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book of eli denzel washington Book of Eli Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a Book of Eli review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without concerns about ruining it for folks who haven’t seen it yet. I’m sure the ending to Book of Eli will raise a lot of issues and debate, so we’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on it.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. simple smile Book of Eli Spoilers Discussion

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  1. The unbelievers would like to think that the writer’s surprise ending, that the Bible is in Braille, means that Eli, not blind, couldn’t read it and was making it up: The Bible According to Eli; and, thus, the Bible is a lie just made up by men. If this was their intent, why not have them change up his re-telling to the old man at Alcatraz a bit? Instead his recounting is exactly from Genesis, Chapter I, page 1. And “Eli” was a high priest in the Bible who became blind later in life. And when the Alcatraz Press old guy puts the new Bible next to the Kora and the Qur’an, maybe that is their way of saying: Oops, here comes another war.

  2. My theory is that he is not blind at all. He merely taught himslef braille to protect the Bible frmo anyone who wanted to use it for bad. He knew people would want the book so he took precautions.

  3. Eli is blind. The thing that made him soo good at fighting and the rest is that HE HAD GOD ON HIS SIDE. Incase u didnt hear at the end he said a prayer and in that prayer he said please watch over her like you did with me. God was helping him every step of his journey. And when you are blind all of your other senses get more sensitive making him smell and hear better than most people can.

    • I agree that Eli was already blind. I think He worked at Kmart as a blind employee, was burned in the war, and God used him to carry his word to the west coast.
      Who else knew where the ONLY working printing press would be and that it would become functional at the time of his arrival. I believe God always does things the hard way and makes it look easy, He always uses the weakest vessel he can find. And the best part is He brings all the peices together at the precise moment he intended.

      • Got to agree with you about the shop when the girl goes for the book when Eli is resting his eyes (sleeping) there is a name tag in his bag “hello my name is Eli” name tags ether go with shops or as a SOS tag to help people with disabilities

  4. Dead giveaway – battle in the town, the number one thug just stands in the middle of the street and doesn’t shoot or move. Eli never shoots at him cuz he doesn’t know he’s there, until after he gets up from the car he hears the man approach and cock the gun.

  5. i have seen the Book of Eli and still am not sure if he was blind or not. I know he went blind in the Bible,but he went blind from old age.He read the Bible and had it memorized,and could have been carrying the Bible in Braille to protect it from others. You have to remember that this was THE MOST SACRED BOOK OF ALL TIMES, and there were many people who wanted the last copy destroyed because they didn,t want the Word of God spread thruout the lands. Then there is the fact that this is a movie,and things have been added and taken away for ratings.

  6. Let me get this straight, just because the character has a good sense of hearing & smell, and happened to find a Bible printed in braille, that proves he is blind???

    Maybe he trained his other senses to make himself a bad-ass fighter (kind of an essential quality).
    Maybe in that 30-year walk, he taught himself to learn braille (It would be a trivial feat to generate a key using nothing but the bible itself).
    Maybe he kicks the first step in every stairway so as to keep his eyes on the windows and doors.

    Every piece of “evidence” people can bring up to support his blindness can be easily explained away. However, try to explain why a blind guy would carefully align his eye down the barrel of his gun before taking any shot. Why would he do that when he could shoot faster and look much more intimidating by hitting targets without taking the time to visually aim?

    • how would he learn braille by reading the bible if he didn’t have a written bible to work from? there was no other bible in existance and he could not have had it memorized before he started his journey

    • Don’t need to be a doctor to notice that those are blind eyes when the camera focus on his eyes at the end.

      • exactly my point, that is the clearly most obvious proof that he is blind

  7. You are all looking into it too much. He does look down the barrel of the gun as you say (as well as other actions not required by a blind person) to assist in the ‘twist’ at the end when the watcher discovers (most of us did anyway) that Eli is blind. I watched (and own) The Book of eli on blu-ray. The clarity of it clearly shows a film over Eli’s eyes which is present on 99% of blind people. I guess my final argument is… it’s a movie, take what you want from it. I think it was a very cool, post-apocolyptic western, that had a bad ass blind black fella whooping the s**** out of everyone.

  8. I want to leave a Christian perspective on the movie, but let me first start off by speaking about the movie as far as film entertainment. “The Book of Eli” was an okay movie. It was fun at parts, and almost gripping at others. Denzel Washington was born to play the part. His attitude an old-soul ruggedness fit perfectly in the character. As far as a rolling plot, it was a little weak.

    Now I feel obligated to make a Christian disclaimer. “The Book of Eli” did not promote Christian views. Sure, there were tokens of faith, but we Christians are not violent people. It does pose an interesting question: If we lived in a post-apocalyptic world, would we fight for survival out of self-defense? The answer: Christian’s don’t believe we will live in a post-apocalyptic world. We believe that God has a restored New Earth on which we will live for eternity with Him. Sure, there was a beautiful point that in the midst of utter turmoil that God has a plan to overcome the world’s system for His plan. But I can’t see God allowing a war that rips the sky wide open before the end of time.

    • Well I consider myself a Christian (probably not a very good one, though) and I can tell you that if someone breaks into my home and threatens my wife and daughter I’m going to shoot them instead of turning the other cheek.


      • Oh undoubtedly so. I’m talking about a lifestyle that is reminiscent of a judge of Israel.. Someone who “lives by the sword.”

    • Just curious – why would the same god who allowed the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Holocaust and countless other human cataclysms stop short of an apocalypse that kills many but not all of his “children”? Didn’t this god allegedly already cause a flood that killed all but a handful of people on Earth? In fact, aren’t we all descendants of Noah, living in a post-apocalyptic world right now? Why would a Christian not believe in the possibility of another such apocalyptic event?

      Yes, I know that after the flood, god supposedly altered physics, created light refraction on the spot and caused the first rainbow ever seen (presumably light just stayed white as it traveled through rain before that moment) as a promise that he/she would never do it again. But “the word” doesn’t say anything about preventing us from doing it to ourselves. In fact, isn’t that a central tennet of Christianity, that god doesn’t make us do evil, but also doesn’t prevent us from doing evil things to each other? Isn’t that the excuse given when questions arise like “how could a just and benevolent god have allowed the Holocaust”?

      As always, I’m curious about how the faithful deal with the contradictions which inevitably surface whenever otherwise reasonable people attempt to deal logically with the discrepancies between faith and reality.

      • eDan,

        This isn’t a religious film that’s meant to match anything in the Bible, it’s a film that includes religion in its story arc.


    • Read Kings
      Had he not been able to defend himself the word would have perished.
      Revelation 22 18 I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. 19 And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll.

      God will take any means to protect his word within his will.

  9. I am opting out of the discussion after this… Watching The Book of Eli for the second time, there are a number of scenes that clearly demonstrate that Eli is blind. When Eli finds the small house after shooting the cat with the bow, he walks into a number of objects. He also opens the cupboard and peers sightlessly into it. It is only when the smell of death hits his nose is he aware of something in there. He feels and then finds the hanging corpse. To his delight, the corpse is wearing some boots. The gun fight in the town is also a clear indicator of his blindness. He only shoots someone after they have shot at him first. He is blind and I can’t understand anyone who thinks otherwise.

  10. I viewed book of eli 3 times. it was hard to confirm that he was blind.
    he did not have a walking cane or a seeing eye dog. how could he walk without tripping on the rocky roads. most blind people have to be familiar on their whereabouts. i had too many questions on how he traveled and how could he fight like that. unless it was the good book that saved him

  11. Eli was blind. They do not show his eyes the entire movie until the very end and stay on them for what seems like a full minute while he is telling that one guy bible verses.

    If thats not enough proof, Eli walked for 30 years heading “west” the entire time. He makes comments that he reads EVERYDAY from his book. The Book is in BRAILE. He was chosen by God on purpose. Thats one of the purposes, as he was one of the last remaining people to be able to read braile. And when you lose a sense, your other senses become more acute. Eli says he heard a voice tell him to head west and protect the book. Maybe he was able to hear the voice so easily because of his handicap. All evidence points to him being blind. The bible being in braile and showing the condition of his eyes at the end of the movie is enough. He makes comments on being able to smell people from 50 feet away. Hes BLIND Use common sense.

  12. Did anyone notice that at the end, when “Professor Gutenberg” was shelving the newly printed copy of the Bible, he was placing it right next to a hebrew version of the Torah? (For those who may not know, the Torah IS the original five books of Moses, or the Old Testament.) So a huge portion of the Book that poor Eli had so painstakingly memorized over 30 years of questing and regurgitated word-for-word to the great Alcatraz Library and Printing Academy was, in fact, already THERE the whole time. All they needed was someone who could translate Hebrew to English, assuming the English translation was not already in there (which it almost always is in modern printed Torah books). No blind messengers, faith-based targeting systems or supernatural memorization techniques required.

    That said, I did enjoy the movie as pure post-apocalyptic escapism with a few thought-provoking religious overtones. But I’m a bit amused by the folks who want to attach some kind of higher meaning to it. If there really was an all-powerful god who was vindictive enough to let that horrific fate befall all the innocents of the world, I would be the first to throw that braille piece of trash in the nearest bonfire. But that’s just me.

    • I don’t know if I would call it trash.

      • I only meant that if a god allowed such a horrible fate to befall billions of relatively innocent people, including countless children whose only sin was allegedly passed on for millennia from Adam, then I wouldn’t be interested in anything more he/she had to say. But that’s assuming I believed that the bible is the word of god.

        In fact, I think there is a preponderance of evidence to anyone who studies the issue that even the old testament is actually the work of several people, and is certainly not accurate as a history book, let alone a particularly good guide for human society. For example, I admit that I have committed the “sin” of working on the sabbath; according to Leviticus, I should have been put to death a long time ago. Is that really the word of god? I’m certainly not advocating for a literal observance of all the “laws” in the old testament (it would force the pork industry into bankruptcy and create a whole new market for throwable stones, among other things), but how can the faithful on the one hand believe that the book is god’s word, and on the other hand pick and choose among those words to suit their cause du jour?

        • eDan,

          I’m not the right guy to debate religion, especially Old Testament. :)

          My understanding of it is that the reason that so many onerous rules were placed on man was to show that one could never be perfect enough on their own.

          Like I said, I’m no expert, so don’t expect me to continue a debate.

          Best regards,


          • Well, I happen to believe that the old testament was written by man, so the reasons for the rules take on a different meaning for me. Anyone interested in the topic can get a pretty good overview by reading “Who Wrote The Bible”, by Richard Friedman. If you can read that book with an open mind and still come to the conclusion that the bible is the unaltered, direct word of god, then I suppose any further discussion on the topic is futile. But I fear that the terms “faithful” and “an open mind” are mutually exclusive for some.

            I have malice toward none; I’m just always looking for a good debate. I consider blind faith to be the enemy of reason. Too often, religious views are given a “free pass”, as if religion is a solution when, in fact, it is part of the problem.

            Best regards to you too, Vic.

  13. I just watched the movie for the second time and I’m also still not sure Eli was blind the whole movie. My first theory was that he was Jesus but I’m not so sure god would allow his son to undergo such trials a second time. It doesn’t make sense to me. Plus his scars were clearly from burns and not whips and thorns.

    So after I put that theory aside, I thought at some points that Eli was undoubtably blind but at others he wasn’t. I noticed his hightened senses of smell and hearing immediately, which is a give-away that he can’t see, but then I noticed that he looked at people and straight into their eyes throughout the movie which blind people don’t do. They look in the direction of the noise or scent, not directly at the person or thing. So my theory is this:

    Eli was blinded in the ‘flash’ like a lot of other people. So he came to be blind, as opposed to being born that way, thus he would not know how to read braille. But when god spoke to him and sent him on his mission west, Eli was given his eyesight back, if not completely, definitely in part, and as long as he was in possession of the book, he would be virtually invincible and able to see. And he kept his hightened senses to help him further. In fact, his hearing and sense of smell are super hero-like — he heard the engines start when Carnegie and his men were coming to find him and Solara after they escape from the town when they were clearly way out of ear-shot.

    When Carnegie comes into possession of the book, Eli becomes vulnerable again allowing Carnegie to shoot him. I noticed while Eli was on the ground trying to get up after being shot, he widens his eyes like he was trying to adjust them to see, as if he no longer could. And at the end it is clear that he was blind again when the camera zooms in on his eyes while dictating the beginning of the book.

    As far as Eli being able to read braille and fight the way he does, at one point when he is walking with Solara, he says that faith is knowing things you don’t know. His faith in god and his mission gave Eli the ability to read braille, fight like a master and have super hero qualities.

    That’s what I think anyway.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with your view, Eli is on a mission from God, hence his eyesight is restored and he is given the ability to read Braille. It is a MOVIE folks, not to be taken as a religious message.

  14. @ Vic – that was definitely a 4 star movie.

    I think many of the other posters fully covered the subject, no need to beat a dead horse.

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the movie (watched it twice).

  15. Curious…when Eli walked into the store to get his player charged, the store owner asked Eli if he was one of “them”. Eli showed the guy his hands. So…who were “they” and what could you tell by looking at hands?

    • I’m really not sure who ‘they’ are, but when Carnegie was trying to convince Eli to become one of his men (the scene after Eli killed Carnegie’s men in the bar), one of the men said ‘he doesn’t have the shakes so he’s not one of them.’ they never say who the ‘them’ are but the shop owner was looking for shaky hands, I guess an indicator of the shakes.

      • They are the man eaters, they get the shakes from consuming too much human flesh. That is why they asked to see his hands

    • ‘them’ or ‘they’ are in fact people who commit cannibalism. Eating human flesh causes people to get shaky hands and go a little mad. The old couple who were in the house with the graves in the backyard had shaky hands and were quite bonkers.

      Hope this helps.

  16. C”mon guys it’s a MOVIE, Ofcourse he was blind and did superhuman stuff, he was on a mission from God who was protecting him all the way. God had a purpose for him and that was to get the BOOK to Malcom Mcdowel, to perserve and pepetuate religion in the NEW World. None of it is meant to be factual or even explainable, Eli states this when he says, “Sometimes ya know stuff but don’t know how you know it”. The message, if there is one, well ??? ofcourse when God sends you on a mission you can do superhuman things. Don’t read too much into this great movie just enjoy it and Denzel at his best….

    • Do more for others than you do for yourself
      Most movies don’t come close to a message like that
      I thought it was a brilliant film.

    • “I’m sure his version was better…”

      You may know your Torah, but you don’t know your bible. This was the KING JAMES version. If you don’t know the effect that this book has had on the English language, then I suggest you look it up. Suffice to say that a lot of the sayings that you thought were “ages old” probably originated in the King James. The language is beautiful, masterfully crafted, and for me it is the fact that it is this particular version of the bible that earns it it’s place on the shelf at the end.

  17. Its a thought provoking story. The twist at the end about his blindness makes you take a second look and maybe a third. You listen more closely and notice more things. He is “guided” and “protected” by the hand of God. Remember he says he was “lead” to the braille bible. At the very end he thanks God for helping him complete his “mission”. Like Moses and the Jews he wandered for 30 years. That was a clue. If I started walking West from the east coast (sighted) it would have taken me a year at the most. 30 years? Solara even comments about him being lost and he responds about traveling on faith not sight. Like the Sixth Sense there are clues but I would say 90% of those who say they KNEW he was blind all along only realized it at the end when Oldman opens the book and says, “HE can’t be, HE can’t be, its impossible” and they show the braille. I knew then not before. The fight scenes were great and he was “protected” OR “BELIEVED” he was protected. Superhuman. Supernatural. Who cares. I thought the reason he got shot was to test his faith or resolve. Like most men in the bible, God asks the impossible and men of faith seem to do the impossible. A good man with good intentions who asked for god’s forgiveness in the end for the bad things he did along the way. The end justifies the means? Isn’t that how wars start. Terrorists, Religious zealots, Governments all “believe” in what they are doing. Good vs Evil. Eli says to Solara that people believed “the book” was what started the war. A nuclear war and its aftermath are a very real possibility. A blind prophet with ninja-like abilities on a crusade to save the written word of God less plausible but don’t we all secretly wish it were possible.

    • @ Jane Those words have beautiful insight..are you blind by any chance :)

      • I’m not going to say “I knew he was blind right from the start”. I did wonder about it briefly when he bumps into the furniture in the first house, but then I must admit I dismissed it. But as soon as he gave the book up I thought “It’s going to be blank.”, thinking he’d just memorised it – but then I realised about a minute later with the blind woman back in the town, it was possibly a Braille version of the bible – but I didn’t reconsider if that meant he was blind or not.

        And as I said on another forum, I think the film-makers wanted to leave us with the question, not the answer.

  18. What are you trying to say?? Your words don’t make sense.

  19. the words make perfect sense…what are YOU reading???!!Pfft!

  20. Even though I just saw this movie last night, I detected a major flaw that (from the looks of these comments) has been overlooked. Not many people know but about the visually impared because it is such a small population (I’m a current resident in Chicago), but anyone who is involved with the visually impared (my mother is a teacher – 29 years), knows that if the Bible was converted into braille text, it would be in VOLUMES. 30+ volumes. So the fact that the Bible at the end is in that one little book is not possible. Think of it more like the stacks and stacks of paper at the end when Eli is reciting it for the mueseum guy to write down…. A braille Bible would be way more than that… And the written papers took up an entire table. I think that was poor research on the topic. Otherwise though, I liked the movie. I just got frustrated that in a major motion picture, people are still ill-informed. Oh well, right?

    • My brother is blind and growing up we had shelves upon shelves of the different volumes of the bible. This was a flaw I noticed right away. But the rest of the movie is good enough to make up for it.

    • i would assume it’s not a being ill informed as much as it is a matter of practicality. they couldn’t have him wandering the wastelands with volumes of books on his person all the time…

  21. It was obvious that he was blind once solara offered herself to him, he turned her down!

    • This is the most sensible comment on here!!!

  22. Either that, or maybe Eli was just more of a ‘Hot Donna’ kinda guy….I know I am myself.

  23. Just saw it last night I’m a fan of post apocalyptic movies hell i liked the postman however this movie was kinda bland. the action sequences were nice but i just didn’t get the oldman character. If he wanted the “words” to manipulate people he could just make them up or maybe use the 3 springs of water to control people. I think people would be more controlled by thirst than religion. anyway liked the ending made sense that he was blind although he was super ordinary. The acute smell sound the bumping into things however the ducking on the bridge when he he watched the motorcycle guys attack the travelers seemed like a sighted person. but suspension of disbelief is necessary for entertainment. Being an atheist i did like the movie overall except the crappy netflix dvd had a scratch so i didnt see the last 3 minutes.

  24. sucks to be an atheist, whats the point of living without somthing to believe in.

    • What’s the point of living when it’s all based on a fairy tale,

      • Its not a fairy tale, there was a talking snake in a tree

    • Atheists believe in many things; we simply believe in one less god than you. We believe in using logic, reason and laws of man/society when deciding how to behave. We don’t require the threat of eternal damnation in order to act like civil human beings and we don’t need nor want (speaking for myself here) a reward of eternal life for behaving well anywhere, let alone with a supposed all-loving, omnipotent god, especially when it admits it actively creates evil (KJV Isaiah 45:7). This god in particular allows atrocities to occur here on earth each second even though it is supposed to have the power to stop it. It chooses to stand by and do nothing like an absent landlord; not something I’d worship if I did believe in the unbelievable invisible man in the sky.

      Regarding the film, I was disappointed the book made it to San Francisco, beit in Eli’s mind, especially since it was suggested in the film the world may have been destroyed because of it (what “the flash” was caused by). IMHO, we’d all be better off without it and dogma like it. Sure, there is some pretty prose in it, but I’d sooner worship Shakespeare. At least he didn’t make people murder their children to prove their allegiance to him (Abraham).

      I read an interview with the leading actors, and Denzel himself said his character may or may not have been blind (huh?); he may be partially blind, or totally blind, or just clouded, he didn’t know. He didn’t know? Arghhh! He probably said that because his acting was inconsistent and he did several things only a sighted person could do. He said that a few times he accidentally bumped into things and those shots made it into the film and that it was god’s will. How disappointing. Even those making the film don’t know about the lead character’s sight.

  25. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.
    I have some questions still….

    1. Where is Solara going? Wasn’t the “mission” accomplished?

    2. I would have enjoyed knowing the back stories: a. What happened? nuclear war? b. where did the scars on his back come from? c. Is this after the ‘rapture’? If so, was Eli a converted christian? d. if people died from radiation, isn’t their flesh contaminated? e. So if you weren’t a cannibal, what did you eat? There is only so many cats and birds, apparently f. why did some people live and others die? g. what was so special about Solara? Meaning, why did he feel compelled to give over the bible to save her, BUT he didn’t take the 1st lady with him when she asked to go west with him(leaving her alone), AND he didn’t “save” the other lady who was raped? So is he a gentleman or isn’t he? h. How did Solara and her mom end up with Carnegie? i. Is it a coincidence that right after he gives up the bible, days later, he arrives at his destination? j. Can we trust a blind person to prepare and cook a meal? k. Why wear sunglasses at all? l. wouldn’t it take at least a year to dictate the bible??

    I know I’m supposed to just sit back and take it with a grain of salt, but I have to have closure and I don’t like issues to be brought up without some resolution….I agree with another poster, I think that things are mentioned/shown, for a reason. There is a reason that we were shown his scarred back, but yet, we are only discussing whether he was blind or not, before the flash or after, partially or totally, etc…


    • I didn’t realise it until you posed the question, but I think they were setting up a sequel with Solara as the lead. What her story might be, I can’t even guess. Eli did imply that she was also under God’s protection during the shootout at the old couple’s house. She may have important work to do herself, or maybe she already did it in helping Eli.

  26. Just rewatched the movie. Is blindness a condition that comes and goes? He often looks people directly in the eyes which is way too specific for someone using the voice to locate other people. It’s a big cheat.

    • I worked in the UK as an Architect when the Disability Act was passed and everyone was rushing to make the changes to conform with the law. I had to participate in many seminars to learn about what being disabled meant and how to design around their needs. In one seminar we were blindfolded and were lead into the room where we were seated, I suppose you may call it a glimpse into what a blind person has to face each day. Anyway throughout the seminar this lovely person presented it making what you call ‘eye contact’ and discussing about what blind people have to face. In the end he asked us how many of us had guessed he was blind. The only reason I had my suspicions were a little bump I had with a chair when I was lead to my seat (he had lead us to our seat), someone else would’ve seen it and guided me around it but other than that he had impressive skills. So the fact that in this movie Eli seems to make eye contact doesn’t really mean anything. I too am left with many of the expressed questions.

  27. this should be up for discussion, it did confuse me a bit….I have seen blind people and movies about blind people. they do not walk or present themselves the way Eli does. his eyes move to look at things. I believed the end to mean that the book was ‘encoded’ in brail….even a sighted person could read it if they knew brail. im quite certain the author meant him to be blind, but there was very little evidence of this, so it could be bad acting, or maybe bad directing, or writing, something went sour.

  28. Hey guys… keep it simple. Stop with ur dumb theories…HE IS BLIND.
    There is so many clues in the movie.
    – He reconize the sound if the motobike passing behind him when he was inside the shop.
    – he didn’t hear any threat during the shooting as the last guy stands in front of him.
    – he taste the diner in the room as he can’t tell what it is in the bowl.
    – he smelled the perfume even tho he never got close to her and then ask her if she got blind at “THE war” ’cause that how HE got blind.
    – he did’t look at the bird when he snapped it…he just heard it from far away and waited to make sure he get its right position in the air above him.
    -massive clue when they arrive in front of the house of the gran pa : he knock his foot on the 1st step as he can t see it, he moves his shot gun forward to feel the front door and when the old man asked him “you didn’t read the sign”, he replys “sorry I didn’t see it”

    There are so many other clues guys but I hope those would help anyways.

    The real question is : When you watch the movie, how many of you were blind !?!?