Bones: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

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Tonight, Fox’s hit anthropological series Bones celebrates its milestone 100th episode and what better way to commemorate such an achievement than to reminisce with the world’s greatest duo, Brennan and Booth, about their first case as they sit down with Sweets to set the record straight about his yet unpublished book about their partnership.

Not only is Bones celebrating an episodic milestone, but also breaking new ground in terms of storytelling as fans of the series will finally see what happens when Booth and Brennan contemplate taking their partnership, and relationship, to the next level.

But… will fans be happy with what results from revealing such strong emotions?

[Spoiler Warning]


Why waste time beating around the bush? I’ll just say it… The 100th episode of Bones is one of, if not the, best episodes of the entire series.

I’m a lover of information and typically I get my fix from the episodic storylines progressing, but there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, that tops expounding upon information that we already know or, in this case, presume to already know.

Thankfully, Bones delivers on both fronts by not only giving us the first true interaction between Booth, Brennan and the Jeffersonian through the use of a wonderful flashback, but also uses the momentum built through said flashback to further develop the characters in their current incarnation with a heart-wrenching scene that completely caught me off guard.

bones 100 episode booth brennan Bones: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

After 5 seasons, 99 episodes and 70 hours, the moment that Bones fans were waiting for occurs… TWICE! But, in completely different ways. Yes, fans get their moment of passion between Booth and Brennan in the flashback, but when it finally comes time to revisit the emotions that have been building up these past five years, there is no other way to describe what happens than to say it was truly heart-breaking.

As of now, you’ve either seen the episode or know everything that’s going to happen in the episode, so what occurs to you isn’t so much of a shock. But when I originally viewed the 100th episode of Bones a couple weeks ago, I thought that I was sitting down to a normal episode and while the flashback kiss should have tipped me off, I continued to watch unaware of what awaited me in the final moments.

When Booth finally opens his heart to Brennan wanting to take a chance on their relationship, I thought to myself, “It’s finally going to happen!” Then, I see the look in her eyes and my jaw drops. As I’m waiting to hear her say the words I know are coming, all I can’t think is, “Oh my God… this isn’t what’s supposed to happen!”

If you think watching the final scene was rough, try doing it when most of the world hasn’t even seen the episode.

bones 100 episode the moment Bones: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

Other than that, having Zach back was amazing and while I don’t believe he left on such good terms, the fact that he came back for the 100th episode truly made it feel like I was stepping back in time… before he decided to go all Gormogon on everyone.

Not to mention that David Boreanaz did a wonderful job directing this episode. While it’s nothing new for actors to jump in the director’s seat, especially on a series that they’ve worked on for many years, Boreanaz deserves credit for tackling such an important episode.


What did you think of the 100th episode of Bones? Was it everything hoped it would be?

How great was it to see Zach back? Do you miss having him in the lab?

What do you think about Brennan turning down Booth? How will that impact their relationship?

Is there any way a relationship between the two could work out?

Am I the only one hoping Angela and Hodgins end up together?

Be honest, did you cry?

bones booth brennan2 Bones: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

Am I leaving things out? Sure, but c’mon… how many words do I need to use to say just how great and amazing this episode was?

Wait for it… 672, to be exact.

Watch Bones Thursday night @8pm, on FOX.

If you still can’t get enough of David Boreanaz, check our interview highlights where he talks about how Booth will handle the rejection and what’s to come in the rest of the season.

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  1. Exactly what I was trying to say!

  2. Umm, they did give us something? They admitted to each other, in everyway apart from those three words, that they are in love with each other?
    Were you expecting them to get at it in Sweets office or something?

  3. I don't know why some think that them getting together would be the end of the show… There are other characters, and I dunno… The forensics? The crime solving? To say Bones is just a romance is a crime in itself to Kathy Reichs and the amazing writers. Here is more to this show than just the love between the main characters.

    I thought the episode was amazing. It was surprising for sure, but amazing. I'm completely fine with the ending, because you know they'll get together eventually. I think they'll probably explore brennans feelings more, since we've been aware of booths for quite a while. It's been said over and over by the other characters that she's fragile and whatnot under the surface. We need to see her come to terms with her feelings; understand them, and open her heart and mind to the possibility of being loved and loving in return. We need to see her take down the defences they often talk about. Having her do it on steps after sweets talks to them would've been anticlimatic. Bones needs to think about things efficiently first. You'll see :)

    • I really love the way you put this, actually! It was so sad to see Booth get turned down (he’s my favorite, so I’m Biased on that) but if it’d just been the two confessing their love, it wouldn’t have made sense. Bones isn’t the kind to just let go of everything she’s held onto for years, and this will only increase the tension. Personally the fact that she’s turned him down just makes me want to watch the other episodes more and more, because I just want o see if there is that moment. Of course, I don’t want it to be corny or dumb, but something exciting.

  4. exactly. i love how u put it. and is exactly what i thought and yes with sweets book the episode when he saw what Gordon Gordan saw i knew it was Bones i think Bones has been very aware of how she feels for booth for along time.

    I am hoping that they finally work it out before the season finale. that means we can experience a season of them together and i really dont mind if it is the last season ever because i want the show to end on top. and some reckon that if they got together the tension would go. but i believe that it can be maintained for a season especially if bones and booth kept it under the radar and the rest of the team was unaware.

    just imagine a scene where booth is staying at brennens and ange comes over… imagine booth hiding in the bathroon or bedroom and ange get suspicious, i would find it amusing them trying to hide it. so many possibilities. some a lot better then anything i could come up with.

  5. Personally, I was not surprised that they kissed in the flash back. I always imagined them having a small connection in the past that didn't end well. If you watch the pilot it's obvious. Brennan disliked Booth so much, and his explanation that they disagreed over evidence didn't make sense.
    However, the fact that Bones again turn him down at the end of the episode was a complete shock. And yes I did get a little teary eyed. But after the episode was over I felt that it was the only way the episode could have ended. If it ended with a corny happy “Oh I love you too” moment, I would have rolled my eyes. The fact is that Brennan is a woman who was abandoned by her family when she was younger, and her defense mechanism for half her life was to push people away when they get to close to her. She can't open up her heart and be hurt like that again. But I think in time, she will learn and let down her defenses for him and they can be happy.
    In my opinion, this was some the the best writing Bones has had in a long time. I was starting to get bored. But now I am eager to see how this will play out.

  6. To those thinking they re-wrote their first interaction, I actually believe they had mentioned they worked together before in that first episode, though I could be wrong.
    That said.
    ok, watching decomposing & mutilated bodies is not exactly my cup of tea. Like most watchers, I love the characters. AND THE SEXUAL TENSION. So, writers of Bones, if you took that away, I will sadly turn away. However! It was completely in character. Bones is NOT a risk taker, and I think it was more realistic. But, I also think that she has become increasingly more empathetic and social throughout the show, and realizing that Booth can truly love her is going to come to her soon. Eventually. But hopefully soon.
    Also, the next episode, is all “prom”-y because it's a high school reunion. I think the topic will be revisted!
    Or, at the very least, when Booth “moves on” (pssh like that'll ever happen) she'll get jealous and viola!
    Maybe I'm being too hopeful, but if we're following logical transitions, like Bones is all about, this is what should happen.

    • This is the exact episode when the show jumped the shark, because foolish writers listened to foolish fans that think an investigative crime series si a prime time soap opera. If it was dumbed down for people that do not want to see dead bodies in a murder show about a woman that investigates dead bodies, it would have died long ago. They are trying to stretch the sexual tension out past its due date, the way dumb shows have always tried and failed int he past, appealign to the dumb viewer market. Never works.

  7. The best episode of the series. I felt everyones emotions were real, Booth has loved her for 6 years thats a long time and when she is afraid to try, which fix for her personality, their faces said it all both so chrushed I cryed mainly for Booth at first. Well acted and directed and writen. I found I can think like Brennen” I would rather have them apart for 10 more years than see them get married and the show end after next season

  8. I have loved this show since the begining!!!! I ve been crazy overbones!!!!this was the worse episode i have ever watch of bones, i liked all of them exept this one!!!!! it's crap!!! No doubt!!!! It doesnt make sense at all

  9. i ve loved this show since the begninig!!!! but the totally blue with this episode its the worse i have ever watched!!!! Its not logicall and it doesnt make sense at all!!!! OMG I hove the fix it

  10. It was a good episode, but the ending was so horrible! I hated Bones for a few moments there as she was breaking Booth's heart. I believe they will end up together, he said he had to move on and such…and they are still working together, so I bet he finally finds this person but she is still not Bones & then Bones will probably start to like feel jealous or whatever and then she'll realize she made the wrong choice or something…MAYBE..obv I don't know fersure, but that's one scenario that could happen, and I hope it happens…or something that makes them together! & they better not like end up together in the very last episode, I want it before the end! that's just my opinion.

  11. I loved the majority of the episode because they kissed and I just loved how sweets was freaking out! (sooo funny) but seriously I WAS BAWLING like if they dont get together im not sure ill watch anymore….WELLL, i'll watch to see if they ever do end up together butt i wont be nearly as interested. ****I hope that Brennan sees booth with someone else(supposedly happening in two episodes) and realizes she cant live without him.**** I just cant think of any other way they could end up together! and i neeeeeeed them to be together. haha i watched this over spring break and the ending ruined the rest of my vacation!! i seriously felt like dying. GOSH I LOVE BOOOOTH! HOW COULD SHE DENY HIM!>?!??!?! but at least she was upset and stuff thats how we see that she really does love him AND she never says she doesnt( maybe im the only one that noticed that)

  12. The end of the episode was bogus it really made no sense to me and I watched it multiple times and it just made me mad the start was reasonable. I felt like Ange was not working for the lab at first was more authentic and and how Booth and Bones interact on the Eller case came into context but the end, bogus bogus bogus!!!!!!!!!-that is all

  13. This episode made me laugh cry and squeak all in a matter of an hour…lol…i made my friend watch it after i had…she asked me if i was alright towards the end because of the look on my face…then she cheered when they kissed for that final time…i told her don't cheer just yet…then we both sat there broken hearted for like an hour afterwards…lol…i was the best episode ever…but my heart still hurts for booth and brennan… :)

  14. To be honest, this episode pissed me off! Bones fans have been waiting 5 seasons for that moment and the writers totally screwed it up. My favorite things about the show (and truthfully the main reason I watch it) is the relationship between Booth and Bones. Now I feel like I have no hope left. If theyre not going to end up together, what's the point? Come on, writers, quit stringing us along and ruining all of the relationships! First Angela and Hodgens and now this!?? It's just plain cruel. I don't know if I can continue watching with the same emotional investment after this.

  15. What a disappointment! Love the show…will still be watching…but the writers better wake up! Followers were unbelievably let down with that twist on the relationship!

  16. I agree with the producers that this doesn't shut the door on a relationship between them. And I think if Brennan had kissed back, it would have been a complete deviation of her character. I think sometime (perhaps this season finale) something major will happen that will affect Brennan's perception on fate and life. Because until that happens, and she can meet Booth halfway, any relationship between them won't be right or true or fulfilling.

    • You are more wrong than the ones who loved the episode. No man can ever truly forgive a woman that shuts them down for no other reason than fear of love. Booth would have to be a desperate schlub to take her abck after her cruelty in this episode.

      • Un-true, actually. Well, in the real world, sure, but there are movies all the time where this happens. I hope it will be more reluctant and hesitant then in the movies, but Booth will take her if she offers.

  17. omg!!!! when bones is like i cant change i dont know how,i was like are you kidding!!! booth loves you and would do anythink for you,and booth was like i'm that guy i knew from the start i was like awww thats the sweetest thing ever!! but it was kool to see their first case together.i rly hope bones wakes up to her self and sees that she loves booth to

  18. Totally BUMMED made me soooooooooo MAD!!!!! Loved it all the way up until the end. Major what the hell are you trying to do to my sainity moment.

  19. I loved the episode and the ending was heart-wrenching, but I hope it isn't a “shark-jumper”.
    I am a recently retired person and discovered the show about a year ago. I have watched almost episodes as they are shown several times each day. And truly the only reason I watch is the sexual tension between the two main characters. I love the others, too, and miss Zach in the episodes after his departure. But the bodies are horrible and disgusting and truly the stuff of my childhood nightmares. The sub plots get silly and sometimes I wonder if the writers created something they couldn't write themselves out of.

    So, it's all about Booth and Brennan and the unspoken, unacknowledged feelings between them. That's the reason I watch. Now that is all gone. I feel Dr. Sweets' pain.
    The sexual tension won't be the same; there will be too much sadness with it. And if Booth looks for another person to love, that will really destroy what made the show what it is.

  20. I have religiously watched the show for years, and have waited anxiously for new epidsodes to return, but after the 100th I just have no interest in seeing it again. I thought the last couple of minutes were TERRIBLE. Booth is carrying a torch for Brennan, unbeknownst to her, for how long? And he tells her, gets rejected, and bounces back in 30 seconds? Makes no sense.

    I think it was a terribly disappointing plot “twist”. Clearly everyone wants to see them together. Want to drag it out a bit more? Fine. But THIS way? It was ridiculous and, in minutes, killed a show I've loved for years.

  21. This show seems to dislike happy couples. First Hodgens and Angela break-up, then Bones says no to Booth?? I cried when I watched this. I'm wondering if Bones will change her tune when she sees Booth with someone else – but I'm not holding my breath. The writers of this show seem to like to torture their viewers. Enough is enough though. You have dedicated fans that DESERVE a happy ending!!!

    • The writers are too stupid to write for happy couples and none of them jhas ever had a happy relationship. Look at David and Tiger’s mistress. They all only know how to be unhappy and want to share that with the fans.

  22. Very surprised by final scene, not sure how the dynamics can carry on if she has said no and hes moved on…could take away some of the allure of the season

  23. First off, I was so happy to see Zack back. He was such a great character and I'm sad they ended up writing his part off the show. It was great seeing him again! I loved seeing how everyone was before they worked together (Hodgins was so angry, Angela was still unemployed and trying to find a way to support herself through her work, etc). It was cool seeing Cam too, she doesn't come along until later in the series (season 2 or 3 I think, I don't remember) so it was really cool to see HOW she and Booth actually knew one another before she came to work at the Jeffersonian.

    Bones and Booth. Oh my goodness. I'll be honest, I cried. He can't move on, they're supposed to be together. I know that the chemistry they have between one another is one of the primary reason that many people are still watching the show and lots are worried that if they are together, it will take the momentum out of the show. I disagree. Brennan is such a dynamic person, she has such a difficult past, and she clearly hasn't experienced many functional relationships in her life. If anything, the dynamic and chemistry between Booth and Bones will get more pronounced as they go through the phases of “being together”. He seems to want to teach her so much about human emotions, love in particular, and she (in my opinion) wants to learn. The story line between the two of them won't disappear if they're together, it'll just take a different turn.

    I really hope they end up together. He's so in love with her and I know she feels the same way for him, even if she can't put an actual name to what she feels.

    On a different note… that first kiss between the two of them. Geeze. That was hot.

    The Bones obsessed person that I am, I saw the episode going a different way. When Sweets says “You guys kissed?! How long did this affair last?” and Bones and Brennan say “Should we tell him?”. I hoped that something like “The affair is still going on” would have been said. And then a bunch of flashbacks to the rest of the seasons showing them together in secret or something like that. Its a bit ridiculous, okay a lot ridiculous, but I think it could have worked. Maybe I'm wrong. Who knows. Either way, they need to end up together!!!

  24. Their getting together would kill the show so it can't really happen until the final episode. It's the tension of their wanting to be together, but no doing so that makes that chemistry between them. That's the allure; that's what makes it so compelling to watch–and the the two actors do a great job with it. But this 100th episode played with that dynamic too much. I hope it didn't mess things up.

    (If you want to see the complete opposite, watch The Mentalist–if you can stand it. There is no chemistry between anybody on that show. I've seem more interesting relationships between strangers in an elevator. Even the couple who are supposed to be in love don't have a spark between them. And some boss who supposedly has the hots for the female lead–nothing) This contrast will show how the Booth-Bones thing is so powerful.

  25. It made me angry the way they ended, I feel they spoilt a good show by ending like that. In my opinion if they had taken there relationship further would have opened up for more story line and more action, Over all it was a good episode but still the ending spoilt and good story line and therefore a good episode.

  26. Dude! i think i shouted this word at the screen more times during the last minute than i have in my life. i was amazed by that ending :( whats going to happen now? booth cant move on! it has to be bones its just not right! what happens next ……….?!

  27. Five years! Five years Bones has been going and i think that is the most upsetting thing ever :'(

  28. Gee I love the show too, but I certainly hope I don’t over identify with the characters like so many of the people who have commented here. I mean this is a tv show people, not a criteria for personal happiness. Though I was identifying with the characters while watching the show (a sure sign of excellent writing by the way) I could relate to the pain each was enduring during that last scene(kudos to the actors by the way), I realized the way it played out was very much in keeping with what we know about both Booth and Bones. Yes it’s clear they love one another, and yes, as disconnected as Bones is to emotional states, I think she clearly knows she loves Booth and that he is the most important person in her life. But she knows she is not ready or able to open to him to the extent needed to take the relationship to that ultimate intimacy as it overwhelms her and that is not a state a character like her would be comfortable with. She always must be comfortable and secure with the rational side of things and emotional states are not controlled states of mind and that makes her extremely insecure. It would make sense if she comes to the realization that the blind trust she has for Booth will extend into the knowledge that she will always be emotionally safe with him. I don’t see this as so much as a sexual tension between them though that IS there, but as something much riskier and rare and I say congratulations to the writers and actors of this show for not trivializing the ending.

    • By your logic, it being just a TV show, Booth could have shot bones at the end and it would have been ok, because, it’s just a TV show. This is a discussion about the TV show. We KNOW its just a TV show. That does not exscuse a lame ending.

  29. Okay, so we can all go on about how long the writers have dragged it on and how long that they’ve had sexual tension, yaddy yaddy yaddah but we really have to face it: They’re getting there. Booth has confessed his love and we know that if Brennan will just turn around and say: “I love you too.” and they stroll off into the sunset then it will please nobody. Brennan was abandoned by her family when she was a teenager and we know ( and it has been mentioned) that she cuts other human affections off because she doesn’t want to get hurt – she’s being a rational ‘Bones’ all over again. We know that she will feel the same way, but now she just has to figure that out for herself and work up the courage to realise that Booth won’t hurt her – that he will be there for her like her has been so many times before. (: