‘Bones’ Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

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bones season 6 finale baby Bones Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

Following in footsteps of last year’s shocking finale, the Bones season 6 finale not only managed to top the 6-month separation storyline, but also entirely shift the tone of one of the most fanatical shows on television.

A death at a bowling alley sets the stage for the sixth season finale, entitled “A Change in the Game.” With a dead body laughably being found in a pin setter, Booth and Brennan go undercover to find whoever is behind the murder. After Booth proves to dominate the lanes, the two stumble on to the mysterious tale of the bowling alley.

For its length and production value, one would have expected the bowling alley storyline to somehow lead-in to the others. Unfortunately, both Brennan’s pregnancy reveal and the birth of Angela and Hodgins’ baby felt completely separate from the main storyline.

That being said, the principle plotline was interesting enough for an episode of Bones, but it ultimately felt more like the typical episodic installment, instead of something that one would expect to see in a season finale – even with Booth and Brennan’s undercover performances.

While I’ll admit that Angela and Hodgins’ delivery was incorporated in the investigation with the use of a webcam, their inclusion felt forced and sloppy – if anything, Angela and Hodgins’ baby and Brennan’s pregnancy reveal had more to do with each other than the main storyline.

bones season 6 finale bowling Bones Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

With this past season perfectly setting up the coupling of Brennan and Booth, one would have almost certainly expected the last scene in the finale to show Booth and Brennan sharing a long-awaited kiss. To the surprise of many (even if that surprise resulted in happiness), Hart Hanson once again tossed in one of his infamous plot twists with the revelation that Brennan is pregnant with Booth’s baby.

Throughout the series, Hanson’s “twists” have ranged from the great (Gormogon, The Gravedigger) to the, well, not so great (Hannah). Depending on your feelings on the matter, an impending Booth/Brennan offspring might be what you’ve been hoping of. Whether or not you’re a fan of the pregnancy, one question still remains: why?

While a Booth-initiated Bones pregnancy certainly satisfies the many fans wishing to see the two together, the manner in which it was accomplished may not have been the best. Considering lead-character coupling is one of the most difficult story elements to pull off, one would have assumed that, given Hanson’s record, he would have been weary of attempting to undertake the even more difficult storyline of a baby.

bones season 6 finale angela baby Bones Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

Since the announcement of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, fans have often wondered whether or not it would be incorporated in the series. Even though the most obvious decision would be to follow the lead of many other television series and simply hide the pregnancy with props, sets and camera angles, Hanson decided to forgo any further production problems and reveal that Brennan was, in fact, pregnant.

Like last year’s surprising finale, I’m going to reserve judgment in regards to whether or not a Brennan and Booth baby will help or hurt the series. Even though Hanson has, at times, let fans down when it comes to seasonal story-arcs, one cannot deny that the famed creator still has the ability to deliver wonderfully original stories.

With a child now forever part of Booth and Brennan’s life, it will be interesting to see how Hanson handles the challenges that await him.

Of course, there was that whole “Hannah” thing.


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  1. A few thoughts:

    * they didn’t do a very good job of hiding Emily’s baby bump this episode. I think that was by design.
    * Exactly HOW long was the period of time between Vincent’s death and this episode? Because how can she know so quickly?
    * They had BETTER SHOW flashbacks!

    • Agree on all points.

    • SN has said there at least was a month.
      And it up to you what ever or not you think they have been together since “that” night or not, he has an idea but did not want to say it.

      I don’t think you will be given flash backs, as right now “sex scenes” are rather hard to film with ED being pregnant in real life.
      Plus the choice was to jump over the cliff and not get hanged up in all the dating parts.

  2. No More mention of Hannah! EVER! lol.

  3. I’d say in-series it was at most two months from Vincent’s death to this episode – plenty of time for her to know.

  4. I was so happy that bones and booth are going to be together as a couple.
    I jumped out of my chair in joy. it has been obvious that the two characters love each other throughout the series. I look forward to the series in the fall. I feel the two of them will make a great couple. thank-you to the writers

  5. I am so happy that they are bringing Emily’s pregnancy into the show. I started crying with joy!!! I am a HUGE Bones fan and the writers have made me a very happy viewer. THANK YOU!!!

  6. The writers blew it and just possibly killed the show.

    They had the chance to build, simmer, and make the most romantic, steamy match-up in tv history. Not to mention the huge viewer following that would have come. Instead we get a poorly written, robotic and poorly acted show. With a oh by the way “I’m pregnant” one liner at the very end. REALLY !!!! You just pissed off all of the fans, and really took the life and interest out of the show.

    You should have gone for the romantic build-up and left the baby completely out of it. There was no need at all to include her pregnancy in the show. It was so damn obvious that she’s really pregnant, looks like she’s at least 5 or 6 months already.

    I could write a novel on how many ways this was screwed up. It’s going to take a miracle to keep this show on tv.

    • I’m not sure if it will completely kill the show, but i am soooooo annoyed at how bones is now pregnant. I’ve been waitin six years for them to get together and I feel like it was a complete copout how the writers did it. In my opinion I think that this is going to completely mess up the dynamics of the show. :(

    • Totally agree – feel robbed of the build-up. What a waste of 6 years of chemistry. Have watched for 6 seasons – not sure I’ll bother with the 7th.

    • you’re absolulety right, I couldn’t agree more. Huge disappointment last night in the direction they went. This show has been headed in the wrong direction the past few months, with zero evolution of Bones’s character. I was wary but I still gave it a chance to the end. But what a bad way to end the season. I would add it should have built and simmer to booth n bones as a couple as a SERIES finale last night, instead of what we got.

    • I completely disagree. At MOST she lookd 4-5 weeks MAX!! And a lot of the viewers are EXTATIC with the fact that she’s pregnant.

  7. I started crying when i found out they were having a baby! i was soooo happy but i think i would have liked to of seen them as a couple first. But who cares!!! they’re finally together.

    • Thanks for asking, my wife and I were afraid to ask, what episode was it?

    • the one before the last episode haha

  8. They had sex in last weeks episode, or it was at least hinted at back then and comfirmed in this episode.

  9. Did they really have SEX? or will we find out that she was artificially inseminated? remember when Booth had his brain surgery he told her that he wanted her to have his ‘stuff’ if he didn’t make it. Just a thought.

  10. Doesn’t seem likely. Why would she get artificially inseminated without telling Booth? Seems much more likely she got pregnant during last weeks episode during the greef they shared when Nigel-Murray died. Besides, why would she tell Angela that she and Booth shared the night if all they did was sleep?

  11. 1) If she were artificially inseminated she wouldn’t have to tell Booth that he is the father.
    2) I believe the only time they could have had sex was during last weeks episode following Vincent’s death.
    3) There is no way she would known she was pregnant already! Vincent’s death was set not months but a week maybe at most three before the finale. You can tell this based on Angela’s pregnancy. She was appoximately full term and having faux labor by the time of the death.
    4) I think they really blew this great reveal. There was no chemistry and no romance between B&B. The fans want to see them together and happy not knocked up with Booth’s second child out of wedlock. What a disapointment. Put B&B together please, but leave out the pregnancy.

  12. For the people that are complaining that this “ruins” the show, stop watching it then. As for me I think it expands what stories they can tell, and as for the Romantic build up, THAT’S been going on since Season 1.

    • I agree Chris O, folks need to stop complaining and look forward to next season!!!

  13. While I’ve been a Bones fan since day one, I have to admit that my interest has been faltering all season. I watched the episode and… shrugged. I don’t think the pregnancy element was handled very well at all. The entire episode felt forced, even the delivery of Angela’s child. A web cam in a delivery room? Seriously?

    I love Bones and Booth, I do. I don’t even mind the “twist” of Brennan being pregnant with Booth’s kid. What I do mind, however, is the lazy, half-assed way Hanson chose to make the events come about. I’ll keep watching, if only out of morbid curiousity, but I’ve kind of stopped being invested in the characters. I think this show, or the romance at least, has missed the bus and, unless a miracle in writing occurs, this next season could potentially be Bones’ last.

  14. For those of you questioning the timing of Booth and Bones night of grieve sex, or love making, whatever you want to call it, I thought I’d clarify some of the references made in the episodes to help with the timeline. I believe I remember Angela saying in last weeks episode when she was having Braxton Hicks labor pains, that she was only 26 or 28 weeks along, putting her approx. 10 to 12 weeks before her due date. It doesn’t surprise me that she looked as big as a house at that time, since they only used 3 different sized “baby bump” props for her during the season. Plus last night, she mentioned that she was 2 days over her due date. This timeline gives Brennan plenty of opportunity to not only concieve a baby with Booth on that night, but also to have conceived at another time between now and then, and find out that she was pregnant as well. Having been pregnant three times myself, I was able to recognize the symptoms and take a pregnancy test within 4 weeks after conception and get a positive result. This hopefully will help all those wondering how much time was between Mr. Nigel-Murray’s demise and the finale as well, to explain why there was little mention of him or their greif over his loss. I for one am thrilled with this prospect, and all the new questions that replace the “will they won’t they” question we’ve been asking for 6 seasons!

  15. I think that we could all be missing something here by assuming that a pregnancy means instant relationship status for Bones and Booth. I’m a bit surprised they went into things this way, but I think there are a myriad of ways to make it work. I like the idea that pregnancy or not she’s still Bones and will approach it and things w/Booth in her unique way.

  16. Hmmm, not the best season finale, not even the best episode of the season.
    It felt disjointed and there was no relevance at all to the bowling alley death, no cliffhanger ending (the pregnancy isn’t a cliffhanger to me, we know ‘whodunnit’ and they pretty much all follow the same pattern).
    Apart from the birth there was no emotional draw in this episode, just a throwaway crime of the week with no repercussions followed by a flat ‘game-changing’ statement by Brennan.

  17. Okay- off base in your criticisms as usual. Having Both and Brennan suddenly leap into a full blown romantic relationship would be a total disaster. It would at once negate the carefully choreographed dance between Booth’s emotional character and Bone’s emphasis on logic and rationality.

    Therefore Hannah was necessary plot device- it forced Bones to really rethink both her approach to life and relationships in general and to Booth in particular. It also served the very useful role of Booth rethinking his relationship with Bones.

    Instead of an emotionally fraudulent romantic coupling, Bone’s pregnancy flows out of a far more credible and nuanced intersection of these two character’s interactions. again Hannah was a useful plot device to effectuate this result.

    Yes this was the strongest ending but it was effective in advancing the series forward. What I hope for season 7 is that Booth and Bone’s do in fact have a difficult and challenging process of dealing with themselves as a couple and with the pregnancy.

    Again, please no simplistic and overly tidy hearts and flowers romance- this series and these characters deserve far better.

  18. I was happy to see booth happy , but also disapointed that they did not kiss or anything. I have to say that I agree with all the point made in this review.

  19. Honestly I feel a little cheated. I’ve been watching Bones since the very first episode. I am so happy to know that B&B are expecting a child together, but the fans missed out on everything the show had been building up to for the last 6 seasons. We hardly saw any affection between B&B, and only had a small ‘kiss on the cheek’, when Bones’ father practically forced Booth to. I don’t see any emotional connection between the two characters anymore. It seems as though they simply ‘had sex’, than making love. I’m not asking for a ‘porno’ (reference to Stephen Nathan). All I’m asking for is a simple kiss or sign of affection between B&B. We had to sit through numerous scenes of Booth and Hannah in bed together, as well as Cam. Why is this ‘unnecessary’ for the B&B relationship? Stephen Nathan also said when the season starts back, everyone will already know about the pregnancy! Another important moment the Bones fans will miss out on. All I’m asking for is that chemistry the fans have been longing to see all these years. B&B having a baby is more than fine with me, I just want to see them committing to each other, rather than just sticking together ‘for the sake of the baby.’ I hope HH know what he is dong and we get to see that spark between Booth and Brennan we’ve been hoping for. As for me, I will never stop watching this show. I still have hope that things may pick-up next season. The last scene has given me some hope that maybe we’ll see Booth and Brennan connect during the course of her pregnancy and hopefully this will bring the two closer.

    • I did not know the other characters would already know about the pregnancy, that is very very disappointing. I was really hoping to see Angela’s reaction to Brennen. I hope that they make the relationship authentic and not cookie cutter or so obscure that it feels fake. If the first episode of season seven starts with everyone knowing about the pregnancy then they owe it to us to show flashbacks.

      • personally, i hated the season finale because i have watched this show forever and i love it so much. i will continue to watch the show but the way they revealed this storyline was, well lame. i also thought booth was a better man than that. a women is torn to pieces from the death of a friend and he basically took advantage of her for the sake of himself. they had to get together eventually, and have a baby eventually, but i think a season or two of them being together would have been a lot better than just throwing this baby into the mix. so overall, although i hated last season’s season finale, i personally thought this was the worst idea they have ever had. i hope when they come back in September that Bones says something like “wouldn’t that be nice if i could say that to you, and maybe one day i can” and then lead to them kissing with an amazing season opener. i just don’t like how Brennan has been trying to change all season and has been succeeding in some areas but failing in others, but here in the finale they made her change in ever aspect in just one episode. overall its a huge disappointment.

      • Couldn’t I agree more!! Even Flashbacks of what exactly happened that night. Like some said on here, I had to sit through HANNAH!!!! We need something, just a nod to say, we know you have been waiting for this for six years!!

      • yes i do agree with that

    • totally Agree with you…a little disappointed…no sweet tender kiss between them…we don’t want just the result…we are dying to see the process…:(

  20. I agree they just need to make that episode a “dream”. Maybe Bones having a daydream about Booth and what their future might had been like. I could accept the “dream” idea (even though it’s lame) to what the actual storyline is.

  21. I thought this was a really weak season finale and the “twist” was pretty obvious based on the news of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy and the previous episode. I’ve watched Bones since the beginning and I still enjoy it but a lot of this season felt like it was on autopilot and the finale was no exception.

  22. this will onley work if b&b were together from the vary beging of season 1 but hid ther relationship for a reson we do not know, but will find out in season 7.

  23. Would have like to seen them at least kissing. Bones is the one that said she climbed into bed with Booth. Love this show!!!!

  24. I’ve been watching Bones since episode one, this finale was so disjointed and disappointing.
    We all know that E.D is pregnant so it’s sensible to have Bones pregnant for season 7, but why couldn’t she hide the father? Booth could maybe have an inkling and the first few episodes of the next season could revolve around the discovery of who the father is. That way we would see Angela’s reaction to the revelation and it gives a feasable secondary story line.
    Anyway, we all have a few months to get used to the idea!

  25. The writer didn’t just miss the boat, he was left standing on the shore with his finger in his ear without a clue. Most of the Bones fans are long term –we like the episode plots (a lot) but the real glue that keeps us stuck on this show is the relationships. The writer’s could have used the pregnancy to rivet us for weeks; instead we feel betrayed and gypped of the moment. Everyone talks about “the Moonlighting Effect” and the death of the show — did anyone ever consider that the Moonlighting writers were just inept once their starting concept took a turn? Couldn’t someone actually be clever enough to sustain a show where a couple was…happy? GASP. What a concept! How about being creative enough to give us a show that got its ratings without the cheap tricks of breaking up people in love or killing off memebers of the cast? The personal moments are the spice, the main plot each week the meal. We enjoy the meal, but it’s the spice that makes it special. Be daring, be novel. Be the only show that lets the main characters have some enduring relationships, and at the end of the series, happy endings. We promise we’ll watch. We’ve all been faithful fans for a very long time–don’t we deserve that much?

    • I remember back in the early 1980′s, Hart to Hart (Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers) the title characters were happily married from the get go … and remained so through the run of the series. It’s not unheard of. What about the Thin Man series from waaaaay back…also very successful.

      • Yes, I remember Hart to Hart in the early 80′s. (I just didn’t think anyone else would!) I think execs these days think more about the startling demise of Moonlighting after the two lead characters finally got together. I think the truth about what killed that show lay more in the writers not handling it well and it’s insane schedule–show two episodes, show two rereuns etc. The fans just got fed up with not having a reliable season of episodes to watch. Don’t forget, back then they were still running full seasons of shows and then summer reruns. It was too hard to follow the plot and developments with so many reruns interjected into the season.

  26. long time ago Bones asked to Booth to donate sperm and he accepted. such a situation would be forced. this end was not the case.

  27. I have watched from season 1 ep 1. while i got a late start on it, i caught up and watch the episodes so much… my sister can see a scene (show on pause) from an ep of seasons 1-5 and know exactly what episode it is, name and all. We love this show. I wish they had been more elaborate on booth and bones getting together. I dont think booth took advantage of bones… especially since they both were in love with each other! i have been waiting for this moment for 6 years worth of bones eps. so for me, just over 3 years. I think they shouldnt have “had sex” in such a vulnerable state, i think it should have been slightly more romantic… but heck, people can have “cheer up sex” or so i would think. it makes sense that they would do this, i just wish they hadnt made it booth and brennan’s first time together. Why can they show several seconds to a minute of scenes of brennan and others, and booth with cam and hannah (whom i did like, but not with booth!) but not of booth and bones. thats mostly what this show is about, and it finally happened… but we saw NONE of it! They had to work in emily’s pregnancy i can understand… but i wish it had been smoother. i loved the season 6 finale, i was so happy… but they could have put more feeling into it… maybe booth and brennan sharing the kiss we’ve ALL been waiting for… something to show that they are now the couple we want. I hope HH doesnt throw any other females in there with booth before him and brennan get together officially. i just hope they can get more in of what we’ve all been waiting for: the B&B romance. and i hope HH doesnt throw any kinks into the show, things that keep B&B apart! I LOVE this show… i hope they can make the 7th season full of the ramance we all want (or i hope we all want)

    • romance*