Rumor: Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass in Talks for ‘Bourne 5′ [Updated]

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bourne 5 paul greengrass matt damon Rumor: Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass in Talks for Bourne 5 [Updated]

Matt Damon’s mantra where it concerns the Jason Bourne franchise – since he and director Paul Greengrass completed the original Bourne movie trilogy with Bourne Ultimatum – has always been that he’ll do another movie if (and only if) the story makes sense. Not to mention, Damon’s always indicated that Greengrass must be part of the package, if Universal wants the actor to commit to reprising his role as the ultimate U.S. government assassin in the developing untitled fifth movie installment (Bourne 5, for brevity’s sake).

Earlier this month, reports emerged that Universal has begun the screenwriting process on Bourne 5, with Jeremy Renner lined up to return as the Aaron Cross character, who was introduced in the Damon-less Bourne Legacy (that’s assuming you don’t count Damon’s picture’s cameos in that film). However, it would appear as though the studio hasn’t abandoned all hope of getting Damon to make an appearance in Bourne 5 – which, if he does, would mean that he’ll undoubtedly wind up sharing the screen with Renner for part of the running time.

Twitch Film is claiming that Universal is negotiating with Damon and Greengrass at the same time, in the hope of better tempting the one by being able to offer the other’s potential commitment as a benefit. The site indicates that Universal still plans to continue with the Aaron Cross stream of Bourne films “regardless of what happens on the Damon front;” meaning, any cross-overs or mergers between the Cross and Bourne characters’ storylines will be sorted out once negotiations either result in – or fail to produce – a Damon/Greengrass deal.

[UPDATE: Variety has reached out to Universal, but the studio is denying that there is any truth to this rumor about Damon and Greengrass being in negotiations to return for another Bourne movie.]

Producer Frank Marshall began touting the idea of a Damon-Renner pairing in Bourne 5 before Bourne Legacy opened in theaters, even while Damon continued to suggest that he’s doubtful about returning to the Jason Bourne role. However, just because Damon’s involvement has been a possibility for some time, that doesn’t mean Bourne 5 writer Anthony Peckham (Sherlock Holmes) is banking on him being a part of the film; though, Peckham is also probably being careful to not rush together a complete script that features Renner’s character alone – only to face the prospect of having to wedge Damon as Bourne into the proceedings (when/if Universal strikes a deal with Damon).

damon renner bourne Rumor: Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass in Talks for Bourne 5 [Updated]

Greengrass’ return to the Bourne franchise would be more than welcome, all the more so after Tony Gilroy – who’s worked on the scripts for all the Bourne movies released to date – proved less adept as an action director on Bourne Legacy, when compared to Greengrass’ work on Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum. Even director Doug Liman’s first installment in the series, Bourne Identity, feels a bit out of step stylistically with the second and third movies, especially since Greengrass’ guerrilla filmmaking approach (hanheld camerawork, quick and rough edits) has come to define this series… in ways good and bad, admittedly.

Damon’s return as Jason Bourne, though, is more questionable. On the one hand, Bourne 5 could feel more like a proper Bourne film than Bourne Legacy does if… well, it actually features the title character (something that was discussed on a recent episode of the Screen Rant Underground podcast). More so, Damon’s involvement would signal that the script/story is up to scratch, given that the actor’s career is healthy enough so that he doesn’t need to do Bourne 5 even if the premise fails to interest him. On the other hand, it is Cross’ storyline and not Bourne’s that needs resolution – and while this isn’t true for everyone, I personally feel that Renner and his Bourne Legacy costar Rachel Weisz can get by fine without Damon in Bourne 5.

How about it – would you like to see Damon and Greengrass reunite for Bourne 5? Are you excited by the thought of Renner and Damon sharing the screen together?


Bourne 5 has neither an official title, release date, nor even a tentative production start date. As always, we shall keep you posted as more information becomes available.

Source: Twitch Film

Update Source: Variety

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  1. well it does make sense. The move is after all called “Bourne” You can’t call it Bourne if the character isn’t in it. It’s like Tron Legacy with no tron story. Awkward.

    • I disagree. It can still be a Bourne story without the character if it’s based on the experiment model of the character recognized by the agency. It would have helped if Damon had been involved to impart info or personal wisdom to Renner’s character. Or if Renner had been dispatched to track something Bourne had hidden or been looking for.

    • I agree. Matt Damon is Jason Bourne! something must be done to convince Matt to return as Jason Bourne. The Bourne Legacy shouldn’t have been without Matt and for starters why a Bourne movie without Matt. I will also think twice if im Matt to get involved on a futher basis if Bourne movies are done without him and I didn’t even like the Bourne Legacy,neither the actors and the story line, why waste money and I know of a couple of fans out there who would have wanted Matt.

      Please help us fans out here to convince Matt to come back for more Bourne movies.

      • I agree! i really hope that Matt Damon will do the next Bourne movie. Fans love him he is the Key person in the films and it would be great to see him in that role again. :)

  2. I haven’t read the books in a long time, but I remember one where Jason Bourne went by his David Webb persona and he was a teacher or something like that and something happened where the Bourne persona came out and he reverted back. Add Aaron Cross to the mix and I think there could be a good story there.

  3. The story lines in the books are for Jason Bourne not the Cross character. No apologies and I am a hater of the new guy. No matter if they put his picture in corn flake boxes I still dont believe in this guy no matter what movie.

    Last movie was not a Bourne movie. Did not fill my expectation. I am a hard core book series reader and a total fan in this Damon role. I am not typically a Matt Damon fan but, his acting for this movie is just amazing. Way better than James Bond Movies.

    • Sick to books buddy… Jeremy rener did a great job in the spy persona, u obviously dont really know movies. Like i said, stick to reading….?

      • That’s the thing though, legacy was a spinoff. So the title should have been different. Keeping the same title just disrespects what came before, and makes cross not that strong a character to headline his own movie. They should have reserved the bourne title for jason bourne. Universal just got greedy. I get what they tried to do. But it was a mistake. I only really cared about bourne. A bourne movie without any jason bourne. It’s actually ridiculous.

        It’s like if a Batman movie was made, focusing on Robin.
        Or a bond film without any bond.
        or a die hard film without mcclane.
        or an indiana jones film without indiana jones.

        or you get the idea….

        • very good idea. I absolutely agree with you. The bourne is story about Jason Bourne and Jason is oly one guy … Matt Damon.

    • I totally agree, Damon I don’t know why just makes the movie more special and exciting because the way he acts in it is just realistic, that’s what I think. And I don’t know the new actor, meh, he’s alright I guess but it doesn’t seem to complete the whole bourne concept and view of things because everything about Jason Bourne focused around the actor Matt Damon and he made the character his own and then someone new comes in and tries to do that…I just dont like it.

  4. To me, Bourne is Bourne is Bourne. Simples. I read the Legacy book years before seeing the film. the film was so off the mark with the Trilogy I can’t watch it again. Renner is ok but Damon adds a personal innocence that is his own and adds to the whole Bourne/memory loss thing. Renner can shoot and jump with most of them but he ain’t no Bourne and IMHO without Damon and Greengrass…..Bourne is DEAD!

  5. I think in the next film they can get into more of “cross” past & that will make interesting to follow. He wont just be an action figure itll be more personal. After all mostly all people like to be able to sympathize with a charactor & see familiarities with thier own lives & situations

  6. I really enjoyedthe Bourne Legacy. Brenner was a fine replacement for Damon.
    It would be great for Matt to return, but its fine if he doesn’t.
    I can’t wait for another one with or without Matt Damon!

  7. Renner is no Bourne…that last movie was like Andy of Mayberry with no Andy ! Sorry but without Greengrass and Damon you have no Bourne anything ! Don’t NASCAR the fans with the name Bourne when there is no Bourne under the hood !

  8. If Damon and greengrass did do another movie they should have Bourne take down the agency that did those things to him. I mean the black ops operations.and cia director.

  9. I would love to see both in the film, with both girls. Sorta like fast and furious

  10. Everyone seems to be focussing on the wrong word here; the operative word in the fourth movie’s title is LEGACY. Those who want to can feel free to go on about how the studio just used the Bourne name to cash in or to complain that Renner’s Cross is no Jason Bourne but what can’t be denied is the logic in the movie’s title. All of the new “breeds” of operatives depicted in the film are due to programs based on the initial success of Treadstone and Blackbriar; with Bourne being the sole operative to turn against the agency. The fact that Cross turns on them after being betrayed could only bring one name to mind as an example; Jason Bourne. Hence, any of their superagents that turn can be said to be Bourne’s legacy.

  11. In the book series, the Legacy assassin was named Khan. David Webb’s (Bourne’s)son Joshua who was suppose to have died in Vietnam.

  12. I’ve never seen bourne trilogy in cinemas. I am disappointed.

    I saw Legacy in cinema. I sincerely regret it.

  13. I REALLY hope that Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass return, and I would love it if Aaron Cross and Jason Bourne team up together, the two of them would be totally kick-ass, and Marta might be able to give Jason more information about what was done to him during his training, you just can’t do another Bourne movie without Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, I’d be really annoyed if they had Jason Bourne in the fifth movie, but replaced Matt for another actor to play Jason, I think they’d annoy a lot of people if they did that, it annoys me when they replace actors to play a character that another actor/actress previously portrayed, it almost always ruins it, except for those rare occasions

  14. I can tell by the comments which fans are loyal to the books, the original movie story and those who just want to express an opinion. Lot of good thoughts out there. Any real movie fanatic prefers films to follow the books. If that doesn’t happen then there should be some consistency, logic and consideration of the original story. I personally would love Matt Damon back. With other trilogies that change the story, the director or main character…you can reduce the quality of the product (film). Some of us want more out of a movie than just action. We want a good story, good acting, great action, great plot, and for everything to tie together in the beginning, middle and end. As long as the next movie is better than the last, I will probably watch.

  15. Damon’s return is vital to the whole series. Although, Jason emphatically said that he would no longer get involved, it is too soon for Damon fans to let him go. He must return every so often, not only in picture 5. That’s the way I feel about it, but include the Aaron Cross and others like them.

    The storyline is great, just keep it going. It’s important to keep them well written instead of speeding things up and ending up with bad story lines.

  16. See i agree with half the statements here, i can see the fans of the books just think that this movie was wrong. But i don’t agree.. its a spin off its what Bourne has started (legacy) that has had a knock on effect, the whole branch that deals with the agents are panicking and terminating ALL projects so naturally it would be good to see a different side of the company trying to terminate what it started, I think it would be good if they did a cross over with Bourne and cross, like I agree with: MonkeyNutsJoe people are sort of missing the point [LEGACY!!!]its what he started!!! you can call it greedy but to be honest i thought it was good seeing it from a different operatives point of view. i would just like them to keep it with them two operatives and mix them into a film into one or two films then permanently shut the operation down, movies finished, end of. I like the actor Jeremy Renner and I thought he did the part very well. I haven’t read the books I have no intention to if would make me as one sides as the guys who have read the books and posted negative comments, I also agree with 3Celia9 too. i also think that they HAVE to finish what they started but to be honest Jason Bourne may have ended his story but with this story in that means it isn’t over as it’s like a tree Jason Bourne only removed one root you think its over but its just going to come back until you grab all the roots and get rid of them all to totally end it, I may be wrong but that’s the way i see it.

    • REPEAT – Combine Bourne (Damon), Jack Bauer – 24 (Sutherland), Ethan Hunt – MI movies (Cruise), and possibly even Bob Lee Swagger – movie, Shooter (Mark Wahlberg) – into one blowout, blockbuster spy-thriller action movie. Create an intelligent, action-packed plot, and it will work, and everyone involved will make a ton of money. Come on, Hollywood! Wake up!

  17. I like Jeremy Renner as an actor but I think Matt Damon is Bourne and without him you might as well change the name of the movie to Cross. I always thought a great Bourne movie after Ultimatum would have been for Bourne to become a linguistics teacher just like the books only to remember he had a relationship with Nikki Parsons. Maybe they could get that Russian guy to have her kidnapped which would result in Bourne exercising his mad skills to come to her rescue. Sounds believable to me.

  18. The Bourne series is Paul green grass and matt Damon…period! Renner took the story farther away from the style Robert ludlums original book series in a distasteful fashion.bring back matt Damon and Paul green grass!!!!

  19. I am a huge Bourne fan from the very beginning… And I just feel like the Jason Bourne story isn’t finished yet… There are still loose ends that need to be tied off…I feel there needs to be a bourn reckoning

  20. I am a huge Bourne fan from the very beginning… And I just feel like the Jason Bourne story isn’t finished yet… There are still loose ends that need to be tied off…I feel there needs to be a Bourne Reckoning…where Matt Damon as Jason Bourne takes out anyone and everyone that had anything to do with him becoming Jason Bourne and the next movie needs to completely clear his name

  21. what the heck
    why they are arranging meetings n making bourne 5 without matt damon.this makes no sense…ths should not called as bourne movie it should be called as ranner

  22. I think they should delve deeper into the treadstone project that started it all. I for one have always wondered what went on during his training recruitment etc. What kind of enhancements both mentally and physically occured? I beleive this would be a great way to get matt damon ako jason bourne back on track and would make for a great script in bringing in both characters.

    • agreed!

  23. I sincerly believe that merging MATT and RENNER togther would not do the bourne franchise a good deal,bringing this two guys together would seem very clumsy
    because i belive the two charcaters are just far apart,and lastly there is no need
    for Matt Damon to do a 5TH WITH Renner so as not to destory the established triology
    let renner continue with the series.

    • They should make a fifth and final installment with Matt Damon in it. Director should be Paul Greengrass. He is the original assassin who was trying to take down ppl who worked for the Gov. who tried killing them in the first place.
      What should happen imo, Renner and Damon should some how bump into each other and team up and take down all who is involved and who ended up coming after them. Including help clear Pam Landy’s rep.
      It would make no sense if those two would fight against each other. Plus since Bourne was the first assassin experiment, he would kill Renner in a sec. Renner needs meds to keep going vs Bourne.
      This should be the final and last Bourne movie. Them both taking down the crooked ppl involved and finishing what was started in the first place. This would make a bad ass movie if they involved the director and Matt Damon and Renner. It be a movie to remember. W/o Matt Damon the movie will never be as good and will be a flop in the theatres once again. Do it right the first time or do not do it at all.

  24. I really feel that the Bourne was and always will be a Matt Damon film renner is nothing more then another co star the cross story line was not as good as the first three I personally would much rather have Matt Damon then renner

  25. The bourne must be Matt Damom only. Because this is his story like 007