‘Bones’ Season 8 Finale Review: Yes and No

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Bones season 8 episode 24 Booth Brennan crime scene Bones Season 8 Finale Review: Yes and No

Bones fans have been given 24 hours – 24 episodes – to watch a journey unfold. A journey between two people that transverses the highs and lows of a couple learning what it is to be in love while raising a child together. A journey that begins and ends on the exact same note: “We’re okay, right?

The first time around, it was Brennan (Emily Deschanel) who was doing the asking because of a questionable decision she’d made at the end of season 7. Now the question comes from Booth (David Boreanaz), and while he may not be going on the lam with their baby daughter, his decision in ‘The Secret in the Siege’ might have similar consequences for the couple.

And the reason for the emotional upheaval both at the end of last season and this one? Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds).

Historically, showrunner Hart Hanson has not been a fan of serial killers on his show, even though they seem to do very well with viewers. However, his views seem to be shifting about as much as Brennan’s views on marriage, because he appears to be changing his tune and keeping Pelant around for the long haul.

Just as Brennan desires to give Booth what he’s always wanted, so too does Hanson seem to be delivering on the adversary long-term viewers have pined for. He also delivers the proposal fans have been waiting for, too, though that is quickly snatched away by said adversary. Be careful what you wish for.

Bones season 8 episode 24 Booth Brennan Bones Season 8 Finale Review: Yes and No

Among the Pelant episodes, this is one of the best. Tensions are understandably high on all fronts as the last time Pelant struck, an FBI Agent nearly died. This time, two Agents are killed within the first two commercial breaks and all eyes turn to Booth, who is presumably the next target.

All roads lead back to Crystal Creek, a Waco-esque incident that Booth and the two dead FBI Agents were involved in years ago. Using this and the knowledge culled from reams of psychological insights written by Sweets (John Francis Daley) over the years, Pelant launches the newest round of the sick game he enjoys playing with Booth and the team at the Jeffersonian.

More than any other time, this round feels like Pelant has graduated from irritant to Booth’s personal Moriarty. Like Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis, Pelant doesn’t bother to gets his own hands dirty; rather, he sits back and pulls the strings from a comfortable distance.

This feels more threatening than when Pelant was the one breaking into Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins’ (TJ Thyne) home because he’s got more control, and while Angela does trap him on one front, he still manages to get the upper hand in the end. From the beginning, Pelant’s desire has always been to match wits with someone, and while the bullet in his face his last time out narrowed his focus to Booth this time around, the game as a whole hasn’t much changed.

Bones season 8 episode 24 Booth Bones Season 8 Finale Review: Yes and No

This time, however, Pelant pulls off the double-switch. First, he manages to put the team on the wrong scent, sending them after a victim whose parents were members of the cult at Crystal Creek as opposed to the daughter of an FBI agent supposedly killed there by friendly fire. He also manages to keep his true target hidden until almost the last moment. It’s Sweets who predicts that Booth is not the real target and Sweets who warns Booth that Pelant will not let him have his happily ever after with Brennan. Unfortunately, Sweets doesn’t work out that he is the one in Pelant’s crosshairs.

The twist at the end feels like a dagger in the back for long-term viewers already flooding Tumblr with Brennan’s proposal and Booth’s enthusiastic response. Unfortunately, they will left with little more than this and the devastated look on Brennan’s face from the other side of that wall to keep them company over the long summer months.

But take heart! No doubt the show’s early pickup for season 9 is the impetus behind the protracted Pelant arc as well as more road bumps for Booth and Brennan. They’ll get to that altar eventually, there’s just no telling how long “eventually” will be in this case.


Bones will return next fall on FOX.

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  1. With ratings the way they are, I suspect Season 9 will be the LAST for Bones. As for Pelant, I am SICK of him. BEYOND sick of him actually. Kill him and be done with it.

  2. Enough with Pelant get rid of him. We like the show and hope that season 9 will be the end of Pelant in the early part of the season not the latter. it was sad to see the look on both characters faces.

  3. …wait, what????! o.O Sorry, I did not watch this episode so I have no idea what the hell all of this means, so…

  4. What a terrible ending… in what universe could he not tell her the real reason? How would Pelant ever find out if he just whispered to her?

    Most contrived plot-holed procrastination ever…

    • Couldn’t agree more. At the end of the episode last night, I was ready, and still am, to swear off watching Bones after that ridiculous ending. If Booth was really that worried about those lives, he still could have found a discreet way to inform Bones. I realize what type of show bones is, but come on, that was one of the most irritating endings I have ever watched. Here is an easy ending, have Booth and Bones ditch their electronics, drive out to the middle of nowhere, get out of the car, walk even further into the middle of nowhere, tell Bones what is going on, but no, that idiotic, potentially relationship ending episode is obviously the better ending we get for the season.

  5. I can’t believe what I saw last night.Didn’t the producers,and all the big wigs in the Bones show say that Pelant was going to be gone by the end of this season and now we have to deal with him next season too?? They were going to tell us the secret of the clock in Bones/Booth’s bedroom and it would all become clear. Guess what? It didn’t. I only have one other, no, two other questions. Are they ever going to end Pelant and why did they use the same name for him and the colonel who talked Booth into going back in the army a couple of seasons ago? It’s not really a common name.

  6. Won’t be tuning into season 9. This finale was just awful. Pelant was a fantastic character, but now just sick of him. When did the writers decide to make Booth an incompetent dunce?

    • I agree. I didn’t like last year’s Season Finale. I hate this one. If Pelant continues, I am finished watching,

  7. Other than Angela, who’s gone from carefree artist to computer hacking expert(??), the characters seem to be going through the same motions of previous seasons. The series had a great spark the first three years (yes, prior to the debacle that was ‘Zack and Gormogon’). The concept of the series was intriguing and when Booth was truly helping Brennan come to terms with her past it was something worth watching. Now, sadly, it seems like a good example of a series that’s gone on too long. :(

    • Don’t agree. Brennan is becoming a real human being as she learns to let go and accept her feelings. Booth has not realized that point of self awareness. No doubt Booth’s handing of the situation will set her back to her feelings of abandonment. she will feel humiliated because of what she said to Cam and Angela. it may be sweets to the rescue as Booth may tell him about Pelant and Sweets can let Bones know a little in order to keep her from a total emotional collapse. That’s a lot to look forward to. Now if they’ll go to Hollywood for a while. Or parker runs away when he finds Booth is not his biological son. perhaps Bones knew that from Parker’s bone structure and didn’t tell Booth is furious with her. there’s much to look forward to in the greatest series on TV>

  8. This episode had all the promise of being a great one. It ended up being just terrible. The activities of the all-seeing all-knowing Pelant were totally unbelievable, as was Booth’s ultimate reaction to Pelant’s threat. Brennan has come so far in this series. But it seems that for every step forward she’s taken, she’s kicked backwards three or four. I think there’s been a turnover in writers throughout the last few seasons, if I’m not mistaken. It certainly was noticeable last night. They really need to get the loose ends tied up in next season’s first episode and get back to real story-telling, not these never-ending bad guy arcs. I’m not looking forward with any real interest to season nine.

  9. This episode was fantastic till the last six minutes. I loved the way pelant used sweets work against him and fooled everyone into thinking booth was the real target. There are still some plot holes that need filling such as the effect of pelant replacing the alarm clock in booth and brennan’s bedroom. I hope this is fixed in the next episode. Now for the last six minutes. It didn’t make much sense at all and seemed designed purely to give a cliffhanger for the next season. The way booth just followed his request seemed illogical and I don’t see how pelant would find out if he told her the truth. I think pelant is a good villain and has made this season darker and more intense. However, it is now time to catch him and move onto a fresh season with new surprises.

  10. uh huh. so what i’m getting from all these comments (which is so rare) is that this episode was apparently a letdown…which really discourages me from watching it. not that i was even looking forward to it anyway ‘cuz lately i’ve been disappointed over and over again by ‘Bones’ that i really don’t see any point to the show anymore & i actually thought this ep finale would bring an end to it all, but no apparently there’s STILL MORE!!! what da hell??! another freakin’ season yet to come??? omg, noooo!!! no more!

  11. Go away Pelant!! You have worn out your TV welcome, you are now LAME, which is sad, because originally u were written brilliantly. The Pelant story should have ended with Booth’s shot to the face = DEAD. IF the Pelant story is not resolved within the first couple of episodes next year (preferably the first), I am done! Not a huge proclamation since it is probably the last season, but done none the less. BONES, get your act together, quit dragging out lame story lines!

  12. Given the way the showrunners have treated the audience the past five years, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the first episode of next season contains a flashback scene where Booth did tell Brennan and the whole finale scene was staged.

  13. As a long term viewer, I wished for neither a proposal nor an adversary and certainly not an adversary like Pelant who is beyond ridiculous with his omnipotent abilities. If HH was going to give fans the proposal then I’m not sure why he felt it necessary to take it away.

    Pelant could still be out there doing his whole evil genius BS without devastating B&B yet again. Now we’ll get to see them be awkward and polite with each other just like we did in early season 8.

    Those last few minutes were just screwing with B&B just for angst sake. Very disappointed show went that way.

  14. How lame of the writers to do this to the devoted fans of Bones. Most of us have continued watching because of the connection of B&B. What do the writers/producers award us with this ridiculous esp. Why didn’t the writers just leave Booth with Cam. That would have made more sense, but they decide to hurt the best character of all Brennan. Maybe I’ll watch next season, maybe NOT!!!!

  15. enough of pelant!! It seems to me that as smart as they all are someone
    will figure out what is really happening and it better be the first episode
    next season!! Also lets get Hodgin’s money back and kill Pelant…you got
    rid of the grave digger…

  16. That was the worst season finale I’ve ever seen! Not in the series…on TV!! Very slow, and without resolution; it felt more like a filler than a season finale. Besides, the show is getting old and stupid. It’s torture watching this show getting renewed for a ninth season and knowing Hart Hanson has the intentions of making it reach season 10 or beyond. I mean, Booth and Brennan are finally happy, they live together, they have a DAUGHTER!! Don’t tell me I have to wait another season for them to take down Pellant and get married…

  17. I hate Pelant. I hated the shows he has been in. I have enjoyed all the stand alone shows this year with out some big baddie serial crazy killer.
    This show has such an amazing cast it does not need a Pelant. Also I have loved watching Bones and Booth get closer and grow together. It has been very rewarding and I am sad they did this.

  18. For a site to be called ScreenRant, I would have thought you would have been all over this. The Pelant arc has been the worst in the series by far. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone on the longest. This show did not at all feel like a finale. It just wasn’t any good at all.they should have put Pelant out of his misery a long time ago. I was very disappointed in this episode, and if this is the guy they are hanging season 9 on, they might as well end the show, now.