Bones: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

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Tonight, Fox’s hit anthropological series Bones celebrates its milestone 100th episode and what better way to commemorate such an achievement than to reminisce with the world’s greatest duo, Brennan and Booth, about their first case as they sit down with Sweets to set the record straight about his yet unpublished book about their partnership.

Not only is Bones celebrating an episodic milestone, but also breaking new ground in terms of storytelling as fans of the series will finally see what happens when Booth and Brennan contemplate taking their partnership, and relationship, to the next level.

But… will fans be happy with what results from revealing such strong emotions?

[Spoiler Warning]


Why waste time beating around the bush? I’ll just say it… The 100th episode of Bones is one of, if not the, best episodes of the entire series.

I’m a lover of information and typically I get my fix from the episodic storylines progressing, but there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, that tops expounding upon information that we already know or, in this case, presume to already know.

Thankfully, Bones delivers on both fronts by not only giving us the first true interaction between Booth, Brennan and the Jeffersonian through the use of a wonderful flashback, but also uses the momentum built through said flashback to further develop the characters in their current incarnation with a heart-wrenching scene that completely caught me off guard.

bones 100 episode booth brennan Bones: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

After 5 seasons, 99 episodes and 70 hours, the moment that Bones fans were waiting for occurs… TWICE! But, in completely different ways. Yes, fans get their moment of passion between Booth and Brennan in the flashback, but when it finally comes time to revisit the emotions that have been building up these past five years, there is no other way to describe what happens than to say it was truly heart-breaking.

As of now, you’ve either seen the episode or know everything that’s going to happen in the episode, so what occurs to you isn’t so much of a shock. But when I originally viewed the 100th episode of Bones a couple weeks ago, I thought that I was sitting down to a normal episode and while the flashback kiss should have tipped me off, I continued to watch unaware of what awaited me in the final moments.

When Booth finally opens his heart to Brennan wanting to take a chance on their relationship, I thought to myself, “It’s finally going to happen!” Then, I see the look in her eyes and my jaw drops. As I’m waiting to hear her say the words I know are coming, all I can’t think is, “Oh my God… this isn’t what’s supposed to happen!”

If you think watching the final scene was rough, try doing it when most of the world hasn’t even seen the episode.

bones 100 episode the moment Bones: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

Other than that, having Zach back was amazing and while I don’t believe he left on such good terms, the fact that he came back for the 100th episode truly made it feel like I was stepping back in time… before he decided to go all Gormogon on everyone.

Not to mention that David Boreanaz did a wonderful job directing this episode. While it’s nothing new for actors to jump in the director’s seat, especially on a series that they’ve worked on for many years, Boreanaz deserves credit for tackling such an important episode.


What did you think of the 100th episode of Bones? Was it everything hoped it would be?

How great was it to see Zach back? Do you miss having him in the lab?

What do you think about Brennan turning down Booth? How will that impact their relationship?

Is there any way a relationship between the two could work out?

Am I the only one hoping Angela and Hodgins end up together?

Be honest, did you cry?

bones booth brennan2 Bones: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

Am I leaving things out? Sure, but c’mon… how many words do I need to use to say just how great and amazing this episode was?

Wait for it… 672, to be exact.

Watch Bones Thursday night @8pm, on FOX.

If you still can’t get enough of David Boreanaz, check our interview highlights where he talks about how Booth will handle the rejection and what’s to come in the rest of the season.

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  1. PISSED! Yes, I cried. Hodgens and Angela, Booth and Bones. I refuse to watch if you don't give a Bones and Booth happy ending. For the love. They're perfect for one another, he poured his heart out!

  2. i got sooo excited and then sooo deppressed in a matter of minutes! ohhhh, mannn..

  3. Well, I love the show, I really do, but was in many ways disappointed with this episode. I'm going to have to go back and watch the pilot episode, but if I remember it correctly this episode didn't seem to jive with it at all. And the ending was just really extreme I thought. I'm sure they'll at some point put them together, but I don't know why the conversation had to have such a finality to it. And I have to say, if they put him with someone else at this point I'm probably done with the show. Which is a shame because I really do love the characters.

  4. Relax people! Brennan didn't say those things because she “can't love” or because she chooses work. She isn't terrified that she won't love Booth forever, but that he will be the one to abandon her/stop loving her, like her parents. Booth just needs to fight for her and show her he will always be there. On the same note, I think sometimes it's better to have someone around as a friend that you love, than to start a relationship and risk losing that person forever. But that isn't what is going to happen! She will realize that her happiness involves another person, not just her work/passion (and that she can have both)…

  5. All I can say is I'm completely blown away. I nearly cried at Booth's confession, he was soo sincere and it was just heartwrenching to watch!! But, I see this as yet another milestone in their relationship. I'm expecting the big revelation from Bones that will come eventually… EVENTUALLY. 8D Keep your hopes up, guys!

    Seriously. Brain matter all over.

  7. I completely agree!! I am sooo angry, frusterated and irritated by tonights show! I am so sick of this crap! Cant we just get them together and think up some other drama!! Angela & Hodgins and Bones & Booth… why always screw it up when you have such great chemistry between actors!!! It's like cheering for a football team that never wins it gets old after so many years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hear, hear. While I am disappointed that Brennan didn't profess love to him right away, at the same time it's also a bit of a relief and I can understand completely why the show is being written this way. To have them get into a relationship now would mean the end of the show, don't you see? They are saving the big moment for the end, because after that there will be nothing else to say.
    And no, I'm not justifying the “back and forth, back and forth” play of feelings between them… because I honestly believe that tonight's episode will really change their relationship from now on. Things are really going to progress from here. As Bones fans, we all know that love, ESPECIALLY for Brennan, must develop slowly.
    It's only a matter of time.

  9. Why……Can we not have one good ending. I promise we will all still watch the show if Booth and Brennan are together! Great episode right down to the last moment, now I just feel cheated and sad.

  10. my heart just broke for the first time. Forever I can say that i watched completely everyone one of the first Bones episodes ever made.. But i won't be able to say i watched beyond that.
    it was well made. very well done indeed.
    but in the words of Victoria, 'that was rough'.
    I just am so depressed i cannot watch anymore.

  11. yeah i really wont watch again either… Everyone was just fien for the last 99 episodes moaning and groaning about all of their sexual tension and secret love for each other… They really didnt have to go and ruin that….

  12. ditto.

  13. Yes, absolutely. Bones wouldn't have looked so devastated and terrified (how often do we see her in tears like that?) if she didn't care. Her entire response, despite her apparent coherence, is clearly being made in an state of blind panic. Booth might have had better luck if he hadn't pushed her to make an immediate decision (dammit, Sweets! If Booth had been patient a while longer, Brennan might not have panicked). In any case, we saw a part of Brennan's heart and her perception of herself we don't normally see.

    I'm not sure what will happen with these two long term. It could put paid to their chances —they've “missed their moment” twice—but I have to agree it could also put them on the road to genuinely working out the issues they need to work out in order for them to be together and have a relationship succeed. Really, I felt awful for both of them, but I'd honestly rather see this “in-character” reason for the relationship not to proceed then have them start the relationship and then break it up with out-of-character stupidity.

  14. What a good piece of scripting and directing. All previous 99 episodes led up to this one, which in itself set up for the ending. Sweets was right in his way. They had to break this stalemate. They have now acknowledged to each other there feelings, Booth much more obviously than Brennan. But she has stated her reasons, she doesn't think they are compatible on an emotional level, with Brennan being the immature one. From this they can move on, Brennan will hopefully develop emotionally in regards to Booth but I think that it may take the rest of the series. Fingers crossed that by the time she's ready Booth won't have moved on.

  15. see, i disagree. i feel like yes, most of the time when the couple on a tv show finally get together it could end the show, but so many other doors can open too. there's more writting to be done when you get a couple together.

    also, i feel like this whole “will they won't they” thing is really getting tiring. i'm to the point of being sick of it and i feel like they probably won't ever be together.

    yes, saving it to the end is a smart choice, but the show wouldn't end as soon as they got together. i think thats what needs to happen! we've been through 5 years of this crap, how much more can they put in it before more and more people start feeling like me (and some others above me), i'm going to stop watching it if they don't.

    and honestly, if we try to think of this as real life, they totally would be with each other……booth/david is waay to hott to be that close with and not actually be with 😉

  16. I'll repeat what I wrote on the Fox Bones boards: F the writers, that’s what I say. I’m sorry, but as a loyal Bones watcher who stuck it through the whole “Zack is the apprentice” bulls**t, who stuck through Jack and Angela breaking it off for NO reason, who stuck through last years terrible, lazy writing (oh, thank goodness that each week, we just happened to have the perfect intern working here to solve this week’s case! and next week, it will be the perfect, different intern here to help solve next week’s case! LAZY WRITING), it would be nice if they could throw us a bone. Give me something to hold on to, you bastards!!! Thank God for Sweets at least I can count on that character, for now. I just can’t believe those freaking writers screwed us over again. That had better be one AMAZING season finale!

  17. i'm not disagreeing with you, because the show was better that way, but i am going to stick up for the office.

    characters have to develop, and thats what they did with jim and pam. could you imagine if they were still doing the same thing now? it would bring the series down just as much.

  18. UGGGGGGGHHHH I AM SO SICK OF WAITING ON THEM TO GET TOGETHER. its been 5 f***ing seasons already and if they put this off one more episode (which they definitley will) i will seriously shot someone. Its rediculous.

  19. I hated the ending..One of the great things about the show has been the sexual tension between Booth and Bones..Now that is gone and I don't think I will ever watch the show with the same feelings..I really believe the show is done!

  20. Plus..I didn't expect them to actually get together as that would change the show..I just really enjoy the little looks and general tension..

    Turns out Bones just wants to be friends..How messed up is that..On second thought I am done with the show..I guess it is time to get caught up with Flash Forward..Now that the writer has killed my reason to watch Bones..

  21. SO GOOD! that episode answered so many questions. it explained everything. the belt buckle. the love hate relationship which formed into love love relationship. how the team formed together. it gave the show room to move. he has broken the ice now and booth is trying to move on but please i think we all know that will never happen plus i dont know whether its relevent but the quote on the wall where they kissed said “nothing happens unless first a dream..” and the finale last season was a dream of them married surely that has to mean something. hat off to hart hanson whom just totally gave me a deeper understanding of the character interaction and of characters themselves.

  22. If there was one person I related with in the whole episode it was Sweets. I can only imagine I was having the same reaction he was – – after that drunk kiss I was standing in my living room practically hyperventilating.

    This episode is everything I expect from “Bones.” The chemistry was unbelievable and the characters were dead on. Poor Brennan who pushes him away because she's not only scared that she will ruin him, but also scared that if she gets too attached, he might leave her.

    I was amazed how strong Booth was to lay it all out. I knew he would agree to continue working together (how could he say no to being around her? how else would he protect her?) but when they walked off together and he held her in the crook of his arm and she laid her head on his shoulder… Oh Booth! You're too good for her.

    If Emily Deschanel's performance hadn't been spectacular then I would accuse Bones of leading on Booth. Of saying 'I can't have you but nobody else can either.' But the look on her face – – You could feel her pain of saying no. Then he almost stumbles back…

    This episode was epic. I love that Booth dressed in strict regulation and that because of Brennan he wears wacky socks, off-gaurd ties, and one amazing cocky belt buckle. So whenever he puts those on, he thinks of her. I'm going to go back and start watching past episodes: the pilot, the one where Bones gets kidnapped by Adam Baldwin and Booth gets blown up by her refrigerator, the Christmas kiss – – no wonder neither one of them really objected that much.

    I can't wait for Bones to get jealous of whoever Booth goes on a date with. You know it'll happen! That might be what shocks her into action – – a true chance of losing him. Or maybe they'll bring the baby storyline back into play. This is going to be exciting.

  23. I Loved this episode, it was interesting to finally see how B/B met for the first time. I even liked the way the plot screwed with people's expectations about a “real relationship”. And that's a good thing, milestone episodes like this should not be straightforward.

    However, everything stand or falls for this show with how Booth an Brennan are going to continue. Either the show must make perfectly clear that a B/B relationship is out of the question or they need to make it happen this season anyway.

    My reason? some centuries ago there was a very long running series call JAG (you see where i'm going, right) and the thing that took away most of the fun of watching was the ever present Harm-Sarah tension. If Bones is going in the same direction i will stop watching. It takes away all the fun in the longer storylines, because you know they will end up together, but only for the final episodes.

  24. Left me w/ my jaw hanging open in utter shock and disbelief (even if I suspected-a little bit- what would happen.) So depressing. You could actually hear the sound of Booth's heart breaking. Ruined everything for me. Give me more tension or a happy ending, either one would have given the show something to move forward with. Now it feels like it's all over. Brennan's stupid, Booth needs to move one…what else is there to tell?

  25. I'm confused… Why are so many people annoyed? This was an AMAZING episode. It clearly explains their partnership from the first episode. I was dreading it to be honest, I didn't understand how they could kiss, but be like they were, & it was just perfect. It made me think of various one liners throughout the five years, ie; The times Booth says she doesn't like to be touched, before she hits some creep, & When she says she's great in bed, but Booth has no experience of that, almost like it's a direct 'In your face' remark to Booth. Brilliant. Her whole character was spot on, I loved seeing how she knew Ange. How they were all 'squints' & you can see how time has made them crime fighters.

    & now to the end… WOW. Yes, it was heart-breaking & tragic, but it was also the best way that episode could have ended. This show has always prided itself on it's characters. They are the heart of it. We know why they are why they are. From the ending, I got that Brennan & Booth are very much in love with each other, & for the first time, I saw that Brennan loved Booth MORE! Why people are angry with her I don't know! Yes they love each other, & Yes Booth wanted to give it a chance, & Yes, Brennan shot him down… her reasoning “I'm a scientist, I cant change, I don't know how to” It's been a very key part that Bones thinks with her head, & Booth with his gut & heart. He's the guy “That knew” He really believes, despite everything they will work, just as the audience believes. Brennan, she is firmly head. Everything tells her it wont work, abandonment issues, work, the fact neither of their other relationships work, but the key thing, she's “not as open hearted” as Booth. She's built up these huge wall around her, & whilst Booth has bit by bit been breaking it down, she is still unsure of, well, most things that come to the heart. She didn't understand if she was a bad person because she still loved her Dad, & she doesn't feel she can give Booth the love he deserves. Of course we know that she can, but she hasn't progressed this far yet, evolved even.
    As Gordon Gordon said, One of them was very aware, & carried it with them everyday. I was never 100% about which one this was, & that might be me being entirely dense, but after this, it was obviously her. She has been trying to protect him, by not letting anything happen, Christ, the book she wrote should have given me enough of a clue! She has kept this to herself, & is not letting anything happen because she DOES love him.
    The acting by David & Emily was immense, & brought even more to it. When she was asking if they could still work together, & that open terror in her eyes that she would lose him, & the love, yet heartbreak in his eyes, showing he isn't sure how he could work with her, yet knowing he can't be another person to abandon her (& he blatantly couldn't manage without her)

    A lot of people have said they've ruined the dynamic, by having her reject him. I disagree, if she had gone with it, that wouldn't of been Brennan, as, like I said, she uses her head. & whilst she claims to not be religious, her logic when it comes to keeping herself protected is almost her faith. She relies on logic, & maybe if Booth had done what Brennan had done to Zach when trying to get him to say who Goromogon was, she might of caved.

    Do I think they will end up together in the end? Of course they will! After this episode there is no way for it not to go like that. I've read Booth is going to meet a woman. Finally a chance for Brennan to get jealous, like we've seen Booth get so many times. I think the one thing I'm pretty sure of now, is Brennan will have to make the move next time. I cannot see Booth setting himself up for hurt again. It will be nice to see her be the one to do it though.
    & The end, with them walking away together – perfect. I can see Brennan wanting to act like it didn't happen, or I could see her wanting to talk it out, either end of the spectrum, but I prefer seeing them go back to how they were, & whilst heartbreaking, it was bittersweet.

    In conclusion my fave episode of the Season, if not the whole show.

  26. To me Bones face said she does love Booth, and that scares her. My frustrations with this episode stem from the beginning of this season where we had a psychic tell Booth that it would all work out and Bones that her problem was that she didn't believe someone could love her for her. On top of that Sweets contradicting advice that he didnt love her before the coma and he would break her if he told her to this episode saying you have to take the risk.
    Loved all the little things in this episode though, Booth a decendent of John Wilks Booth, Booth's Office is not his office, Zach Calling him stupid. I am sure there are so many more that I will notice later that will make me smile.

  27. Sooo happy that you said all that, I totally agree, and I am looking forward to how they do finally get together. ( I watched that end scene where Sweets 'sees what Gordon saw' many times because I wanted to get it and figured it was Bones who loved Booth because 'Bones the heart of the matter' was the title of his book. Also because she fixed his handkerchief.

  28. Finally gt round to seeing it.

    Yes, it was gut wrenching at the end, but we all know they could never be together. Like Addison and Hayes, them getting together would diffuse a lot of the chemistry between them. And hey, I want them to be together as much as anyone wants a happy ending, but the show wouldn't be able to continue if they had, at least not as well as it does.

    I feel this episode did all the right things in the end and I really loved it.