‘Bleach’ Manga Attracts Warner Bros.

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bleach manga Bleach Manga Attracts Warner Bros.Warner Brothers seems to be on an anime kick.  We reported earlier that the studio is working on an adaptation of Akira and Heat Vision just pointed out that the WB is in the process of securing the rights to Bleach, the popular manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo.

The story follows teenager Ichigo Kurosaki, who has the ability to see spirits and mistakenly absorbs the power of a Soul Reaper (an entity like the Grim Reaper).  The Soul Reaper is then stranded on Earth in human form until she recovers her strength, and our little Ichigo must substitute for her, escorting souls to the afterlife and protecting humans from evil spirits.

The Bleach series, which has been continually published in Japan since August of 2001, includes plenty of action, dirty political maneuvering in the Soul Reaper Society and spiritually-gifted classmates.

The manga series spawned a TMNT-like empire in Japan, including an anime television series, three anime feature films, seven rock musicals (!), numerous video games and all the accompanying merchandise.

Viz Media has published numerous English-language versions of the manga series in the U.S. and Canada; Cartoon Network picked up the anime for its Adult Swim block in September of 2006.

bleach manga 1 Bleach Manga Attracts Warner Bros.

Peter Segal (who directed the all-time classic Tommy Boy and Get Smart) and Michael Ewing (who produced each of those) are in talks to produce the film at Warner’s with Viz Media. Reportedly Segal will not be directing the film.

I’m curious to see if Ewing and Segal’s previous work lightens up Bleach, or if they will stay true to darker nature of the material. No word on when the movie will be in theaters.

Source: Heat Vision

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  1. With Hollywood's current track record…. I'm sorry but this is just going to crash and burn once again… and it ticks me off that hardly any originality is in the making of hollywood films… Japanese anime and manga are always a huge success because they know how to think outside the box, invite crazy and wacky new ideas, and present it to their audience in that manner. Bleach isn't the first manga to span out to an anime series and numerous features and video games. Dragonball did the same, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Ranma 1/2, Casshern, I can go on forever!

    The point is I see no plausible reason why I should believe anyone in Hollywood actually GETS what makes these franchises such a hit, and anything they touch and do to it has only ended in disaster and will continue to do so until they slow things down and really try to figure out what they need to do to get it right.

  2. Why!?!? After crap like Dragon Ball Evolution can Hollywood ever have the right make another movie adaption of an Anime? I follow both the Manga and Anime of Bleach and consider myself a pretty huge fan. They better not screw this up.

  3. YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! the bleach anime show is AMAZING! i was actually just watching an episode with many of those characters in the picture posted to this article, thinking to myself “this needs to be made into a movie” and then BAM. awesome!

    • Are you ok. dued, calm down.

  4. YES! I love Bleach so much! Please Warner Bros, please don't screw it up. Please!

  5. no! this is one of my favorite anime. first they ruined Dragonball….now this?!?!…..
    CURSE YOU HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. I am very skeptical. Im not that big of a bleach fan, but I know enough about it to know that americanizing it too much (as they did with dragonball evolution) could ruin a live action movie. but hey, this series is slightly more believable that DBZ, so maybe it wont bomb as bad as Dragonball Evolution… maybe.

    and Im still waiting for them to try to make an FMA movie.

  7. Okay, people, calm down. This is Warner Bros we're talking about here, not Fox. Dragonball sucked beyond all recognition, but honestly, so does everything Fox puts out there. (I'm talking the movies they develop, not the movies they distribute, so no bringing up Avatar or anything similar).

    I've never read/seen Bleach (I was always a Dragonball fan), but as far as I'm concerned WB could still make this work.

  8. whats next a one piece and naruto movie starring americans as the main characters ?someone should shoot the warner brothers executives in the face, that might teach them not to F*** with other peoples work.

    if they did manage to get the rights to bleach, it would have to be a MA or R rated gore fest just like the manga/anime

  9. Bleach is actually a manga/anime that could translate to American films very well, if done right. Give it a shot. If nothing else, you will get to see some amazing weapons in action.

  10. It won't happen. Tite Kubo has said before that he doesn't want a live-action Bleach film.

  11. I agree, it is almost certain that Hollywood will completely ruin the integrity of Bleach. If they listen to Bleach fans they may have a chance at redemption. It should definitely be dark, graphic, and STAY 100% JAPANESE – this is the key!

  12. I just pray that they don't screw it up. But I think that I'm just getting my hopes up. Every movie that has been based on a book, show, or video game has always ended up being complete crap. For example: Eragon. I was screaming in the middle of the theater. I was just so pissed. Of course that's because I actually read the book. The best one that I have seen is the first Mortal Kombat. The second one was just stupid. I really hated the dialogue. And I agree, Hollywood has no originality anymore. Occasionally they come up with a good movie. But lately it's just been books, games, animes, or just plain remakes. Or sequals. But I think that if they do this movie they should just leave it to Japan to do it. They do the best when it came from there.

  13. how is a comedy director gonna be able to pull this one off…=.=
    but i guess if he did rush hour 3..but still..bleach has action on a while different level

    (huge otaku) and hollywood and anime certainly do not mix! i hope none of the other anime will plummet to the hell of hollywood!
    I am a huge bleach fan and cannot see it go 2 preppy little fangirls

  15. I would be delighted and overjoyed if someone with a background in black magic to put a grisly curse promising agonizing death on anyone from corporate Hollywood who tries to adapt Bleach into a live action movie. I sincerely believe if a Bleach movie had to be done, it is best done in native Japan by maybe someone like Takashi Miike, Ryuhei Kitamura, or Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Stop the white-washing hollywood. I weep for Tite Kubo.

  16. Haven’t you learn’t your lesson from DB:Evo?
    You can’t make a classic wall of fame anime with so much background story and use the same hollywood plot line

    “Boy Meets Girl, Boy Falls In Love With Girl, Boy Loses Girl, Boy Wins Girl Back”. it doesnt work for anime like that.

    More then half the people whose a big fan of DB & DBZ saw the teaser trailer and jst from that we knew it was bad, and even worse that some still had hope that it might be good. until they saw it destroying what love they have for Dragonball. (shame on you)

    And now there making a Bleach live-action movie, now there’s 3 problems im already seeing in that movie.
    -The director Peter Segel (He mainly did Comedy and a little Slice of life)
    -The cultural gap which uses alot of Japanese cultural references
    -& the dreadding plot they might come up with along with the Hollywood romance plot line i said earlier

    So please, leave great anime alone or better yet, let a film company whose not too focus on making this film for merchandising & marketing but cause he’s a dedicated fan that wants it to come to life in the screen handle it.

  17. i love bleach and i would love to see a live action bleach movie maybe if they made it like ninja assassin or the matrix it be would be good. but if the don’t stay true to the bleach characters then it will make the fans very unhappy, to me the story line of bleach very deep and wondful story. yes i do think the move would be rated R for many reasons but so is the anime and manga, but that is one of the things the fans love about it. so if they do make this move i hope that they will read all of the manga and watch all of the anime so that they can realy understand watch bleach is and why some many people love it.

  18. i am a huge facn of bleach and i just know that if they to this it’s gonna be a huge fail cause they won’t respect agod damn thing from the manga or the anime, and will produce their version of bleach.For me it would be even worst watching it in the dubbed version

  19. HOLY CRUD!!!! i love bleach as much as the next guy. but the thing is who knows if it will be good or not? i really dont want them to screw this up and make it the next dragon ball evolution.

  20. I’ve watched anime for a long time, so much so it’s rather sad. I’ve seen all of bleach so far including the 4 movies. Bleach is more than just fighting. Anyone that watches anime know that Bleach in comparison to others is one of the most “serious” anime’s. In that it’s not a comedy, constant one liners, or riddled with parodies. The series has remained a constant to it’s theme and story line. From what I’ve seen of anime’s that have been bought out for American remake release just about make me cry. They problem is a simple one. Smart movies as in ones they you actively have to think while watching don’t sale as well as stupid ones on average. So as a rule of thumb since producers don’t want to end up upside down on the movie they are working on, they make it stupid so the masses will understand it. Thus ruining the original theme and substance behind the original story line. If this happens to Bleach any chance Warner Brothers hopes to make money in the long term off this will be gone. Odd’s are Peter Segal won’t get the choice in how it’s made even if he were to go back and watch every episode and the movies and wants to do it right. He may flat out not have the mental capacity to properly complete the work. I’ve seen his movies. Not exactly the type that make you think. If you haven’t look him up on google and see which movies he’s made. Evidently he’s not the type for this. Problem is Bleach has millions of fans world wide. I can’t even image what it would be like to be him and know that many people would hate me for ruining a anime legacy.
    Anyways. Weigh the items and come to your on conclusion after some research.

  21. I suggest them to adopt sesame street to do a hollywood film and do it in 3D as well… That I think is awesome!!!

  22. Keh. Lets wait. Japan will show them how its done, just like the ring and stuff like that. America does not simply take some of the BEST anime and use it for profit in their own country, not without half the production team made of the people who created the bleach anime, and kubo tite himself as the scripwriter.

    Because if you do anything along those lines, whats next? Angel beats? Clannad? What next, what else will America try to hijack off Anime’s reputation?