‘Blue Bloods’ Season Finale Review & Discussion

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blue bloods finale templar ‘Blue Bloods’ Season Finale Review & Discussion

The latest in a long, long line of broadcast cop shows, Blue Bloods has earned its fair share of fans by combining tried and true detective stories with a hearty dose of family drama. Does the first season finale “The Blue Templar” deliver the goods?

Those who’ve kept up with Blue Bloods throughout its first season will be familiar with the central plot running through both the series and the finale: the underground crime gang called the Blue Templar made up entirely of NYPD officers. The Reagan family must band together to bring down the shadow fraternity, clean out the rank and file, as well as avenge the death of lost family member Joe.

At the conclusion of Blue Bloods‘ last episode, rookie cop Jaime Reagan (Will Estes) told his detective brother Danny (Donny Wahlberg) that he’d been working with the FBI to root out the Templars and find justice for Joe. Danny brings it to the brass, who just happens to be their father Police Commissioner Magnum Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck).

Along with district attorney sister Erin (Bridget Moynahan) and retired grandfather Lou (Len Cariou) the Reagans establish a surveillance ring to finally bust the Templars, while avoiding the official side of the NYPD for fear of being compromised. Meanwhile Jaime must protect a sexy kidnapping target (guest star Natalie Knepp).

When making a police procedural, there’s a fine line to walk between focusing on the cases (Law & Order) and the characters (The Shield). Blue Bloods falls squarely into the latter category, but has evened things up considerably with the season-long Templar arc. The story, and the better part of the show’s central conflict, concludes with the finale.

blue bloods finale tom selleck ‘Blue Bloods’ Season Finale Review & Discussion

The question that viewers (and to some extent, CBS) must answer is not whether or not Blue Bloods is good – it is – but whether it’s good enough. The genre is filled to bursting across almost every network; does Blue Bloods rise above the rank to serve with distinction?

The characters feel real enough, and a multi-generational family of died-in-the-wool cops is a novel TV scenario. Tom Selleck’s Commissioner might be the headliner, but Jaime and Danny drive the story forward. Estes and Wahlberg are serviceable without being remarkable, and I wish that there was more time to flesh out some secondary characters like Grandpa Lou or Danny’s partner Jackie (Jennifer Esposito).

In stark contrast to the pilot, Blue Bloods seems to have gradually shifted to a much more conservative style of shooting and lighting. With the exception of a few short sequences following the dirty cops, cameras are static and lighting is standard. It’s not bad, but it is a little jarring to see old-fashioned techniques in a field crowded with modernity.

Unlike the season-long Templar story, the kidnapping sub plot that Jaime follows seems tacked-on. It serves well enough as a counter-point to the main thread, but there’s a few narrative gaps that will bother keen observers. Other concessions, made for the sake of drama, include a detective walking out of a bone-crunching car crash and the Commissioner waltzing into a potential powder-keg in street clothes while surrounded by SWAT-equipped underlings.

blue bloods finale Donny Whalberg Will Estes ‘Blue Bloods’ Season Finale Review & Discussion

The dynamic between the Reagans has evolved to become a believable and admirable familial bond. The first family of the NYPD is squeaky clean (for the most part) without being cheesy – an admirable accomplishment. One surprising point is Selleck himself – those hoping for an homage to his earlier roles may be put off by the gruff, no-nonsense portrayal.

One of the most satisfying things about Blue Bloods is the dialogue – or rather, the lack of expository dialogue. The writers respect the audience enough to assume we’re familiar with the genre, and can fill in the blanks ourselves, allowing for more moments with natural and effective progression. The technique is reminiscent of Southland, and one that I wish more shows would employ.

So, is Blue Bloods good enough? For the most part, yes. While certainly not the best procedural out there, it’s better than the lions share, and certainly the best on CBS at the moment. Between the New York-based Blue Bloods and the tired, formulaic CSI: NY (both of which are wobbling between renewal and cancellation) I’d choose the former in a heartbeat.

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  1. Haven’t seen the season finale but the show is one if the best on tv

  2. it was alright.

  3. More than anything Blue Bloods is a show about a family.
    A family that stays together and loves together.
    For that alone the show is old-fashioned.

    The finale was not about the police
    nor about being a police procedural.

    It was about a family seeking justice and
    closure for the death of one in the family.

    The scenes with the entire clan having dinner
    are among my favorites and the final scene with
    everyone gathered at the cemetery was quite moving.

    As shows go and finales go Blue Bloods is one of the best.

  4. started off well, but the storylines quality faded by the third week, its very 70s in its content

  5. sorry i hit the submit box before finishing! its quite clear that wahlberg has a lot of input in the script to the detriment of the other characters,and sellecks female bodyguard is as believable as his dyed hair and tash.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen better dye jobs. Still, ’tis a godly ‘stache: it gets major points for thickness and bristle factor.

  6. Blue Bloods is a GREAT show. Friday evening with CSI: NY (the best of the three (and all three are excellent)) and Blue Bloods is superb viewing. It is a can’t-be-beat lineup. I hope it will remain the same in the next season. Blue Bloods and CSI: NY are the best by far. DON’T MESS WITH SUCCESS.

  7. I feel that “Blue Bloods” is a very well written t.v. series because each
    of the character have their own personalities and it will be interesting
    to see if the characters mature in the,hopefully,next few seasons.
    I like Tom Selleck and his low keyed personality,different from Magnum P.I.

  8. I think Blue Bloods is one of the best programs on television. It shows great family values while at the same time showing, sadly, terrible things that go on in the world today, but without being terrifying or gory. I’m very sick of all the terrifying, gory things on television. I think Criminal Minds should be taken off the air!!! I hope Blue Bloods returns! The cast is super and so happy to see Tom Selleck back!

  9. I’m concerned about the exit of the original creative team supposedly because of disagreement about changing series from character based to procedural. Moving to more procedural content would be disappointing. Why does the network feel the need to take successful show and try to fit it into the already crowded procedural box? Seems like more of the cookie cutter mentality that opened door to cable channel success!

  10. I hope to see this one renewed. I’ve been watching this from the beginning. A great addition..

  11. I absolutely love this show. I think the last episode was the best. I hope it continues as it hard to find good shows on TV.

    • I love this show! The finale was terrific!

  12. Please dont cancel Blue Bloods! It is a Great Show! Too few GREAT shows out there!


    • Knowing what the New York Police force has been doing re stop and frisk, overkill re the occupy people, and serving as federal government agents spying on the moslem community, I have stopped watching this show. It now makes me cringe. It is a total right wing piece of theater.

  14. I strongly agree with P. Sadler’s opinion that Blue Bloods is an EXCELLENT
    show and hope that the network continues with the series. Well casted and unashamed of their traditional family and religious values.

  15. Blue Bloods is the best show on tv right now. I love the characters, Tom Selleck is great! I hope the show doesn’t get cancelled, and that there are more episodes about Will Estes.

  16. A cut above all the other ‘cop’ shows. Great entertainment…right now it’s the best program on t.v. I couldn’t wait to see season finale…the suspense was killing me..it didn’t disappoint. Tom Selleck is at his best, though, all the actors are quite good. The scenes of the family gatherings for Sunday dinner are a breathe of fresh air. Don’t change a thing. Most of all….don’t cancel this show…..keep those episode coming.

  17. Blue Bloods is no Fringe, Bones, The Vampire Diaries or Nikita etc. However it stands in its own right being a norm, it shines thru daily normalities, love and care in the family. In other words, it is a breath of fresh air by being real for a change among the many highly exaggerated tv series we see running.

  18. For all the buildup with the Templar, I thought it all went down in a rather short and somewhat predictable manner. Perhaps CBS wanted to end the plot-line in case there was no season 2 but, think they could have drawn out the drama of the Templar into next season, developing some of the characters a bit more. That being said, still thought it to be one of the best new shows this season and hope it comes back for #2.

  19. I would like to know if anyone caught when the final show is on.
    I noticed it isn’t on at all tonight(05/20/11,next friday.a rerun.
    Please don’t leave us in limbo!!

    • I guess the finale was the 10th…last friday….I didnt realize it either…thought it was tonite…

  20. I am also one that hopes Blue Bloods remains on!! While I like the CSI’s and NCIS’s for their detective flare, I really like Blue Bloods for it’s family stories and character relationships. Please keep in on!

  21. I love this show! It is my favorite. The cast is great. Tom is wonderful in all his shows. I love the warm family part of the show!!! Please renew it. Joieart

  22. In a word, MAGNIFICENT.

  23. What ages are these characters supposed to be? How does Erin have a teenager who has a great grandfather who could consider coming out off retirement to work? 75, 55, 35 anad 15? Thoughts?

  24. I am sorry but this show is really not that good.The Sunday Family dinners have become very repetitive and now only really serve as time filler.The storylines are the same old stick and predictable.
    If I hear “You’re” ,”Ther’re” ,”She’s”, “He’s”, a Reagan on more time I will hurl.
    There was however in my opinion a chance to go further into a good storyline. The one where the Mother and Brother team kill the hooker Daughter and then started killing look-a-like hookers.They could have made this into a few shows.
    This is just my thoughts on the show and if you enjoy it then all the more power to you. I just feel I can find better entertainment out there to spend my time on.

  25. This show touchs on big city life situations that some parents want to keep hidden from there children.well I think this wrong young children need to know what the real world is like why shelter them from the truth.This show depicts real life situations the only complaint I have is the way the family is portrayed at home away from work.Why does the chief have include drinking at the family table and also a not cap with his father.I feel that casual drinking is inappropriate and does not fit in with who the chief is trying to portray to his family as a respected man in society.

  26. I absolutely find this TV show to be both edgy and ultimately soothing as the extended family dines together…very real as the family includes all members’ opinions…young, adults, and gramps! Thank you for a non-typical police show.

  27. I haven’t seen the final episode yet, but want to make a couple of general comments. I have really enjoyed this show, but find it really kind of irritating that Danny acts, sounds, and seems as if he is a ‘thug’ visiting the family!! While the rest of the family are quite refined and well-spoken, Danny talks like a ‘Soprano’, uses poor table manners, and, in general, has an attitude not in tune with the rest of the family. I’m certain that he’s acting the part that is written for him, so the writers just need to make his character ‘fit in’ a bit more.
    Also, I would suggest that Tom Selleck lose the mustache … He’s had it for many, many years … Pictures of him without it prove that he is MUCH more handsome sans facial hair!!
    I hope that my comments are not considered personal attacks, but rather constructive comments.

  28. Please do not remove Blue Boods on the air…

  29. I love the show ! It’s great ! My grandaughter and I watch it together .