‘Bleach’ Manga Live-Action Adaptation in the Works

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bleach live action movie Bleach Manga Live Action Adaptation in the Works

Now that its controversy-laced live-action Americanized take on Akira has been postponed – and the Death Note adaptation is basically on hold while writer/director Shane Black works on Iron Man 3 – Warner Bros. is looking ahead to another live-action project based on a best-selling manga/anime property.

The property in question is Bleach, which originated as a serialized manga written and illustrated by Tite Kubo back in 2001. Over the past decade the Bleach franchise has become massively popular and spread out to a variety of mediums including an ongoing animated TV series (re: anime), video game spinoffs, several feature-lenth animated films, and even a handful of rock musicals.

Bleach tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who can see supernatural entities. Those abilities prove to be just the tip of the iceberg after Ichigo encounters Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper tasked with both guiding recently-departed souls to the afterlife and defending humans from violent lost souls (known as Hollows). Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper himself after Rukia inadvertently transfers all of her powers to him, thus setting the young man on a collision course with forces far more dangerous than Hollows.

Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. has set Dan Mazeau to script the live-action Bleach adaptation. Mazeau is an up-and-coming writing talent who’s receiving both screen story and screenplay credit on the upcoming Wrath of the Titans and has already been set by the studio to co-pen an early script draft for Clash of the Titans 3. Not to mention, Mazeau has also worked previously on the scripts for such in-development action titles as a Johnny Quest movie and The Flash.

That’s all to say, Mazeau being brought onboard for the Bleach live-action movie makes sense; what is more confusing is that Peter Segal (who’s already set as producer) is being eyed as the potential director for the project. Not only has Segal not helmed a picture since 2008′s Get Smart, but he’s also known best for working on broad comedies such as the third Naked Gun movie, Tommy Boy, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Anger Management, and 50 First Dates.

get smart reviews Bleach Manga Live Action Adaptation in the Works

Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell in 'Get Smart'

Get Smart is a pretty effective mix of laughs and action, but that slapstick-heavy film is a pretty far cry from the often darkly violent and serious nature of the Bleach universe. That’s not to say the Bleach manga and anime alike are really relentlessly grim and gritty (both have their fair share of comedic bits), but it seems like Segal would be pretty far out of his element when it comes to tackling a live-action adaptation.

Bear in mind, this is all just preliminary speculation as we have no idea how exactly Warner Bros. will (or, conversely, won’t) be altering the traditional Bleach mythos in the live-action adaptation. Who knows, perhaps Get Smart will ultimately prove to have simply been a stepping stone for Segal on his way to moving away from farcical comedy material to more straight-faced action fare.


We will keep you posted on the status of the Bleach live-action movie as the story develops.

Source: Variety

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  1. Well, this should be something…or another DB movie crap. Who knows?

  2. God,

    I don’t usually pray for much, but I need you here. Please don’t let them make this movie God. Please! There is a special place in my heart for Bleach and that little part of me will die if this movie happens. Please do not let this movie happen God.


    • ^ I second that. God stop this!!

    • ^I”ve researched the director and the script writer. Have a little faith in them to make this movie into something we’ll be proud of! for goodness sakes the director directed death note live action and that was amazing. also dissing this movie before it has even started to be filmed is annoying, so until you have actully seen this movie, keep your opinion to yourself!!!

  3. I think this has Dragonball Evolution 2 written all over it. I love this series, but I just can’t imagine how ridiculous it would be to see their swords (too lazy to type the name) change in a live-action film. That’s one of the many things they would have to change. And sadly, they would probably have to get rid of Kon, and he’s one of my favorite characters.

    • The transformation of there Zanpakutō wouldn’t be the problem that can be done without looking ridiculous, it will be the actors saying the release command along with all those abilities, will they keep the names japanese or will they use the english version. Instead of shouting BANKAI!! it will be FINAL RELEASE!!

    • Lol been waiting for this for a while. Westernizing this would probably be easier to do than Akira but people will still be mad. I bet 5 bucks and a pizza that it winds up in developmental hell and gets cancelled in a few years.

      Protip: Hollywood, there are plenty of realistic animes that would translate well to live action. Maybe you should look at those instead of just what’s super popular.

  4. Utter Blasphemy.

  5. no no No No NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

    Hollywood need to stop trying to make Manga/Anime into Live-action, They should just get the money that there putting into this and give it to a Japanese director and producer a leave them to do it.

    Death Note, Gantz, Space Battleship Yamato, none of this films had a budget close to a hollywood film and look how good they were, give them a budget of $100mil and they would make it look like it was done with $300mil.

    • Why can’t the Japanese Movie industry just by the rights and do what they want with it? I find it funny that it would be up to “Hollywood” to pay but let others outside of their industry make it. The Japanese, Chinese and Indian movie industries are big and there out other up and coming Asian movie industries rising. Back in the day you could argue that they didn’t have to money to compete but the reality today is that they can out bid just about anyone if they want to. The control is in there hands.

  6. I can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea…. But I’ll give it a chance if they make it :/ I just hope they don’t total the story and really screw up the characters…. Like with most animation to live-action…

  7. Ohh $#!+… if this is happening we all know a certain other Shonen-Jump manga series will make its hollywood debut when they complete the series. This will turn out no better than that Last Airbender crap and the $#!+ that is Dragon ball Evolution.

  8. …I just don’t see how they would manage to make a live action that would accurately display all the different Hollows, and hell, even Seireitei would take a massive job to build. Although, if movies are able to create entire worlds (Avatar and John Carter), I think they COULD do it…it would just be a lot of money.

    Although, I do admit that seeing Ichigo’s hollow form in real life would be kinda really awesome.

  9. Director is completely unsuitable – no hope.

    Plus I can’t imagine Bleach as a live action flick.

    Hope it falls apart.

    • You can’t imagine a live action movie but a Japanese rock musical you can?

  10. It may fail but I’ll give it a shot.

  11. There’s too much depth to Bleach for it to possibly be fit into a 2-hour movie. It took about 300 episodes (without filler) to even reach a possible conclusion. The plot will be massacred. For the sake of the respect associated with the Bleach name, don’t make this movie.

    • I doubt they would try to fit it all in one movie. Cause if it’s somehow awesome they couldn’t do a sequel. And Hollywood loves sequels.

      • they can always do the first arc with ichigo and rukia then end it with renji and byakuya arriving at the end of the film for rukia.

  12. NO! Has anyone learned anything from Dragonball?

  13. Lord no…please no!!!! Jesus please lol

  14. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!

    i will not let Hollywood destroy ANOTHER one of my favorite anime!!!! Their track record does not give me any confidence in them!!! DIE!!!!!!

  15. If they tried to make a Naruto live action version it’s time to put me on the terrorist watch list cus i’ll blow up the studio. I don’t watch Bleach but I know how some of you guys feel. Unless they go all out with a massive budget and make most of it on a computer there’s no way they could get close to the anime.

    • I will be right there with you blowing those basterds up if they dare mess with Naruto. I’ll kill them seriously

  16. well the fact that they are canceling the anime means they gotta go somehwere. I just hope its not a long drawn out origin story that leads to a mediocre fight at the end

  17. One of the best movie i have watched so far is Shinobi.
    I thought it was Naruto live action movie but it was too close.
    Clan members have powers similar to Naruto universe. Eyes of destruction and that I called Sharingan and Mangekyu-like eyes that make others move so slow motion in real time. So I think it would be fine as long as they stick to the story which most fans are shouting. I saw the Samurai X live action movie which will be showing on Aug and I think it would be just fine. With this trending i have learned one thing, don’t expect too much that the story in the movie will be exactly what you expected in the series. They did that with X-men, you know some twist with this and additional to. Like the Spiderman movie and now rebooting atleast with the original concept about Spiderman (you know like the web slinging pulse).

    I am not a fan of Bleach but i know the story of Bleach and I saw some episodes so I know that its going to be massive CG.

  18. doesn’t matter b/c atm anything is better then the piss poor manga (it started sucking towards the end of the aizen arc).

    what i don’t understand is why japanese studios don’t make an animated movie, as in final fantasy advent children animated, that would be pure epic, same deal with one piece and even shaman king. instead of wasting the time, money and resources on something that will fail and make everyone associated with it hang themselves, why not make a movie in a style that everyone will be sure to like (especially fans, you know the people that will be making you majority of the profits).

  19. Once again Hollywood execs choosing to “adapt” concepts that are already thriving and infuse an ALL WHITE CAST…bull$#@%…The reason everyone is getting mad over this isn’t the fact that they want to adapt this series, it’s the fact that you know execs are going to make all the characters white and that’s what made dragonball z and the last airbender so fricking ridiculous…infusing the white hero in an all asian setting is the most arrogant thing they could do…and they’ll do it

    • The executives at Warner Bros. chose this manga in particular because they thought the title was both a command and a justification of their racist, whitewash casting practices.

    • Completely agree with everything you said.

  20. I stoped caring about bleach ages ago. but I believe the warrior’s way show that is possible to make an anime like movie without ruining everything. with the right approach it can be done. beside I don’t think bankai’s should be a problem in this movie, theres lot of material before soul society (where they introdue the concept) to make a full feature movie.

  21. Welp, there goes my favorite anime. Won’t be watching that one any more.

  22. the raid : redemption , indonesian movie with small budget looks rock, why not give bleach to directior of this movie? its rock, and its below 50 million $

  23. They are probably going to change everyone’s Japanese names to American ones, have no asians anywhere near the production set, change the setting from Tokyo to New York City, have every character be a white scumbag, etc, etc.

  24. wow why not a gundam movie or beserk liveaction, bleach makes no sense in live action the cgi needs to be insane and no director can pull it off.

  25. great, here comes hollywood to wreak yet another series in the name of a few hundred million. It’s like the reverse midas touch with this kind of stuff, everything they handle turns to crap. look what they did to dragonball.

    so very glad the halo and gears of war movies died in development, hopefully this will follow suit and bleach will remain unsullied by some absurd attempt to turn it into a summer blockbuster.

  26. all im saying is if it sux like dragonball evolution i will lose it

  27. I’m surprised they’re working on an Americanized Cowboy Bebop. It’s already a western anime, so half their work is already done.