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While we do have a Book of Eli review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without concerns about ruining it for folks who haven’t seen it yet. I’m sure the ending to Book of Eli will raise a lot of issues and debate, so we’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on it.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile Book of Eli Spoilers Discussion

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  1. I thought this movie moved very slow, so when the plot finally started to develop it felt more like, finally… instead of, wow! And the ending and twist really did nothing for me either because it was like this, the whole movie Eli is doing these superhuman things with utmost precision and seemingly having a hand from God into protecting him and guiding him in the right direction, so what does him being blind matter at all? He was already superhuman without being blind. Big whoop, he was blind. Does it really make it that much cooler and superhuman? It’s like the whole movie we ‘thought’ he was jumping to the moon, but the end revealed he was actually jumping all the way to the sun. So what, he was already reaching the moon in the first place.


  3. Well, obviously the ambiguous ending is supposed to spark controversy like this. That’s the point. It’s like the end of a Cormac McCarthy book but with the character you like living. Personally, I think the blindness was symbolic. He had gotten off the path at the beginning of the movie by allowing the woman to be raped and killed on the road while he whispered to himself, “stay on the path; it’s not your concern.” Only later did he realize that by sacrificing to protect the physicaly object that was the Book, he had forgotten its purpose. It is at that point that he regains the path and lets the book go because he knows he has its message memorized. This would also explain why God had him travel for thirty years to get to his destination. It certainly wouldn’t physically take that long. He needed the time to memorize the Word entirely.

    As to whether or not he was blind was never meant to be fully known. I personally don’t think he could’ve done the things he did had he been blind unless God was leading him. Either way, this movie rocked.

    • If he wasn’t blind, why wouldn’t he hand write out some copies of the Braille version during that 30 years?

  4. The way I see it h said “there it is” when getting to SF is because h tells Carnegie that he hasn’t found the place where the bible needs to be but will know it when he gets there. Also I reckon he was blind his whole life because he had to know Braille. Thats why he asks how Lon the woman has been blind to see if she wouldve known Braille or if blinded after the flash she probably would never have been taught.
    I also think that God chose him because he was blind and knew that if the Bible was in print then those who wanted to steal it could use it for evil. If it’s in Braille and no one else(or at least very, very few) can read it, that ensured that only hose deemed worthy by Eli would receive the word, those that would not try to use it to gain power.

  5. Did anybody see him kiss what looked like dog tags (around his neck) when he was cleaning himself in the house with the deadman? Maybe he had been in the military and that’s where he learned how to shoot and survive so well. If he was previously trained in the military than he could not have been born blind. Then upon becoming blind his other senses became even more sensitive than they were trained to be. He summed it up when he said he walked by faith and not by sight :).

    • it wasnt dog tags, if i remember correctly.. it was the key to open the book…

    • its the key to the bible that he carries around the whole movie….

    • I didn’t once ever think Eli was blind! I think Eli just was so awesome that he knew how to read braile.

  6. “I think the scenes mentioned (where he peeks around the rock and looks through the old couple’s window)I would call those continuity errors. Things that just didn’t get edited out.”

    Movies do not leave in actor’s peeking when they shouldnt. Its rare for a scene to be done in one take, had Denzel the actor peeked, the director would have called CUT and re-shot the scene.

    A continuity error is when one close up has a person’s hand up and in the long shot its down.

    • This happens all the time I’m afraid. Just take the case of “Pretty Woman” where Julia Roberts unties Richard Gere’s tie in a scene and a second or so later in the SAME scene it’s untied. Check it out for yourself. Denzel (and the rest of the crew mind you, including editors) IS sighted so I’m sure there were a lot of times where he would’ve done things that were missed. Nearly EVERY movie has some such errors.

  7. Its AMAZING how many people that were bored by this movie, didnt get it! To answer some questions that people somehow had after watching the entire movie, maybe Ill help improve the sceptics take on it:

    1 – The moral to this movie, is that despite where God may lead you, do not lose your faith, because he does have a plan.

    2 – He wasnt blind at birth, he was blinded in ‘the flash’(gamma-ray burst,solar flare, perhaps? civilization destroyed to the point that there is no common knowledge/proof of what happened.)

    3 – The reason people check his hands, is to see if he is shaking from cannibalism.

    4 – The book in the movie is a Bible decoded in the Braille system, which is a system in which blind people read.

    5 – So yes, Eli was blind! And while you may ask why god would choose a blind man for this journey, aside from not wanting the book to end up in evil hands who can mis-use it since its the ‘last one’, the blind tend to have AMAZING MEMORY!!!!

    I hope this helps explain this movie for anybody confused. I cant comprehend how anybody who understood it, can dis-like this film. One of the best ever IMO.

    • How could he be blind at the time of his journey when he LOOKS down a highway overpass and SEES what the bikers are doing to the husband and wife and then says to himself “stay on the pathy, none of my business”

      • He doesnt SEE anything. If you look closer, every head movement he has is in response to some sound he hears. He first hears the man and women pushing the barrel, then he stops, hears the bikers come, hears them shoot the man, then hears the woman screaming. Fine acting if you ask me.

    • #5. Assuming he’s blind based only on the fact he can read Braille is pretty asinine. That’s the same as saying because someone knows sign language they must be deaf, or if someone knows German they must be from Germany. People can learn how to read Braille w/o having to be blind…

      • If the Braille alone were only sign, then maybe. But look at the other evidence. He never makes reference to seeing anything (no “look at this”). He navigates by using echolocation (clicking sounds used by the blind in real life, look it up). Every sensory comment he makes is about hearing or smelling. and he only ever attacks a target that has made a sound.

        • also, when his iPod thing runs out of batteries, he keeps on pressing buttons eventhough there’s a giant “low-battery” icon flashing on the display. When he’s woken up by sunlight in the beginning of the movie, he touches his face to see if it’s warm. He only intervenes during the rape scene once she’s quieted down and the guys fly made a sound….IT GOES ON AND ON.

      • Check the scene towards the end where he takes his glasses off in the candle light and they zoom in on his eyes. You will notice that he has damaged eyes with no pupils. It was a very dark scene, not a good way of revealing it on the directors part, but it is still there.

    • If he was not blind at birth, then how did he learn how to read Braille on his own. If he was blind, then it was the worse acting I have ever seen… Solara’s Mom had all the mannerisms of a blind person… Blind people don’t look directly at you as if making eye contact, they don’t know exactly where you are so they are either looking slightly to the left or right of the person who they are speaking to. That was not the case with Denzel’s acting…

    • His death was a bit of a problem for me. Not that he died, but that he was dying from the gunshot wound to his stomach yet still had time for for a leisurely walking tour of new alcatraz museum and dictating the entire bible

    • Well put Danny. It’s amazing how many people didn’t catch on to hime being blind at the end. I agree about it being one of the best films out there. I put it in my top 3 as soon as the final credits started rolling. I unfortunately missed it on cinema but blu-ray made up for it. The cinematography was amazing!

  8. really enjoyed the movie, only one question to me –

    i believe the movie hints that Eli lost his sight during the “flash.” that means he could see before the war and not after. when he was led to the Book he was able to read it.

    who taught him to read braille? i guess that fact in itself could indicate that he’d always been blind….

    what’cha think?

    • Well out of the survivors of the flash, there were probably many who were blinded. Perhaps he learned back east from someone who was helping the blind with reading. And he had plenty of time to perfect it, because he was traveling for 30+ years. Either that, or maybe he himself was a teacher of Braille to begin with.

  9. This is a very literary film-the allusions to biblical references: ‘I go not by sight,but by faith’. then the ending is such that any allegory, or saga would have, The task has been properly accomplished, and the hero may now go to his fitting reward, which in the case of a committed believer is apotheosis with the Deity. In addition, his example has ispired his disciple: notice in the end Solara has become a confident person with a mission to return from whence she came and perhaps set thing aright there. She not longer feels the need for the protction of another person. Notice that the King James version is used- a translation of the 16th to 17th centuries, It is considered the most literary, most polished rendition, not the most accurate by modern scholarship, but definitely the most literary. The comments of Danny and Sami are very astute. The idea of using a blind man who does, indeed, employ the heightened faculties of the blin., Some blind persons can even distinguish colors of materials by how they feel to the fingers. Then there’s the biblical idea that the Deity chooses the seemingly most unlikely person for a task, to convince others that It is the Godhead which controls and can do all things even to using means that the usual rational person would not think of using. One can go on and on listing all the literary device employed in the movie. The biblical 40 years wandering in the desert by the Isrealites, The 40 day fast and temptation of Christ in the wilderness (a desrt like place) is paralleled by Eli’s 30 years of journeying to the West in what seemed lie a very sere environment. One see in this movie, Joseph Campbell’s journey (quest) by the hero. I’m Sure that a professor of literature could write a book on the literary elements and devices used in this movie. I will end by say ing I liked it for the moral as well as the action. I Like the esoteric thought processes it elicited.

    • Agreed with your perspective curious. Another question, did you notice at the end where the Bible was placed? What are your thoughts on this, the fact it is on the shelf and what other books are there with it.

  10. What people are forgetting is that this is a movie. There is a super natural element to his dexterity, he is being led by some unseen force that makes him know exactly where to go. He said himself that something led him to the book, to its exact location…not something that can’t be explained. He continues to hear this voice throughout the movie…for example when they were in George and Martha’s home, he tells Solara that the voice informed him that they would make it out of there alive.
    This is why there are some parts that some would say are unrealistic for a blind person. He knew to stop when there was a gap in the bridge because he was being led. He is not a simple blind person, he’s a super blind person, led by a voice, waking by faith. Stop looking for parts where it’s unrealistic, because it isn’t realistic…its magical (or someting like that) lol

    • I believe that Solara was driving when they reached the gap in the Golden Gate Bridge. That’s why they didn’t fall in.

      • The bridge I believe tali was refering to was the one earlier on in the movie more of an overpass.

  11. Other important things to note: When Solara asks him “How do you know which way is west?’ he doesn’t respond with the usual “Follow the setting sun” answer you would expect from a non-blind person.
    Giant sunglasses and goggles are a theme in the movie, indicating an intensified sun. The main bad guy and blind woman seem to hole up protected indoors.
    When sent in to sleep with Eli, Solara comments on the brightness of the room (alluding to Eli’s failing sight, or perhaps his failure to notice the intensity of the light at all).
    I am pretty sure there are some tricks blind people employ using air currents which allow them to ‘sense’ that they are at the edge of something, i.e. failed highways.
    When the old cannible couple says ‘there’s a No Trespassing’ sign, he seems to honestly respond that they didn’t see it.
    If he wasn’t blind, Eli would probably DRIVE west instead of walk the whole way.
    Including all the other people’s comments about hearing and smelling, it makes me laugh when someone simply says “well if he wasn’t blind he could have written the book himself! Ha! Even if he knew how to write, he had been shot in the gut! And reciting a memorized book alludes to Faranheit 457′s wandering bards of the future, who preserve the past culture through oral transmission.
    All that said, I can’t believe the blind woman didn’t get to end up happy with Eli.

  12. We see Eli on what looks like his deathbed, and there are stacks and stacks of manuscript. A minute later, we see the printer walking and carrying what we suppose is a newly printed King James Bible over to a little shelf, where he puts it between other books there, including the Torah, the Tanakh, and the Quoran. Are we supposed to believe that Eli has delivered ALL of those texts to the printer? Or did other people come and deliver the other religious texts? And if all Eli did was deliver specifically the “King James Bible,” as he indicates in the boat when he gets there, what’s the big deal? The Torah is the first five books of the Bible — Eli begins reciting the Book of Genesis, but the same Book of Genesis was already there in the Torah. And the Tanakh contains many of the other books of the Old Testament — the books of the profits (Jeremiah, etc) and the books of the kings (1st and 2nd Samuel, etc)… So was Eli’s big mission just to deliver an “edition” of the Bible that this San Francisco publisher was missing from his catalog? Is there also a messenger trying to make his way through to San Franciso to deliver a copy of the New Revised Standard version of the Bible? And somebody else is trying to deliver the “Good News Bible”?… Maybe we could see a sequel to this movie in which the guy delivering the “Good News” translation and the guy bringing the “Contemporary English Version” of the Bible are in a death-race to get to San Francisco first.

    • The point of the other books containing the old testament is actually a really good one – however the delivery of the book itself, in my opinion, isn’t the point. The SF collector of “ancient” culture just needed a book – and that is what he got. The move is called the Book of Eli – not Eli’s book. Eli was the book, and the more important part is that Solara learned from Eli, and then sets off to head back to spread the Word where she came from. Has nothing to do with the SF publisher as the relationship formed, and the message shared.

      I hate to bring this up to everyone – but this is (right or wrong) a Christian inspired movie – not merely a religious one. Therefore – the most important part was in this particular book, the New Testament, which is missing from the other manuscripts. It’s a commentary on how this particular faith both inspires hatred and inspiration. Captivity and freedom.

      The fact that it was KJV honestly doesn’t matter, except that it was the original english translation.

      Of course – all just my opinions. But that’s why the forum is here.

  13. Common Sense:

    Nuclear War = Radiation = Fallout = contaminated earth.

    Radiation exposure even in non-penetrating doses or low amounts can lead to BLINDNESS!

    Let me go over that again.

    Long term exposure to radiation = blindness.

    ALSO… Nuclear Explosions destroy OZONE. LONG TERM EXPOSURE TO UV rays = blindness.

    ELI doesn’t need to be completely blind but considering radiation AND UV exposure it could force to reason he wasn’t blind UNTIL the Flash, or after 30 years of low dose fallout, or long term UV exposure.

    • Interesting everyone! My take on it in response to many messages above, is the KJV is used, because it’s really the standard from hundreds of years ago. I think New international version, or revised standard would not be as “cool” or “catchy”, they used a more well known or popular version among all christians. I think he was blind before the blast, because the name on the Bible is “Eli”. It was his name tag from the blind school or camp or whatever that he attended, so it appears he was always blind (right, his name is Eli?). Yes, again if you watch the movie a second time, there are hundreds of hints that he’s blind. They don’t leave that to question. He stumbles over stuff a few times, brushes against a table that he should see (why would he be clumsy with a table if he can shoot a dude from 50 yards only after hearing the gun shot?). He only shoots things after he hears them first (the chirping bird, the growling cat). He smells the cannibals, unlike what a sighted person would do – look around and assume the smell was just a garbage heap. Eli could differentiate the scents. Notice he cocks his head a lot to hear stuff, but doesn’t actually look at it. I have to admit, I didn’t realize he was blind until they opened the Bible and it was Braille, and then I still wasn’t sure, but I suspected it, so I had to rewatch the first 30 minutes and then I was sure.

      • Also, there is a scene were light hits Eli’s eyes(either after eating cat or when he is camping with solara) and his pupils are fully dilated. Only possible if you are blind!

  14. Why were the books destroyed? and by whom?? Where were those people that ordered their extinction?

    • They refer to “the war” multiple times in the film.

  15. That is why I think it was a natural disaster, such as a solar flare or gamma-ray burst. Because of this, the people lost their faith in god and felt he turned his back on them. If it were caused by humans, I dont think people would of been angry at God.

    • Danny,

      What about the craters shown multiple times in the movie? I thought those were bomb craters, from a war (thermonuclear?). It would explain the large areas devoid of vegetation and the ASHY forest where ELI hunts the cat.

      • The craters didnt really have anything to do with the movie itself, that was just where the movie was filmed. The crater is in New Mexico and is a landmark.

    • Danny,

      What about the reference in the movie when Eli told Solera that a lot of people thought the Bible was the cause of the disaster (reference to 3rd world war). That is why they destroyed them all.

    • I gathered that what happened was likely a fallout of a religious war. Perhaps Israel vs. Iran or something along those lines! I don’t think he literally meant the bible was the reason for the war – I think he metaphorically meant that many people believed Christianity caused the war and wanted it removed so it could never happen again. Nuclear war in a land far away from Eli’s caused catastrophic consequences worldwide but did not completely wipe out everyone there.

  16. The book of Eli – like Eli you have to see the meaning with your heart rather than your mind. It is symbolic in many ways like “the book” Eli carries. The book -A Holy Bible-used before the apocalypse as a means for some to gain power and control over the many who do not truly know the words or understand the meaning of it. The book is now being sought again for the same purpose but this time it is protected by a man, Eli. A Blind Man who knows the book by heart and understands its meaning and seeks to keep it from those who would use it to commit evil-specifically a man who seeks to use it to control and enslave people who have not read it. Eli’s objective-though not clear even to him- is to get “the book” into the hands of a man who will print it for ALL to read and know personally. Its a story that warns us what happens when we allow others- man-ministers- to interpret the book and use it for their own purposes rather than God’s. There are so many symbols and deeper meanings in this film-not enough space here to talk about all of them: ) Most importantly it reminds us What happens or could happen by our focus being on THINGS, gaining and accumulating things, while allowing a man -minister- to be responsible for our soul -rather than on reading and studying God’s Word and knowing it personally. Its a great show….but I doubt that very many will look deep enough to truly understand it, just as few in our world today take a personal interest in their own souls and in knowing and seeking Gods Word personally. “Matthew 22:14″

  17. I really appreciate this discussion; thank you everyone for keeping it civil and educated.

    I do agree, that this film does support religion and specifically Christianity. However, it does seem to promote a personal relationship to the text, and not as organized religion. I do not think that I need to go into how this film treats the positive aspects of religion and faith.

    However, the fact that, prior to the film, religion is partly to blame for the apocalypse; hence, all the Bibles are destroyed. Also, Oldman’s character seems determined to get his hands on the Bible. He very clearly and openly wants the text as a way to control people. These 2 glaring details seems to condemn religion.

    I wonder if this whole film is a deeper discussion of personal faith versus religion… how faith can be corrupted and used to our own destruction, or protected and used for our personal salvation.

  18. All of these are great points, and I just wanted to chime in to let everyone know how much I enjoy reading your opinions, and opening my eyes to new ways that the film can be interpreted. I just saw it last night for the first time, and both my husband and I sat staring at the TV in silence and contemplation. Great movie!!

  19. Anyone notice this was very comparable to the biblical story of Saul?

    Who after conversion to Christianity was known by his Latin name, Paul.

    Paul was blinded and was told where to go by the voice of God to deliver his message.

  20. The idea of the people was right.
    Burn all religious texts, get rid of religion.
    Had there been no religion, there would not have been the ‘big flash’.
    It’s ‘EVIL’!!

  21. I got the impression that he WAS blind but god gave him his sight so that he could complete the task. I only thought because at the end when he reading GENESIS out loud the camera zooms in on his eyes just as Eli gets to “AND THE LORD SAID LET THERE BE LIGHT, AND WAS LIGHT”. This suggests to me that god chose Eli and gave him sight. Let’s be honest, the film is full of divine intervention. 1 man fighting off god knows how many men, walking away while bullets wizz past his head, taking on 10+ guys in a gun fight. I don’t care, blind or not, the director intended that to be viewed as help from god.

  22. I have just recently watched this artful and poignant movie, now several times this weekend and, in my opinion, I offer up these thoughts:

    Name “Eli” = Translates in literal definition the actual word, “God.” Therefore, the movie’s title literally is : The Book of God

    Story of God’s promise of Restoration = Ultimate message; God will protect His Word and restore new covenants with his people which consistently happened time after time as man is so flawed and egotistical and ultimately filled with sin; God intervenes through events and people that are brought into our lives to minister us if we listen – key point: if we listen.

    Eli = Which was his name as stated on his Bible copy; probably a reference to Paul or Saul of Tarsus – a Christian missionary who authored several books in the Bible; a masterful and proud teacher who received his call (or experienced a ‘conversion’) to follow Jesus as Messiah and take the gospel to the Gentiles; the blind messenger led by God to show he indeed literally “walks by faith and not by sight” which he wasn’t truly blind as Carnegie is shown at the end who was actually blind to the Word

    Marvin Gaye song = I can think of younger days/When living for my life/Was everything a man could want to do/I could never see tomorrow/But I was never told about the sorrow/And how can you mend a broken heart?/How can you stop the rain from falling down?/How can you stop the sun from shining?/What makes the world go round? – Eli was blind which the song references (foreshadows this revelation at the end of the movie), as well as, referring to the creator via questions

    Cats = Were believed to be agents of the devil, and to possess magical powers. Egyptian and Asian households worshiped as animal as being godlike; most likely why we see Eli’s first action in the movie slaughtering a cat since we see he could have easily eaten rodents and birds for survival

    Carnegie = Most probably indicative of the evil of man who uses temptation to achieve his goals which is not unlike being led by the Devil; we are introduced to him as he is reading about Mussolini wearing a cross buried beneath gold medallions; representation of the ego of man who uses for personal gain which is not unlike a industrial/capitalistic/Marxist misuse of power by man to have control over other men by eliminating God’s gift of Free Will; a theory that seeks the eliminating the idea of private property in order to gain control of the economic “means of production” by stealing it; at the end people who once “were too scared to say his name” were now fighting against him

    Claudia = Name first used in the New Testament – derived from Latin meaning “lame, crippled”; a very rare Christian name; I believe when Carnegie pushed the Bible to her it was opened within the New Testament possibly even at a point of the discussion of the Devil; Carnegie was crippling man who himself ended up crippled

    Solara = Possibly to mirror Mary of Magdalene who was described as sinful woman and also identified as a repentant prostitute (Carnegie as her “pimp”) to which Jesus healed her/delivered her from evil spirits; she received truth directly from God and became a follower of God which again mirrors Solara seen walking the path of God at the end of the movie

    Martha = Name from Aramaic meaning “lady, mistress”; she was the one to invite them in and offer them human flesh; cannibalism separates these people from their humanity

    Religion = Stated to have been the reason people believed the war began in which all the Bibles were destroyed with purpose by burning.

    Man = The basis of Original Sin; the ultimate determination of warfare not religion – as God gave us Free Will, we choose to meander off the path He lays for us time and time again; think of parenting: we know what can and eventually will happen even with the rules set out

    The Bible/Christianity = Constantly under attack and through history and ultimately had to be protected as people sought to destroy it (i.e. the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Qumran cave) – many times the Logos (or word) of God was taught verbally and re-written (the parchment, which was written on animal skin, sheep skin to be exact, and like all paper, it falls apart) a practice still done today in Jerusalem; the Bible went through many revisions and additions – new scrolls/books added over time
    Alcatraz = Genesis, the beginning; the island protected them from the cannibals in order to start the teachings from the old world, to teach the uneducated, to bring to light the beauty that existed and provided by the Lord; Eli and Solara were shown a structure that was “more than a museum” and that the “spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters” which is why God led Eli there

    Printing Press = Changed the world in spreading the word of God; invented in the 15th Century, it was significantly cheaper than a handwritten Bible that could take a single monk 20 years to transcribe; the King James version was the first bible translation to be mass produced/published first edition in the 17th Century; ultimately the most printed book in the world

    Cannibalism = barbarism; a sin from the 10 Commandments: thou shall not murder; Pagans, through a number of stories, involve cannibalism (i.e. Greek Mythology); historically, this act challenges what is or is not acceptable human behavior and is equated with evil and savagery; one could make a point that in the Christian tradition, cannibalism is believed to be undertaken in the form of communion and the Eucharist, however, this is used with bread and wine and not human flesh

    Water = Baptism is the means of entry, and the defilement of human sin is removed as the initiate enters into communion with Christ’s act of salvation; Carnegie had control over many watering holes which show the control over Free Will – Paul had converted from Judaism to Christianity through baptism

    Earth = The representation of barren salvation – “the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep”; once West you see that God has started restoration visually as the land shows new growth by green pastures; rich and full of color in contrast to the sepia tones that were used before they reached the West

    Alcatraz Library = Held many books: “Saints on the Seas”, “A History of the Jews”, “The Torah”, “The Tanakh”, “The Holy Quran”, “Hymns of Praise, Numbers One and Two Combined”…I couldn’t make out others, however, I am positive that they would be history on these cultures and regardless Judaism, Catholicism and Muslim were the first religions of humanity that formed from the Word of God

    • Denzel Washington was Jesus Christ. I got this from the very beginning of the movie so I knew the book was the bible the whole time and seeing Christ as the warrior who dispatched evil with the authority granted to him by God, his father. He comes back to to life in the very beginning and his back is scarred. He wanders for 30 years. The prostitute. The blind woman. He is only a man. He is the Word made flesh.

      • In response to Denzel (Eli) being Christ, or The Word made flesh, I would like to add something to this thought. I just watched this movie a few nights ago and loved it (Yes, I’m a whole year late!–Didn’t get to see it when it first came out). It has become one of my favorites now. I’ve read a lot of reviews on this movie and so far I haven’t come across anyone mentioning something paranormal that happened when Carnegie shoots Eli. Right at the very moment Eli gets shot, did any of you folks catch the lightening way up in the sky?! While I was watching this part of the movie, a split second ‘flash’ in the sky barely caught my attention, so I replayed the scene back slowly and yes, there’s definitely lightening there! Awesome!

  23. The twitchiness of the people is supposed to from cannibalism. I have read that there is a disease like Mad Cow disease that people get from eating other people called Kuru.

  24. Noticed that the books for burning included the Da Vinci Code and Oprah Magazine. Ouch!

    • Lol yeh when i saw Da Vinci Code thrown on the table my first thought was the the delivery guy was going to get a bullet through his head.

  25. Eli means God. He was Jesus Christ. He came back to life. His back was scarred. He killed with authority. He knew the demons he killed. He called God father. He said he wrote the book. There is more. I only know one other person who noticed that but we are both religious people. He is the Word made flesh. The bad guy says he is “only a man” like they did when Christ was dying and he was mocked and told to come down from the cross if he was the son of God. God sees our hearts, our souls, so was blind. The bible gives light to the blind.

  26. I loved the movie and the story behind it. After watching the movie in its entirety and seeing the much “surprising” ending, I have to admit there were [things] along the way that I realized proved his blindness throughout. The one that really caught me (after the movie was over) was the initial beginning when the camera pans the field of obvious dead bodies. A very frail, skinny cat strays up to one of the bodies as the camera pans/zooms into a “bunker” style area where a person wearing a gas mask is hiding, ready to shoot the prey. It occured to me, only after watching the movie, that he had this mask on to surpress any odors he may have picked up on due to his extreme senses, and be able to concentrate entirely and exclusively on his sense of hearing!

  27. When the girl opens his bag to look at the book, the is a name tag on it is his name Eli, what else is written on it. Please help.

    • Eli in the bible was a high priest who happened to become blind.

    • Hello my name is

      • Remeber when he shot that bird with the arrow towards the end of the film? He said “do you hear that” just before he shot it. Confirms he was blind imo.

        • Like I said before

          There is a scene were light hits Eli’s eyes when he looks outside(either after eating cat or when he is camping with solara) and his pupils are fully dilated. Only possible if you are blind!

    • Under a red Kmart logo, Is printed “Hello, My name is:” then “Eli” written in in felt tip pen.” I guess he worked at Kmart

      From a paused Bluray copy

  28. although he looks at things, does not mean he can see, when you hear things (for example something behind you) then you turn around. and the reason he goes into the tunnel when he fight, is that the tunnels are reflected sounds louder. and in the film he says: be silent … When he shoot the bird. it is because he could hear where it was when it flew, why else would she be silent when the bird was already in the air?
    you must not think even if one is blind, does not mean he cant looking for things. as the cat at first, he shoots until he hear it moves, so he knows where it is.

    And in the film he says: how did you become blind? was it of the light, or the war?

    he asks how did you become blind? in a setting that suggests he is blind too, and if he could find who the Bible, he would, before all this happened, why in Blindwriting? he can’t learn it after the destruction. so why take the time and learn blindwriting if you are not blind?

    see the possibilities idiots .. and at the end you see his eyes have a light film on it, like many many / all have blind.. my god..

    (and after all it’s a movie… so for all u know rambo might be blind 2!!) lol

    • You need to work on your English (not a personal attack; merely pointing out that your post is mighty hard to read)

    • What are u saying?? Your words don’t make sense.