‘Bones’ Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

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bones season 6 finale baby Bones Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

Following in footsteps of last year’s shocking finale, the Bones season 6 finale not only managed to top the 6-month separation storyline, but also entirely shift the tone of one of the most fanatical shows on television.

A death at a bowling alley sets the stage for the sixth season finale, entitled “A Change in the Game.” With a dead body laughably being found in a pin setter, Booth and Brennan go undercover to find whoever is behind the murder. After Booth proves to dominate the lanes, the two stumble on to the mysterious tale of the bowling alley.

For its length and production value, one would have expected the bowling alley storyline to somehow lead-in to the others. Unfortunately, both Brennan’s pregnancy reveal and the birth of Angela and Hodgins’ baby felt completely separate from the main storyline.

That being said, the principle plotline was interesting enough for an episode of Bones, but it ultimately felt more like the typical episodic installment, instead of something that one would expect to see in a season finale – even with Booth and Brennan’s undercover performances.

While I’ll admit that Angela and Hodgins’ delivery was incorporated in the investigation with the use of a webcam, their inclusion felt forced and sloppy – if anything, Angela and Hodgins’ baby and Brennan’s pregnancy reveal had more to do with each other than the main storyline.

bones season 6 finale bowling Bones Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

With this past season perfectly setting up the coupling of Brennan and Booth, one would have almost certainly expected the last scene in the finale to show Booth and Brennan sharing a long-awaited kiss. To the surprise of many (even if that surprise resulted in happiness), Hart Hanson once again tossed in one of his infamous plot twists with the revelation that Brennan is pregnant with Booth’s baby.

Throughout the series, Hanson’s “twists” have ranged from the great (Gormogon, The Gravedigger) to the, well, not so great (Hannah). Depending on your feelings on the matter, an impending Booth/Brennan offspring might be what you’ve been hoping of. Whether or not you’re a fan of the pregnancy, one question still remains: why?

While a Booth-initiated Bones pregnancy certainly satisfies the many fans wishing to see the two together, the manner in which it was accomplished may not have been the best. Considering lead-character coupling is one of the most difficult story elements to pull off, one would have assumed that, given Hanson’s record, he would have been weary of attempting to undertake the even more difficult storyline of a baby.

bones season 6 finale angela baby Bones Season 6 Finale Review & Discussion

Since the announcement of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, fans have often wondered whether or not it would be incorporated in the series. Even though the most obvious decision would be to follow the lead of many other television series and simply hide the pregnancy with props, sets and camera angles, Hanson decided to forgo any further production problems and reveal that Brennan was, in fact, pregnant.

Like last year’s surprising finale, I’m going to reserve judgment in regards to whether or not a Brennan and Booth baby will help or hurt the series. Even though Hanson has, at times, let fans down when it comes to seasonal story-arcs, one cannot deny that the famed creator still has the ability to deliver wonderfully original stories.

With a child now forever part of Booth and Brennan’s life, it will be interesting to see how Hanson handles the challenges that await him.

Of course, there was that whole “Hannah” thing.


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  1. The writer plays with the same theme over and over again, with no ability whatsoever to resolve the problem. Of course the rating system won’t let him do that, and that’s the main decision-making tool around (no matter what lies they feed you), but now my suspicions are confirmed – he himself has no idea how to resolve this relationships at all. And the way he had written all of the previous relationships in this show leads me to conclusion he has absolutely no idea how write down any human interactions at all. The show is known for it’s heartless attitude (and I’m not talking about ED’s character), cold self absorbed style, and dropping bombs of unexpected twists in futile attempts to change character dynamics, when the truth of the matter was that the main goal of endless series of twists was in sake of running from the Change and not forcing it. It seems that the writer struggles to understand the whole idea of transforming oneself, and the needed requirements like facing one’s demons and fears, learning and accepting the truth, basic voluntary sacrifice and eventually humility in bearing up with consequences, that are often completely unpredictable (as is who you’ll become in the end). So his characters struggle and struggle, and struggle to hold on to the power each has… fair and not, with rational and irrational manipulations. Nothing new, nothing unheard of.
    The writing is mediocre and one thing that saves show from disastrous ratings is outstanding actor performances on the set. And most of all ED’s creative, heart wrenching, extremely intense acting. She makes hand washing personal. She can look at the camera straight, plain and simple, and speak complex strong emotion layer after layer with no words. No music, no hand gestures, no voice over. Ironically they are quite a few high praised shows on TV right now that survive BIG only on one, two solid actors.
    I ask myself: is it fair for them to show these talents through these simpleton plots? :( I don’t know, maybe it’s some universal balance – everything is bad… so the actors are wonderful.

  2. I personally really enjoyed the finale and had alot of happy tears! I had no idea of ED’s pregnancy so I did not see that one coming whatsoever. Actually shouted ‘oh my god’ haha. My only concern is that once there’s a baby or no obstacles in between them, the magic could disappear. Jim and Pam from The Office for example.. The tension between them was so intense and really got to people emotionally but once they got married and had a baby it just wasn’t there anymore. I dunno, maybe it’s the whole thrill of the chase thing? Really looking forward to seeing how it’s handled in September though :)

    • I agree!!!!!

  3. I am a very big fan of all the seasons, including the sixth and its finale, HH has done a great job at keeping me interested and anticipating the next episode or season. I can agree with some of you that this season had very little romance between B&B, and that it can be considered odd or maybe wrong that they slept together in such a difficult time, being that their good friend had just died, yet I don’t consider that Booth took advantage of Bones or vice versa. I also had no idea that Emily D. is pregnant so it was unexpected news to me that they would incorporate it to season 7. Nevertheless I was genuinely surprised and happy to the core at the last minute of season 6 when Bones tells Booth the news. I do think that the lack of romance between them led to me not thinking that this would be the finale, but I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with it, in fact I was ecstatic at the many possibilities there are to explaining such an event, and have faith that HH will do B&B justice at the beginning of season 7 and show flashbacks and current scenes of their now more than evident love for each other.

    • I totally agree

  4. part of what makes Bones a compelling charactor is that she is unafraid of conforming. she has made many references to not having children. personally, i like their chemistry and love just fine the way i’s been written. they are close and not all relationships need to be soulmates who have babies. no one here seems to care that she didn’t want kids and going to bed with someone you’re attracted to a getting pregnant is not ideal. let the show be.

    • I have to agree with you all i myself have been a fan of Bones since the begining and it was very difficult to accept since i was already aquainted with Kathy Reichs and her books. But Bones won me over the first five seasons left me on the edge of my seat just like the books but it seems as if this season no body cared enough to make an effort. We all wanted to see B&B get together and we all think they should be more affectionate towards each other, but they sleep together for no reason other than temperance lost a friend and suddenly there’s a baby. It just doesnt seem right or fair to fans that we were cheated out of the reasons we watched the show other than it is an excellent show to watch but we watched the chemistry that’s what kept me wanting more of B&B not just the forensics. How are we suppose to accept a baby when we aint even seen so much as a decent kiss, other than those that were either forced on them by caroline or werent even real. we should have had something similar to the begining in the end, the coma when we saw them interact as a couple, it won’t be the same as that ep, besides this is for life now. I want to say i’ll watch it, my life is ruled by it, my mum is fed up of hearing me talk about it but i do feel cheated and slightly betrayed as a fan, this is not my first rant and it won’t be my last, I’d like to believe it doesn’t matter and they will survive no matter what happens but theirs just no way of knowing. not till all is revealed.

      • Halleluyah!!! Completely agreed. Never felt more cheated on a lead character romance than I did with that last episode. Especially following the beautiful Episode 22, Hole in the Heart. The episode didn’t even feel like a finale. Displeased!

  5. I don’t think I ever heard Temprest telling Booth that she loved him…or did I miss that?

    • No, Temperance did confess her love for Booth in what I believe was S6 Episode 9 “The Doctor in the Photo”, where Brennan suffered from what I believe was temporary case of “Subjective Doubles Syndrome”.

  6. I know a lot of y’all were disappointed to not see the act between B&B. IMO I think TPTB were still trying protect the integrity of these unmarried people . The only time they had sex was in Booth’s coma dream when they were married!!

  7. It’s wary, not weary.

    I have to say, I rather enjoyed this finale. There were a couple of things i disagree with, such as the killing off of one of the more important characters right before the season finale, and, I’m gonna be honest, I don’t want another repeat of Season 3 finale, but overall, finishing the season right on Angela’s baby’s birth was a nice play. A couple qualms I had with it was the lack of investment in the case we could usually expect from the B Team(Brennan and Booth). To me, it seems like a running theme with “Buck and Wanda” that I probably won’t enjoy it. Also, I feel that the revelation of Brennan’s pregnancy was forced upon us, and its sole purpose is to keep Brennan/Booth love drama alive. Overall, the episode was great and the series amazing, with, in my opinion, good writing, exceptional acting, and enjoyable plots. There are a few bad episodes(I’m looking at you Season 3 finale), but I think the general greatness of the show more than compensates for that. Good job Bones. 10/10