Bonnie & Clyde Remake Starring… Hilary Duff?

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hillary duff bonnie Bonnie & Clyde Remake Starring... Hilary Duff?

I think everyone can agree that there are movies that never need to be remade under any circumstances.  Too bad most of Hollywood seems to have missed this memo, because currently looming in this territory is the remake of the 1967 film Bonnie & Clyde.

The classic film is the story of star-crossed lovers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow who went on a spree of bank robberies during the Great Depression.

In case you’ve got it in your head that there are parts of the Bonnie & Clyde saga that deserve further examination, you are apparently not alone – Hollywood agrees with you.

Sadly, they also agree that actors Hilary Duff & Kevin Zegers would be the perfect updated Bonnie and Clyde, as they’re in talks to star in the project.

The Hollywood Reporter says:

Tonya S. Holly is directing “The Story of Bonnie and Clyde” and producing the indie drama with Tom Rogers via her Cypress Moon Studios.

The makers are stressing that the new film is not a remake and are promising to showcase times in the couple’s lives not seen onscreen before. Holly first became interested in the story of the fugitive lovers after finding old newspaper articles about their exploits in an abandoned house on her family’s property.

Let’s face it, if ever there was a time to tell the story of these Depression era outlaws it would be right now, but does that mean the film needs to be marred with poor casting decisions?  I’d like to think the answer would be no, but then again Hilary Duff could surprise everyone and actually pull this off.  I’m not saying it’s likely, but it could happen.

Although, what’ll really be interesting is if this movie does hit is big, will there be some sort of viable reception from the poverty stricken public?  Will it set into motion a legion of like minded young lovers trying to find a way to make it during these rough economic times?  Or will the timing be terrible and end up annoying the public at large?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. GREAT post, Sabrina. Again, it’s great to have you on the team – hope that to be true for a good long while to come.

  2. Oops, that last part could be misinterpreted – what I meant was I hope to be on the same team as you for a good long while not that eventually it wouldn’t be good to be on the same team as you.


  3. She’ll probably do an original song and music video. Won’t that just add salt to the wound?

  4. I have never really hated Duff I think she could probably pull it off. I have more faith in her than I do the story. I have always thought Bonnie and Clyde was simply a boring awful story.

  5. I think she’d be a great choice. Put all of her ‘kid stuff’ behind and let her chew on the roll. Why not? It’s a good look. -Stark

  6. Do you think Duff’s manager will allow the “tragic’ end to Bonnie be shown e.g. Hilary Duff getting shot up and killed at the end of their spree.

    I might go see it just for that! :)

    I’m not a Duff hater either, but for them to show her, an actress with such a young fan base being bloodied and dead, will definitely raise the ire of soccer moms everywhere!

    That will of course play to the movie’s favor, as such things always do.

  7. Who is Kevin Zegers? That is not a joke but a really honest question. Who is he?

    Duff is really not that bad compared to Lohan, Miley Cyrus and whoever esle is there. I’d prefer Duff over them getting one of the Simpson girls to play Bonnie. And, she’s quite pretty!

  8. I’ve always considered Bonnie & Clyde to be one of the most un-remake-able movies of all time. Though I admit that seeing Hilary Duff tackling a classic film role that made Faye Dunaway a star stimulates my curiosity.

  9. @ Mike Basil

    If they don’t try to REMAKE the movie, but stick to the historical facts and just add color and additional (new) drama, it could work.

    Who am I kidding?

    In the end, you’re right.
    Everything that needed to be said about Bonnie and Clyde HAS been said in the 67s film.

    I say … the best we can expect is a film that like Peter Jackson’s King Kong.
    The same story at heart … a different and … somewhat misguided approach.

  10. I am apathetic when it comes to Hilary Duff..SHe’s not bad looking and seems to be personable enough…but Bonnie & Clyde..leave it alone..

    What’s next: Justin Timberlake and Zac Efron in a remake to Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid



    Phew I fell better now… 😉

  11. This will be more PG-13 dreck with Bonnie dying offscreen, provided she dies at all. More than likely, the ending will be Bonnie and Clyde escaping together, growing up and getting MySpace profiles.

    I can’t believe I’m actually seeing people DEFEND Duff’s acting. Are you ****ing kidding me? Her? As a good actress? You are out of your mind.

  12. I think this is a good oppurtunity for Hillary Duff. She needs to step out of her Disney bubble she’s been grouped in, she has a lot more talent than Miley Cyrus, Raven and the rest of them. I thought she was great in War, Inc. with John Cusack.

    But idk whether or not the movie itself should be made. I’m getting awfully tired of remakes, isn’t there writers out there who have any of their own stories left? Or do I have to stick to watching obscure indie flicks?

  13. Come on!Do you prefeer the stupid Disney Miley Cyrus like Bonnie?Or…Jessica Simpson?And I dont really know who is Feaye Donaway?COME ON…SHE MADE A REALLY OLD FILM,SHE IS NOT A POPULAR ACTRESS,NOBODY KNOWS THEm

  14. Come on!Do you prefeer the Disney star Miley Cyrus like Bonnie?Or…Jessica Simpson?And I dont really know who is Feaye Donaway?COME ON…SHE MADE A REALLY OLD FILM,SHE IS NOT A POPULAR ACTRESS,NOBODY KNOWS THEM

  15. Why do i get the idea that this will be more of a Hollywood fluff flick where they try to make heroes out of psychopaths? The previous Bonnie & Clyde wasn’t exactly accurate, either and although Dunaway did a respectable job, even she never captured the half baked sociopath that was the real Bonnie Parker. And the hint that ‘this movie is going to capture scenes not in the ’66 version’ is a clear hint that it will be a real fluff job. In which case it does not matter who gets the role, as its not going to be anything like realistic anyhow.

  16. I find Raven and Miley Cyrus ten times more talented than Hilary Duff. If Hilary Duff was never blonde and blue eyed and had Disney backing her, she wouldn’t have the success she’s having now. She’s a no talent that has no business being “respected” in Hollywood. It’s an insult to all the actual hard working stars in Hollywood.

  17. I have nothing against Duff i quite like her, but taking on the remake of what is considered a classic.A role played by a dynamic award winning actress is not the way to step outta Disney’s shadow.
    What’s next. The Godfather with Zac Effron as Michael Corleone ?
    or perhaps Thelma and Louise with Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan

    @Checkout- Faye Dunaway is a Legendary actress with one Best actress Oscar win and several nominations.She was in Chinatown(another classic),Network, Thomas Crown Affair(both original and remake)/I think it would be fair to say most people that wouldn’t know her work ,either do not know their film history or were born in the 90’s.

  18. Why must every thing extraordinary and beautiful left in the world be shot down and beaten into the blood thirsty dirt of the newer, fraudulent, ignorant, and most definitely unintelligent generations. We are being dumbed down from acts such as this and worse. Even meories of a better time can not last. At least they lived wile they could.

  19. Im infuriated. This is a terrible decision. you may as well be the filthy cowardly scum that shot them into oblivion. How possibly could the said actress capture the complicated insanity of such beautiful intelligent minds. no one that loves this story and admires Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow for who they truely were will ever respect this as it is a huge dishonor to both of them. i have no faith in this film.

  20. “Filthy cowardly scum that shot them into oblivion?” Would that be the law enforcement officers who new, most by personal experience that he who let Clyde get the first shot often ended up dead? When one takes off the blinders of modern society, and puts on the shoes of the participants, and views the world through their time, one might just get a little different perspective.

    “Beautiful, intelligent minds?” When you get your history from hollywood, you deserve what you get. Bonnie and Clyde were ruthless, sociopathic murderers.

    Hollywood tends to glamorize the outlaws and psycos, but lets get real. As for Hillary Duff getting the lead, I just do not see her making anybody believe that she is the same psyco that Bonnie was. But, then again, I have been surprised before. Maybe she is a good enough actor to pull it off.

  21. I do not get my opinion of anything from hollywood. I look things over from many different sides as i find it interesting, however I still happen to think that a ruthless psychopathic mind IS a beautiful thing and far more intriguing than a “healthy” one. Dont get me wrong I understand it is not the glamorous thing its made out to be. I love it for how i see it in true events, not for how others interpret it and that is precisely why i am upset about this film. I have somewhat of a fascination with psychotics so my point of view is offten difficult for others to understand. I dont expect anyone to, but if you look at things in a different light you might notice theres a lot more to see within the insanity… unless you have a quite ordinary mind that can not be pensive for a moment to comprehend a wider range of thought or at least a drop of appreciation for the tempestuous spirited.

  22. Point taken. I believe I understand what you are saying. Don’t know that I agree with you. What I do agree with, however, is that Hollywood tends to glamorize. It is due to Hollywood that Jesse James and Billy the Kid are heroes, often seen as victims. They were neither. And, after the 1966 Bonnie & Clyde, they too tend to be seen as heroes, or at least sympathetic characters. Again, they were neither. They were ruthless, cold blooded killers, brought down in the best way, given the times and circumstances, that they could have been. Unless she is a much better actress than most believe, there is absolutely no way that Hillary Duff will pass as Bonnie Parker.

  23. this is the most retarded thing i have ever heard. hilry duff is a disney channel little kid actress. who in their rite mind would think to consider her as bonnie parker? i cant even imagine her holding a gun let alone being a gangster. BOOOOO whoever was hired to make this casting decision.

  24. She does look a lot like Faye Dunaway. Other than that, I don’t think the casting choices are good, and comparing original Bonnie and Clyde pictures, with the 1967 movie and this upcoming one, the style and clothing choices are all wrong. The outfits Faye Dunaway wears and the one Hilary Duff is modeling above scream more 1960’s than 30’s.

    The 1992 version of the story is very good, seemed accurate.

  25. She looks FANTASTIC!
    Carry on…

  26. okay get off hilary case plp she did wel after leaving disney all 3albums went platnium and she writes her own music unlike other artists so she is gifted and talented okay!!!!!!!

  27. hilary cant act she’s not believeable, im sorry she sucks and classics needs to stay classics and directors need to be creative and come up with their own stuff, im pist and hilary as actress suck, she wants to grow, she’s growing yeah but not as actress.

  28. The main reason this movie is being made: HOLLYWOOD HAS NO WRITERS LEFT. All they want to do is take a story that’s already been done, plug in some new actors and take credit for someone else’s work. How long has it been since you’ve seen an original movie in Hollywood? The 1980’s?

  29. When will movie come out ? Bonnie /Clyde