David Boreanaz Talks ‘Bones’ 100th Episode Spoilers & More

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bones 100th crazy David Boreanaz Talks Bones 100th Episode Spoilers & More


(These are the type of spoilers that I will get punched for. You have been warned.)


Booth’s reaction to the events at the end of the 100th episode:

“After the 100th, we’ll see he’s got to make some changes internally – which is fine for him. He doesn’t see anything as a loss. He’s very optimistic – always has been.”

“I think he took a chance… where he was the one that wanted to go with it and she’s not ready. So, I think that maybe when she gets ready, he won’t be ready – who knows? You have to see how that develops and I don’t think he’ll have any problems working with her. You know, when the moment is so heightened, the feelings are thrown out there on the table like that and they become a little bit more blistering when pain is concerned, but Booth is a very strong character and he’ll move on and continue to be professional with her, but at the same time he’ll have fun poking at her and driving her a bit crazy over that.”

On what it was like to direct the two long-awaited kissing scenes in the 100th episode:

“Knowing the storyline and knowing how I want to do those two moments. I think that the audience is going to be really pleased. I certainly was for both those moments. I think we see both those characters grow in a way from the past, where they kind of came from – some insight – and in the future, what’s going to happen next.”

Which family members we might be seeing:

“I think we’ll tap into Booth’s family members a bit more, maybe next season. It’s nice we’ve been able to see Booth’s grandfather. It would be great to tap into his world a little bit with maybe his mom, his relationship he had with his dad (even if his dad is around)…”

On the High School reunion episode:

“It was great to go back to [Bones'] space and to see the reunion and kind of see how Booth kind of reacted to the people who she was in high school with. It was great getting insight into high school and her early years and how she developed as Bones.”

“Other than that it was a nice high school moment, maybe there’s a nice dance between me and her, but I don’t want to spoil anything else.”

What fan can expect in the season finale:

“In the season finale there will a big shift and change for not only the two characters here (Booth and Bones), but for everybody. I think that it’s a really great season finale and we shot the last scene last week, the end of the episode, and it was hard to get through, but I think it’s going to elevate these characters even more so for the next seasons to come.”

As a fan of the series from the beginning, it was great to listen to David Boreanaz wax poetic about Bones. Thankfully, I’ve already seen Thursday’s return and 100th episode because those are some spoilers I just dropped and knowing myself the way I do, I’d have to read them.

Fortunately, Boreanaz knows how to leave you in suspense and didn’t spoil everything. Although, I’m sure most of you already knew what was coming up, you just didn’t want to admit it to yourself – don’t lie.

What did you think of what David Boreanaz had to say? Anything shock you? Did you already know what was coming up? Do Booth and Bones really belong together?

Let’s hear it!

Catch the return of Bones this Thursday @8pm, on Fox.

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  1. Aw, lucky you ! Lol (: I would love to be in America right now lol (: have use seen the 100th episode yet ? (:

  2. Not until next Thursday a week from today

  3. Aw okay (: Our next episode is next Sunday cos they're off for the Easter holidays ): lol. Are you looking forward to it ? Lol (:

  4. Yes I sure am! But I will see it b4 u so if u want spoilers let me know lol ok well its 2am here and I'm heading to bed ttyl

  5. Hahaa lol (: lucky you :P. It's gonna be a great episode ! Aw, okay lol, probably best that you did go to sleep than lol :P. Goodnight (: and thank you very much for that ! Talk later (:

  6. It's great to see Zack back in a new episode,he was and always will be my favorite!
    I hope to see more of him in future things to come,he is very sexy!To me he was the
    hunk in Bones!

  7. If I could find you, I would punch you. :/

  8. I'm so surprised that David doesn't want Booth and Bones together….WHYYY MANNNN?!?! They're perfect together. ugghhhh..

    But I loved the episode. The best episode of the whole series, hands down. David did a WONDERFUL job directing this episode. Kudos for him. You go David. :)

  9. It's because she loves him that she does what she does. She's terrified that she would hurt him far more badly by starting a relationship with him than by turning him down. As she sees it, she'll hurt him either way, so she chooses what she believes to be the lesser of the two hurts. It seems that Brennan's confidence and self-esteem, despite her bravado, does not extend to her personal relationships.

    And it is to some extent a measure of how much she's learned from knowing Booth (and Angela) that she's this aware of her weaknesses in this regard. It's not that she doesn't care. She cares too much, and she's terrified, and when Booth pushes the issue before she's ready, she panics.

  10. I can understand where Bones is coming from. She is in a way protecting herself, not Booth. Admitting that she loves him would be an enormous step which she finds too scary to take.
    Besides, she has greatly evolved since the beginning and another process in that evolutionary process is to deal with her emotions. Thanks to Booth, she gradually goes out of her comfort zone but love would be way too far. A great friendship is sometimes too valuable to be sacrificed.

  11. The show is driving me crazy! I LOVE it and HATE it all at the same time. I'm going to have to forgo spoilers and watching the actual episodes until the season is over…then if I like what I'm hearing I will watch it from DVR.

  12. I did not like the 100 EP, I felt it was an insult to my intelligence. It started bad having Cam, as the one pushing Booth to use Bones and the Jeffersonian, that was the start and went down hill, from there. No going back, the 5 minutes of a Half as**d declartion of his feelings, and seconds later saying hasta la vista baby, i have to move one, What was all that about, the on and off again will they or won't they is getting way to tiresome, sorry but they lost me as a fan. I was on the waiting list to buy season five, not any more. Sorry, my turn to say hasta la vista, which is a shame i have all the cds and everything even watched re runs on TNT, not anymore, I feel I wasted my money in buying the first four seasons. Sorry for the rant, but this was such a let down, and an insult.

  13. I was really disapointed in EP, especially being the 100. The inconsistancies in the ep are uncountable, starting with Cam pushing Booth to use Bones and the Jeffersoinan, from there it went downhill. It seems it was written by someone that didn't have a clue, not the Hart Hanson, that has written from the begining. David did a good job directing, considering what he had to work with. Then comes the last 5 minutes, omg, what a diappointment. After a half as**d declaration of his feelings, Booth then turns around and says hasta la vista, baby after Bones or any sane woman says no. This from a man that was suppose to the romantic and sensetive one, I found more feelings coming from my dog pepper. Especially no CASABLANCA award for them walking into the fog, close together as if nothing happened, give me a break. I have bought all four season's cds, and was waiting from Amazone for the fifth to buy, but not anymore, I feel they wrecked the show for me, mores the pity. After all Booth is pushing 40, if not older, and bones is pushing 35 if not older, they ain't getting anyyounger. I think I'll stick with the classics, has anyone heard, of the series the Thin Man, with Nick and Nora Charles, they were married, had a son, yet they still solved Murder and Mayhem, and guess what it was great fun, and turned into one of the great classics. I will not be blackmailed into waiting for the final EP, of the final season to see them together, this goes beyond the pale. We who have been loyal fans, and brought the ratings up the first year deserve better, thanks for listening and please don't dump on me, this is a personal view, Hasta La Vista Bones, I will miss you but I won't even watch reruns on TNT anymore, I feel that let down by the writers and staff of Bones.

  14. Again I have to say they could have got together, as I said it could have opened more door's, more plots and more bones.

  15. I am no longer a devoted fan of Bones, all other the expermentation has taken it's toll. If I wanted a dark reality full off disappointments and broken relationships, I just need to look at my own environment. I was hoping for a breath of fresh air and something that could truly be desired and longed for. I get all of the negative sensations on a daily basis. Hollywood seems stuck in a time warp, where the darkerside of humanity is more appealing.

    I guess if Bones and Brennan cannot figure out a relationship then neither can the rest of us. I believe I have had too high of hopes for the charactors, It is bad enough to deal with the pain of a loss of life being investigated, while the wait for something positive in the show to happen only continues to keep hitting a wall. Where is Sweets?

  16. hay i loved your show and i like you and you or cut