‘Fast & Furious’ Director in Talks For ‘Bourne 5′; Jeremy Renner Returning

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Bourne 5 Justin Lin Jeremy Renner Fast & Furious Director in Talks For Bourne 5; Jeremy Renner Returning

Despite some recent rumors to the contrary, the Jason Bourne franchise is still in need of a new director for its next installment, Bourne 5. Justin Lin is a director in need of a new hit action movie franchise, having abandoned The Fast & Furious series after shepherding it back from the brink of bargain-bin hell during his four-installment run.

So what do you do when you have peanut butter on one slice, and jelly on another? Why, you slap that bread together and make a nice sandwich – which is apparently what Universal is attempting to do by luring Lin to the Bourne franchise.

Variety drops the report that Lin and Universal are currently in early stages of talks for the Bourne 5 job, with the site claiming that the next move to make is Lin’s. Also stated is that Jeremy Renner is still slated to return as his Bourne Legacy character, Aaron Cross, and that the script is currently being written by Anthony Peckham (Sherlock HolmesInvictus). It’s not a slam dunk that Lin will take the job, as there are said to be other projects competing for his attention, including WB’s Runner, Imagine Entertainment’s L.A. Riots and Universal’s hot, MI6 thriller spec script Section 6, which Hugh Jackman is interested in headlining.

The real unknown variable is where Lin’s head is currently at: He broke onto the scene with the insightful indie hit Better Luck Tomorrow before moving on to big game like the Fast & Furious franchise; he left that cash-cow behind due to the increasingly heavy demand for rapid turnaround on installments – so is he ready to jump back into a major franchise like Bourne? To be fair, outside of Better Luck Tomorrow, Lin’s attempt at big screen drama has resulted in the James Franco/Tyrese vehicle Annapolis, so maybe he should stick to a genre he’s had big success in?

Justin Lin on Set of Fast Five Fast & Furious Director in Talks For Bourne 5; Jeremy Renner Returning

There’s also the question of how Bourne fans will respond to this proposed idea. Question is: how big is the overlap between Bourne fans and F&F fans? At first glance one might think, “Pretty big,” but really those are two different franchises, that appeal to some widely different demographics, for some very different reasons. Under Lin, Fast & Furious gradually transformed from race-culture caper flicks into full-blown super hero-esque vehicular action movies. Bourne got its reputation for being a smarter, darker, grittier, more grounded version of James Bond – so would Lin’s track record for popcorn entertainment blow-outs be welcome in this franchise?

No deal is done yet, so don’t freak out too much; for now, just let us know your opinions in the comments.


We’ll keep you updated on the status of Bourne 5.

Source: Variety

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  1. Niceer I like jeremy renner he playing good hawkeye

    • What does hawkeye have to do with bourne? you stupid mutt

  2. Personal in my opinon bourne 5 should be the last one

  3. I liked Renner in Legacy, not an amazing film but definitely something to build on. People will probably bang on about Bourne being used in the title but by definition legacy means something handed down from an ancestor or predecessor so maybe just drop Bourne from the title.

  4. The only director I want is paul greengrass so that matt damon comes back to the franchise. He already stated he won’t come back without greengrass. Jeremy renner did fine as aaron cross but its dumb to not have bourne in the bourne franchise

    • Paul Greengrass was the downfall of both Supremacy and Ultimatum – that, and the the writing – of course this is coming from me, a writer who is rather partial to the source material. I believe they copped out by going the typical action blockbuster route. Even though the books were set in the Cold war, they could still have been adapted to the modern era better. I also have misgivings about Bourne Legacy (since the books weren’t written by Ludlum but rather Eric von Listbader ‘inheriting’ or requesting that he continue the series outside of the original trilogy (which was brilliant[books])… now its just another Hollywood tentpole series (waning in potency) – Very dissapointing!

      • Well, from what I saw Eric van Lustbader had very little to do with “Legacy”. I actually quite liked the latter, although that was probably largely based on Jeremy Renner’s portrayal of Aaron Cross as the “smart addict” with a conscience about what he does (and the nods to the central conflict in “Charly/Flowers for Algernon”); Rachel Weisz’ character’s initial blithe assurance that she did what she did “for science”; and Edward Norton’s Byers, and his “we are the sin eaters” justification. Those were very smart concepts to play off, and took the film beyond the generic action flick elements the series as a whole seems to consider necessary to maintaining its audience. I do hope to see more of that in #5, especially given the writer they have chosen.

  5. I still say they should call the next one “The Cross Prophecy” and leave the word Bourne out of the title or at least loosely refer to it or maybe “Legacy: The Cross Prophecy”. That way it transitions from Bourne Legacy to the new one without the word Bourne in the title and Aaron Cross can move into his own franchise. Cross is a different character than Bourne. Now that Cross doesn’t have to take the “chems” but retains his so called powers and skills, it can go a different way.

    • I was thinking ‘The Cross Effect’.

    • The Cross Connection

  6. I hope they can make this happen because the last movie was good

  7. Justin Lin’s style does not at all fit with the Bourne franchise. Maybe that will breed something fresh and interesting though. Who knows?

    • I don’t think we have seen what Justin Lin can truly do with his talent..I mean fast and furious is one thing but we can’t limit him to just one franchise…I’ll have you know he has skill in making indie films( Better luck tomorrow was his breakout hit.

  8. If they want to continue the path Bourne IV set the franchise on and honour a Peckham script, they need someone who can do smart action with strong character development, not someone who does generic blow-outs. I’d love Sam Mendes take a turn …

  9. I think we just have to wait and see on this. They seem to have grasped certain essentials: Renner was good, Gilroy can’t do action, the whole series needs a fresh approach. My priorities now are that they continue to underpin the whole thing with government/military/big business conspiracy and they bring back Rachel Weisz and realy make her an intellectual force to be reckoned with; I found both of Jason Bourne’s love interests to be fairly underwhelming and I just love that she is a scientist and older than him. In fact that is it, Rachel must not just be a love interest, there should be a feeling that either of them could die and leave the other one to continue the fight – that would distinguish this series from all others.

  10. They can still carry on the Bourne name. Call it Bourne betrayal and have Aaron cross blackmailed by cia into befriending one of bourne’s old associates and find out Jason Bourne’s current location.

  11. It’s good that Universal brought on a great choice like Justin Lin. But, it’s not the director that worries me. Bourne 5 needs to have a solid script. You just can’t rehash the previous movies and try to make it like a Paul Greengrass film. What he and Matt Damon did were great. But, the new film should have a new feel, now that we are not concentrating on Jason Bourne.

  12. “Bourne Betrayal” still works. Bourne betrayed the CIA in Bourne 3 Supremacy, the fallout of that was part of Bourne 4 Legacy, and Bourne 5 just has to continue the storyline.

  13. With each step the franchise becomes more generic. By movie 7, it will be straight to DVD, directed by Renny Harlin and starring Paul Walker as someone who is going to expose this whole dame thing once and for all.

    They had a chance. They could’ve made the fourth all about Cross with no reference to any of the themes/players in the first three. Go back as far as you want with his story (even indicate a concurrent nature in relation to the events of the first three). But end it with Cross firmly established as a character of major importance and with his next mission assigned. One Mr. Bourne.

    Cue fifth movie. End with dignity. Alas, quite the opposite seems to be happening.

  14. How about we just leave Borune alone? They’re not going to top Ultimatium and 4 was trash

  15. Legacy was bad, and I was ready to dismiss any other sequel but Lin is somebody who I like very much, and I think he is one of the best action directors in Hollywood.(I’m just sad he didn’t do Terminator 5 or another Highlander like it was rumored)