‘Blade Runner 2′ to be Written by ‘Green Lantern’ Screenwriter

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A futuristic cityscape in Ridley Scotts Blade Runner Blade Runner 2 to be Written by Green Lantern Screenwriter

Last time we heard from director Ridley Scott on the matter of his plans to resurrect his early sci-fi success Blade Runner for a sequel, he was still unable to give an answer as to whether Harrison Ford would be reprising his role as eponymous blade runner Deckard. The rumor of this casting choice has previously circled and been shot down, and Scott would only say that he wasn’t going to rule out the possibility.

Ideally, Scott needs to lock down a script before he can begin casting in earnest, and details as to what the Blade Runner sequel might be about have remained vague at best. Some time after the release of Blade Runner, Philip K. Dick’s friend K.W. Jeter wrote three sequels to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, but it’s unclear whether Scott’s movie sequel will follow the storyline established in those books at all, or whether it will follow entirely new characters.

The Wrap now reports that, according to an anonymous source close to production, Scott has tapped Green Lantern co-writer Michael Green as a writer for the Blade Runner sequel. The article also states that the film will be a sequel rather than a prequel, set quite a few years after the plot of the original, which is congruous with what we’ve heard about the story before.

Green Lantern Still Reynolds and Lively Blade Runner 2 to be Written by Green Lantern Screenwriter

Obviously, Green Lantern was not altogether well-received, but before you start feeling too dismayed by Green’s assignment to the Blade Runner sequel script, it’s important to remember that he was only one of the four writers who worked on Green Lantern. A better measure of his abilities would be to look at the episodes he wrote for season 1 of Smallville, the first season of Heroes and recent found-footage show The River.

Green also worked on a script for The Flash, and the connections to comic book movies aren’t coincidental; Green has written for DC series Batman Confidential, Supergirl and Superman/Batman.

This isn’t necessarily what you’d call a bad choice of writer, but considering the original act that the Blade Runner sequel has to follow, as well as the slight skepticism toward revived Ridley Scott classics after Prometheus didn’t quite live up to the hype, this is one project that could probably have done with having a more proven name attached to the script.

prometheus sequel cast Blade Runner 2 to be Written by Green Lantern Screenwriter

It’s worth mentioning that at one point Scott was working on the film with one of Blade Runner‘s co-writers, Hampton Fancher, whom Scott claimed “still speaks the speak,” to write the sequel’s script. The plans for Fancher’s version seemed to be quite far along, with Scott saying that the film would be set several years after the original and would definitely feature a female protagonist, and so it’s quite possible that Green is simply rewriting or polishing up Fancher’s script, rather than starting again from scratch.

Blade Runner‘s other co-writer, David Webb Peoples, unfortunately seems to have gone into retirement since writing the screenplay for Paul W.S. Anderson’s 1998 film Soldier, which – according to Peoples – existed in the same universe as Blade Runner.

Are you still excited for Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner sequel, or did you enjoy how open-ended the first film was?


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Source: The Wrap

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  1. After Prometheus and Green Lantern – this sounds like a winning combo ;)

    • LOL, way to rain on everyone’s parade, but I had the same thought unfortunately… :-(

  2. Ridley Scott doing a prequel with writer with an “interesting” resume, nobody is going to complain about that…

  3. Ok, the movie is decades old, but I guess I’ll put a spoiler warning anyway in case someone has not seen it yet…

    How can Deckard return in the sequel when he’s a cyborg with a limited life span like the others???

    • He wont live forever. But then again, who does?

      • I think you are mistaken about what is said, I thought that Gaff said “SHE” wont live forever, but then who does.” refering to Sean Youngs character, but becuase she was allso a very special model of replicant designed by and for TYREL himself to replicate his grandaughter, she would probly have a better design????? And then theres the question of whether or not DECKARD himself was a replicant.

      • @RT

        But the problem is, Harrison Ford is MUCH older now. If they stuck with the original premise and that he is programmed to die after only a few years, how would you account for the aging?

      • Wait, why was my last comment awaiting moderation?? I didn’t say anything in there that would justify that… All I said is that Harrison Ford looks much older, so how would they account for the aging if the androids are meant to only live for a few years???

      • ??? Testing… Are all my comments in need of moderation now???

    • Hell, could even throw Harrison Ford in as Deckard again, put it at the end of his lifespan, and say that his model causes him to age viciously. That way you can have the character of Deckard played by the original actor, but still not mess around the with story too much considering how old Ford is now.

      • I really like that idea, as it makes the most sense out of all the ideas of replicant aging problems.

  4. We need to just make 5 Chris Nolan clones and let them be in charge of all scifi movies from here on out

    • Or jj

      • Your sarcasm wasn’t lost on me there. Good one, bro.

        • so you’re saying jj sucks at making sci-fi films? go home, you’re drunk

          • Even if you love his movies, I don’t think any of them are particularly good “sci-fi.” Even his Star Trek films are more action-adventure films than anything. The “science” in them might as well be magic.

            • I really like JJ’s films, but I agree with you. The ‘magic’ comment had me in stitches! :-D

              • Woah now, i was serious about JJ i love his films

                • Which is the entire problem in a nutshell.

                  Abrahms makes the worst kind of populist crap.. all form no substance.

                  It would seem that ‘sci-fi’ has become the latest genre to be dumbed down, to the point of having no point at all, and sold to the masses.

                  Well go on and lap it up muttonheads, had the genre had any worth left then by definition it wouldn’t be popular.

                  • Some may find that assessment a bit harsh, but there is some truth to it. At this point special effects have become a benchmark for something being considered sci-fi more than the story or ideas presented.

                    • Really not harsh at all. Some of the best writers have been lamenting the genre since the 1950′s. The sad fact is Science Fiction has been relegated to trivial literature. Not since Wells’s time has it gotten a break…

                    • I was referring to the mutton head characterization, but the same commentary can be made about writing (or what is left of it) as a whole.

          • JJ likes time lines LOL, lets remake what was made and put Leonard Nemoy in it!

  5. Why is Ridley Scott trying so hard to destroy his own career now. It’s like he is doing this blatantly on purpose. Man I think he needs professional help now to be honest. I can’t imagine what he has been through the past year.

    • Even if this was true, give him a break. I’m pretty sure his brother died.

    • @Ragnarlothbrook

      With regards to Prometheus being ‘beautiful’, visually it is very nice, you can see where the money went, but, ‘engaging’?

      The story was boring, the character’s dull and boring (apart from Michael Fassbender as David, only interesting character in the whole film), the two idiots who are scared of a pile of 2000 year old dead bodies yet they want to play with a weird snake-like alien like it’s a kitten. Two morons who got what they deserved.

      Alien and Aliens were brilliant because they had a great story, well written characters who you could sympathise with, and both were scary.

      Prometheus had no scares in it whatsoever, despite Ridley saying that he wanted to scare the audience, big fail there.

      I’m glad you liked it but, despite seeing it again several times (now that it’s on cable) I’ve tried to like it, it just gets dumber and dumber the more I see it.

      Beautiful yes, but that’s not enough to make it a great, or even a good film, and it certainly, IMO, was anything but engaging.

      • You can’t have it both ways, logical sane progression of events and irrational horror to give you an adrenaline rush. That’s not to say you can’t have a science fiction/horror movie you just can’t introduce irrational elements and not have dangling threads and plot holes. The whole Alien franchise has that in each one of its episodes to some extent. Some have just grown tired of suspending disbelief and want something truly great. From that angle you make a good point. It’s not easy or cheap to deliver and as long as enough people will buy into the trash, that’s all we’ll get…

      • I have to agree with Pedrosaurus. Prometheus compared to the Alien movies was a huge step down. They focused soo much on the visual aspects that the whole story got lost. Some of the logic used in the movie was just dumbed down that it made the movie just average at best. I thought Prometheus was an okay movie but wasn’t even close to being a hit like Alien/Aliens. Even the scare factor was more funny than scary. To me, it was a huge failure from someone who brought us something great decades earlier. His mojo is gone

    • Yeah, I’ve been saying Prometheus was a great movie since it released and I became shocked at the utter hatred some people had for it for whatever weird reasons.

      I haven’t even seen the deleted scenes that haters of the movie claim make it much more engaging yet I still walked out of the screening safe in the knowledge that I’d just seen a fantastic movie.

  6. This is a joke right?

  7. I actually thought Prometheus was quite good, but I have zero faith in the writing abilities of Michael Green after Green Lantern. Really Hollywood? This is who you put your trust in?

    • Well, if it helps, the first draft of the Green Lantern script(By Berlanti, Guggenheim and Green) was well-received and would probably have made a much better movie.

      The final draft had many, many changes, and the decline in quality has been attributed to Geoff Johns’ involvement in rewriting the script.

  8. More worried about what this means for the Prometheus sequel.
    This’ll sound like trolling but I’ve always hated blade runner. I’ve watched the directors cut 3 times now and I just find it SO boring. It looks great though! Am I watching the correct version? I get different answers from different people.

  9. It would have to be a sequel anyway as the original was set in 2019 which doesn’t give us a great deal of scope to play around with. Please leave Deckards story alone too – it’s been told, it was neatly wrapped up for me. And he ain’t a replicant!

    • Actually he is. Scott even confirmed it.

  10. Well, I loved The River and felt it was a shame it had been cancelled so yeah, not as worried as others here are.

  11. (In Darth Vader Voice): NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    • That reaction is because of the writer?

      If so then I love Guillermo del Toro’s output normally but find Blade 2 to be his weakest movie and the worst of the trilogy. Just because this guy was one of four who wrote the Green Lantern movie, doesn’t mean we have to rule him out entirely as a writer.

      Otherwise you’d feel like the 8 publishers who refused to release Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone due to finding it to be a horrible story and poorly written and then watching as it and the rest of the series made billions from book sales, movie tickets and merchandising. Especially if this guy comes up with an epic story for Blade Runner 2 or some other movie.

      • Blade 2 is the weakest of the trilogy? Don’t hear that a lot.

  12. Ya i hope this is first draft and not the second or third. I hope its first draft and ridley red pens 3/4 of it

  13. ugh this is going to suck… tell u what, if we’re just shitting all over good movies now hollywood, how about we have our female protagonist played by lil miss Justin Beiber? She could have a dance battle with the Replicants she’s hunting… you can call it Blade Runner 2: step up to the streets

  14. I personally enjoyed Prometheus. Back on topic though, Green Lantern was terrible and I have absolutely no hope for this.

  15. how about leaving Blade Runner alone and come up with an original idea? I love all things sci-fi but we need people to be creative. I am interested in Nolan’s project about wormholes, not so interested in JJ’s shiny gloss over of Star Wars.

  16. For Gods sake, why?!?!?
    grrr … :(

  17. Can the maker repair what he makes? Tired of the Prometheus hating. Prometheus rocked! At least we get another movie out of it. Blade Runner 2 will be awesome!

  18. Well that sucks.

  19. Its too early to speculate about the film if there isn’t anything in black and white.. Blade Runner went through three writers before it went to screen. So there is no telling how the sequel will develop considering its been in limbo for thirty odd years anyway…

  20. Oh no……

  21. Prometheus had it’s issues, but I find it funny that during a time when people will still pay money to see Michael Bay put out the same film over and over again that someone like Ridley Scott gets raked over the coals for what was a visually well-done movie with what is now a typical Hollywood plot set-up.

    • Michael Bay is horrible but he has his fans like Ridley Scott. They both are good at different thing. Bay is good at providing action blowing stuff up movies while Scott is/was good at making Sci-fi movie. Prometheus, IMO, moved away from what made his Alien franchise great. Either way, liked it or not, the issue here though is Michael Green. With Green Lantern under his belt it just doesn’t give people a lot of hope.

      • Ridley can be hit or miss, but he comes from an artistic background and at the very least there is some thought put into what he shoots visually. Bay came from a music video background and it still shows. Scott is not what I consider a sci-fi guy because in reality he has only done 3 movies of that type, while Bay is an auteur who does pretty much the same film every time. As for the Alien franchise Scott at this point has done the bookends for the series, but all of the films have had a different stamp on them depending on the director so his deviation is not much of a shock.

        As for the writer, being one of the four writers on Green Lantern does not instill a lot confidence. His work on Smallville, Heroes and the River also are not a great selling if you have not seen those shows or worry about the script being a carbon copy of everything that is out right now. At this point though the scripts seem to be the weakest point for many of these projects and until that changes movie-goers are going to get a lot more nice looking movies with mediocre stories.