Blade Franchise To Continue Through Spinoffs?

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blade stephen dorff as deacon frost Blade Franchise To Continue Through Spinoffs?

1998’s Wesley Snipes starrer, Blade, was one of my favorite action flicks of the time as a young teen. It introduced bullet time before the first Matrix came out, it helped kick-off what would eventually become a vampire craze and most importantly, it helped set up Marvel as a viable film franchise.

Despite the film’s R-rating and weak reviews, it and its successors each managed to bank around $150 million each in worldwide box office earnings.

Unfortunately, the trilogy was rounded off with a movie that took screen time away from the lead, was riddled with behind-the-scenes problems, and was poorly received by critics and many moviegoers making disappointing box-office numbers considering its increased budget relative to the first two films.

For me however, I dug the third movie and liked the villainous Dracula played by Dominic Purcell. The main issue for me with that movie was Jessica Biel’s bow-wielding mp3-listening-while-fighting character.

I really enjoyed the first and third installments and disliked the second. My favorite part of the franchise however was the character Deacon Frost, who was the main villain of the first movie and played by Stephen Dorff.

Let’s not forget that there was some serious talent behind these films as well with David S. Goyer having written all three films and directing the third and with Guillermo del Toro having directed the second.

Unfortunately, Dorff’s character met his bubbly end in the conclusion of the first film and therefore did not live to see the moonlight in the sequels – they sure could have used him…

For those who feel the same as me about the character, we may all be in luck!

Stephen Norrington, director of the first Blade (and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen…) told Comics2Film that he’ll be returning to the Blade franchise once he’s done re-inventing The Crow.

The current plan is to have Stephen Dorff return to the franchise and lead the prequel trilogy that Norrington has created. Dorff spoke to a UK newspaper about it and was all for it. He said the film would be “a prequel to the Blade movies, Deacon’s story. It’s a new trilogy the director has created. It will [be] cool.”

blade stephen dorff as villain deacon frost Blade Franchise To Continue Through Spinoffs?

Norrington confirmed what Dorff said by saying it’s not quite that but something similar. He also gives thanks to Dorff for being integral in coming up with the idea for the new project. Thankfully, the director also hits on what’s most important about this film by saying “The linkage to ‘Blade’ is still big in the equation.”

If this happens, it won’t be for a few years so we have plenty of time to speculate. Who knows, maybe by then Snipes will be making a comeback and we could see another Blade film.

I’m not sure how they can flesh out a new set of films without the lead of the franchise. Most of the enjoyment came from watching action sequences where Blade would help convert vampires into ash with a variety of weapons.

What will these new movies do that all the vampire movies and TV shows out now, don’t? Either way, I’m interested in finding out more details.

What do you think of a Deacon Frost-centered film or trilogy?

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  1. thats so cool, i liked 2 and 3 the most as they had better special effects and funnier actors (reynolds to be specific), the first had terrible CGI and well the whole vampires blowing up thing was more funny than cool in my books.
    i heard some time ago that there was going to be something about frost if the franchise was “resurrected” and well guess the rumors weren’t to far off, hope they do get snipes back for this one as just like you said the movie wouldn’t be complete without him

  2. blade blade blade!
    liked all the 3 silver screens, dislike the serial version.
    Wesley snipes has the aura to be a kind of angelic-demon somehow in blade, i really really liked him as blade.
    and i don’t like him being simon in demolition man :D

  3. This is BS, Blade is the only character that deserves another good SOLO film. And I totally disagree with you, Rob. Purcell was horrible, and the 2nd film was awesome. But that’s just my opinion. Deacon Frost doesn’t deserve a solo film, bring back Snipes as Blade!

  4. I’m more interested in the revitalising of the Crow! Didn’t even know they were planning a new one!

  5. I especially liked 3, the spin-off of the series, which unfortunately got canceled after the first season.

    Hope they continue that sometimes soon..


  7. I could care less about Blade after that crapfest that was/is “Blade: Trinity”.

  8. I really disliked “Blade: Trinity.” The story was extremely weak. I understand why they let Goyer direct, but I think it hurt the film by not having a different director to question the obvious flaws in the script.

    I wasn’t crazy about “Blade II” the first time I saw it, but I have to admit to liking more with time. I’ve come to appreciate how they advanced the characters and the reality from the first movie. In many ways, the reason I didn’t like the third film was because it didn’t pick up where the second film left off. They had Blade considering different paths to his life, trying to go without the serum to curb his thirst and the like. The third film completely ignored that, and I think that was a pity. The only thing I did like about the third film was Ryan Reynolds (which shocked me). He turned out a lot funnier than I expected, and did a nice job of kicking in the jokes without taking the audience out of the story.

    As for prequels with a strong Deacon Frost focus? I don’t know about that. I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss it without really knowing where they’re going with it, but initially, I am skeptical.

  9. Loved the first, loved the second and the third was eh … the actress who played the girl vampire chick that Ryan Reynold’s character exchanged verbal lashes with was HORRIBLE!

    I don’t see how this could work. They’ve already established Frost is insanely evil who is HIS protagonist?

    Hey Hollywood … THINK OF SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or at least mine the umpteen million other books that are out there.

  10. Ryan Renolds was what saved Baled: Trinity. He was hilarious. Wesley Snipes is the man. No one else could be Blade. But i do like, and own, all 3 movies and i’m always entertained by all 3

  11. I thought numer 2 was the best, followed by 1 and 3 was the worst of them, but I still enjoyed it. Reynolds was very funny in 3 but I understand why Snipes felt they focused too much on the Nightwatch and not him.

    As for Dorf, I’d watch it but like INK said, who would be the protagonist?

  12. I really liked Blade 1 and 2, but like all of u said 3 was a let down. It took the focus off Snipes. What i wouldn’t mind seeing in a prequel, and i don’t know how they could do this, but considering Blade is part of the MArvel world maybe somehow linking him to it? It doesn’t even have to be big, maybe just something small like someones name or something you know? or maybe not?

  13. Rob, you liked Trinity but did not like Blade 2?

    Opinions aside, that makes no sense. Blade 2 blows Trinity out of the water in every way, story, special effects, action scenes, villain.

    Let’s hope Goyer writes it but stays away from directing/producing as far as possible.

    Anyway, don’t want to turn this into “2 was better than 3″ but you asked for it Rob :)

  14. I’m not a fan of the third one, either. Actually, it annoyed the heck out of me.


  15. The first was good, the second was OK, but the third wasn’t good at all.

    But can’t wait for the Deacon spin-off.

  16. I could see a Deacon Frost prquel movie leading into the Blade movies. As for a trology no way. I mean I am a fan of the first two blade movies but I must say that it is not a strong enough franchise to have a story without its lead actor. 1 low budget movie might work but more than that I dont see happening.

    As for a sequel, that would be a mess as well. The Blade story is done and has been told. The third movie was a HORRIBLE MESS. It ruined everything and at the same time killed off whistler and introduced two horrible characaters played by biel and reynolds. Garbage movie…leave the franchise alone.

  17. @William

    So you basically didn’t care for the last 2 blade movies but a Frost spin-off has you excited? Paint me confused there buddy.

  18. how the hell can anyone like blade 3!?!?

    with the terrible directing and story, and oh wait lets not forget that triple H is in the movie as a retarded vampire,

    the acting was terrible ryan renolds has done way better work then that piece of crap.

    its almost as bad ass xmen 3, almost…….

  19. @bengibbard

    I thought Blade 3 was WAY worse the Xmen 3.

  20. Blade 1 is a classic. I liked Blade 2 almost as much as the first, made you feel sorry for Blade when the hot female vampire turns to ashes in his arms.
    Blade 3 was pretty bad. Parker Posey was obnoxious and Triple H did the worst acting job by a wrestler ever.
    I am not however going to get excited about a Stephen Dorff vampire movie. His acting was one of the worst parts of Blade IMHO.

  21. I just think that these ideas that Norrington is proposing, ie rebooting the Crow and Blade franchises are possibly the worst ideas I have ever heard from a director, and highlight Norrington’s limits as a filmmaker.

    The first Crow was a brilliant film, the soundtrack alone would make me want to see it. I would hope that James O’Barr has some say in whether it get’s remade or not, but I doubt it. Won’t be seeing that, I dislike all of his films. They are just terrible.

    The Blade franchise needs a reboot, but since Snipes is too old and in jail, and since the idea of prequels just sounds like Norrington has no clue as to what he wants to do.

    Most of these ideas sound like direct to DVD rubbish.

    Are there any original ideas left in Hollywood?

  22. Rob, I’ve heard the “bullet time” thing about Blade before, but all I remember is Frost dodging badly animated bullets in slo-mo, which isn’t the same thing at all, surely? That said, I still love the movie now, but without a protagonist with Wesley’s presence and martial arts prowess I’m not hopeful about a spinoff. Too many vampire-related movies and TV shows in the last decade for this to stand out.

  23. i’d love to see FROST again.
    i wish they would Touch on the story of another MARVEL Vamp.
    which we saw in a deleted scene on the BLADE dvd.
    is one Michael morbius.

  24. Sean C

    Amen to the Crow soundtrack…one of the best I’ve heard.

    Snipes and Blade are pretty much one in the same. IT would take some REAL talent to make the Blade franchise work without Snipes and I”m pretty sure Norrington is not the guy to do it.


    I’m with you on Dorff. Not buying into this hype. He was a decent villain but nothing spectacular. We need a word on who’ll be the star, that’ll give us more info if this movie will be good/bad.

  25. Blade Trinity was absolutely brutal. Ryan Reynolds stole every scene. Can’t wait for the Deadpool movie.

    First 2 blades were ok to good. it’s too bad they never went with Morbius for Blade 2.

    And the Dracula actor was truly horrible.

  26. i enjoyed the second the most, i felt like out of all three it felt more like a comic book with the onslaught of vampire mutants coming out of the sewers, also i felt it had the most horror sense. the third was good, i felt that snipes was getting old, and isn’t an exceptional actor, although i wouldn’t want any one else to take over the role, but adding a emphasis on other characters in order to make a spin-off to me was a good idea.

  27. I’m also just partial to Jessica Biel. She may be higher on my list than Megan Fox

  28. @ cpkftw

    yea I agree the second was the best. I thought that Nomac was a bed villain than Frost and that Del Torro did a much better job with every aspect of teh movie. The fight scenese were great and not too far fretched, they gave Blade a love ineterest, and they overall did a solid job.