‘Bleach’ Manga Live-Action Adaptation in the Works

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bleach live action movie Bleach Manga Live Action Adaptation in the Works

Now that its controversy-laced live-action Americanized take on Akira has been postponed – and the Death Note adaptation is basically on hold while writer/director Shane Black works on Iron Man 3 – Warner Bros. is looking ahead to another live-action project based on a best-selling manga/anime property.

The property in question is Bleach, which originated as a serialized manga written and illustrated by Tite Kubo back in 2001. Over the past decade the Bleach franchise has become massively popular and spread out to a variety of mediums including an ongoing animated TV series (re: anime), video game spinoffs, several feature-lenth animated films, and even a handful of rock musicals.

Bleach tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who can see supernatural entities. Those abilities prove to be just the tip of the iceberg after Ichigo encounters Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper tasked with both guiding recently-departed souls to the afterlife and defending humans from violent lost souls (known as Hollows). Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper himself after Rukia inadvertently transfers all of her powers to him, thus setting the young man on a collision course with forces far more dangerous than Hollows.

Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. has set Dan Mazeau to script the live-action Bleach adaptation. Mazeau is an up-and-coming writing talent who’s receiving both screen story and screenplay credit on the upcoming Wrath of the Titans and has already been set by the studio to co-pen an early script draft for Clash of the Titans 3. Not to mention, Mazeau has also worked previously on the scripts for such in-development action titles as a Johnny Quest movie and The Flash.

That’s all to say, Mazeau being brought onboard for the Bleach live-action movie makes sense; what is more confusing is that Peter Segal (who’s already set as producer) is being eyed as the potential director for the project. Not only has Segal not helmed a picture since 2008′s Get Smart, but he’s also known best for working on broad comedies such as the third Naked Gun movie, Tommy Boy, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Anger Management, and 50 First Dates.

get smart reviews Bleach Manga Live Action Adaptation in the Works

Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell in 'Get Smart'

Get Smart is a pretty effective mix of laughs and action, but that slapstick-heavy film is a pretty far cry from the often darkly violent and serious nature of the Bleach universe. That’s not to say the Bleach manga and anime alike are really relentlessly grim and gritty (both have their fair share of comedic bits), but it seems like Segal would be pretty far out of his element when it comes to tackling a live-action adaptation.

Bear in mind, this is all just preliminary speculation as we have no idea how exactly Warner Bros. will (or, conversely, won’t) be altering the traditional Bleach mythos in the live-action adaptation. Who knows, perhaps Get Smart will ultimately prove to have simply been a stepping stone for Segal on his way to moving away from farcical comedy material to more straight-faced action fare.


We will keep you posted on the status of the Bleach live-action movie as the story develops.

Source: Variety

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  1. That should’ve been “I’m surprised they’re NOT working on…”

  2. How can this possibly work as live action?
    Do something easy, like “Black Lagoon”.
    Ok gorgeous chinese american girls with a generous C cup don’t grow on tree’s.
    Maybe Samuel L Jackson as “Dutch”?
    Kate Blanchet as “Ms Balilika”?

  3. Dear lord if they make this please don’t Americanize it. This is one of my favorite animes and I can’t handle another DB fiasco

    • In replies to this… Guy’s come on… I am a Bleach fan for starters, but i think if Warner Bros. are doing this, then i think we should be safe. Look at Harry Potter for instance, and Iron Man… You say that it might turn out to be a DBZ fiasco? Keep in mind that Warner Bros. Didn’t have anything to do with it, it was all 20th Century Fox who also brought you, “Glee: The 3D Concert Movie” and “Jennifer’s Body”. And for other’s who don’t say, “Don’t Americanarize it” you have to admit, that the Japanese didn’t do any better with Death Note. So think about it, it might turn out good, it might be poor. But im not going to care, because it is making Anime more and more popular. People might think that it is s***, and might want to check out what it first really was. Isn’t that all what we want?

      Anyways that enough from me.


    • And ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’, i just wanted to cry, damn you M. Night. Shyamalan

  4. No!!!!! NO!!!!! Please no!!!

    I love Bleach, please don’t Americanize this!!! Especially the main characters. Please just no…

    Why can’t they leave Japanese managa along…

  5. To me the best Anime to adapt would be ‘Planetes.’ It would be a no-brainer, really. Bleach has to be one of the worst possible choices they could make. They must’ve gotten their hands on this super cheap. Has anyone in charge actually sat down and watched the Anime for this??

  6. It’s gonna be Dragonball Evolution all over again, and we ALL know how THAT worked out! Why can’t Hollywood just leave anime the hell alone? Just because it’s popular, doesn’t mean you have to think “Oh boy! It’s foreign and people really like it! I bet we can make some serious cash off of this, boy!” NO! No no no no! Just NO! And Kubo-sensei didn’t even give permission to do this! Neither did TV Tokyo. It was VIZ! VIZ should only own the dubbing rights not… THIS! Ugh! Stupid Hollywood sellout bastards!

  7. Noooooo this absolutely cannot happen! There is no was those greedy hollywood basterds can do Bleach properly. I don’t even wanna think about how screwed up something like this would be. I really really hope this gets cancelled. Dam basterds!!

  8. We all remember how crappy Dragon Ball Evolution turned out. DO NOT RUIN BLEACH. If they are going to go through with it, at LEAST stay true to ethnic background. No… Can not be Americanized at all. I can’t imagine an american actor (especially out of age description) on a set that looks nothing like Japan. But of course, Hollywood will only do it for the money. Unless they watch 200 episodes of the the show they can get an idea of how to pull it off. but still, too risky to make it. Just my opinion…

  9. COWBOY BEBOP…. if they can do f*cking Star Trek and Transformers, think of how much fun a Cowboy Bebop movie would be

  10. If their gonna do live action they should stick to shorter length anime’s that are easier to follow. but in my opinion live action adaptations have always been bad for for anime.

    Examples-Guyver what the hell was up with the ghetto zolanoid character that didn’t make any sense.

    blood + this one annoyed me because they based saya’s character off of one of the newer anime movies which had a different art style than the orginal and i couldn’t stand watching either one of those movies cause they ruined her appearance.

    we all know how dragonball turned out

    avatar the last air bender doesn’t really count as a true anime in my book but either way the movie was still bad I mean zuko was indian instead of chinese and you can’t say it’s finding people that looked like them was hard this time avatar had pretty simple characters.

    as for americanizing the characters for this movie i’m not so sure that’s a great idea if anything maybe colored contacts, but really that’s as far as i’d go.

    but yea i could see cowboy bebop, ghost in the shell,Big O, or trigun begin successful but i think it mostly just comes that they would be easir genres to reproduce effect wise.

  11. awesome, can’t wait to see what warner bros does, remember it was fox who screwed up the DB adaptation. if this sucks too, then so be it, we bleach fans will always have kubo’s brilliant manga/anime to enjoy. hopefully they approach this like they did the watchmen adaptation, ie take as many scenes and the overall aesthetic directly from the source material. also, hopefully they tell the entire soul society arc, and reveal who the true villain is… what an action-packed movie that would be with a fantastic cliffhanger to set up sequels…

    can you imagine if they got to grimmjow vs ichigo….or ulquiorra vs ichigo…

  12. Mother of—- NO. They are going to completely botch Bleach beyond recognition. He had better get friggin everything EXACTLY right. If they so much as mess up the exact shade of Grimmjow’s hair, if Shiro’s tongue isn’t the exact shade of blue, if Ichigo doesn’t have the exact eyes he does in the manga and anime, someone is going to get cut. A lot. On their face.

  13. No…just no…I have absolutely NO faith in the recent industry to do a decent job with a movie adaptation…non at all whatsoever. And I hope I don’t offend those writers, producers/directors, but I don’t think they can do it. I really don’t.

    Please don’t slaughter another one of my favorite stories, guys, I’m BEGGING you…just leave it alone.

  14. Well almost every character in bleach is westen characters so the figures is not the biggest problem (depends the effort to get the perfect match to the Fictional characters), but the movie needs a high budget for the effects,and much more If this is going to be a great movie.

  15. If they do this, they’re gonna have to do it right. They have to use real katanas and have really good effects. But above all, the actors have to look right and act right!

  16. Hehe, what would be awesome is if they did it in roughly the same style as ‘Kung-Fu Hustle’ =P

    Maintain the chinese(well, japanese in this case) roots and have lots of realistic combat, but then mix it in with all sorts of ridiculously absurd stunts and combat. Then just darken the tone a little bit(from laughter to “ooh, that was awesome!”) and boom, you’ve got an epic movie.

    Kung-Fu Hustle-China+Japan+Swords-Combative Humor=The Potential for a Really Great Movie.

  17. Oh hell no. Oh please hell no.

  18. Oh, come on people. They didn’t mess it up yet!
    Tite Kubo DID eventually agree with the movie after meeting with the script writer, Dan Mazeau. Mazeau even said himself that he wants to do his best to stay true to the original manga and keep it from turning out like DB. He is even going to set the movie in Japan.
    If the movie is good, then awesome.
    And if the movie turns out bad, DEAL WITH IT.
    If none of you like the idea of this movie, then don’t watch it, ignore it, and move on.
    I honestly can’t wait to see how they end up adapting it, whether it’s good or not.
    Yeah, a lot can go wrong in the production in this movie, but there is a chance it could go well.
    A BAD ADAPTION WILL NOT RUIN YOUR LIFE. And if it does then you really need to find something else to commit your time to.

    • I agree 100%. if it turns out bad than we’ll hjust pretend it never existed. instead of having a huge flame war online about it.

  19. dude use the people from rock musical bleach put in japanese and call it a day but don’t use the people from the new musical just the old and that does mean miss miki sato, tatsuya isaka, nagayama takashi and the rest of the gang.!!!

  20. Let’s imagine for a bit what it will be. There probaly going to americanize it so it might be something like this, a teenage boy named dan lived an ordinary life until he met the soul reaper jeniffer and gets her powers, and as he defends the small town of wakeoville? and struggle with his love for high school hottie nicki. (orihime) eventually he beats the hollows gets the girl and all in a terrible manner that will leave viewers feeling ripped off and fill fans of the franchise with murderous hate.

    but then again that’s just one possibility but recounting the bad track record of past anime adaptations its a likely reality.

    • I totally agree with you. lets just remain hopeful that they will see reason and keep it the way Tite Kubo made it and the way we love!

  21. I love this anime/manga. next they should totally do Durarara, but that’s my favourite anime and I’m afraid they may ruin it.

  22. OMG BLEACH LIVE ACTION!!! SOO EXCITED!!! although im really scared theyre gonna screw it up like they have done b4 and i will be soo sad i have waited for bleach live action for MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!

    • Not that I know you or anything ( kidding I do know you Thomas!) but I only introduced you to bleach and anime in general 2 months ago. Entire life?! And your comment of them messing it up again was also from me telling you how crap DB was! Nice try Tom!

      • -_-…. Emmmm… Thats mean! i was trying to sound cool… (facepalm!)
        Well i have wanted to see it and it wasnt 2 months ago..it was like 3….But i read 509 chapters in 2-3 months that must mean i love it, no?/ therefore ihave just as much right to look forward to it as u! SUckit!

  23. oops…meant to have no personal attacks….that wasnt really a personal attack, i guess??

  24. I agree with all of you saying not to Americanize it. I mean, look at Rurouni Kenshin!!! It is the BEST LIVE-ACTION film ever created and it was directed by a Japanese director and played by Japanese actors. In short, everybody’s Japanese in this film and it turned out to be extremely great!!! I just wish that they don’t Americanize Bleach like what they did with DBZ or Avatar for that matter. The live-action film of Avatar sucked so bad, it ranked up to my number 1 most hated movie ever!!! They botched the anime/cartoon series. Not to put a dump on Americans and all that, but when they attempt to make American versions of Asian films, it almost always turns out to be a poor adaptation. Examples of those films: My Sassy Girl, Dragon Ball Z, Avatar, The Ring. Great Asian films, terrible American adaptations.

    • um avatar is a american cartoon made to be like a japan cartoon and that was doomed from the start since they picked that jerk off from sings to direct it at least this time its a good writer that the creator even agreed to let him do it. besides db wasn’t as bad as all you are saying it was based on dragon ball not dbz anyway and dragon ball was nothing like z if they had made a sequil it would’ve been awesome

  25. Zack Snyder should do this film. PLEASE. HE IS THE ONLY HOPE FOR THIS MOVIE TO BE EPIC.

  26. Let’s HOPE that Warner Bros. DOESN’T SCREW THIS UP!!!

  27. If you’ve seen the live action Rurouni Kenshin that Warner Bros did, then you should have hope.

    • you’re right. The Rurouni Kenshin movie WB did was really awesome … loved every moment of it … !!! Maybe if the characters stay Japanese, then the Bleach Live Action movie will have the chance to turn out just as great. Let’s just hope they don’t cast American actors …. Just think of how they’d pronounce the zampaktos’ names and other terminologies…THE HORROR!!! hahahah … crossing my fingers for Bleach!!! (=^_^=)

  28. If this comes to be it needs action like Man Of Steel the best superman movie ever made! Loads of fast action and lots of booms and stick to the story we have the tec to make the best bleach ever, its in there hands may god guide them…….-_-

  29. You guys are a bunch of complainers wb did a great live action anime and they can do it again. It doesn’t matter if they put japanese or american actors im an american and i can say all the terminologies right and im 13 besides who says they won’t learn it