Bob Marley Documentary In The Works

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Bob Marley documentary in the works Bob Marley Documentary In The Works

A fellow whose face has graced as many t-shirts as Argentine revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara (talk about strange bedfellows), iconic reggae musician Bob Marley will be the subject of director Kevin Macdonald’s upcoming documentary, simply titled Marley.

Marley’s son and fellow singer-songwriter, Ziggy, will co-produce the project, which will shoot on location in areas such as Ghana, Japan, the UK, and of course Marley’s Jamaican homeland.

Generally credited as having popularized ska, rocksteady, and reggae music on a global scale, Marley was the lead singer and guitarist of The Wailers from 1974 up until his death in 1981. His biggest hits include tunes like “No Woman, No Cry,” “Jamming,” “I Shot the Sheriff,” and the posthumous release “Buffalo Soldiers” (among several others). His compilation album, Legend (also released following Marley’s death from skin cancer at age 36) remains the best-selling reggae album to date.

In an official press release, Macdonald had the following to say:

“I was already intrigued by the Marley story but the way in which this film is developing, as we delve through the archive materials and interview key characters in his life, has surpassed my expectations. What made Bob tick is probably unanswerable but viewers will certainly feel that they know him a little better after seeing our documentary. I am grateful to the Marley family for entrusting me with their heritage.”

Kevin Macdonald to direct Bob Marley documentary Bob Marley Documentary In The Works

Macdonald is well-versed in the field of documentary filmmaking, having been the creative force behind acclaim flicks like Touching the Void and the experimental YouTube project, Life in a Day, which premiered last week at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. He was also the director of The Last King of Scotland, a well-regarded dramatization that featured an Oscar-winning turn by Forest Whitaker as the brutal Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, and helmed one of next week’s wide releases – the swords & sandals adventure, The Eagle.

Marley will hit theaters worldwide in late 2011, in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the musician’s untimely death.

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  1. Cool! Side Note: Marley was a horrible guitar player. He really just stood there with it on for stage presence. He was a great front man but, Peter Tosh was the brains behind a lot of it. :)

    • Sully not a fan of Bob Marley, but you mentioned Peter Tosh and it reminded me of a funny scene from the show justified. There is a Jamaican pot dealing priest and they are trying to get him to testify. He’s walking away and the star Tim Olyphant calls out.

      “I saw Peter Tosh once.”

      Jamaican: You assume because I’m black and from Jamaica that I like Reggae

      “People assume alot of things about me.. Usually their right”

      Short pause.

      Jamaican: How was he? Peter Tosh.

      “Not my taste, but the girl I was chasing loved it and I let her stay all the way til the end before I arrested her.”

      • Ha! That’s funny!

    • Big thumbs up from me for giving Tosh credit.

      He provided the edge for the group. People just have to listen to the Catch a Fire and Burnin’ albums, when they were The Wailers, not Bob Marley and the Wailers.

      Once Tosh left, the edge was gone. And once Tosh and Bunny left, the harmonies were subpar by comparison to what those two could bring.

      Tosh was also a very good guitarist. He was the musician of the three childhood friends.

      As much as I like Marley, I’m tired of people who hold him on such a pedestal that they neither admit nor even acknowledge that Marley didn’t make all the music alone. And it seems that people’s knowledge of reggae begins and ends with Marley. They gush and gush about how he’s the best reggae guy out there when they haven’t even listened intently to other reggae artists.

      The Wailers also had the best Jamaican rhythm section of the time in the Barrett brothers.

      People need to stop being brainwashed by Island Records, Chris Blackwell, and the Marley Estate.

      • Yeah I meet a lot of people who only know Marley. So many others new and old. I’m really digging Ooklah The Moc right now.

        • It’s really (extremely) annoying to go to a “reggae” shop at fairs, or in malls, and see 40 Bob Marley t-shirts, 10 Marley bracelets, 5 Marley bandanas, and ONE Peter Tosh shirt on display.

          In every decade since reggae first came into being, there’s been many great reggae acts and artists whose names don’t include Marley.

          People are really missing out. And the artists are missing out on some well-deserved recognition.

          No wonder when I go to a reggae concert for a group that doesn’t have any Marleys in it, people will be wearing a Marley shirt. I’m not trying to take away from Bob Marley’s influence, his popularity and talent (I’m a fan, too), but the Marley fanatics need to realize that he’s not the be all, end all of reggae.

          They can’t even pause to give other members of the Wailers much-deserved credit for making the Wailers what they are. It’s as if Marley did EVERYTHING — played the bass and drums, lead guitar, percussion, sang all the vocals — lead and backing — and played the keyboards, produced the songs and played whatever other instruments that found their way onto the recordings.

          With the Beatles and their fanatical fans, they at least give each member their due. Fans may have their favorite member, but they don’t hold one guy up so far that the others aren’t even visible.

          • I myself am a huge Peter Tosh fan, and its sad he doesnt get the praise he deserve along with everyone jumping on the Marley bandwagon. However, there is no denying that Bob was a musical genius, and so was Tosh, bunny was talented and has a number of amazing songs but no on a mass level like Bob and Tosh. The Wailers as a group couldnt exist too long, especially the tention between Tosh and Bob. This is simply because of how good they both were that solo careers were inevitable. I know Tosh being unfaired by Chris Blackwell was also a major driving force but even without that, it wouldve been hard for either of them not to be able to completely control the songs they made due to how outstanding they were as musicians. Cox made Bob the “leader” of The Wailers cause he said Bob always had that look in his eye when something wasnt right with the song and thats why Bob had to lead his own band without Tosh cause as perfect as they were they both had different musical styles which wouldve clashed at some point. All that being said, Bob’s music did not deteriorate one bit since they broke up. Look at his last 4 albums released while he was alive and tell me one single song which isnt top quality. Peter Tosh’s music also improved alot after he left. In the end, Bob and Tosh both made what can only be considered as something beyond music and reggae, nothing can ever be compared to what those two did

  2. Awesome. Huge Bob Marely fan.

  3. I bet Will Smith will want to try to play him

  4. I vote for the black actor who was on CSI las vegas…Gary Dourdan.

    • The story says it’s a documentary, not a biopic.

  5. How many more documentaries can the Marley family put out about Bob?

    As if there hasn’t been several already.

    There’s only been one on Peter Tosh, and he deserves at least one more and a biography done on his very intriguing and sadly short life. Tupac is like the American Peter Tosh, to give people who don’t know much about Tosh a small idea about the man.

    • I’m not a fan, but I know who Peter Tosh is and I think that’s a bit disrespectful to compare him to Tupac. He was a much better person than that.

      • I didn’t compare Tosh to Tupac. I compared Tupac to Tosh. :)

        • There are a lot of Marley documentaries … I’ve seen at least a couple. It would be cool to see a Tosh one so people would actually know how much of an impact he really had in The Wailers.

      • I do know what you’re saying, though. No they’re not exact spitting images in terms of their lives. But there are huge similarities.
        If Tosh were born in America, in the ’70s, his life very well could have led him down the same road Tupac took.
        Tosh was also raised without a father, living in poverty, and music was his escape. He himself said, if it weren’t for music, he’d be a revolutionary. And he did participate in at least one riot, protesting against the Jamaican government.
        He was targeted by the cops, and one time almost beaten to death.
        He was murdered as well, likely by the cops.
        If you look at their lives, they share similar incidents, and they very much used their music in the same way.
        As I stated, that comparing the two was just an easy way for the youths of today who don’t know about Tosh to get an idea of what he was like. The youths of today want things fast and simple, they tend not to read books, tend not to watch anything but mindless movies and such.
        I doubt most of them would care to learn about such an “old guy” as Tosh. Heck, even Tupac is probably old news to them.

  6. To all those who have respected and been touched by the music and message of Bob Marley, I have uploaded a special birthday message from him. The excerpt is from a previously unreleased interview that I did with Bob Marley in 1979 in Japan. I recently found the long lost interview and will now be turning it into a book in Japan. May his words of truth resound throughout the world…..

    One love….in truth, trust and respect, KAS

  7. Hear Here, @sully311 and @Marley4Ev – it’s definitely time that Peter Tosh got the recognition he deserves especially next to Marley. There are some great conversations over at and some of the @call outs at @petertosh about Peter’s legacy, what it means, and about what he might have accomplished were it not for his murder…see you there!