Damon going to make this movie, when he’s going to be busy being his big buddy Ben Affleck’s little friend Robin?


    • +100

  11. I thought the books by Robert Ludlum were OK, and while the movies did not do big things for me, they were just “ok” as well. I would watch another one on Netflix when available, but would not spend theater money to see the movie.

  12. See, God DOES answer prayers! Waiting for you, Matty boy. Come to mama!

  13. I’m a fan of the original Bourne trilogy & I quite liked how Legacy expanded the universe Bourne is set it. However I don’t think I want to see Jason Bourne back, his story was told in the original trilogy, there’s little to go on from that I think.

  14. If Matt Damon is to return as Bourne then I’d rather see a sort of Vs film before an eventual team up.

    From Legacy I took it as Cross wasn’t necessarily a good guy but more someone who’d do something if it benefited him. Therefore Bourne 5 I’d rather have Bourne Vs Cross with a team up film in Bourne 6.

  15. People are worrying over Damons return. I personally think its great, besides they wouldn’t keep naming the series ‘Bourne’ if it only stars Renners Cross.

    • Yes they can coz Cross is a part of Bourne’s legacy.

  16. Legacy set up a great way to bring Bourne back, there is a short portion that shows Noah up to no good again and turning the tables on Pamela Landy, so it sounds like the truth about the whole program is still being swept under the rug, and Bourne could be a part of the fight to bring the full story to light with Cross.

    • Hm good point, +1

  17. If they can’t get Matt Damon back, they should call the next one The Cross Contamination

    • Or “Bourne to Cross (the baddies)” :)

    • I’d watch this. Although almost anything they do will be way off what the trilogy wanted to set up.

      • Yeah, but this is the closest to the original trilogy I could think of. they really screwed up the last one by even inventing Outcome at all. Cross should’ve worked for Black Briar. Since it took place before and DURING Ultimatum, it would’ve worked beautifully. But instead they invented Outcome for no reason.

  18. Typo in second paragraph, “Bourn”

  19. That would be pretty sweet. Even sweeter would be establishing Cross a little more in 5 then allowing the series to go out with an epic bang by bringing Damon in for 6.

    Either way, though Legacy certainly didn’t have the complexity of the earlier films, I’m looking forward to seeing how they continue to build upon the Bourne universe.

  20. Damon & Renner together, will be great

  21. Would love to see Paul Greengrass direct a James Bond movie. He’s my favorite british director

  22. As long as it works for the story and as long as it can be done well I say go for it

  23. I’d watch this. Although almost anything they do will be way off what the trilogy wanted to set up.

  24. Please let Mat Damon return. Who else is Jason Bourne. What is a Bourne movie without Mat Damon, nothing and a waste of money to whatch someone else taking the role. Aaron Cross might be a good actor, but being Jason Bourne, no! So yes, if we all over the net have to support that Mad Damon make a comeback, let us do so.

    • Aaron Cross is an actor ?! :)

  25. The films stopped following the books, in the second film. The original Eric Van Lustbader Bourne Trilogy book featured Bourne and his son, not Cross. I guess what I’m saying is, its not really fair to compare the books to the films, because they’re very different.

    I’m sure, if they bring Bourne back, it’ll sell tickets. But, I think, if they bring Bourne back, then Cross may take a back-seat to Bourne. I’m not sure either of them works well with others. Personally, I liked the new direction the series was going, with Cross. I’d like to see Cross be the main character, not Bourne. Although, its a little awkward calling it a Bourne film, without staring Jason Bourne. Personally, I think they should have called it Treadstone, not the Bourne Legacy, since both films feature Treadstone. It would have given it, its own identity. Now, they’re trying too hard, to keep Bourne in the Boarne films.

    I think, the real question isn’t should Matt Damon return to the Bourne films, but should Matt Damon play the next Aquaman or the Martian Manhunter? Obviously, the only reason he’s being considered for these roles, is because he once played Jason Bourne, and he can fight.

  26. There’s nothing wrong with keeping ‘Bourne’ in the title; it’s all set in the Bourne World.
    Of course if there’s a good script, both Damon and Renner can be in it. It’s about story, always, not about how much screentime they get or who the biggest star is or who should come on the poster first, blahblahblah, it’s about the story.

    Damon obviously had a great time working with Greengrass. Of course there are other action directors out there, but he wants to have a great time again. I really love the look of the 2nd and 3rd movie, so he’s got my vote.

    P.S. ‘Aaron Cross’ always makes me think ‘Tyler Perry?’

  27. I hope no Paul Greengrass. If that means no Matt Damon, than so be it. I would rather have a non-Matt Damon Bourne film that I can actually watch than a Matt Damon + Paul Greengrass reunion that makes me seasick. What is the point of a movie if you can’t see what is going on.