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book of eli denzel washington Book of Eli Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a Book of Eli review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss spoilers about the movie without concerns about ruining it for folks who haven’t seen it yet. I’m sure the ending to Book of Eli will raise a lot of issues and debate, so we’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on it.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. simple smile Book of Eli Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. so what are the spoilers for this movie??? Nice religious troll/tangent though.

  2. So he was blind the entire time? Now I have to see it again, much like the sixth sense. I want to watch him do everything all over again from a blind point of view. Now I know why he read next to the door or entrance of whatever room he was in. I also felt the ending was anti climactic and was not ready for it, even being 118 minutes long I would have appreciated another 20 or so.

  3. I love how were discussing the likely hood of bibles being destroyed or even the size of a brail bible when the big fish are really a 30 year old iPod still working and people driving around on 30 year old gas. Not much of the movie was plausible but you watch and enjoy.

  4. Wait… what? He was blind? Where did that come from? He wasn't blind in the film.

  5. Yeah, a Braille Bible is supposed to be HUGE, isn't it? Multiple volumes?

    The issue with the iPod-like device (it wasn't an iPod) had me raising an eyebrow at first – but when he went into town and got it recharged, I figured that he did something like that every time he hit some little place that might have the ability to charge it.

    • It was an ipod, google it

  6. What do you want to know? :) Mainly any spoilers would be about the ending, which I thought was weak.

  7. I thought it was a pretty good movie. I still don't know why people can't watch a movie for what it's worth… A MOVIE!! By the way, Eli is blind!

  8. Holy cow… could that be right? It would explain his enhanced sense of smell… That makes me want to go rewatch the film. And yes, it does make it even less believable IMHO.

    • Everything is equally believable.

  9. Yes, it appears that he was blind. That would explain his heightened hearing and sense of smell. I'm going to have to watch it again to see about things like when he told “the engineer” to take his finger off the trigger. Did he say that because he couldn't tell? Did someone tell him it was a grave in the back of the house? All sorts of interesting things to take note of.

    It was an enjoyable film. To make a comment about the religious aspect. Religion has its nasty side. It is not far fetched to argue that religion could start wars – it has done so in the past. I think the film was more about the abuse of religion compared to its true message. Clearly Carnegie wanted to abuse it, to use it as a means of control (who hasn't heard someone claim that the Bible is about control). Eli didn't know he was taking it to a library, but libraries are about giving uncontrolled access to information (in a sense)… knowledge for everyone should they choose to seek it. Big difference. I'm going to have to watch it again.

  10. Yes is was blind………watch it again.

  11. Wow… I totally, utterly missed his being blind…

  12. Seriously can you guys that want to go on and on about religion just go somewhere else?? I can honestly tell you that no one who reads this blog cares one way or the other. ITS ABOUT A FICTIONAL MOVIE. Look at the tread!
    I just watched the movie and it didnt hit me until the end that he was blind.. Maybe how about the shootout in the town? Blind? But he did let everyone else shoot first…

  13. When they zoomed in on his eyes at the end, you can see that his eyes were glossed over. Does make you want to go back and see all that that meant. Remember how in tune he was to sound? For 30 years of surviving, his super speedy reflexes were all based on sound. Very cool, I thought.

  14. Excuse me, sir, but I believe you are the one lacking education concerning the history of Christianity. If you truly knew what you were talking about you would know that it is the history of the Catholic church that is particularly violent, not Christianity. True, there are the occasional misguided evangelicals that think bombing the local abortion clinic is an act of God, and I will admit that the non-Catholic Quakers were a bit over zealous at times, but it was power-mad Popes that sent the knights to the middle east, and it was power-mad Catholic kings that persecuted the protestants in England. Yes, many an injustice has been done in the name of Christianity, but you show me a man with Jesus in his heart, and I will show you a man of peace. True Christians never resort to violence. Jesus did not preach violence, he preached love and forgivenss.

    • Soooo pretty much what I’m understanding is your saying a catholics belief is different from christianity when Roman Catholic is a branch from Christianity. Last time I checked Chrisitian only mean you believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and saviour. So saying that Christians do not resort to violence is a lie. Violence is considered a sin, and we are taught that it is wrong, but every man sins. And sins, no matter how bad they are in a public, humanitary stand put. Are equal to God, and Jesus Christ. I don’t even believe in most of the gibberish and no more then you. Wow

  15. why if he is blind then, is the movie being deceptive–such as the scene where he comes across the two travelers being killed and raped and he watches and then looks away. He is not only listening but clearly sees it and then looks away and tells himself,
    “stay on the path”. Not buying the blind line in that case, as well as his killing an animal in the woods at night without sight. Granted it's a movie, just the blindness ruse, can't be believed

  16. Don't forget the automobiles. Do you really think the gaskets on those engines would last that long!?

  17. Some of the events lead me to believe he was “legally blind” prior to the “flash” not 100%. His eyes were only slightly cloudy (cataracts that have slowly gotten worse). My guess is he could distinguish objects light and dark and he used his other trained senses (Plus help from the man upstairs). Yes he looks up at the light of the Sun but there is the scene of him gazing at the moon. I suppose he could be just tilting his head up. He knows to head towards Alcatraz. I get why he backs up in the tunnel to hear the sounds but how could he echolocate the guys on the roof in the town? Shooting the cat and the two rapists with the bow also lead me to believe he is legally blind. Why would he walk up the overpass to look around? While he is up there he keeps peeking at the couple that is being killed. If he was totally blind he would just listen I would think. Knowing Braille means he was trained prior to the blast.

  18. Hey folks,

    I apologize, but I've decided to remove all comments from this post that do not relate directly to discussion of the film. To be fair I removed comments from both sides of the argument (including my own) in order to get this discussion back on track.

    Any further discussion that veers away from discussion of the film and its spoilers will be deleted.

    Thanks for understanding,


  19. Forgot to mention: the engines could have been converted to run ethanol. He could have found the Ipod still in the package sealed.

  20. She was walking off to go back and “rescue” her mom. You know, assuming she was still alive after Carnegie's place was ravaged with no people there protecting it… She seemed awfully confident for a blind woman in a town of murderers and rapists taking over the only secure place in town and no one left to protect her….

  21. I thought it was a great movie. 4/5

    I picked up on Eli's blindness during his first interaction with solara's mom. And yes, it makes the movie much more interesting knowing he's blind.

    However, I never figured out why he had to show his hands to prove “he's not one of them”. I assumed maybe they would brand the hands of certain people, like they did pirates back in the day? But when he shows his hands, only his fingertips are exposed from the gloves???

    • The showing of the hands shows that he is not eating human flesh, because the hands of the people who eat it shake like crazy, I honestly don’t know the english term for it – but it exists.

  22. It's hard not to knit-pick every little thing in regards to sci-fi movies personally.. there were all kinds of little things that raise questions but you just gotta sit back sometimes and say “hey, it's just a movie”

    I can buy him being blind for some parts of the movie, but others totally contradict it… shooting the cat with bow and arrow? Shooting a vulture out of the sky? Shooting all of those guys perfectly? The fight sequences? He “saw” things all the time in the movie. Very dumb, unnecessary “twist” they could have left out of the movie at the end.. yes, the Bible was brail, but maybe he just knew how to read braile? Him being blind was dumb.

    Also – was it just me, or when he was getting shot at during the town scene, didn't bullets go THROUGH him? I swore I saw guys shooting at him and bullets going right through his clothes and through him. That's why the guy lowered his gun and didn't shoot, because it was ineffective.

    Did anyone else see that? Or just me?

    He was obviously not bullet-proof when he got shot in the stomach..

    By the way…. why did he die? What did he die of? He looked fine.. Wasn't that old… it was like he read the Bible then died immediately…

    I have a feeling there were a lot of little scenes edited out for the theatrical version.. I hate when movie companies do that…

    Also… why was nearly everyone in the movie white? They wanted to make it hillbillies? They were obviously in CA much of the time… in a post-apocalyptic world, there would be a lot of Hispanic and other ethnic groups in there.. but then again, that's me just being knit-picky..

  23. I first thought too that there was a cult that had missing fingers. Eli does mention that eating of human flesh gives you the shakes. Radiation poisoning in the flesh?

  24. Oh yeah, the safe haven of Alcatraz – quite silly, and just said “cliche” to me…

    • I race boats on the SF bay and I know that it wouldn’t have been that easy to row a little wooden boat like that to Alcatraz. You wouldn’t be pointing directly to it as you row, either. The tide and current along with wind going that slowly would force you to aim probably 50+ degrees off to one side or the other. They would’ve been swept to sea in no time if the tide was going out! That little wooden rowboat would’ve been smashed against the rocks at Alcatraz had they not planned it to the minute, too. That water is fierce. And where were the wind, white-caps and buoys? They must’ve been magically poofed into oblivion during the flash, but the bridge and Transatlantic building remained intact? Riiiight. Bad, bad basic research there. Rant over. Thank you for indulging me.

  25. My brother and I discusses this point. Solara was his disciple so to speak, not unlike the people who eventually wrote down the gospels, Solara is going back to spread the word of faith in action. We thought that could possibly be the meaning of the title, The Book of Eli, he lived she is going to write it.

  26. amazing. i don't know what to say. you hit it, spot on.

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