David Boreanaz Talks ‘Bones’ 100th Episode Spoilers & More

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david boreanaz bones talk David Boreanaz Talks Bones 100th Episode Spoilers & More

With Bones returning this Thursday, I was invited to take part in a conference call with Seely Booth himself, David Boreanaz, where the former vampire provided some insight about the past, present and future of everyone’s favorite forensic anthropology drama.

Boreanaz was more than happy to talk about the upcoming 100th episode, Fox’s original plans for the series, why Zach (Eric Millegan) is no longer on the show and what is in store for the season finale and beyond.

Thanks to Twitter, I found out how vociferous Bones fans can be. So, in hopes of staying on their good side, I have separated the highlights into non-spoilers and spoilers. Although, just to save myself from any angry messages, I deem everything below as MILD SPOILERS.

In total, the conference call with Boreanaz lasted around 40 minutes and I’m only including selected highlights below – but make sure to check back tomorrow as we’ll have the entire interview posted.

What Booth carries with him and why:

  • A gold  Zippo lighter – reminiscent of his training days as a Ranger.
  • A poker chip – reminds him of his gambling issues (that were never really delved into).
  • Dice (right pocket) – he likes to play with them when interrogating suspects.
  • Saint Christopher medallion (keeps on him) – for protection.
  • Whittenhauer watch – There’s something inscribed on it (might be revealed later).

On Boreanaz stating that he doesn’t ever want to see Booth and Brennan together:

“It’s not that I don’t want to see them together, it’s just that everyone wants to see them together in a different way; whether that’s as a couple, or in a relationship. They work very well together. It’s great to seem them solve these crimes. It’s also great to see them get into their personal lives.”

“…For right now, I still maintain they should be partners and we’ll see what happens after this season, but it’s a really good season ender.”

On the development of the series:

“The development of the show has spanned from trying to make it this procedural, which they [Fox] wanted in the beginning and us adamantly saying that we want a relationship-driven show. In the long run, I think you can see the relationship part of the show win out more over the procedural, dark procedural, they had in mind.”

zach bones David Boreanaz Talks Bones 100th Episode Spoilers & More

On Having Zach (Eric Millegan) back for the 100th episode and why he left (You’ll have to watch the episode to understand “the suit” comment):

“He was great. He worked out really wonderfully. It was great to have him back. He had to wear that suit for quite some time – took a couple blows with a baseball bat. He was a real trooper. I think that his character is really valuable – is, was, has been from the beginning.”

“As the stories evolved …unfortunately, he went his own particular way in view of what the writers wanted to do with him.”

“He was a great addition to have in the 100th and going back and seeing his relationship, how that evolved with Hodgins, was a lot of fun and I think he did a great job and it was great to see him back in his scrubs.”

Will Booth ever getting married?:

“I don’t think one of his main goals is to get married. I think Booth is a pretty simple, blue-collared kind of guy. He loves the simple things in life. If he were to find somebody that is a fit for him and she’s also in the same boat, he’ll possibly entertain those thoughts.”

“You never know with his character. He’s got a lot of demons we never tapped into and we look forward to diving into a bit of his past next season as well as trying to figure out his path and how that works with Bones.”


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  1. I've skipped the big spoilers for now, but it's nice to see Boreanaz is so committed to the show and loves it enough to provide this kind of press for it. With Angel, he really came into his own, but with Bones, it was nice to see a somewhat different side to him. I'm also really interested in seeing him grow as a director. I'll be looking forward to the 100th episode (by the way, you may want to point out in the article that Boreanaz is directing the 100th episode).


  3. I think that we know everything now ! not really surprising, we all know that brennan is not ready yet. That last scene (of the 100th ep) is gonna be so heartcrushing !!!

  4. I pointed it out in the spoiler section.

  5. Fair enough.

  6. Yes they belong together and the show is becoming a cliche. David and Emily could pull off a relationship and keep the viewers. Fox is missing an opportunity to do some ground breaking TV. We are going to be left with the same old cliche of will they or won't they, pushing them together, pulling them apart, instead of a realistic but entertaining relationship.

  7. I don't know… The Office wasn't really able to pull it off.

  8. But Bones isn't The Office ;)

  9. I love this show. My fear is that if Booth and Bones do get together it will turn into a Sam and Diane. That was heartbreaking. But if they don't get together, it will be never ending like Mulder and Scully. Or Jack and Sam from “Stargate.” That too was heartbreaking.

    That said, the innuendo is one of my favorite elements of this show and I enjoy the characters slowly recognizing that something more may be there in their sessions with Sweets. I really don't know how I want it to go…

  10. I totally agree, they could pull it off, cos its getting a bit tiring asking will they or won't they but I hope we won't have another hodgins and angela

  11. This is one of the best show and one of my favorite shows of the week. in the 100th episode Booth tells her he loves her and she said she isn't ready for it yet!! Talk about a spoiler!! How crying and awkward and heartbreaking is that gonna be to watch!! I hate this but its better than Booth denying he loves her!

    reputation management

  12. I should also also point out that the comments below are full of SPOILERS…

  13. Yeah, I'm aware, I read a couple and then stopped. Luckily I'm not subscribed to all of the comments on this article.

  14. Irritating!! They aren't staying true to the characters THEY'VE written. Bones (as evidenced by their writing) does love Booth. If that's true, how could she hurt him so much?! Seriously. It's just evidence of HH's disrespect for the American viewing public (as basically implied in a speech he gave at a conference or something in Canada). He wrote the attraction. He made us want it. If he'd just made it about the cases, that would have been acceptable. Instead, he made it about this unrequited love and then says that we can't have what we want because we don't really want it?! Whatever. If the writing is good enough, it can survive. If not, it won't. Give the viewers a little more credit!

  15. DB and ED together are like no other two actors together. They could pull it off. I have no interest in watching other couples on TV. There isn't enough chemistry. I am afraid they are going to lose their moment to pull it off. If the finale turns out the way I think it is, I will be tuning into the history channel instead of Bones. This isn't a rollercoaster ride, it is a crash landing. I don't watch TV to be heartbroken. There is enough of that in the real world.

  16. I realize that Booth and Bones have a heartfelt moment after “seeing” Sweets, so
    they go their separate ways emotionally. That's why Booth dates Katherine. But will
    they reunite emotionally by the finale, That's the big question. I also believe that
    by all the interviews and blogs and reviews we've seen these past few months, that
    season six will be the last and I don't believe they will become lovers or married. I
    believe it will have a sad ending, something like deathbound.
    We, the fans, have waited five and a half seasons to see them get together, just
    boyfriend and girlfriend, but nothing close to that, so with this pessimistic tone
    I believe we will only see “moments” of goodness and love. Not a real adventure of

  17. Oh god. I Have nothing to live for. Well, effing curiosity killed the effing cat. GET TOGETHER YOU BUNCH OF HUSSIES!

  18. I completely and utterly agree with your last two sentences. I say that all the time. Entertain me… don't depress me!

  19. I have to disagree with this statement wholeheartedly…the Jim and Pam storyline has been the most groundbreaking storyline in television in many years…imagine a guy and girl who love eachother for years actually making it work, getting married and having a baby and managing to make it all work dispite horrible odds against them….the kiss, the wedding, the baby have been some of the most highest rated episodes in recent television.

    I believe that Bones has a chance to change the pre-written Commandment of television and really become groundbreaking….having it's stars actually get together and still write and act a really good show. These two could never get boring!

  20. I have to admit that if this happens ; I will be well and truly crushed ! I really hope that they do get together , probably not in the traditional sense of “being together” but in their own little Booth & Brennan way (: I know that we have waited EXTREMELY patiently, over the past few seasons especially, for these two to get together but I think that it will happen . Well , I hope it will anyway . I don't think that it would be possible for Hart Hanson , Steven Nathan , or the writers to drag us on much longer before we realise that nothing is going to happen and they would most likely eventually lose viewers , probably not me , but I know others who wouldn't watch . . .

  21. Hi , sorry for being annoying but would you please mind explaining what you mean when you say “They aren't staying true to the characters THEY'VE written.” ?

  22. :'( ! Please tell me that you aren't serious ? That is literally breaking my heart now ! Oh , God , its so obvious that she loves him too so , WTF ? Hart Hanson is being so stupid right now ! >:(

  23. I started watching Bones in its 3rd season..but caught up on the old ones..from the very first time I watched Bones..I wanted them together..I was so let down last season..I really thought that the baby thing would start back up in this season and that they would drag us on thru that for a while and then bring them together while she was pregnant..but they come back this season and nothing has been mentioned about her having his baby..its like it never happened..but they could have done a season with Brennen Carrying Booth's baby..which would have allowed them to deal with their feelings for one another..but noooo!! Uggghhhh! I am really frustrated..I was sure that this season would be the one that they became a couple or start dating at the least..

  24. The first time I watched Bones was actually accidental ; I was flipping through channels the night it started. I completely agree with your entire statement ! And I think it is absolutely rediculous how they manage to drag us on how they do ; we can only take so much heart break ! Í'm frustrated too ): and I had the exact same thoughts about Booth's and Brennen's relationship as you did. It's terrible ! ):

  25. I'm glad someone agrees, I would really like to know where the Brennen/Booth baby story went, I really got excited about that, and then they just dropped it??

  26. Yeah, its really frustrating ! Bones has a lot of fantastic storylines but they need to continue on from some of those ; like the baby story and the gravedigger for example. I know that they DID plan on following on through the Gravedigger story some times this season but now I'm just not sure what's going on. And it sucks )':

  27. Ya I know! I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens next week, that should give us an idea of the direction they are going in, I just hope it isn't just another let down :(

  28. Oh God I hope it isn't another let down ! I can't wait to see next week's episode but I wish it would just hurry up and get on to the important storylines ! (: lol. Are you watching Bones in America or somewhere else ? Cos in Australia we're still waiting on seeing that devil guy episode ): lol

  29. America/US :)