‘Bones’ Producer Talks Forensics, Relationships & More

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On whether or not there are aspects of the television show that she wished she would have thought of for her book:

“A lot of the science and technology they use on there is really pretty good. I’m sometimes amazed at how they dig out some of the ideas for the different stories. So, every now and then I’ll then think “Well, why didn’t think of that?” Like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame arena or the urban spelunking arena …When I see that I think that I need to be more creative in my settings.”

bones witch wardrobe anglea hodgins cell Bones Producer Talks Forensics, Relationships & More

On whether having the TV show different from the book is problematic:

“In season one I got quite a few emails saying, ‘Wait a minute. This isn’t Tempe. This is different.’ Initially, I was resistant, but I love it, I love both. It’s like two manifestations of this character that I love so much. I do think there was some negative reaction initially, but I don’t think that’s true anymore. We’ve got younger Tempe – a 30-something Tempe – on TV and a 40-something… in the book. They understand that that’s an older part of the character.”

On the switch in popularity from police dramas to forensic dramas:

“We did our work in our lab for years and nobody paid any attention to us. Then, somewhere in the mid-to-late 90s there was this swell of interest in forensics. My colleagues and I were totally baffled – we didn’t know why all of a sudden we became hot and sexy.”

“…Which [was] not long after the O.J. trial and I think that’s where this whole interest came from. People listened to that stuff 24/7 and heard about blood spatter patterns, DNA and angled stab wound trajectory.”

On how Twitter has impacted the show:

“I just started Tweeting, inspired largely by Hart Hanson – who is a great Tweeter. I’m amazed at how I really didn’t understand the power of it, but I’m amazed that if I Tweet something it gets Re-Tweeted and Re-Tweeted. So, it really does reach a huge number of people.”

On whether she’ll be making any more guest appearances on the show:

“Every time I’m out there, Hart and I talk about it and I had a whole lot of fun doing it. I was initially reluctant to appear on camera and Hart said that he’ll write the part and if you don’t want to do it, we’ll cast it. I was still fairly reluctant and then he told me that David Duchovny was directing. So I said, “Oh Yes! I am on board!” and I turned out having a real good time.”

“So, yeah, I would like to do another one. I think they may have created a monster when they let me go in front of the camera.”

bones witch wardrobe cop Bones Producer Talks Forensics, Relationships & More

So, there you have it. An amazing look into the world of the real-life Temperance Brennan. While I initially thought her saying the O.J Simpson trial was the turning point in forensic television was a bit off, I now find myself completely agreeing with her.

Also, I love the fact that she has the same sense of humor as Brennan. I wonder if she also messes up common sayings.

With only a few more weeks before the season finale, I can’t wait to see where the series takes us. After Reichs’ episode, we’ve got the return of a “familiar face” and Billy Gibbons takes a break from ZZ Top to reprise his role as Angela’s father.

Hmmm… I wonder why he would need to return. Is someone getting married? Don’t worry, this isn’t a spoiler as I have no idea what’s going to happen in the season finale, but I wouldn’t be fan if I didn’t speculate… and giggle while doing it.

What did you think of Kathy Reichs talking about Bones? Find anything interesting? Are you still angry about her joining the band-wagon of not wanting Booth and Brennan together?

You can catch Kathy Reich’s episode of Bones next Thursday, on Fox.

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  1. Thank you for the interview! I laughed at the part where she mentioned that she and her colleagues were baffled when they suddenly became hot and sexy. It is a funny concept, isn't it? Booth and Brennan ARE hot and sexy… but they work with death, blood, and revenge constantly. Same with Kathy… works in a morgue and with death, but we're all so fascinated and read her books like they're water. I agree with what she said about Booth and Brennan and how if they get together the chemistry's gone. I know I sure do come back each week wondering, “Is this the week???!!!” even though, I know logically that it is not. It's a good hook and BONES does it better than any other show out there.

  2. The last episode I saw, Booth was ready to take a risk and be intimate with her, and she broke down like it'd be the end of the world. I'm sure I partly misunderstood the scene, but the depth of it, the great acting, and the personal experiences it touched on made me cry a little. So I'm with her on keeping them apart, if only because their separation has been so well written so far.

  3. I completely disagree with her about keeping them apart. So, so tired of that excuse. I, for one, am getting bored out of my mind with the will-they-won't-they scenario especially since they have made it the focus of the show. If they continue on this route for another year or two or three, they will create a new TV legend called the “Bones Curse” wherein dragging out a possible romance so long kills the show instead of making it must see TV. However, if they return to the formula they had going in S1 and S2 wherein the possible romantic moments happen organically from the story and the rest of the cast is showcased to the point that we don't actually have to depend on Booth and Bones for satisfactory character development, they might be able to stretch it out.

  4. Completely, 100% disagree that the characters (Brennan and Booth) should be kept apart. Hart to Hart, The Thin Man, etc., did more than fine when they were brought together. In fact, in Kathy's books, the chemistry between Temperance and Andy is hot – and they are together!!!!

    If it's good enough to keep her books cookin', it should be good enough for the younger Tempe…..

  5. I think a wedding's been mentioned before–by David Boreanaz, maybe?–but I'm pretty sure it would be Sweets and Daisy.

  6. I think producers should bring Booth and Brennan together!That's what the most of viewers want!

    • How many episodes will the bones and booth probem last so I can watch again when it is finished. The rest of the characters can’t be that stupid not to know what’s going on.

  7. I think that the creators should bring booth and brennan together!That's what the most of viewers want!this show is great and it will be much better if they bring them together.I hope they won't dissapoint the viewers.

  8. i totally agree with you.i hope that the creators won't leave viewers dissapointed.

  9. I get why the producers and writers don’t think B&B need to be together yet. *dodges tomatoes* No, really. Booth and Brennan have just now opened that can of worms. They have to be able to communicate openly about their prospective relationship, and Brennan has to come to terms with some things. Granted, she doesn’t have to fully believe in love before they can be together, (because Booth will “do you want me to prove it to ya?” ;)) but she has to be open to the idea. Believe me, I would LOVE to see Booth push her up against a wall and *make* her believe in love, and then everything be perfect, but come on!!! That’s not the Brennan we all know and love! It has to happen when it’s meant to happen.

  10. great post, love that episode.

  11. Interesting interview. I’d like to watch it or read it sometime.

  12. ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooooo that is not how eppisodev 9 shuda ended well the one for 12|9|10 im rollin here im so mad they should have tottaly gotten togather wat the crap wrong with them.they need to change the story line quick cuz there will be problems with my viewing but please dont stop making bones cuz then i willn freak,but back to reailty again sooo mad wat the heck was htis .it was a very okay episode if we have to wait a frekin month cud u atleast give us something to chew on until the next one.see now i m just sad u dont understand how much this is effecting me right now.id like who evers name is in charge of bones.cause id i like to write a professional but dtern note to them im steamin right now i wanted to come home and drink some coffe sit down and watch my show i had a bad day i thought hmm maybe it will cheer me up but noo i guss i was wrong.I CAN NEVER BE HAPPY UNTIL TJIS IS SETTELED.PLEASE WRIE AN NEW AND BETTER STORY LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!no cool guys give us something to hold on to while we wait.ive been very pacient with bones and i wont give up on bones but just know im very very VERY angy right now que os jodan!puntos!i did not just cuss so thank you im very angry .yo ill be back and use my first name aquellas my middle name.

  13. I thoroughly love Bones on tv and well as the books.I must say that given the level of genius among all the Jeffersonian personnel, it is absolutely improbable that they would use incorrect English grammar. Yet I often hear grammatical errors in dialogue within episodes.It would be more likely during personal interviews when the actors speak for themselves, but not when scripted by professional writers who should know better. ( I notice it more in using the correct form of the pronouns, for example, objective case pronouns are used instead of the correct nominative case pronouns, and using who and whom, especially by Dr. Brennen. Thank you for listening.


  15. I am very dissapointed in this last episode where Sealy is going to tell Bones he does not want to marry her without telling her the truth. I do not plan on watching the show anymore, because their relationship is used too much and it is getting tiring. I stopped watching Crimina Minds because the REAPER was over done. I loved your show, but I can”t watch it anymore…

  16. Just watched Bones, season 9, episode 14. Master in the Slop. Not impressed with the shows depiction of a Canadian Doctor. What a slap in the face that character was to our Canadian Anthropologists and to all Canadians really. That character was the embodiment of the typical stereotypes Americans have of Canadians. I can’t believe they even had him say “eh”. FYI “eh” went out with the eighties. Maybe y’oll would know that if y’oll would ax a Canadian. Seriously, Canadians tune into this show for the brilliant minds working together to solve cases not to be slapped in the face with a socially inept dweeb of a Doctor. Is that what you think of our Canadian Doctors? I’m surprised the writers didn’t have him arrive by dog sleigh. So how about asking the Writers and/or Producer of Bones to slap themselves up side the head for this one on behalf of their Canadian fans. And P.S. If they keep it up they will start loosing their Canadian fans and that would be a shame.

  17. It concerns me that such a successful show that depicts military personnel should be so inept at depicting them in the correct military uniform.

  18. The latest episode was so liberal left and unfair. I am not even a Limbaugh fan and could not stomach the idiotic representation. Could you have left anything out to demean our fellow conservative brethren. If we cannot discuss issues without demoralizing the other side how can we heal the riff. I AM DONE WATCHING BONES, AND IT WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS.