Rumor Patrol: Are ‘Boondock Saints 3′ and a ‘Boondock Saints’ TV Show on the Way?

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Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery in The Boondock Saints II All Saints Day Rumor Patrol: Are Boondock Saints 3 and a Boondock Saints TV Show on the Way?

Troy Duffy’s 1999 low budget action film The Boondock Saints, about a set of fraternal twins who one day decide that God himself has instructed them to become vigilante killers and clean up the streets of Boston, might be one of the most divisive films of its kind. It was almost universally panned by critics when it was originally released, but has a strong following of fans who love the film and its two main characters.

The Boondock Saints is definitely worth watching for the chemistry between Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery – as well as Willem Dafoe’s role as an investigating FBI agent – and for the great number of funny and memorable scenes in it. It’s definitely a flawed movie, but it’s fun to watch and the reviews that it got were probably a little harsh. With that in mind, many people remain interested in seeing more from the writer and director of the film, Troy Duffy.

Those wishes might come true – if Duffy gets his way, at least. We Got This Covered spoke to Duffy regarding the upcoming Blu-ray release of the director’s cut of The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day and asked if he could give an update on which direction the series might take next. Apparently, he’s not done with the Saints yet, and is planning both a third movie and a TV series:

“I’m still working on the third film too. I’m trying to find my way through that plot. It could start to get a little bit comic book like when you think about it. You know, these two prolific vigilante characters in prison and then they get out and have the backing of the catholic church. It could get pretty extreme.

“I’m working through it though. I’m about halfway done the script. So ya, that’s definitely on the front. We’re doing a third installment. One of the things that I’m hoping to provide fans with in the third film is a lot of answers to their questions about the brothers. The film is going to be more introspective. I don’t want to give too much away but right now I couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s turning out.

“[The] TV show is still on the hopper here… I kind of envision a re-birth of ‘The Boondock Saints’ for a new generation. With television you can go so much more in depth and tell a lot more story. I’m excited about it.”

Duffy said that both Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery are set to return for the future Boondock Saints projects, with Willem Dafoe also taking an interest. Duffy revealed back in 2011 that he had been approached to make a TV series, so his continued interest in that avenue may be part of an ongoing collaboration with a network, or may be something that he is pursuing independently.

The story of how the first Boondock Saints film got made was the subject of a 2003 documentary called Overnight, which also documented Duffy’s subsequent fall from grace after being touted as one of the freshest voices and most important names to watch in Hollywood. He went from being a bartender to being a filmmaker almost in the blink of an eye when Harvey Weinstein, after reading the script that Duffy had written between his shifts, came down to the bar and offered him a deal with Miramax.

Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy Rumor Patrol: Are Boondock Saints 3 and a Boondock Saints TV Show on the Way?

Despite these Cinderella-esque beginnings and the hype surrounding his early career, the two Boondock Saints films remain the only projects that Duffy has ever directed. Miramax pulled out before Boondock Saints even began filming, and while it was later financed by an independent studio and gained a strong cult following after its DVD release, Duffy didn’t make any money off the DVD sales.

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day was eventually produced after almost a decade in development hell, and Duffy has been talking about making another sequel for some time now, with no news yet of whether any studios have taken an interest in it.

With that in mind, we’d advise Boondock Saints fans to hold off before getting really excited for a third film or a TV show. However passionately Duffy may believe in the Boondock Saints franchise, these two projects – the TV show in particular – are unlikely to come to fruition unless the writer-director can find someone to foot the bill for them. Norman Reedus is currently fully committed to his role in The Walking Dead (which admittedly could come to an end at any time, given the nature of the show), and this could complicate the matter of finding time to shoot a movie, and especially another TV show.

Are you hyped to see more of the Saints, and do you think that the sequel or TV show are likely to happen? Let us know in the comments.


The Boondock Saints II: All Saint’s Day Director’s Cut will be available July 16th, 2013 on Blu-ray. We’ll keep you updated on any further details regarding other Boondock Saints projects.

Source: We Got This Covered

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  1. I am not sure why all the hate. I liked the first one a lot when it came out (granted I was like 18 at the time, so I was like the target market). The second one is not as good. But I didn’t hate it all. It was a little too “wink-wink” about the first film. But the dialogue and chemistry was still there.

    I could do a third one.

  2. God yes!

  3. The Saints in prison? Bring it. Shame El Duke was offed.

    • Hope they stay and have a lovely time with mister big in the showers. Boon Dock gay porn, I’m guessing you’ll like that.

  4. I don’t see why all the cry babies are out about this movie, I thought the 1st 2 movies were great, not every movie has to have a huge significant impact on your life and be Oscar worthy to be a decent movie

  5. Who? The Boondoggle Saints? What?

    • I’d say that too. Not in a sarcastic way but because I’d only ever heard the name bandied around by one friend and thought she meant that animated show about the African American family, the one that sucked and was apparently called The Boondocks or something.

      I guess if it’s on TV at some point, I’ll try to catch it but honestly, I can’t name a single movie from 1999 that was actually worth watching (and yes, I include The Matrix in that because I didn’t see it until 2002 and while it looked visually stunning, the plot and characters just seemed a little plodding in my opinion, despite the good intentions of the Wachowskis in trying to put a religious and theosophical message of consumerism and identity into a movie that most people cared about purely for the Max Payne style “Bullet Time” scenes).

      • The Boondocks is actually a very good show when its act seriously. And makes some very valid points about culture.

        • + 1000, Old Man!

        • Yeah, like how we can all have a good old laugh about Irish terrorism. As long as it’s other people on the other side of the Atlantic getting crippled and women getting killed in front of their families. Ignorant simpltons

          • We aren’t talking about the Boondocks Saint’s here. Just the Boondocks TV show.

      • Fight Club, American Beauty, The Sixth Sense, The Green Mile, Office Space. All released in 1999. I see what you mean by nothing worth watching.

        • This is worth watchin

      • Really don’t bother my friend, Boon Docks was written by a twelve year old for ten year olds. The ‘story ‘ is completely vapid, the leads can’t act and the script is straight out of a 80’s B movie. The sort of person that likes this pile of rot would prolly have John Wayne from the Green Berets as an avatar.

        • Oh really, dissin ain’t polite, so leave the saints and who like em alone

  6. i’m trying to be a serious film critic, and i can see why some of the hate towards the movies comes out, but the amount of hate towards the first one i’m seeing and towards its fans is baffling to me. It has some seriously good action scenes, well directed and dialogue, not to mention some really cool and original characters that we want to see succeed. It’s by no means perfect, but i’ve heard people use this movie as a test to see a person’s taste in movies, and i think thats just wrong.

    The second was pretty good for being a straight to DVD release, and i would definitely be up for a third movie and reboot series. As long as it’s more of the good thing.

    this would be the perfect project for Kick-starter

    • Are you f@#$ing kidding me???

      Some of the worst dialogue and direction I’ve ever seen.

      Then you watch the documentary and see why the film’s so terrible. Troy Duffy is a terrible terrible person who didn’t have a clue what he was doing.

      • Troy Duffy was a bartender, who wrote the movie inbetween shifts. Average joe working a below average job and creating an awesome movie. What have you accomplished in your life?

  7. Hyped all the way for more Boondock Saints! Somewhat confident, maybe the word should be hopeful that Saints III will happen. Just opinion based on Troy Duffy’s comments. He seems to speak with confidence of movie happening with key players returning. That is if what he says is true. It would be nice to see a little more production details to verify that he can get the movie made.

    I have often thought over the last couple of years that Norman Reedus could bring some extra cred to Boondock Saints projects. With his star rising over the last couple of years on The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus could potentially bring good interest in Saints III or TV series. Hopefully, both the movie and TV series can be made.

    • I see you have a picture of a wife beating, draft dodger. s’plains a lot about your opinions.

  8. Boondock Saints III: The Saints Go Marching

    • Totally agreed

  9. The second one lost me with Sean Patrick-Flannery’s face. It was so unsettling, like watching a burn victim or something–I mean in the way that you could see him in there but it just wasn’t him. It was almost like they had recast the character. They even gave most of the lines and actions to the other guy, as if they knew people would be creeped out by the way he looked. Sorry, but that’s just how I felt.

    • Yeah, he looked like a stand-in with a bad Sean Patrick Flannery mask. Fortunately he seems to have recovered from whatever made him so puffy around that time, because he looks pretty much back to normal on Dexter now.

  10. I am a huge fan of these movies. But these guys are going to be 50 by the time this movie is made. (At least SPF will be). Reedus will be right behind him. Thank goodness these guys age in reverse.

  11. First two are really great, and after how the second one ended I was really hoping for a third one actually. Bring it on. Also, I always thought these movies had the potential to work as a TV series if done right, so I might check that out if they ever decide to make it.

  12. WHAT THE F$@&?!?!?!

    Will this d-bag EVER be stopped???

    I can’t speak for the second film, but the first is one of the biggest steamiest piles of sh#t ever made.
    The best thing to come from that film was the Overnight documentary. Troy Duffy is an a**hole of the highest order.

  13. I was a mega fanboy for the first movie no doubt, The second movie really was poor to me matter of fact in my eyes it was horrible. Will watch the 3rd one though,Surely it couldn’t be any worse

  14. Loved the first one, hated the second one, don’t need a third one. Don’t need a TV show either.

  15. The second one was like a really bad TV movie, stop killing it!

  16. I loved the first one. The second one was okay and thought it was pretty funny. I could go for a 3rd movie as I am a huge fan of the franchise. Troy Duffy with the write budget could make this brand come to life again.

  17. O_o there was a second one ? Sh*t, i never thought such movie need a sequel.

    Not a programmer but i guess they use something like this:

    while movie_[i] utter_sh*t do

  18. The first movie was GREAT. The second one was not as good. And with the way of things I’ve a feeling that any attempt at a third movie would be worse than just leaving the tale to die in the mind of the writer by not making it at all.

  19. First one was good. Second one was average.

    I believe a 3rd one could get back to the quality of the first one, especially if William Dafoe is on board.

    I would def go see it, if they made it.

  20. I LOVE the first one, but the second movie just seemed like a bad re-make of the first film.

    And seriously, if you have not seen the documentary (Overnight) about Troy Duffy, and the making of the first film, you should check it out. Duffy is a complete p.o.s. and I am still surprised the first movie was even made, let alone a second.

  21. The first one is one of my all time favorite action flicks. The second one I only watched once and was really dissappointed. The first one worked on so many levels.

    How can you not love jumping off a roof with a toilet?

  22. Totally agree with Darthballs. Boon Docks was childish, stupid and hey guess what?? An offensive pile of steaming turd matter. Arse gravy of the very worse kind. Probably William De foes worse performance in a film ever. He totally chews the scenery. Then his character, whose supposed to be this super cool brainiac just loses the plot for no real reason. A couple of good ol’ Irish lads who take off their rosary beads and crosses when killing and murdering then just pop them back on again. Yeah, coz that’s what religion like istn’t it? Just take it off and put it on back again when you feel like it. Not to mention all the guns and bombs these Irish lads had at their disposal, wonder where they came from? A little bit of terrorism anyone? But it’s alright, it’s just some funny Irish white guys collecting some weaponry form one of the worlds most sinister terrorist organisation, Y’know mass murders and child killers. It’s all just a bit of a laugh, istn’t it? A bit of fun. Tell that to the 8 year old girl in Manchester who had the lenses from her glasses blown in, ripping her eye balls to shreds. But it’s alright coz they’re funny little Irish white lads. You ignorant Yanks make me feel sick, especially after 9/11. You pricks still don’t get it, do you.

  23. Oh and the two lead roles, don’t know their names, don’t care, but they couldn’t act for toffee. The story was pathetic as well. So just remember, the next time your laughing along with this ignorant bilge, all those women and children that suffered and lost their lives so the you can a little chuckle. Read a book.

    • So don’t forget if you like the films you are a firm supporter of the IRA according to teeny cheers were all terrorists for putting a dvd in our player I wonder if blue ray would make that more true

  24. “So just remember, the next time your laughing along with this ignorant bilge, all those women and children that suffered and lost their lives so the you can a little chuckle.”

    Time to take the meds again? No one died in the making of either movie, though I certainly felt dead after seeing the second one. The books I read tend to have body counts as high as these movies (and in some cases, far more).

    The first movie was fine for the budget and time that it was made. Things have not changed that much, with vapid being the norm. Sure they have a lot more CG now, but the story, dialogue, acting (what little there is), character growth, immersion, plausibility, and value are pretty much the same. Just a lot more eye candy, and a ticket that costs nearly 3X as much.

    I would rank the first movie with Man of Steel, and the second with Lone Ranger. A third will probably be like the latest Sandler disaster (though the damned things keep make money, proving an idiot and their money are some party).

  25. they for sure should do a third movie….. i loved the first two and am looking forward to having a third in the making!!!!!

  26. Great Films…lots of fun….Definite interest in 3rd film, and TV series. Hope it happens!!!

  27. The first movie was entertaining, albeit rather brainless. The second one just sucked. I watched it only because I love Norman Reedus. I can’t imagine a third would ever get off the ground, but a TV show? Norman’s a little tied up at the moment, don’t you think? He himself said last year it wasn’t going to happen. Unless something has really changed, I don’t see it.

  28. I liked the first one but the second lacked interest. It seems that Duffy lost vision on the second movie after the success of the first. Duffy is probably not too well respected in the Hollywood circles for his works which is why he is having a difficult time getting backing to do a third movie. I would like to see another movie made as long as Duffy is not producing it. If some of the more known action film makers could pry this away from Duffy and produce the third Boondock Saints movie I believe with that and the right backing and promotion it could draw fans back.

  29. First off the boondock saints is a great movie with a highly original plot great action scenes and great comedic relief.( better than the die hard films) secondly the second film while not as great as the first still a great movie for any fan as it goes a little deeper into Il Duce’s back story. And was not straight to DVD as I remember as I saw it in theaters on the release date along with the first. If you don’t like it or its not your cup of tea that’s fine. But don’t post thinking you are a film critic and try to pursuade people against seeing either. In my opinion If you want a good opinion on a movie. Watch the thing yourself.