‘Blade Runner’ Producers Discuss Their Plans For The Franchise

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Blade Runner producers dicuss their franchise plans Blade Runner Producers Discuss Their Plans For The Franchise

Reactions to the recent news that Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. have acquired the rights to the Blade Runner franchise have been decidedly mixed. Most fans seem less than thrilled by the notion of either a sequel or a prequel to the 1982 Philip K. Dick novel adaptation, but they can at least take comfort from the news that a remake is not on the agenda.

Alcon executives Andrew Kosvoe, Broderick Johnson, and Bud Yorkin have opened up a bit about their plans to continue the Blade Runner story, including how they’ll approach future installments and who they’d like to oversee their development.

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is highly-treasured by most sci-fi fans and general cinephiles alike, so it’s not surprising that the Alcon heads have admitted to io9 that the filmmaker’s blessing is very important to them. Scott is currently busy with a project inspired by his other most beloved sci-fi feature, the Alien spinoff Prometheus, but it seems unlikely that he’d also be interested in revisiting the world of replicants and futuristic Los Angeles as well (“seems” being the key word).

What then do the producers find so attractive about the prospect of exploring the Blade Runner universe with greater depth – other than it potentially meaning more money, that is? Here’s what Johnson, speaking for himself and his peers, had to say:

“['Blade Runner' is] one of our favorite films, and we thought that the universe that has been created here is one that’s full of ideas and possibilities. We’re intellectually fascinated and ready to explore the themes that the movie invokes and the underlying material. At the end of the day those are the things that make great movies. Those and characters, it’s an opportunity of a life time to try and explore this further.”

blade runner city 01 Blade Runner Producers Discuss Their Plans For The Franchise

Blade Runner fashions Los Angeles in the year 2019 as being a technologically sophisticated metropolis built upon the decaying remains of an older city that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Noirish detective novel. There was indeed a sense of realism to that squalid world in Scott’s film, and that same atmosphere is what Kosvoe, Johnson, and Yorkin indicate they want to recreate in whatever spinoff project ultimately comes to fruition.

It’s not surprising then that three studio heads cite Christopher Nolan as being “the pie in the sky,” in terms of their top choice to direct a new Blade Runner flick – besides Scott, of course. Kosove specifically cites “that methodology that Chris Nolan brought to Batman [that is] precisely what we aspire to whomever the filmmaker is.”

Nolan has worked with Alcon before, as he was brought onboard to helm the remake Insomnia back before his career really took off with Batman Begins. Inception deliberately paid homage to the style and themes of Blade Runner, and Nolan has openly admitted that it’s a cherished favorite of his as well. That’s not to say he’d have any interest in making a sequel or prequel to the film, but it’s honestly not out of the question either – though, really, Nolan fans should bear in mind that he can’t make every single upcoming big-budget project in development.

blade runner prequel sequel Blade Runner Producers Discuss Their Plans For The Franchise

Perhaps the biggest concern that fans naturally have about Blade Runner prequels/sequels is that they will tarnish the standing of the original. Regardless of whether or not you feel that inferior followups to a classic actually make it less appealing, it’s difficult to not be cynical and assume that Alcon/Warner Bros. isn’t simply making a cash-grab with this new move of theirs.

On that matter, Kosove has the following to say:

“First of all, we’re paying for everything, but second of all — and this a way of answering maybe partially the concerns of your fans — this may work, or it may not work. We may make this movie, but in truth it may never get made.”

“But what I can tell you for certain today is that we will not go about this process in some form of large group think where 15 executives are going to sit around a table micromanaging the creative talent. Broderick and I will meet with writers and directors and we will figure out what direction we want to go and what story we believe in.”

“And then they will have the artistic autonomy to go out and make a great movie… And [that's] how we’ll approach this process. I don’t know how better to answer the question than that.”

For more, read the entirety of io9‘s interview with the Blade Runner producers HERE.

Source: io9

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  1. I really don’t want to come across as a hater, or overly negative but this is a money grab and nothing more.

    I do admit that the “world” of blade runner has virtually limitless potential for further stories, but it would be impossible to top the original. It’s in my top 3 sci-fi movies of all time.

    like AKIRA, leave it alone.

    • Pitt Man,

      Of course it’s a money grab – there is no need to add to the original – it’s a fantastic movie that stands on its own.


  2. I can’t believe how every sic/fi writer in the world thought the new millennium would be so much more advanced than the last century. Sure I mean we went from Kittyhawk to Apollo 11 in what 66 years but we haven’t even gone interplanetary with humans instead of robots yet. And we probably never will unless NASA needs more money. IMO.

  3. Please stay away from the original story and characters… re-using the universe is one thing, messing with one of the all time great sci-fi stories is another…

    • do you know blade runner had very few elements from the original book? do androids dream of electric sheep? they could explore in the new film alot of things that were in the book and only talked about in the film. they really should show mars and other replicants. the extinction of animal life and how its a huge fashion to have artificial pets. show the other nexus models and the deveopment on the newer more human like ones. more voit comph tests theres alot to explore in blade runner just dont let anyone worked on priest or legion touch it i dont know why i think of them but it seems like thats where the studios would go. which is bs

  4. sweet i suggested nolan 2 days ago or was it yesterday? he could get it done the right way but so could nicolas winding refn.(pusher trilogy, vahalla rising, bronson) he also has som kind of relationship with warner bros cause he was in talks to do a wonder women film in the past wasnt he?
    like i said befor they dont have to necessarily make a film thats a sequel or even a prequel to blade runner. have the film focus on the birth of a replicant soldier on mars and have the film follow its short life span or tell roys stoy how he fought in space was a servant and end it when hes on earth where blade runner begins. he wasnt a bad guy he just wanted to live. show his discovery of emotion and his value for life. it honestly could surpass blade runner in many ways and stay true to the visual style of the original. have other blade runners on mars going after him. you guys have to admit that would be an awsome film i just wish i had the recourses to pitch this everyone is like dont make it. but you know this could work

    • Nothing can surpass Blade Runner. Why not use your clearly fertile imagination to think of something original instead.

      • Blade Runner is still one of the most over-rated sci fi of all time. (begin fanboy backlash).

        • I wont backlash you, but it’s not just fanboys. The film is universally critically acclaimed. It made into the library of congress for films for being culturally aesthetic.

  5. It’s not a franchise!

    It would be like making a sequel to Casablanca! Blade Runner is the absolute definition of a classic. Just leave it alone!

    • There is no use arguing with most of these twits here Sam.

      • I just cannot even believe people are entertaining the possibility that this could be good!
        Blade Runner is quite simply one of the best movies of all time.

        • It’s my all time favorite Sci-Fi film. It stand on its own quite well, and still holds its own to this day against the best Science Fiction films in the past 15 years or so.

          • It holds up brilliantly today, the effects still look pretty good.

            • The effects for the sequel or prequel would be amazing!

  6. If Nolan is doing it than I’m all for it.

  7. a bit OT but……..kind of funny to think the movie is set a mere 8 years from now. We as a society are moving much slower than the imagineers would hope I guess.

    Will we be flying around exploring the cosmos in the 24th century like Star Trek would have us believe? While it’s a fanciful dream, I highly doubt it based on our current progress.

    • Well, in Star Trek they have a third works war before making first contact in 2063. So there is still plenty of time for us to be galavanting around the universe in the 24th century.

  8. Any other director than Ridley Scott or Christopher Nolan = failure. Gimme one of those 2 and i am sooooo there to watch it!

    • There are tons of directors out there would could easily expand on this universe. I highly doubt Nolan or Scott are the only two who could make a good sci-fi film. Though I am not for doing anything else with this universe at all.

  9. There is no way this could ever happen. I’m not even going to entertain the idea.

  10. Careful, WB…Mess with this one and all you’re gonna get is a “HAH!” and a “HIIIIYAH!” to the jugular. Crap on this cornerstone and there will be consequences. We’re not just talkin “fanbots” (nod to DSM) here, but a generation of sci-fi movie lovers that don’t appreciate perfect movies being used as @$$wipe, “reimagined” or rebooted.


  11. as great as the idea sounds, let it alone. original is perfect, the fx i find way more impressive than the digital cartoon worlds of today, and the story is what drives it. the cratftmanship is utterly astonishing. today, special effects drive sci-fi movies, which is why they all suck. in the right hands, the story can still be the draw. love nolan, love r. scott (his brother tony scott is a human stool in a director’s chair), but leave it be.

  12. Let’s just hope that they follow through with their promises. Maybe if they approach it the same way Scott is doing with alien, similar vibe but a story that stands on it’s own merits. I like tankDs idea of a story focused on a replicant. I do admit this is a touchy subject as blade runner is one of the greatest films of all time.

  13. Don’t you believe it. This will be an overly CG’d money grab, guaranteed to be PG-13. Remember I said that.

    • Umm why lol.You’re stating the OBVIOUS

  14. Let Spielberg have a go at it I say. He can deliver serious and epic sci-fi flicks

  15. Next they are gonna say that Citizen Kane or Gone With the Wind need sequels, just leave the film alone. Of course it might not have used everything from the source material (read: its two different mediums) and a seuql or prequel can look into those things but its not needed. Not everything needs to be a franchise, so stop trying to make everything into a franchise. Because of this whole thing I have changed my stance on an Inception sequel/prequel, I dont want it either.

  16. They say they just wanna expound upon the “bladerunner universe” so as not to tarnish a beloved film. What they mean is they wanna make money off an established name but don’t want the negative press that comes with the reboot/re-imagining/sequel/prequel tag. Jus make it’s literally the same as all these toy movies getting made. Battleship isnt about a strategic sea battle. It’s about friggin aliens attacking. Or how about xmen origins wolverine. That wasnt about wolverines life before xmen, it was about cramming as many mutants in as possible to hopefully set up more franchises. If yet really had respect for blade runner they’d say – we loved that movie so much we”re gonna make our own futuristic sci-fi movie. But better.

  17. I’m sure there is the possibility that some rather interesting new stories can be told within the Blade Runner universe. I mean, all that dense atmosphere and heavy stylization is a great canvas to start with. They have all these elements already in place, all they have to worry about is the story. In 1997, Westwood Studios did a great job with a PC adventure game whose plot took place within the time-frame of the movie. The story was great and managed to retain exactly what made the movie so great. So, I say it can be done. They just have to find the right director and writer. Keep the likes of Michael Bay away from the project and there should be no problem.

  18. Man I loved that last scene when Rutger Hauer had the dove in his hand as he died and released it upon his death. the question is, was that bird real, seeing as most animal life had gone extinct?

    • or was it a pigeon?

    • “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I’ve watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those … moments will be lost in time, like tears…in rain.
      Time to die.”

      • That was one of, if not the best scene Hauer has done on an film he has made. I need to start tracking down more of his films. Starting with Blind Fury and Split Second.

        • Don’t forgot he was also in 2 episodes of Smallville!
          And that is one of my favourite movie quoted of all time, it conjure up such vivid imagery but it’s best left to the imagination. Which is why we dont need a sequel.
          Do I want to know what The Tannhauser Gate is? No, but I know it sounds really cool, and in my mind I can think of all sorts of things since I hears that line for the first time years ago.
          One of the best things about Blade Runner was the mystery, it didn’t feel the need to insult it’s audience by explaining every little detail. It gave the viewer the building blocks and let you decide in your own head.
          That’s why, it is a classic film, and this sequel/prequel is a bad idea.

        • the blood of heros. excellent. Juggers!

      • Hm. In a new movie we could get to see all those things too. I’m torn on this. I would like to see more of that world but don’t use the original characters. Their story was done. Most were killed off anyway. Maybe a group of renegade replicants who go on a quest to find an actual cure for their short lifespan and succeed. Then they begin a revolution to put an end to the replicant slavory.

  19. I just don’t know why we need a remake of BladeRunner. The story was complete and you never watch it thinking there’s anythig further to tell.

    I’ve alwyas felt that the movie itself is slightly overrated. Yes it’s very stylish, it creates a realistic and convincing vision of the future, the effects still hold up to today’s standards – the Blu Ray looked fantastic – and I more than appreciate the influence that the film has had.

    But it moves at such a leisurely pace, it’s just over two hours but it feels even longer when watching. Spare the climactic final scene, there’s a lack of excitement and the sene of danger isn’t really there, the replicants themselves are tying to remain hidden aa opposed to being mass serial killers.

    It’s still a classy quality film and a lot better than many of the current sci-fi futuristic movies today. I just don’t see it as quite the masterpiece that all critics do. Total Recall may be inferior as a film as a whole, but I would alos choose to watch that again over BladeRunner, I just find it more of an entertaining and exciting film.

  20. I think prequel would be in order, plot revolves massive virus 2012 killing billions of people and animals by the time they cure it they need clones or replicants to do the dirty work the humans dont want,Terrell corp for sees the problem and initiates life spans , the replicants rebell , bladerunners are born some of them may even be replicants – it becomes clear replicants are hard to detect from humans or sequel – story revolves around all out rebellion from off world replicants following Battys plan wipeout all humans and find away to stop the virus in replicants they in turn find a solution and humans are on in slave labor camps, Deckard along with Rachel infiltrate the terrell corp and discover how to shut down all replicants but at their own deaths on the line – what is it really to be human