Boondock Saints 2 Is In Production? Say It Ain’t So!

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boondock Boondock Saints 2 Is In Production? Say It Aint So!Back in March, I posted an article about how a sequel to The Boonbock Saints had been greenlit, but there was quite a bit of skepticism (not just from me) as to whether it would actually happen. Well, it’s happening.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Boondock Saints 2 started filming in late October.  As much as I hated the original, writer/director Troy Duffy deserves props for having the tenacity to help this project (which languished in development purgatory for years) see the light of day.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I hope this sequel turns out to be good.  Granted, I thought the original was terrible, but I always try to review every movie on its own merits.  I’ve already been wrong about Troy Duffy once; he was successful in getting a sequel produced, so why rule out the possibility that the sequel could actually be good?  My hope is that the sequel will be devoid of the elements that made me hate the original so much — mainly hamola acting, a script filled with clichés and a storyline that depended mostly on implausible situations.

Willem Dafoe will not be returning for the sequel, but the other original actors will.  In addition, Julie Benz and Clifton Collins, Jr. (neither of whom appeared in the original) have been cast.  I’m seeing at least one actor in the cast whose character died in the original, so I have to assume there is at least one flashback sequence in the sequel.

So far, I haven’t seen any official announcements regarding a release date, or whether it will have a theatrical release.  Given what Troy Duffy has accomplished so far, I wouldn’t bet against him.

What do you think?  Will this movie be worth seeing?  Will you plan to go see it if it hits theaters?

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  1. You hated the original?

    I loved it. Even if you hated the first one, surely you recognized tht many, many others loved the film. So why do you care if another is being made? It’s not like you’ll have to watch it.

    Seeing how the original cast is returning and Julie Benz is onboard, I’m sold!

  2. Original cast minus Agent Smecker. *Sigh*. I kinda saw him as all that was memorable about the Boondock Saints flick: You could replace the rest of the entire cast and it’d be alright, as long as you keep Smecker. Not casting Smecker would be (to me) like not casting Egg Shen* if they ever made a sequel to Big Trouble In Little China: Might as well not bother.

    *Note: One can always hope for a sequel to BTLC. However, there is no more hope of seeing the original Egg Shen again, as Victor Wong sadly passed away in 2001.

  3. I thought the first one was entertaining, pretty funny. I still use the “we can kill EVERYONE…” line every now and then with friends and they know where it’s from. But I’m not obsessed with it like my friend is. He likes all of these goofy witty remark comedies. I don’t know, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make a sequel. The first one was good to watch once, not sure if I’m yearning for a continuation of the story.

  4. I just happened to netflix “Overnight” over the weekend. I have to say it tainted the Boondock Saints for me. I loved the first one but Troy Duffy seems like a total Prick. I’m not really excited for a BDS2. Let’s see if Harvey crushes it like a bug.

  5. I don’t understand how you could dislike the film so much, but still give so much credit to Duffy. He’s so much of an ass that a documentary was made about him and showed all of the troubles he caused in the first film. While I dislike the man, I love the film. I think you’re dissecting it way to much. It’s meant to be campy and cliched. And you never mentioned the phenomenal soundtrack. Let’s hope there’s more where that came from.

  6. Rampage@
    Brian Rentschler did say he hopes the sequel is good.
    I can understand why some people wouldn’t like the Boondock Saints, even though I myself love it.
    it’s kinda vulgar with a lot and a lot of swearing, which they could do without, especially if Troy is trying to sell the MacManus brothers as god fearing Catholics. still I love the saints.

  7. Totally agree with Strich’s sentiments. The sountrack was amazing, and to this day the saints remains a movie that I hold in high regard. Well written and funny, and above all ORIGINAL! At least they aren’t doing a “Re-imagining”…or “Reboot”! (Sheesh!)
    If the film is half as great as the first, I’ll deffinately go see it a few times. Every body has a right to thier own opinion, but I think you’re being a tad too prejudiced here Brian…
    If you found the first film so terrible, then maybe instead of assassinating the next before it even gains any steam, you should just “have a coke.” 😉

  8. The Saints Rock!!!
    If you found the first movie so terrible, maybe you should just “Have a coke” 😉 instead of putting a hit out on the sequel before even seeing it, mate.

  9. Why can’t Brian say he didn’t like the original? Not everyone has the same taste in movies, thankfully. Otherwise, we’d just be watching one movie over and over!

    I, however, definitely am looking forward to this sequel. To me, Overnight made Duffy look kind of like an ass, but it also made a lot of other people look just as bad, if not way worse (especially Harvey).

    Either way, it’s still all speculation at this point. Let’s see what happens!

  10. I really liked the first one and look forward to the sequel.

  11. As much as I love the first one I would bet money that a second just wouldn’t be as good. You just can’t beat the upside-down hotel room shootout!

  12. I loved the first Saints, so much so that I fear a sequel may diminish the reputation of the Saints, should the sequel fail to deliver. Sadly without Agent Paul Smecker (Willem Dafoe)the movie may already have a negative feel among the fans, I know I will miss the characters flamboyancy on screen.

  13. Brian definitely has the right to his opinion stating he did not like the movie. However, to say that the film was terrible shows a horrible lack of film sensibility and an ignorance of talent. The script was clever and funny…the style was one to be copied and copied time and time again, and the “implausible” situations made the movie fun to watch. Now, I may be biased, because I thoroughly enjoyed the original, but I feel anyone who calls this film terrible should re-think writing movie reviews. I’ve seen a LOT of bad movies, but there is almost always something good you can dissect from it.
    Lastly, I can’t say much, because I have not seen said documentary making Troy out to be a douche, but the guy really got screwed on Boondocks because of Columbine. I can’t imagine how irate I’d be if my first project that I put so much blood, sweat, and tears into was banned from most theaters and took years of VHS and DVD rentals before it was noticed. I say go Troy Duffy! Let’s see the sequel!

  14. I loved the movie personally and can’t wait for the Sequel!

  15. Ummm….. ok…

  16. I personally LOVED the original movie! It’s easily my favorite movie and I can’t wait for the sequel! I’m very pleased to see that pretty much the whole cast minus willem dafoe (sigh) will be returning. I love analyzing movies and this one was a blast to watch. I’ll definitely be attending the movie in theatres at least once! :)

  17. Oh no, the comment got deleted that I said “Ummm….. ok…” to, not it looks like I was being an ass to Irishcick_5150 for no reason…

  18. I loved the first movie. It was awesome, and I’m happy there is a second one coming out. Does anyone know when it’ll be coming out?

  19. I LOVED the original!!!! (apparently so did a lot of others) You’re entitled to your own opinion (they’re just like assholes, everyone’s got one). However, I simply don’t agree with yours. Thanks for the update though.

  20. I’d like to say that the original Boondock Saints is my all time favorite movie and for someone not to like it has no taste in movies and should not have their own website to write their pathetic excuse for a review. I am very excited for the second one and maybe you should updated your stupid website that it’s being released Nov 1, 2009…great website, you update well!!

  21. Wow, Boondock Saints is your favorite movie of all time?? LOL, and you criticize the writers on this site?? Come on, there are so many better movies than Boondock Saints…

  22. I LOVED BOONDOCK SAINTS. It was one of my favs…I think that there were a lot of times in it that were not really practical…but for a movie…it was a great balance of comedy and suspense. My friends and I always quote it…and that is what really always makes a movie stand out good to me…If it makes me come back to it in my mind over and over.